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Photo ©: Bettini

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US Elite Championships - CN

Park City, UT, USA, June 21-27, 2005

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Race 7 - June 24: Espoir & Junior Men & women Criterium, 15-60km

Gritters, Geist notch national criterium titles

By Andy Lee, USA Cycling

Kyle Gritters (Sea Silver)
Photo ©: Beth Seliga
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Kyle Gritters (Bermuda Dunes, Calif.) won the U23 criterium today at the Park City Cycling Festival after lapping the field with last year's road race champion Ian MacGregor (Golden, Colo.). Gritters bested an 80-rider field of the nation's top cyclists between the ages of 19 to 22 to claim the first of three U23 national championship events scheduled for this weekend.

The 123-mile road race is Saturday, followed by Sunday's 21-mile time trial on Antelope Island.

In today's 37-mile, 60-lap criterium, Switters and MacGregor escaped from the bunch early on and began to open up a significant gap on the peloton before Tyler Farrar (Wenatchee, Wash.) attacked from the main field in an effort to bridge up to the two leaders. Marking Farrar's move were Sheldon Deeny (Fort Collins, Colo.) and Zak Grabowski (Lafayette, Colo.), both teammates of MacGregor on the TIAA-CREF squad.

Entering the event as a marked man, Farrar drove the chase group for several laps as Deeny and Grabowski were disinterested in creating a five-man breakaway with Farrar present despite the potential advantage in numbers that would have occurred if the trio had caught the leaders. As the challenging course and altitude of Park City took its toll on Farrar, he gave up the chase and retreated back to the peloton hoping to reshuffle the deck and initiate a different chase.

Returning criterium champion, Tyler Farrar
Photo ©: Beth Seliga
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Later, Farrar joined Sterling Magnell (Petaluma, Calif.) in a two-man chase, but the damage had already been done as Gritters and MacGregor had lapped the field, essentially assuring that the winner would come from the initial two-man breakaway. In the final dash to the line, it was Gritters who manoeuvred his way to the front and crossed the line first.

In the women's junior 17-18 criterium, Kimberly Geist (Emmaus, Pa.) notched the win after riding for much of the afternoon in a five-woman breakaway. A natural selection resulted in a lead group of Geist, Lauren Trull (Grensboro, N.C.), Jacquelyn Crowell (Maitland, Fla.), Christine Levy (Centennial Colo.) and national champion in both this year's time trial and criterium, Shannon Koch (Flower Mound, Texas), as it became evident that today's winner would come from this select group.

After Crowell dropped off the pace, the other four stayed together to the final kilometre where Geist used the final 400 meter ascent to the finish to her advantage, escaping with a final attack that earned her the victory.

In other criterium events held on Friday, winners included Rebecca Much (Chicago, Ill.) in the U23 women's, Karla Lopez (El Paso, Texas) in the junior women's 10-12, Justin Koelbl (Fairfax Station, Va.) in the junior men's 10-12, Coryn Rivera (Tustin, Calif.) in the junior women's 13-14, Ian Boswell (Bend, Ore.) in the junior men's 13-14, and Lauren Shirock (Emmaus, Pa.) in the junior women's 15-16.


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Images by Beth Seliga/


U23 Women
1 Rebecca Much (T Mobile)                              1.03.22
2 Molly Hummel (Team Dean)                                    
3 Traci Carroll (Team Rubicon)                            1.17
4 Erica Allar (T.E.A.M Fuji)                              4.03
5 Christi-An Hansley (Olympus)                            7.10
6 Loren Somerville (Hi Tech Bikes)                       21.01
U23 Men
1 Kyle Gritters (Seasilver)                            1.28.30
2 Ian Macgregor (Team TIAA-CREF)                          0.01
3 Sterling Magnell (Monex)                                1.31
4 Tyler Farrar (Health Net p/b Maxxis)                        
5 Matt White (Fiordifrutta)                                   
6 Blake Caldwell (Team TIAA-CREF)                         1.32
7 Chad Beyer (Team TIAA-CREF)                                 
8 Lee Rosenthal (Crca/Sakonnet Technology)                    
9 Bradley Viera (Team Snow Valley)                        1.35
10 Nathan Miller (Monex)                                      
11 Owen Gue (Broadmark Capital)                               
12 David Guttenplan (AG Edwards)                              
13 Allen Krughoff (GS Ciao/Al's Barbershop)                   
14 Bobby Lea (Northwestern Morgage)                           
15 Mike Lange (Team TIAA-CREF)                            1.39
16 Sheldon Deeny (Team TIAA-CREF)                         1.42
17 Zak Grabowski (Team TIAA-CREF)                         1.46
18 Stu Gillespie (Team TIAA-CREF)                         1.48
19 David Robinson (Team TIAA-CREF)                        2.36
20 Aaron Pool (Trek VW)                                   2.43
21 Emmanuel Suarez (UB Racing)                            2.55
22 Christoph Herby (Snow Valley presented by Seal-O)      3.05
23 Nathan Mitchell (Team TIAA-CREF)                       3.06
24 Lucas Euser (Webcor)                                   3.42
25 Wes Hartman (Advantage Benefits Endeavour)                 
26 Craig Lewis (Team TIAA-CREF)                           3.53
Junior Women 17-18
1 Kim Geist (Victory Brewing)                            33.48
2 Lauren Trull (Genesis Scuba/Fulton Flyers)              0.03
3 Shannon Koch (Team Las'Port)                            0.15
4 Christine Levy (Rio Grande)                             0.23
5 Amara Boursaw (Greggs/Trek)                             0.49
6 Kristi Henne (Unattached)                               0.53
7 Erica Lanser (Quark Cycling Team)                           
8 Natalie Klemko (ABD)                                    0.54
9 Andrea Fisk (Team Oregon)                               0.57
10 Brett Dollar (GS Boulder Cycling)                      1.00
11 Corina Mcintyre (Echelon Santa Barbara)                1.11
12 Taylor Bishop (HPC List Cardinal)                          
Junior Women 15-16
1 Lauren Shirock (T.E.A.M. Fuji)                         37.06
2 Sinead Miller (Upmc Cycling Performance)                    
3 Sam Schneider (Advatage Benefits/ Endeavour)                
4 Danielle Haulman (RMCEF)                                0.02
5 Ashley Ooley (Team Rio Grande)                              
6 Stephanie White (Gearworks/Spinarts)                    0.03
7 Madeline Hack (RMCEF)                                   0.04
8 Megan Somerville (Hi-Tech Bikes Womens)                 0.27
9 Keely Shannon (Midwest Rolling Thunder)                 0.50
10 Colleen Hayduk (T.E.A.M. Fuji / Salamder Racing)       0.56
11 Juel Iverson (Canyon Bicycles)                         1.05
12 Sarah Ryan (BYRDS)                                     1.18
13 Dawn Tisdell (LGBRC/ Easton/ Specialized)                  
14 Elisabeth Oehrlein (Artemis)                               
Junior Women - 13-14
1 Coryn Rivera (Paramount Racing)                        38.26
2 Jacqueline Kurth (Athletes By Design)                   0.02
3 Kaitlin Antonneau (Nova Cycle Sport)                        
4 Shelby Reynolds (Southern Elite)                            
5 Colleen Gulick (Bikeline/Lwa)                               
6 Alex Wechsler (Landrover/Siemens Home Applianc)         0.05
7 Katie Hack (RMCEF)                                      0.17
8 Lauren Levy (Swami's)                                   0.34
9 Rose Mauney (Land Rover/Siemens Home Appliances/Ffcc)       
10 Jessica Prinner (Athletes By Design)                   1.02
11 Paulina Lopez (Paramount Racing)                           
12 Brooke Crum (Savage Hill Cycling Team)                     
13 Kendall Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)                           
14 Anapaola Duran (Unattached)                                
15 Kendra Higgins (Wolfpak)                               1.04
16 Victoria Meier (Baraboo Sharks)                        1.05
17 Devon Simpson (Rad Racing NW)                              
18 Brittney Van Vleet (KHS Bicycles/Swamis)                   
19 Elissa Stolman (Team Taylor)                               
20 Kelci Roberts (Baraboo Sharks)                             
Junior Men 13-14
1 Ian Boswell (GS Forza Velo)                            31.16
2 Andrew Barker (RMCEF)                                   0.01
3 Graham Coy (Red Rose Rockets)                           0.35
4 Connor Oleary (Mi Duole)                                0.36
5 Ian Moir (Major Motion)                                     
6 Stephen Koelbl (Artemis)                                0.43
7 Joel Shaffer (Webcor / Alto Velo)                       0.53
8 Daniel Tisdell (LGBRC/Easton/Specialized)               1.22
9 Chase Womack (LaGrange)                                     
10 Adam Kosela (Athletes By Design)                           
11 Maxwell Durtschi (Sun Summit Cycling Club)                 
12 Lance Wolfsmith (Wolfpak - Morgan Hill)                    
13 Marshall Opel (Montana Junior Cycling Foundati)            
14 I Mitchell Witmer (Red Rose Rockets)                       
15 Jimmy Hague (Sun Summit Cycling Club)                      
16 Gavin Mannion (CCB/Volkswagen)                             
17 Samuel Womack (LaGrange)                                   
18 Samuel Abelow (Cuevas/ A.C.T.)                             
19 Craig Creeden (Orlando Road Club)                          
20 Ethan Rae (Bike Barn Racing Team)                          
21 Sam Stone (Baraboo Sharks)                                 
22 Thomson Remo (Baraboo Sharks)                              
23 Lawson Craddock (Northwest Cycling Club / Alkek)           
24 Mark Edwards (Tri-Power)                                   
25 Cody Wignall (Rhodes)                                      
26 Alan Ting (Northwest Cycling)                          3.36
27 Peter Sarll (Wolfpak - Morgan Hill)                        
28 Jeremy Shirock (East Coast Velo)                           
29 Brice Wizner (Team Borah)                                  
30 Broday Walker (Richardson Bike Mart/Matrix Cyc)            
Junior Women 10-12
1 Karla Lopez (Paramount Racing)                         29.48
2 Ashlyn Gerber (Orlando Road Club)                       0.26
3 Elizabeth White (NEBC)                                      
4 Hannah Hayduk (Bikeline/Lehigh Wheelman Association)    0.27
5 Sarah Huang (Kenosha Velosport)                         0.26
6 Jillian Gardner (Odgen One)                                 
7 Alexis Ryan (Scary Fast Racing)                         0.43
8 Mairafernanda Duran (Unattached)                            
9 Lauren Wolfsmith (Wolfpak)                                  
10 Meilahn Taylor (Int. Christian Cycling)                    
11 Rebecca Thompson (Black Hills Domestiques)                 
12 Fiona Graham (Beaverton Bicycle Club)                  0.44
13 Josey Gardner (Odgen One)                                  
Junior Men 10-12
1 Justin Koelbl (Artemis)                                29.03
2 William Rader (RBM/Matrix)                              0.06
3 Dustin Benton (Wolfpak)                                 0.12
4 Adolfo Garcia (Major Motion)                                
5 Ben Bertiger (PAA/Merrill Lynch)                            
6 J.D. Fette (Oh Boy! O'berto!)                               
7 Joe Haulman (Front Rangers Cycling Club)                    
8 Austin Fowler (Virginia Beach Velo)                     0.16
9 John Funk (GP Velotek)                                  0.15
10 Davis Hague (Sun Summit Cycling Club)                      
11 Cory Williams (Major Motion)                               
12 Davis Barker (Unattached)                                  
13 Brady Barker (RMCEF)                                       
14 Marcus Smith (International Christian Cycling)         0.16
15 Cesar Simmions (Unattached)                                
16 Salvador Fernandez (Unattached)                        0.18
17 Jakob Smith (Pista Elite)                                  
18 Matthew Pirtle (International Christian Cycling)           
19 Cesar Lopez Jr (Parmount Racing)                           
20 Ernsto Santiestban (Unattached)                        0.19
21 William Zellmer (Montana Junior Cycling Foundati)          
22 Nicolas Orozco (San Diego Bicycle Club)                0.24
23 Chase Dees (BYRDS)                                     0.31
24 Avery Wilson (NCVC/Edge Technologies)                      
DSQ Blake Van Vleet (KHS bicycles/Swamis)