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Joe Martin Stage Race - NE

Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA, May 8-11, 2008

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Stage 2 - May 9: Road Race, 110/64 miles

Haedo takes stage; Sutherland increases lead

By Kirsten Robbins in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Colavita/Sutter Home)
Photo ©: Kurt Jambretz
(Click for larger image)

Colavita/Sutter Home’s Sebastian Haedo took his second win in as many weeks by taking today’s stage honors, outsprinting overall leader Rory Sutherland (HealthNet - Maxxis). After a hard stage controlled by Sutherland’s HealthNet team, the youngster burst out of the main field in the final hundred meters to emerge the victor. John Murphy (HealthNet - Maxxis) rounded out the top three.

Sutherland started the day with a slender ten second lead, gained in the grueling Devil’s Den time trial, but gained an additional ten seconds, to bring his lead to 20 seconds, with his second place. "We met the aim of the day by getting more time," said Sutherland. "We wanted to play on the safe side and we have team that could have a go at the finish while holding onto the lead for another day."

"The guys had a plan of what we wanted to achieve and what we wanted to get out of the stage today. The guys on the front had my total confidence and rode above and beyond what we expected from them. It’s great for team building, to hold the group of together with seven riders."

Ninety riders set off on the one hundred and seventy kilometer stage two and shortly after the start break of six riders got away from the field. Scott Zwisanski (Bissell), Luis Amaran (Colavita/Sutter Home), Michael Lang (Jelly Belly), Jesse Anthony (Team Type 1), Stefano Barberi (THF Racing) and Ben Rady (SRAM) worked well together to gradually build up an advantage over the peloton, being controlled by HealthNet.

While the sextuplets never gained more than two minutes on the peloton, their efforts kept them separated from the main group for more than one hundred kilometers. The riders were reabsorbed one by one toward the top of the events significant climb Mount Gaylor, courtesy of a chasing HealthNet crew.

Shortly after cresting the 15 kilometer climb a second break away of thirteen riders carrying nearly all of the key GC riders including both Sutherland and second place on GC Anthony Colby (Colavita/Sutter Home) separated themselves from the field. One rider missing from the break was Bernard Van Ulden (Jelly Belly) forcing the colorfully clad team to organize a chase from behind.

The breakaway scampers
Photo ©: Kurt Jambretz
(Click for larger image)

Shortly after this break was reabsorbed into the main field, three riders snuck off the front, gaining a dangerous lead so close to the finish. Richard England (Bissell), Dan Timmerman (Team Race) and one Toshiba rider worked together in pursuit of creating a winning break but their tired legs fell to the demise of HealthNet and Team Type 1 lead out trains with two kilometers to go.

Colavita/Sutter Home threw a wrench into their competition’s organization by sending sprinter Kyle Wamsley on a flyer with one kilometer to go. The team’s director sportif Sebastian Alexandre commented on the crafty tactic as being crucial to their team’s stage victory.

"Kyle attacked into the rolling hills to break up the other trains and it forced the other teams to start their lead outs right away," said Alexandre. "Karl Menzies was the one who really brought him back. But it allowed for our riders to set up Haedo for the win. We won today because Haedo is a great sprinter and we planned it right."

While Karl Menzies (HealthNet - Maxxis) led his GC leader into the last corner in good position, Haedo took advantage of Sutherland early jump onto the lengthy four hundred meter uphill drag to the finish line. "There was a bit of miss judgment on how far it was," said Sutherland. "The book said four hundred meters from the last corner. I hit out early but Haedo is renowned for being a better sprinter in that position. When you have your team on the front all day with six of us still together, it’s great for the moral of the team to show them respect by bringing us in so well that we had to try to win the stage as well."

Cheerwine take stage win and GC lead

Team Cheerwine used their strength and numbers from a select front group to take the opening road stage with Laura Van Gilder outsprinting team-mate Catherine Cheatley and Bri Kovac (Team Revolution).

The carbonated beverage team leader Catherine Cheatley’s second place also gained her a valuable 10 seconds bonus, enabling her to leap frog Mackenzie Woodring (Colavita/Sutter Home) to take the GC lead.

"Following our time trial results with Catherine only one second out of first and Marisa in third, we felt the course would suit the strength of our team," said stage winner Laura Van Gilder. "We were hoping to have a select group on the climb. The dynamics were different due to a smaller field compared to previous years, but still a strong field."

"We were envisioned moving one of our riders into the yellow jersey," added Van Gilder after the podium presentation. "We wanted to take the top spot and if we could cap it off with a stage win today we would like that too and we were able to achieve both. We want to continue the positive momentum and achieve success as well throughout the rest of the race."

Multiple attacks from Team Revolution, Kenda Tire, Cheerwine and Advil/ChapStick kept the race lively through the first 30 kilometers of the women’s one hundred and ten kilometer stage.

The peloton remained relatively intact over the first half of the stage’s fifteen-kilometer climb of Mount Gaylor but a flurry of attacks approaching the top saw two large groups emerge out of the field, the first an eighteen strong group that contained five Cheerwine team-mates. Team Revolution, Advil/ChapStick, Kenda Tire, Lonestarworks, Metro Cycling and Mercy Cycling were also represented in the group.

The select group worked well together to gain a maximum of more than five minutes on the main group upon entering the five kilometers to go marker. Julie Bishop (Team Revolution) jump-started the finale with a surprise attack into the headwind stricken finishing straightaway forcing Cheerwine into a premeditated lead out.

"This course lent itself to a fast entry into the finish, a technical finishing kilometer," said Van Gilder. "We had some specific places that we wanted to make key efforts and we were able to hold off other teams attacks to achieve that as we headed to the final corner. It is always super fast and the finish is difficult because of the hill and it is a long stretch from the final corner.

"The girls were able to make big efforts at the end to keep Catherine and I safe," she said, praising the efforts of her team-mates work in the final kilometer that took the sprinters over two hills before a right hand turn onto the finishing straight. "We were hoping to be able to lead her out for victory or she for myself. Our team did a great effort in the last five kilometers to keep everything in control as we had hope."


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Images by Kurt Jambretz/


Pro men
1 Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Colavita/Sutter Home)            4.24.54
2 Rory Sutherland (HealthNet-Maxxis)                             
3 John Murphy (HealthNet-Maxxis)                                 
4 Nic Sandersaon (Jelly Bellly)                                  
5 Ben Brooks (Team Type 1)                                       
6 Anibal Borrajo (Colavita/Sutter Home)                          
7 Sheldon Deeny (CRCA / EMPIRE)                                  
8 Mark Walters (Team RACE Pro)                                   
9 Predrag Prokic (TOSHIBA-Santo)                                 
10 Chad Cagle (Mercy Cycling Elite)                              
11 Anthony Colby (Colavita/Sutter Home)                          
12 Aaron Tuckerman (Jelly Bellly)                                
13 Valeriy Kobzarenko (Team Type 1)                              
14 Alejandro Borrajo (Colavita/Sutter Home)                      
15 Edward King (Bissell Pro Cycling)                             
16 Mark Hekman (TOSHIBA-Santo)                                   
17 Richard Geng (RiteAide-Shebell & Shebell)                     
18 Jake Rytlewski (RiteAide-Shebell & Shebell)                   
19 Tyler Wren (Colavita/Sutter Home)                             
20 Luis Amaran (Colavita/Sutter Home)                            
21 Glen Chadwick (Team Type 1)                                   
22 John Durango (TOSHIBA-Santo)                                  
23 Terrence Keenan (THF Racing)                                  
24 Bernard Van Ulden (Jelly Bellly)                              
25 Roman Vanuden (Team Rubicon-Orbea)                            
26 John Fredy Parra (TOSHIBA-Santo)                              
27 David Sojo Diego (Mercy Cycling Elite)                        
28 Noah Singer (Kahala/LaGrange)                                 
29 Mat Ankney (Mercy Cycling Elite)                              
30 Robbie King (RiteAide-Shebell & Shebell)                      
31 Dustin Macburnie (Team RACE Pro)                              
32 Ryan Knapp (Alderfer Bergen)                                  
33 Nick Friesen (GS Mengoni)                                     
34 Nolan Froese (THF Racing)                                     
35 Logan Hunn (Team Rubicon-Orbea)                               
36 Garett Peltonen (Bissell Pro Cycling)                         
37 Stefano Barberi (THF Racing)                                  
38 Michael Lange (Jelly Bellly)                                  
39 Jeremy Powers (Jelly Bellly)                                  
40 Alex Welch (Mercy Cycling Elite)                              
41 Brian Dziewa (THF Racing)                                     
42 David Quist (Team Clif Bar)                                   
43 Stefan Rothe (Mercy Cycling Elite)                            
44 Karl Menzies (HealthNet-Maxxis)                               
45 Troy Wells (Team Clif Bar)                                    
46 Chris Jones (Team Type 1)                                     
47 Dan R. Timmerman (Team RACE Pro)                              
48 Tim Johnson (HealthNet-Maxxis)                                
49 (Kevin) Miller (Team RACE Pro)                                
50 Joel Dion-Poitras (Team RACE Pro)                             
51 Michael Mathis (CRCA / EMPIRE)                                
52 Richard England (Bissell Pro Cycling)                     0.35
53 Kyle Wamsley (Colavita/Sutter Home)                           
54 Keir Plaice (Team RACE Pro)                               0.44
55 Mark Pozniak (Team RACE Pro)                                  
56 Frank Pipp (HealthNet-Maxxis)                             0.48
57 Kyle Gritters (HealthNet-Maxxis)                              
58 Chris Winn (RMCEF Racing / MOB Cyclery)                       
59 Matt Wilson (Team Type 1)                                 1.01
60 Brad Huff (Jelly Bellly)                                      
61 Bryce Mead (Jelly Bellly)                                 1.14
62 Emile Abraham (Team Type 1)                               1.25
63 Joao Correia (Bissell Pro Cycling)                        1.27
64 Andrew Hunt (Team RACE Pro)                               1.36
65 Carlos Alzate (TOSHIBA-Santo)                             1.58
66 Mat Stephens (Mercy Cycling Elite)                        5.18
67 Austin Allison (THF Racing)                                   
68 Seth Meyer (Turin/Barker+Nestor)                              
69 John Loehner (CRCA / EMPIRE)                              5.23
70 Greg Christian (Turin/Barker+Nestor)                          
71 Daniel Zmolik (CRCA / EMPIRE)                                 
72 Yosvany Falcon (TOSHIBA-Santo)                            5.29
73 Stephan Kincaid (RiteAide-Shebell & Shebell)             16.07
74 Joseph Kukolla (Mesa Cycles)                                  
75 Gustavo Artacho (Colavita/Sutter Home)                        
76 Karl Kupecz (Velossimo Racing)                                
77 Joshua Bartlett (Team Rubicon-ORBEA)                          
78 Shaun Morris (Team Rubicon-ORBEA)                             
79 Guido Palma (RiteAide-Shebell & Shebell)                      
80 Matt Belcher (Turin/Barker+Nestor)                            
81 Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni)                                   
82 Ian Dille (Team Snow Valley)                                  
83 Ben Raby (SRAM)                                               
84 Bill Elliston (RiteAide-Shebell & Shebell)                    
85 Scott Zwizanski (Bissell Pro Cycling)                         
86 Ben Renkema (Turin/Barker+Nestor)                        30.18
87 Noah Metzler (Solutions/Panther Expedited Services)      30.32
88 Kirk O'bee (HealthNet-Maxxis)                                 
89 Jesse Anthony (Team Type 1)                                   
Pro women
1 Laura Van Gilder (Cheerwine)                            2.52.47
2 Catherine Cheatley (Cheerwine)                                 
3 Bri Kovac (Team Revolution)                                    
4 Sue Palmer-Komar (Team Advil-Chapstick)                        
5 Denise Ramsden (Team Ultralink)                                
6 Mackenzie Woodring (Colavita/Sutter Home)                      
7 Jennifer Reither                                           0.07
8 Marisa Asplund-Owens (Cheerwine)                               
9 Tracie Akerhielm (                       0.11
10 Katharina Weber (Team Revolution)                             
11 Robin Farina (Cheerwine)                                  0.19
12 Julie Bishop (Team Revolution)                                
13 Shannon Koch (Metro Volkswagen)                               
14 Michelle Jensen (Mercy Cycling Team)                          
15 Anne Guzman (Team Kenda Tire)                                 
16 Andrea Myers (Team Kenda Tire)                            0.32
17 Allyson Brandt (Cheerwine)                                0.36
18 Kirsten Robbins (Team Advil-Chapstick)                    0.39
19 Christina Smith (                       5.26
20 Carrie Cash-Wootten (Team Revolution)                         
21 Kristin Wentworth (Team Kenda Tire)                           
22 Debbie Dust (Team Kenda Tire)                                 
23 Tashony Noplos (Cheerwine)                                    
24 Tammy Wallace (                             
25 Samantha Schneider (Colavita/Sutter Home)                     
26 Ashley Anderson (Metro Volkswagen)                            
27 Irene Beyerlein (Colavita/Sutter Home)                        
28 Elisa Gagnon (Team Advil-Chapstick)                       6.08
29 Laura Bowles (Team Advil-Chapstick)                           
30 Sydney Brown (Team Revolution)                            6.13
31 Lee Farabaugh (Team Kenda Tire)                               
32 Nichole Wangsgard (Colavita/Sutter Home)                 10.37
33 Celeste Jones-Baumgardt (              17.52
34 Jenny Willhite (Metro Volkswagen)                             
35 Amy Mcguire (Team Kenda Tire)                                 
36 Mary Downing (Team Kenda Tire)                                
37 Christy Keely (Priority Health)                          18.01
38 Kathryn Clark (Team Kenda Tire)                          18.20
Cat 1 /2 men
1 Ian Gray (Nebraska Medical Center/Team)                 4.41.04
2 Jon Parrish (Team Waste Management)                        0.47
3 Thacker Reeves (Matrix/RBM)                                    
4 Carlos Vargas (TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose)                    
5 Tristan Uhl (TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose)                      
6 Jeff Hartman (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark)                      
7 Stevie Cullinan (Team Waste Management)                        
8 Zack Stein (IS Corp/Nova Cycling Sports)                       
9 Gregg Brant (Bianchi / Grand Performance)                      
10 Christian Helmig (Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team)              
11 Ron Jensen (Team Waste Management)                            
12 TJ Erlacker (Racing)                                          
13 Weston Luzadder (Nova Cycle Sport Inc.)                       
14 William Gault (CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen)                           
15 William Eisner (Calistoga Racing Team)                        
16 Stephen Spanbauer (Calistoga Racing Team)                     
17 nick housley (Hincapie-Barkley Devo)                          
18 Ryan Wohlrabe (Bicycle-Heaven)                                
19 Nicholas Coil (HRRC/TREK STORES)                              
20 William Stolte (HRRC/ Trek Stores)                            
21 corey ray (Metro Volkswagen/FCS Cycling)                      
22 Janne Hamalainen (CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen)                        
23 Dewey Dickey (Mercy-Specialized)                              
24 Joseph Schmalz (HRRC/ Trek Stores)                            
25 John McAllister (Velossimo Racing Team)                       
26 Kolt Bates (Mercy Development Team)                       0.55
27 Adam Mills (HRRC/ Trek Stores)                            1.11
28 Zach Reed (Mercy-Specialized)                             1.14
29 Matt Landen (Nebraska Medical Center/Team)                1.18
30 Russ Walker (Team LaSport)                                7.40
31 Brian Baker (Calistoga Racing Team)                           
32 Lance Hughey (Accelerade Cycling Team)                        
33 William Crecelius (Calistoga Racing Team)                     
34 Ronnie Strange (Team Tilson Homes / RPM)                      
35 Andrew Hill (TX Tough/ Team Hotel San Jose)                   
36 david hutton (Hincapie-Barkley Devo)                          
37 Rob Kane (Bicycle-Heaven)                                     
38 John Olney (Mercy-Specialized)                                
39 George Opria (Evolution Cycling)                              
40 Jake Wells (                        
41 Anthony Dust (Dogfish Racing Team)                            
42 jay blankenship (CTCA Tulsawheelmen)                          
43 aj meyer (Hincapie-Barkley Devo)                              
44 Scott Barnes (Team)                                           
45 Ryan Heydenrych (Marx & Bensdorf Realtors/TriStar)            
46 Andrew Dalhiem (TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose)              7.52
47 Philip Martindale (Team Krystal -SCV)                         
48 Jeff Barnes (Mercy-Specialized)                               
49 Justin Maciekowicz (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark)           8.06
50 Jon McLaughlin (Team Krystal -SCV)                        8.10
51 Pat Lemieux (Bianchi / Grand Performance)                 8.41
52 Mathew Davis (Team LaSport)                               8.44
53 John Thrasher (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark)                    
54 mario arroyave (Velossimo Racing presented by)                
55 Peter Carey (Metro Volkswagen)                            8.49
56 Andy Malcom (CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen)                         9.09
57 Bryan Fawley (TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose)                    
58 Derek Loudermilk (Michelob Ultra - Big Shark)             9.21
59 Brad Spears (Team Krystal -SCV)                           9.27
60 Luke Servedio (Team Krystal -SCV)                         9.57
61 Adam Lang (Mesa Cycles)                                  10.27
62 Dave Hackworthy (Bianchi / Grand Performance)            19.14
63 Mark Nagy (Dogfish Racing Team)                          20.05
64 Ted Hopkins (Cycles Veloce / Simple Green)               20.11
65 Ty Magner (Hincapie-Barkley Devo)                        20.27
66 Justin Jackson (Mercy Development Cycling)               22.13
67 Tyler Jewell (TxTough/Team Hotel San Jose)                    
68 Loren Dodson (Velossimo/Jack&Adam'sBicycles)                  
69 David Rendon (Colavita New Mexico pb JNF)                     
70 William Snodgrass (Metro Volkswagen/FCS Cycling)         30.23
71 Benjami Zawacki (TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite)                    
72 Jesús Ilundáin (Therapy Solutions Cycling Team)               
73 Travis Werts (Team Krystal -SCV)                         31.24
74 Paul Deninger (Mercy-Specialized)                             
75 Andrew Armstrong (Matrix/RBM)                            34.39
76 Chris Zenthoefer (CTCA Wheelmen)                         40.06
77 William Hale (833 Stillwater, OK CTCA/Tulsa Wheelmen)    44.18
78 Christopher Trickey (Velossimo Racing presented by)           
79 Stanley Prutz (Foundation)                                    
80 Harry Clark (Calistoga Racing Team)                           
81 Leonardo Frayre (Metro Volkswagen / FCS Cycling)         45.35