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USA Cycling National Festival - NE

Seven Springs, PA, USA, July 6-17, 2006

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Day 11 - July 17: Masters road races

National Festival concludes with road titles

By Andy Lee, USA Cycling

The final championship titles of the USA Cycling National Festival were awarded Monday to masters riders in 14 categories.

In the first race of the day, John Elgart (Tenflay, N.J. / Webcor/Alto Velo) completed the trifecta of the national championships by picking up the master men’s 60-64 road title in one hour, 46 minutes and 32 seconds. Earlier this week, Elgart also won the time trial and criterium titles in the master men’s 60-64 competition.

Just two laps into the six lap, 56-kilometre contest, Elgart, Edwin Torres (Bethel Park, Pa. / UPMC Performance Cycling) and Fritz Tomasello (Dana Point, Calif. / Team EDGE Cyclesports) took off the front of the 27-man peloton. With each passing kilometre, Elgart and Torres built more than a one-minute gap on the field.

“Edwin and I stayed off together and were working together, let’s say, well within our limits,” Elgart said. “But when it came into the last 200 meters into the feed zone, we slowed down and I had a little more acceleration through the gears – think that helped a little bit to open up the gaps. Once you get into this little flat stretch, you can really let it out. It came down to a sprint on the top the feed zone and I opened up a gap. After that, it wasn’t even close.”

Monday’s win marked the 11th national championship of Elgart’s career and his fourth for this year – Elgart is the current cyclocross champion for his category. He was also awarded the Best Overall title for his category.

The most dominating performance of the day, however, was doled out by Elizabeth Tyrell (Annandale, N.J. / Somerset Wheelmen). Battling temperatures in the high 90s and nearly 80 percent humidity, Tyrell essentially rode a time trial as she blasted off to a sizeable lead less than 400 meters into the five-lap, 46.75-km race. Tyrell – a self-confessed “time trialist at heart” - said that normally the first few kilometres of a road race are a chance to warm up, but she was feeling ready to go from the start.

“I just said ‘let’s put it into time trial mode and let’s see,’” Tyrell said. “When they were all so far back there, I thought maybe somebody crashed, so I kind of did tempo since I thought there was no way I could be alone for more than 28 miles, and there weren’t the two or three that I knew would come. As it went lap after lap, I just thought I’d stay in this time-trial mode. Next thing I knew the guy was saying ‘one lap to go.’”

Tyrell ended up coming in nearly two minutes ahead of second place and nearly five minutes ahead of the last spot on the podium in 1:36:15. She was also awarded the Best Overall title for her category.

Kay Tsui (Falls Church, Va. / HPC/List) finished first in the field of 12 women in the master women’s 55-59 category in 1:39:24. Three riders participated in the master women’s 60 + category with Patricia Roberts (Winston-Salem, N.C. / Paceline Bicycles) rolling across the line first. Tsui was awarded the Best Overall title for her category. Roberts also won the Best Overall title for women 60+.

The most senior masters men’s categories – 65-69 and 70 + - also raced for national road titles with Franz Hammer (Seattle, Wash. / First Mortgage) claiming the 65-69 category ahead of 18 riders and Richard Finch (Omak, Wash. / Badlands Racing Team) winning the 70 + category ahead of his field of 12. Both men were awarded the Best Overall titles for their categories.

All tandem age categories raced together to form a field of 16 in the final race of the National Festival. The mixed tandem 90+ category came down to a sprint finish with criterium champion Paul Curley (Taunton, Mass. / Gearwork/Spinarts) and Lisa Vible (Wilm, Del. / Spinarts/ADG Joe’s) edging Patrick Aimone (Belleville, Mich. / Wolverine Sports Club) Anne Marie Phillips (Wolverine Sports Club / Northville, Mich.) out at the line for first. The winners for the rest of the individual categories are as follows:

Masters Tandem 110+ Male: Chip Berezny / Andrew Buck (Bike Line/LWA)

Masters Tandem 70+ Female: Sue Adkins / Jacqui Lockwood (Team Kenda Tire)

Masters Tandem 70+ Male: William Crecelius / Stephen Spanbauer (Papa John’s Racing Team/Swope)

Masters Tandem Road Race 110+ Mixed: Darlene and Norbert Burzynski (Rapid Transit)

Masters Tandem 70+ Mixed: Stacey Smith / James Wright (Jacksonville Racing Club)

Master Tandem 90+ Female: Kimberly Celecki / Margaret Thompson (Mission in Motion/Mackay Rippey Acupuncture)

Masters Tandem 90+ Male: Andy Applegate / Kenneth Stamm (Abercrombie and Fitch)


Master Men 60-64 
1 John Elgart (Webcor/Alto Velo)                                          1.46.32
2 Edwin Torres (UPMC Performance Cycling)                                    0.07
3 Ronald Sutherland (NCVC/Inova Health)                                      0.39
4 Barry Free (ERA Cycling)                                                   0.42
5 Fritz Tomasello (Team EDGE Cyclesports)                                    0.43
6 Robert Kaplan (Westwood`Cycle/ Trade Manage Ca)                            1.03
7 Robert Scofield (Unattached)                                              13.28
8 Jack Neyer (Freddie Fu Cycling Team)                                      13.29
9 Robert Brooks (Team Hammer Gel)                                           28.28
10 Robert Brust (River City Racing Club)                                    43.28
11 Arthur Berger (Westwood Velo)                                            43.29
12 John Mckee (Paramount Racing)                                            43.30
13 David Bell (Memphis Velo/Smith & Nephew)                                 43.31
14 David Thomas (Southern Cycling Operations)                               58.28
15 Robert Malovany (Westwood Velo)                                          58.29
16 Manuel Aguilera (Cycle Science)                                          58.30
17 James Youngblood (NVRC)                                                  58.31
18 Weslye Bruce (River City Racing Club)                                    58.32
19 Daniel O'hara (Lebo Masters Team)                                        58.33
19 William Yellig (Laurel Cycle Club)                                            
21 Neil Sutcliffe (Unattached)                                              58.34
22 Earl Osborne (Century Road Club Association)                             58.35
23 Skip Higgins (Schellers Indiana Masters)                                 58.36
24 Michael Mccollum (JRC)                                                 1.13.28
24 Lawrence De George (Unattached)                                               
26 Sami Srour (Kern Wheelmen)                                             1.13.29
Master Men 65-69 
1 Franz Hammer (First Mortgage)                                           1.32.00
2 Scott Tucker (Schwab Cycles)                                               1.35
3 William Meyers (Lakewood Racing Team)                                      4.51
4 Len Pettyjohn (ACA - Subway/Peerless)                                     43.00
5 Henry Banta (NCVC/Inova Health System)                                    58.00
6 Jacobo Melcer (San Diego Cyclo-Vets)                                      58.01
7 Thomas Bridges (Unattached)                                               58.03
8 Thomas Jones (Ann Arbor Velo Club/Wheels in M)                            58.04
9 Paul Didier (NCVC/Inova Health System)                                    58.05
10 David Larson (Unattached)                                                58.06
11 Arthur Cohen (Mako Galaxy Granola)                                       58.07
12 Ken Lloyd (Unattached)                                                   58.08
13 Fred Swartz (Saturn of Okemos)                                         1.13.00
14 Malcolm Appleton (Malcom Appleton)                                     1.13.01
15 Howard Darmstadter (Connecticut Coast Cycling)                         1.13.02
16 Robert Burns (Team Mack)                                               1.13.03
17 Dwayne Thomason (Lakewood Racing Team)                                 1.28.00
18 Peter Dahlstrand (Berkeley Bike Club)                                  1.28.01
Master Men 70+ 
1 Richard Finch (Baddlands Racing Team)                                   1.41.26
2 Francois G. Mertens (Zephyr Cycling Team)                                  0.23
3 Pete Murphy (Unattached)                                                   2.18
4 Dan Maneely (BCA/VOMax)                                                    3.57
5 Alan Ashmore (Evolution Racing)                                           33.35
6 Kurt Eickelmann (Arts Cyclery/Trisport Visalia)                           33.36
7 Edward Raymond (San Diego Cycle Vets)                                     48.44
8 Robert Paganini (Pasadena Athletic Association)                         1.03.38
9 Paul Tetrick (Lakewood Racing Team)                                     1.03.39
10 Jarrett Murray (Unattached)                                            1.03.40
11 Robert Wilson (NEBC/Cycle Loft)                                        1.03.41
12 Robert Carlin (Atlantic Bicycle Club)                                  1.18.35
Master Women 50-54                                                              
1 Elizabeth Tyrell (Somerset Wheelman)                                    1.36.15
2 Linda Schnepf (Simple Green)                                               1.36
3 Gloria Deucher (Union Sportiv Italiano (USI))                              3.20
4 Barbara Grabowski (Velo/Bella/Kona)                                        3.28
5 Carol Heckman (Buffalo Bicycling Club)                                     6.59
6 Sherry Berde (Gopher Wheelmen)                                             9.20
7 Linda Elgart (Webcor/Alto Velo)                                           18.39
8 Cynthia Swain (Team Champion/Tom's Pro BIke)                              46.26
9 Audrey Wendolowski (CSE-CSS-Wendy's)                                      47.49
10 Laura Gabanski (Team Snow Valley)                                        53.39
Master Women 55-59                                                              
1 Kay Tsui (HPC/List)                                                     1.39.24
2 Martha Iverson (Durango Wheel Club)                                        2.09
3 Marie Derosa (Miya Shoji)                                                  2.21
4 Jo Garuccio (Canyon Bicycles)                                              5.47
5 Lydia Barter (                                                24.56
6 Nancy Waddell (DRT/Deep Blue)                                             25.13
7 Narda Roushdi (Berkeley Bicycle Club)                                     27.32
8 Phyllis Olrich (Webcor/Alto Velo)                                         28.48
9 Kathleen Corbett (Midwest Masters)                                        36.14
10 Diana Correa (Team American Classic)                                     36.43
11 Louella Holter (Greggs/Specialized)                                      40.19
12 Sharon Scofield (Team Rhino)                                             45.38
Master Women 60+
1 Patricia Roberts (Paceline Bicycles)                                      19.42
2 Joyce Quadri (Presque Isle Cycling Club)                                   5.26
3 Patricia Baker (Lightning Velo)                                            7.16
Masters Tandem Road Race 110+ Male
1 Chip Berezny/Andrew Buck (Bike Line / LWA)                              1.58.36
2 Bernard Sanders/Ronald Sutherland (Van Dessel Factory Team)                0.24
Masters Tandem Road Race 110+ Mixed
1 Darlene Burzynski/Norbert Burzynski (Rapid Transit)                       23.01
Masters Tandem Road Race 70+ Female
1 Sue Adkins/Jacqui Lockwood (Team Kenda Tire)                              37.07
Masters Tandem Road Race 70+ Male
1 William Crecelius/Stephen Spanbauer (Papa John's Racing Team/Swope)     1.52.47
2 Louie Amelburu/Mark Schaefer (Paul Tracy Racing)                           3.34
3 Michael Birner/JayMurphy (All American Bicycle Center)                     9.53
4 Ernst Ginkel/Josh Webster (S.C. Velo)                                     17.13
Masters Tandem Road Race 70+ Mixed
1 Stacey Smith/James Wright (Jacksonville Racing Club)                    2.01.09
2 Lesley Mcshane/Mike Mcshane (Papa John's Racing Team)                      0.41
3 Martha Walsh/Martin Criminale (First Rate Mortgage)                        0.45
4 Edward Delgros/Tricia Ingraham (Team Summa)                                0.53
5 Jennifer Slawta (Cycle Analysis)                                           6.58
6 Richard/Robin Nance/Nance (Hearts)                                         8.52
Masters Tandem Road Race 90+ Female
1 Kimberly Celecki/Margaret Thompson (Mission in Motion/Mackay Rippey)    2.30.00
Masters Tandem Road Race 90+ Male
1 Andy Applegate/Kenneth Stamm (Abercrombie And Fitch)                    2.07.50
2 Steve Green/Fritz Tomasello (Team Edge Cycle Sport)                        0.05
3 Jeff Carson/Carl Westergren (Velobrew Cycling)                             6.55
4 James Hopson/Dan Shaffer (Iowa City Cycling Club)                          9.25
5 Richard Pepper/Rob Schott (Republic of Anaerobia)                              
Masters Tandem Road Race 90+ Mixed
1 Paul Curley/Lisa Vible (Gearworks/Spinarts)                             2.07.50
2 Patrick Aimone/Anne Marie Phillips (Wolverine Sports Club)                 0.05
3 Cheryl Thigpen/Zealand Thigpen (Tulsa Racing)                              6.55
4 John Donovan/Ann Fitzgerald (Laurel Bicycle Club)                          9.25
5 Robert Noll/Nicci Warr (Stengels)