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Quad Knopf Sequoia Cycling Classic - NE

Exeter, California, USA, March 17-18, 2007

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Stage 1 - March 17: Exeter Time Trial, 30km

Powers and Jacques-Maynes win in Exeter

By Kirsten Robbins in Exeter, California

Jacques-Maynes unbeatable?

Ben Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health) dominated
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
(Click for larger image)

Priority Health's talent Ben Jacques-Maynes has been unstoppable when he sets his wheels on a time trial course. He is coming off of two top ten positions in the Tour of California and a fresh win in Fresno's Central Valley Classic.

Jacques-Maynes won today's Exeter thirty-kilometer time trial by the top of the first climb. He arrived to the finish one minute ahead of Toyota-United's former US time trial champion Chris Baldwin and a further 15 seconds in front of third placed Colavita/Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light's Anthony Colby.

The top three riders are coming off of early season strong performances and are focused on bringing in stellar results for their teams in the early NRC events.

"I was aiming for a good time trial but I couldn't say how it would go before the start because there is not a lick of flat ground and the pacing is different form last weeks Fresno time trial," Jacques-Maynes said. "I came up to Chris Baldwin really fast and caught him at the top of the climb on the way out. He was jumping past me a couple of times and we were passing each other on the way out.

Chris Wherry
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
(Click for larger image)

"I decided to keep a few seconds behind him and play it smart, riding at my max and feeling great," continued the winner. "Time trials are all about the internal pain threshold and how much you can drive into it and I think I'm doing that pretty well."

Baldwin is one of North America's brilliant time trialists and did not let Jacques-Maynes out of his sights over the climb.

"He was second but might have just had a slower start than I did," Jacques-Maynes said. "After the climb he was going really fast. Chris Baldwin is a class act and I have only good words for him. He is a great guy and I always enjoy talking with him in the peloton.

"It is a great feeling to race against some one at such a great caliber," he added. "He will have his time and I'm sure he will be winning time trials this year really soon."

The wind that was experienced in the women's event didn't slow down for the men and that may have been the most difficult aspect of today's time trial.

Curtis Gunn of team
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
(Click for larger image)

"The whole race always feels slow," Jacques-Maynes said. "You never feel like your going fast. Last year I thought I was going so slow and then ended up finishing fast in second place."

Jacques-Maynes added: "It certainly hurt and I knew when I couldn't stand straight after the race that I did a great ride."

The riders that raced on the course last year may have had a slight advantage in knowing what lay ahead.

"I did this race last year and I knew how to race it," Colavita/Sutter Home's podium rider Anthony Colby said. "I had the race planned to the tee on how my pace was going to go. I figured I would crack at the end but I didn't. I also took the head wind coming back into account and that helped a lot."

Alison powers to victory

Alison Powers (Colavita - Sutter Home).
Photo ©: Mitch Clinton
(Click for larger image)

The fastest time trialists came out of the woodworks in Exeter's 30 kilometer race against the clock. Colavita/Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light's Alison Powers flew in with a time of 46.35 leading by 19 seconds over Cheerwine's Leigh Hobson and 20 seconds ahead of Webcor-Builder's Amber Rais.

"The girls here are very strong and the nation as a whole is getting stronger at time trailing," Powers said. "I knew from last weekend's fourth place in the time trial that the three girls that beat me were not here this weekend. So, I knew I was one of the favorites for today and I wanted to show people that I could step up to that."

The time trial started and finished outside of the Exeter High School taking the competition over Rocky Hill into the Yokohl Valley. The course offered everything but flat riding with two climbs and descents, rollers and winds in every direction.

"It was awesome. It was an everything kind of course and I really liked it," Powers said. "I went in expecting a strong performance and I am so happy that I was able to do that. Definitely the two descents were suited to my strengths."

Amber Ries catching Suzanne de Groede
Photo ©: Mitch Friedman
(Click for larger image)

Cheerwine's Leigh Hobson returned from a strong second place performance in the Trust House Women's Tour. She proved with her second place finish in Exeter that she is ready to take on the NRC season.

"We are really excited to be reunited and be able to race together here in California," Hobson said. "I knew I felt strong but I didn't know how I compared to the girls who have been racing over here. I knew Alison and Amber would be strong. I tried to keep an open mind and just have my own race."

The riders needed a strong mentality to break through the strong head winds on the return. "Tail winds out felt great, but it was hard coming back," Hobson said. "I tried not to feel negative coming back in the headwind and that was the hardest point."

There were only two seconds between Hobson and Webcor-Builder's Amber Rais, a small amount of time over the long distance covered. "Just two seconds, that's like taking a drink of your water bottle close!" Hobson said.


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Images by Kurt Jambretz/Action Images-

Images by Toyota-United


Elite men
1 Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (Priority Health)                             39.42
2 Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                         0.34
3 Anthony Colby (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)       1.20
4 Chris Wherry (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                          1.25
5 Eric Wohlberg (Symmetrics)                                             1.28
6 Tom Zirbel (Priority Health)                                           1.33
7 Sean Sullivan (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                         1.39
8 Ivan Stevic (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                           1.44
9 Brian Buchholz (BPG/ Montano Velo)                                     1.50
10 Justin England (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                       1.59
11 Jackson Stewart (BMC Professional Cycling Team)                       2.02
12 Jonathan Garcia (BMC Professional Cycling Team)                       2.16
13 Alejandro Acton (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)    2.19
14 Ben Kneller (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory)                        2.32
15 Christian Meier (Symmetrics Cycling)                                  2.33
16 John Hunt (California Giant/Specialized)                              2.36
17 Burke Swindlehurst (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                   2.40
18 Garett Peltonen (Priority Health)                                     2.41
19 Scott Zwizanski (Priority Health)                                     2.42
20 Michael Grabinger (Hagens-Berman LLP)                                 2.42
21 Jacob Rosenbarger (BMC Professional Cycling Team)                     2.51
22 Jesse Moore (California Giant/Specialized)                            3.11
23 Thurlow Rogers (Sonance-Specialized)                                  3.14
24 Peter Hatton (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)       3.16
25 Charles Dionne (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)     3.16
26 Curtis Gunn (Successful P/B Parkpre)                       3.26
27 Jonathan Mumford (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)                  3.32
28 Andy Jacques-Maynes (California Giant/Specialized)                    3.33
29 Edward King (Priority Health)                                         3.35
30 Daniel Ramsay (Successful P/B Parkpre)                     3.47
31 Logan Hunn (Team Rubicon)                                             3.56
32 Tyler Wren (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)         3.57
33 Caleb Manion (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                         4.01
34 Johnny Hayes (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                               4.01
35 Michael Hutchinson (Team Spine)                                       4.03
36 Jonathan Sundt (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)                    4.05
37 Ryan Morris (Team Rio Grande)                                         4.06
38 Rob Anderson (AMD-Discovery Channel Masters)                          4.09
39 Ryan Roth (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)                         4.21
40 Marco Hellman (AMD-Discovery Channel Masters)                         4.35
41 Daniel Harm (Team Rubicon)                                            4.35
42 Davide Frattini (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)    4.50
43 Phillip Gaimon (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                             4.52
44 Adrian Hegyvery (Hagens-Berman LLP)                                   4.57
45 Christian Valenzuela (Successful P/B Parkpre)              4.57
46 Osvaldo Olmos (California Giant/Specialized)                          4.59
47 Daniel Schmatz (BMC Professional Cycling Team)                        5.06
48 Henk Vogels (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                          5.18
49 Dirk Copeland (California Giant/Specialized)                          5.20
50 Ken Hanson (BMC Professional Cycling Team)                            5.28
51 Omer Ken (Priority Health)                                            5.32
52 Daniel Larson (Cycle Science)                                         5.33
53 Chad Hartley (BMC Professional Cycling Team)                          5.38
54 Ulrich Deyoung (Hagens-Berman LLP)                                    5.42
55 Chad Nikolz (Hagens-Berman LLP)                                       5.43
56 Matthew Willinger (BPG/ Montano Velo)                                 5.46
57 Brad Cole (Team Rio Grande)                                           6.03
58 Alessandro Bazzana (Successful P/B Parkpre)                6.10
59 Max Jenkins (California Giant/Specialized)                            6.18
60 David Guttenplan (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                           6.41
61 Gavriel Epstein (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                            7.03
62 Jose-Manuel Garcia (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                   7.55
63 Nick Clayville (Hagens-Berman LLP)                                    8.01
64 Guy East (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                                   8.24
65 Keven Lacombe (Volkswagen/Trek)                                       8.31
66 Josh Tack (Hagens-Berman LLP)                                         9.37
67 Keith Miller (California Giant/Specialized)                           9.39
68 Ivan Dominguez (Toyota-United pro cycling team)                      10.26
69 Richard Speer (Team Rubicon)                                         11.57
DNF Kirk Carlsen (Team Rubicon)                                              
DNF Andy Cornelison (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                               
DNF Chuck Coyle (Successful P/B Parkpre)                          
DNS Devon Vigus (California Giant/Specialized)                               
DNS David Vitoria (BMC Professional Cycling Team)                            
DNS Dan Martin (Safeway/G.A. Communications)                                 
DNS Jesse/Andy Mendonca (BPG/ Montano Velo)                                  
DNS Michael Sayers (BMC Professional Cycling Team)                           
DNS James Mattis (California Giant/Specialized)                              
DNS Nicholas Waite (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)                       
DNS Dusan Ganic (Successful P/B Parkpre)                          
DNS Patrick Dunaway (California Giant/Specialized)                           
DNS Martin Gilbert (Kelly Benefit Strategies/Medifast)                       
Elite women
1 Alison Powers (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)      46.36
2 Leigh Hobson (Cheerwine)                                               0.19
3 Amber Rais (Webcor Builders)                                           0.20
4 Suzanne De Goede (T-Mobile Team - Women)                               0.50
5 Rhodes Alex (T-Mobile Team - Women)                                    0.52
6 Katharine Carroll (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)                           0.56
7 Oenone Wood (T-Mobile Team - Women)                                    1.01
8 Felicia Gomez (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)                               1.24
9 Rachel Heal (Webcor Builders)                                          1.28
10 Kim Anderson (T-Mobile Team - Women)                                  1.29
11 Shelley Olds (PROMAN/Paradigm)                                        1.38
12 Chantal Beltman (T-Mobile Team - Women)                               1.51
13 Chrissy Ruiter (Cheerwine)                                            1.56
14 Laura Van Gilder (Cheerwine)                                          1.57
15 Rebecca Larson (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)                             1.59
16 Sarah Tillotson (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)    2.02
17 Alex Wrubleski (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)     2.07
18 Emily Zell (PROMAN/Paradigm)                                          2.25
19 Lisa Hunt (the olympic club)                                          2.46
20 Pat Ross (Touchstone Climbing)                                        2.57
21 Heather Labance (Advil ChapStick)                                     2.58
22 Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)                                            2.59
23 Carmen Mcnellis (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)                            3.01
24 Stacy Marple (Team TIBCO)                                             3.02
25 Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)      3.27
26 Catherine Powers (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)                           3.32
27 Kelly Mcdonald (Touchstone Climbing)                                  3.36
28 Betina Hold (Cheerwine)                                               3.43
29 Martina Patella (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)                       3.48
30 Natalie Klemko (Advil ChapStick)                                      3.59
31 Helene Drumm (PROMAN/Paradigm)                                        4.03
32 Sharon Allpress (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)                       4.11
33 Nichole Wangsgard (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)                    4.12
34 Sarah Uhl (Cheerwine)                                                 4.19
35 Sally Annis (Wachovia / International Bicycle Centers)                4.28
36 Helen Kelly (Webcor Builders)                                         4.39
37 Betsy Galenti (America's Dairyland)                                   4.41
38 Michelle Beltran (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)                     4.51
39 Sarah Bamberger (Cheerwine)                                           4.52
40 Courtenay Brown (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)                       4.58
41 Abby Lyn Cooper (PROMAN/Paradigm)                                     4.59
42 Brooke Miller (Team TIBCO)                                            5.04
43 Samantha Van Gerbig (Wachovia / International Bicycle Centers)        5.08
44 Victoria Bastide (Team TIBCO)                                         5.16
45 Jacquelyn Crowell (Cycle Science)                                     5.33
46 Katharine Lundby (Karl Strauss/SDBC)                                  5.37
47 Taitt Sato (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)                            6.07
48 Sandra Kolb (Bicycle John's Serious Cycling)                          6.07
49 Anke Wichmann (T-Mobile Team - Women)                                 6.15
50 Megan Hottman (Hrrc/Trek Stores)                                      6.20
51 Kate Ligler (PROMAN/Paradigm)                                         6.39
52 Ginger Buller Joselyn                                                 6.45
53 Kirstin Robbins (Advil ChapStick)                                     7.00
54 Kristin Wentworth (Team Kenda Tire)                                   7.06
55 Caroline Dahllof (Helens/Orbea)                                       7.08
56 Katie London (Team TIBCO)                                             7.19
57 Jamie Hughins (Helens/Orbea)                                          7.25
58 Laurel Green (Team Mack Paper Company)                                7.43
59 Laura Bowles (Advil ChapStick)                                        7.59
60 Amy Mcguire (Wachovia / International Bicycle Centers)                8.20
61 Lea Adams (Helens/Orbea)                                              8.48
DNS Holly Borowski (Touchstone/US Armed Forces)                              
DNS Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling)                                  
DNS Laura Downey (ValueAct Capital Cycling Team)                             
DNS Rachel O'connell (Cheerwine)                                             
DNS Jane Despas (KLEIN Real Estate)                                          
DNS Mackenzie Dickey (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)      
DNS Beverly Harper (Webcor Builders)                                         
DNS Candice Blickem (Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light)       
DNS Heather Albert (America's Dairyland)                                     
DNS Sarah Caravella (Aaron's Pro Cycling Team)                               
Category 2
1 Brian Bosch (Central Valley Cycling)                                  43.48
2 Grant Van Horn (Simply Fit)                                            1.26
3 Nick Hight-Huf (Webcor/Alto Velo)                                      2.09
4 Ken Akita                                                              2.21
5 Takaaki Ota                                                            2.39
6 Sean McBride (BPG/Montano Velo)                                        3.02
7 Vincent Owens (Central Valley Cycling)                                 3.04
8 Jonathan Eropkin (Central Valley Cycling)                              4.19
DNS Salvador Borrego-Crum (California Giant/Specialized)                     
DNS Mike Camarena (Action Sports/SSC Cycling Team)                           
DNS Kyle Rich (Webcor)                                                       
DNS Phil Roberts (McGuire Cycling)                                           
DNS Chris Swan (Penninsula Velo)                                             
Category 3 women
1 Trina Landry (Art's Cyclery)                                          53.35
2 Ryan Hostetter (Velo Bella-Kona)                                       1.50
Category 3
1 Eric Bennett (Successful Living:com)                                  45.27
2 Jared Barrilleaux (Team Tailwinds)                                     0.14
3 Jim Bonnet (San Jose Bike Club)                                        1.12
4 Jesse Bastide (Kovarus/Squadra Ovest)                                  1.42
5 Earle Baker (TBS Racing)                                               2.34
6 Jonathan Sinclair (San Jose Bicycle Club)                              3.30
7 John Barry (Action Sports/SSC Cycling Team)                            4.00
8 Blake Anton (Davis Bike Club Race Team)                                4.17
9 Tyler Wertenbruch (SLO Nexus - Arbor Home Mortgage)                        
DNF Mark Purnell (Action Sports/SSC Racing Team)                             
DNS Lance Cameron                                                            
Category 4 women
1 Renee Beckloff (Roaring Mouse Cycles)                                 54.58
2 Jessie May Campbell                                                    3.02
3 Monique Snieders                                                       3.49
4 Susan Mahlman                                                              
Category 4
1 Joey Galloway (Action Sports SSC)                                     46.36
2 Timothy Granger (The Midwest Express)                                  0.05
3 William Allender (Sierra Bicycle Werks)                                1.33
4 Adam Fox (Team Tailwinds)                                              3.19
5 Anthony Broadman (Husky Cycling)                                       3.27
6 Sean Gasiorek (Team Tailwinds)                                         3.46
7 Peter Montoya                                                          4.23
8 Eric Burgener (ST Bikes)                                               5.27
9 Josha Mann (Bike Barn Racing)                                          5.49
DNS Darren Rich (Trisport Visalia)                                           
Junior 15-16
1 Miguel Henderson (Tieni duro)                                         54.51
Junior 17-18
1 JP LeClair (Adobe/Schwalbe presented by Lombardi)                     49.14
DNF Clark McLennan (California Giant Racing)                                 
Junior 14 and Under
1 Colton Trout                                                          14.16
Category 5
1 Jens Heycke                                                           44.50
2 Nicholas Ree (Dolva Vita Cycling)                                      4.12
3 Jim Huebner (Action Sports/SSC Cycling Team)                           5.33
4 Mike boeckeler                                                         5.45
5 Ben Woodard                                                            6.31
6 Benjamin Weaver                                                        7.34
7 Stuart Thompson                                                        8.21
8 Bryan Salazar                                                          8.34
9 Jordan Perry                                                           8.48
10 Johnny Bairos                                                         9.22
11 Peter Amend (Visialia Cycling)                                       10.22
12 Travis Griffith                                                      10.44
13 David Duran                                                          11.47
14 Joesph Fronteras                                                     12.00
15 David Lucas                                                          12.32
16 Paul Deming                                                          12.37
17 Robert Caldeira                                                           
18 Damiel Torres (C-Dub Racing)                                              
19 Dale Handley                                                              
20 Richard White                                                             
21 Brandon Smith                                                             
22 Ted Macauly (Southern Sierra Cyclists)                                    
23 Stan Dillion                                                              
24 Christopher Hearld (Celo Pacific)                                         
25 Byron Almachar                                                            
26 Diego Diaz                                                                
27 Joshua Groge                                                              
28 Jim Mercer (Southern Sierra Cyclists)                                     
29 Ryan Rodman                                                               
DNS Patrick Boyd (SPATDOG)                                                   
DNS Christopher Brown (Don Chapin Racing Team)                               
DNS Michael Iverson                                                          
DNS Scott Baker                                                              
DNS Xavier Bolanegra                                                         
Master 35+ category
1 Mark Weideman (Simply Fit/Action Sports)                                   
2 George Opria (VOS Racing)                                                  
3 Mark Sasser (Central Valley Cycling)                                       
4 Ronnie Kier (Central Valley Cycling)                                       
5 Jim Healy (Vapor Racing)                                                   
6 James Berry                                                                
7 Glenn Champagne (Action Sports/SSC)                                        
Master 35+ category
1 Jonathan Caldwell (Action Sports/SSC Cycling Team)                         
2 Ivo Foster (Action Sports/SSC Cycling Team)                                
3 Craig Peyron (Sierra Bicycle Werks)                                        
4 Brent Malicote                                                             
5 Jerry Ridge (Lamorinda/Synergy)                                            
6 Tomas Ovalle (Action Sports)                                               
7 Tom Field (East Bay Cycling Team)                                          
8 B: Anthony Picciuto                                                        
9 Ray Curtin (Visalia Cyclery)                                               
10 Steven Drace (Peninsula Velo)                                             
11 Ken Spencer                                                               
12 Luis Velosa                                                               
13 Garry Paden                                                               
DNS Dwight Ball                                                              
DNS Patrick Furtaw (Team One Racing)                                         
DNS Jay Hahn                                                                 
DNS Jens Heycke