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2004 Cycle To The Sun Hillclimb

Paia, Maui, Hawaii, August 29

Zagorski solos to win on Mt. Haleakala

By Charles Howe

Mike Zagorski
Photo: © Tropical Light Photography
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PAIA, Hawaii - Scottish cyclist Mike Zagorski, 25, a resident of Honolulu, arrived at the start of the Cycle to the Sun Hillclimb on the island of Maui with two goals - first of all, to win, and second, to break the course record of 2 hours 38 minutes, set in 1992 by retired pro Jonathan Vaughters at the age of 19. The first goal proved realistic, but the record survived to challenge riders for at least another year.

Zagorski, riding for the Los Angeles-based Velo Club LaGrange Westwood, had targeted the event as a priority race when planning his season last December. "My coach, Kevin Livingston, and I planned some rest after the Cascade Classic in July, then I changed my focus to specific training just for this race. I couldn't get to Maui to pre-ride the course, so I had to settle for researching past results, weather conditions, photos of the mountain, and topographic maps, as well as grilling Ray Brust about his race experiences." Brust, 43, has won the race 7 times including 2000-03.

Light winds, clear skies, and a balmy temperature of 75° F greeted 97 solo riders and six 3-person relay teams for the 7 AM, sea-level race start on Baldwin Ave. in Paia, just off the Hana Coastal Highway. With the summit of Haleakala visible from the start, a journey of 36.2 miles awaited on a course that climbs 10,005', with only two short sections of rolling terrain.

After taking a few turns at the front, Zagorski upped the pace at about 2.5 miles into the race, quickly opened up a 35 second gap, and stayed away solo to the finish. "I knew that to have any chance of getting close to Vaughter's record, I'd have to set the pace myself," Zagorski explained. "I was getting time splits and encouragement along the course from Marc Friezner, and 14 miles into the race, I was 2 minutes ahead of record pace. Everything was going great until I reached 7000' elevation, at the ranger station. From there on, the wind got noticeably worse - the gusts must have been 20-25 mph - and that put an end to any record hopes," said Zagorski, who ended up finishing with a time of 2:56:23.

Despite having the record elude him, Zagorski was happy with his effort. "Supposedly the weather was harder this year than last, when the winning time was 2:59, so I'm pleased in some ways with 2:56, and this is the first race where I've had a big enough gap to cross the finish with both arms in the air. It felt awesome!"

Second place went to Eric Takayama, also of Honolulu, 3:40 behind Zagorski, after a long duel with local rider Allister Knox, who finished third by just 7 seconds. Seven time winner Brust had to settle for fifth, more than 14 minutes off the winning pace. Topping all women was Tanya Bettis, again of Honolulu, with a time of 3:59:04.

A dormant volcano that was designated a national park in 1961, Haleakala (Hawaiian for "House of the Sun") is world-famous for its spectacular sunrises and vistas. According to Hawaiian legend, the demi-god Maui traveled to the island and climbed to the 10,000-foot summit of Haleakala, then hid until morning at the edge of the giant crater, where the sun was asleep. As the first ray of light appeared, he snared the sun with his lasso of twisted coconut fiber, and extracted a promise from it to travel more slowly across the sky, so that the linens his mother Hina dyed might dry more quickly. Pleased at her son's daring, she made him a new cape, which she was able to dry in one afternoon.

The race is a benefit event for Ka Lima O Maui (Helping Hands of Maui), which serves adults who are physically, emotionally or economically disadvantaged.


Men overall
1 Mike Zagorski                     2.56.23
2 Eric Takayama                        3.40
3 Allister Knox                        3.47
Women overall
1 Tanya Bettis                      3.59.04
Men 20-29
1 Kevin Woytula                     3.52.41
2 Allan Carmichael                     0.28
3 Daniel Ranieri                      12.27
4 Marcus Wyckoff                      29.53
Men 30-39
1 Eric Takayama                     3.00.03
2 Allister Knox                        0.07
3 Tony Lang                            7.57
4 Garrett Ito                         13.16
5 Darren Marshall                     16.26
6 Carl Brooks                         21.12
7 Robert Knapp                        26.37
8 Mark Schroeder                      30.07
9 Doug Dewar                          43.10
10 Gregory Fennell                    43.32
11 Bill Darrah                        59.17
12 Dennis Liphart                     59.37
13 Erol Ackdoe                      1.00.31
14 Ted Tsuchida                     1.01.55
15 Mark Wirtz                       1.05.13
16 Jed Buckner                      1.05.26
17 Jason Barth                      1.05.34
18 Peter Rosenberg                  1.19.58
19 Glenn Jorgensen                  1.24.02
20 Paul Hepburn                     1.36.11
21 Bill Sankey                      1.39.15
22 Kevin McCollough                 1.46.40
23 Thomas Enderwick                 1.47.22
24 John Hearne                      1.54.27
25 Mark Gentry                      2.03.43
26 Mike Sandige                     2.06.50
Men 40-49
1 Ray Brust                         3.10.33
2 Leo Mccarthy                         1.03
3 Brian Gates                         11.16
4 Patrick McNerthney                  17.47
5 Lloyd Norquist                      18.54
6 David Lum                           33.48
7 Ray Wimberley                       35.02
8 Bobby Reader                        43.13
9 David Spee                          43.44
10 Eric Hendren                       47.41
11 Jeff Soulier                       48.46
12 Christopher Simmons                52.31
13 Todd Melton                        58.29
14 Gregory Wong                     1.06.54
15 Gary Blumenstein                 1.09.15
16 Bart Zawacki                     1.16.32
17 Eddie Medrano                    1.18.07
18 Klaus Simmer                     1.20.57
19 Thomas Williamson                1.22.35
20 Jose Bruzos                      1.23.59
21 Ted Kanemitsu                    1.26.35
22 Mike Stroup                      1.30.54
23 Mauri Galvez                     1.38.58
24 Thomas Armstrong                 1.42.30
25 Ito Yoshio                       1.49.38
26 Henry Feldman                    1.58.56
27 David Temple                     2.08.13
28 David Bradford                   2.09.06
29 Dave Daniels                     2.34.15
30 Tom Krebs                        2.39.17
31 Faramarz Beikzadeh               3.06.20
32 Gardner Cohen                    3.37.27
33 Robert Mellor                    3.37.28
34 David Strom                      3.46.27
Men 50-59
1 Lorenzo Pedrini                          
2 Pete Pitrone                             
3 Ted Trambley                             
4 Mitchell Silver                          
5 Mel Cutler                               
6 Mark White                               
7 Thomas Gottlieb                          
8 Bruce Orth                               
9 Jerry Welch                              
10 Peter Davies                            
11 Dan Cordell                             
12 Jefferey Lackey                         
13 William Oldham                          
14 Dave Sharp                              
15 Fred Langille                           
16 Thomas Gerrard                          
Women under 19
1 Arwen Bradley                     4.34.43
Women 20-29
1 Julie Bruckman                    4.26.03
2 Kathleen Kubal                    1.12.17
Women 30-39
1 Marsha Sarver                     4.06.52
2 Jacqueline Odre                     19.49
3 Ell Worthington                     29.29
4 Patricia Jennings                   42.47
Women 40-49
1 Kaye Whitney                      4.21.28
2 Simone Reddingius                   12.22
3 Kate Johnson                        16.55
Women 50-59
1 Carlo Vanini                      4.26.48
2 Emily Gordon                      1.36.16
Men relay
1 TRD                               3.49.17
  Douglas Poseley
  Todd Boyd
  Rob Andersoni
2 MTS                                  7.52
  Michael Nebro
  Tal Shibley
  Steve Kreider
3 Haleakala Bike Company              32.45
  Daniel Pueschel
  Daniel Wuthrich
  Kenichi Kawamura
4 Tazmon                            1.28.16
  Roy Hoiem
  Bruce Kenneth
  Bruce Kim
Women relay
1 Spin Cycle                        4.36.28
  Laura Williamson
  Nicole Forelli
  Linda Mullen
Mixed relay
1 202 & Counting                    5.04.51
  Hans Riecke
  Marianne Sharp
  John Hirashima

Local results 2004