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NCCA Championships - NE

USA, May 21-23, 2004

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Stage 2 - May 22: Qdoba Road Race

Weather holds out this time at Collegiate Nationals

By Kristy Scrymgeour

No guts, no glory: Marc Collard wins the Division 1 men's road race
Photo ©: Beth Seliga
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The second event of the Trek Bikes Collegiate Road National Championships was held today in surprisingly dry conditions. The Qdoba road race was a 15 mile loop in which the women covered four times for a total of 60 miles and the men covered five times totalling 75miles. Taking wins for their schools were Marc Collard (California Davis) in Division I, Michael Barton (Dartmouth) in Division II, Stephanie Graeter (California Berkeley) in Division I women and Merrill Sapp (New Mexico State) in Division II women.

Despite more warnings today, the weather stayed dry, although the farmland surrounding the course was flooded in parts due to the torrential rain of the last few days. The women's event started first thing in the morning for four laps around the rolling countryside just south of Madison. Within the course were two major climbs with the second of a very steep gradient.

The women's Div II event saw attrition split up the bunch early in the race, with a group of eight getting away on the steep climb on lap two. This group of eight, consisting of Sapp, Laura Matsen (Whitman College) Kate Stange (Brown University), Holly Borowski (USAFA), Nicky Wangsgard (Northern Colorado), Kristina Eaton (Dartmouth), Alalia Berry (Colorado College) and Daniele Staskal (North Carolina-Chapel Hill), stayed together for the following two laps.

It was on the final descent to the finish that Sapp got away with Matsen and the pair quickly gained time on the bunch and were able to hold it to the finish. Sapp took the sprint from Matsen on the line with Wangsgard winning the sprint out of the rest of the group to take third place.

Sapp was thrilled after the race and expressed her interest in taking herself further in the sport of cycling. I thought I could do well but not necessarily win," she said. "It would have been fine with me if there were more hills but it worked out okay."

Coming into the sprint, Sapp said she didn't really play the game of cat and mouse in the sprint. "We both wanted it to be fair," she explained, "so we both just went for it in the sprint."

In the Div I women's race a break also went up the road early consisting of seven riders. All of the bigger teams were represented in the break, with only Indiana left back in the peloton, which had also split into many smaller groups. The break got out to 45", but was then reeled in a little, before the girls in the break really put the hammer down and opened up the gap to over 1'30".

On the last climb, Graeter attacked and split up the break with only Andrea Dvorak (Virginia), Marrisa Asplund (Fort Lewis) and Sarah Bickerstaff (Penn State) able to follow her. Bickerstaff was also dropped slightly, but fought her way back on and was back with the leading pair before long. In the final sprint the leaders slowed it right down and waited for one another to make the first move. Finally Graeter went with 200 meters to go and took the win from Dvorak and Bickerstaff, with Asplund coming in for fourth place.

Graeter, who has been riding this year on the Webcor Builders team was really excited about the win. "My first Nationals were in Vermont two years ago and I came 33rd. It was a dream for me to win it some day." Graeter's bad luck in the TIAA Cref Criterium last night, where she got stuck behind a crash, puts her out of contention for the omnium which will be awarded tonight from points added together from the crit an the road race.

"I was a little bummed about that, but I really came here for the road race so it's ok."

During the race Graeter said she had been nervous about the break going so early, but was happy that it worked so well.

"We were all a bit nervous at first about a break going so early but we had a good gap," she said. "In knew if we wanted the break to stick we had to work hard early, so I encouraged all the girls and we went for it. I attacked on the last climb to thin it out a bit. We dropped the Penn State girl but she got back on. I was worried about her because she looked confident. I was expecting her to lead out the sprint but we all slowed down and I waited until 200 meters to go and I just went."

In the men's division II race, it was the dominant Dartmouth team who took first and second place, however they said it wasn't easy.

"We were in trouble early on in the race and there was a break away with two key riders in it," said race winner Barton. "We had to get the whole team to the front and chase it down."

The break was caught and another break went up with road with about six guys in it including Dartmouth rider Todd Yezefski. The break stayed with more riders bridging up to it in the last lap making a group of about 12 riders. Before long however, the final steep climb really split up the group and a small group arrived at the finish line together. Barton's teammate Yezefski sacrificed himself for his teammate who had a better chance at doing well in the overall omnium competition and Barton took the sprint from Yezefski and Reid Mumford (John Hopkins).

The Dartmouth team was elated after the race and very excited about their teamwork, especially the work of Tim Clement who ran his bike across the line for 10th place in the criterium last night after puncturing on the last corner. As he ran across the line a rider sprinting for a lower placing hit him hard from behind. He started the race this morning all bandaged up and did a lot of the early work. A rider in their team who is relatively new to the sport, Bing Knight was also very instrumental in their victory.

Marc Collard outsprints Chris Montague-Breakwell
Photo ©: Beth Seliga
Click for larger image

In the Div I race the attacks started from the gun. In the first lap, eventual race winner Collard was off the front with Don Autore (Virginia Tech), but the end of the lap reeled the pair back in. Many other small breaks occurred throughout the day but were all absorbed until an attack at the 63-mile mark got a minute on the field. In the break was Collard and Autore again, and Chris Montague-Breakwell (Stanford). The trio worked hard and Autore was eventually dropped, but Montague-Breakwell and Collard stuck it out and held off the chasing bunch by only meters at the finish. Collard out sprinted his rival in a very risky game of cat and mouse. Montague-Breakwell took second and Rahsaan Bahati (Indiana) won the bunch sprint for third place in a very exciting finish to the day.

After the race Collard explained why he made his move when he did on the last lap. "It looked like the key players in the race were tired," he said. "I was away my myself for most of the first lap so I wasn't sure how this final attack would go, but it's the National Championships and I had to try."

Montague-Breakwell and Collard worked very well together all the way to the climb. It was only in the last part of the race that they started to race against each other, almost throwing away their chance of a win. "I knew we had to get over the climb because there were a lot of strong climbers in the bunch from Fort Lewis," said Collard. "After the climb, we could see the pack behind us and it was single file. At the end I really wasn't sure if [Montague-Breakwell] was saving himself or not. It was really nerve racking. We had quite a bit of time at the climb, but we waste it all in the finishing straight."

The overall omnium results will be announced tonight at the presentation dinner and tomorrow riders line up for the team time trial to finish off the weekend of racing.


Images by Beth Seliga/


Division 1
1 Marc Collard (California-Davis)                3.10.11
2 Chris Montague-Breakwell (Stanford)                   
3 Rahsaan Bahati (Indiana)                          0.01
4 Todd Henriksen (U of Georgia)                     0.02
5 Bryan Smith (Wisconsin-Madison)                       
6 Nicholas Reistad (Wisconsin-Madison)                  
7 Dan Bowman (Fort Lewis)                               
8 Geoffrey Rosebroek (NC State)                         
9 Andrew Touchstone (California-Santa Cruz)             
10 Ken Hanson (Cal Poly SLO)                        0.03
11 Galen Erickson (Washington)                          
12 Christoph Herby (Virginia)                           
13 Benjamin Haldeman (California-Berkely)               
14 Cody Peterson (Fort Lewis)                           
15 Jason Woods (Purdue)                                 
16 John Delong (Virginia Tech)                      0.04
17 Anthony Colby (Fort Lewis)                           
18 Rob Bescheinen (Colorado State)                      
19 Kyle Colavito (Arizona)                              
20 Dan Cassidy (Vermont)                                
21 Edward King (Arizona)                                
22 Keith Jennings (Vermont)                             
23 John Royal (Marian)                                  
24 Josh Bezecny (Colorado-Boulder)                  0.05
25 David Varoujean (Oregon State)                       
26 Bernard Van Ulden (UCLA)                             
27 Mark Hardman (Virginia Tech)                         
28 Troy Heithecker (Washington)                         
29 Chris Vargo (Indiana)                                
30 Daniel Vaillancourt (Vermont)                        
31 Andrew Vaughn (Oregon State)                     0.06
32 Jay Ku (Harvard)                                     
33 Joseph Saperstein (Colorado State)                   
34 Waclaw Godycki (Columbia University)                 
35 Owen Laine (California-Berkely)                      
36 Michael Kehrberg (Indiana)                           
37 Brian Dziewa (Missouri-Columbia)                     
38 Lance Doherty (California-Berkely)                   
39 Matt Shriver (Fort Lewis)                            
40 Ian Ayers (Virginia)                                 
41 Marcus George (UCLA)                             0.07
42 Eric Laflamme (Cornell University)                   
43 Jeremie Texier (Colorado-Boulder)                0.08
44 J. Skiles Keith (Lindsey Wilson)                     
45 Adam Mills (Kansas)                                  
46 Dan Sweet (California-Davis)                     0.09
47 Adam Mik (California-Davis)                          
48 Garrett Peltonen (Wisconsin-Madison)                 
49 Greg Ulrich (Washington)                             
50 Jake Brimlow (NC State)                          0.13
51 David Sachs (Vermont)                                
52 Andrew Greene (Cornell University)               0.26
53 Nick Hight-Huf (New Hampshire)                   0.27
54 Scott Hammack (Kansas State)                         
55 Jed Schober (Penn State)                             
56 Art Rand (California-Santa Cruz)                     
57 Matthew Moore (Purdue)                               
58 John Eisinger (Colorado-Boulder)                     
59 Paul Reichardt (California-Berkely)              0.28
60 Dan Peair (Virginia Tech)                            
61 Alvin Nordell (Mass Amhurst)                         
62 Brian Bibens (U of Georgia)                          
63 Micah Moran (Missouri-Columbia)                      
64 Daniel Holt (Florida State)                          
65 Osvaldo Olmos (Cal Poly SLO)                     0.29
66 Joe Whitman (Penn State)                         0.30
67 Anton Tupa (University Florida)                  1.03
68 John Allison (Georgia State)                         
69 Dave Koons (Auburn)                              1.04
70 Ben Rhodes (Washington State)                        
71 John Cahoy (Stanford)                                
72 Don Autore (Virginia Tech)                       1.05
73 David Deroche (Washington State)                 1.37
74 Andrew Starykowicz (Purdue)                          
75 Nathanael Ziccardi (Ohio State)                  1.38
76 Phil Southerland (U of Georgia)                  3.13
77 Bret Glembocki (Wisconsin-Madison)               4.23
78 Karl Erickson (UCLA)                             5.05
79 Daniel Parobek (Arizona State)                   5.45
80 Mark Hekman (Ohio State)                         6.16
81 Jonas Boli (Stanford)                                
82 Reid Peacock (U of Georgia)                      6.18
83 Skyler Bishop (California-Santa Cruz)            6.26
84 Christopher Lippke (Purdue)                          
85 Phil Cortes (Midwestern State)                       
86 Dave Galvin (Virginia)                           6.27
87 Mitchell Clement (US Naval Academy)              6.30
88 Jamie Kimberley (Illinois)                       6.31
89 David Pierce (Stanford)                          8.04
90 Malcolm Richardson (Cornell University)              
91 Jonathan Swain (Marian)                         10.05
92 Matthew Holecko (Arizona State)                 10.18
93 Stephen Schneller (Kansas)                      10.29
94 Bill Pryor (University Florida)                 10.31
95 David Mitchell (New Hampshire)                  14.19
96 Brian Wyrick (Midwestern State)                 18.21
97 Jonathan Kane (NC State)                             
98 Jon Sheffield (Virginia)                        43.29
DNF John Menard (Arizona State)                         
1 Stefanie Graeterwyrick (California-Berkely)    2.53.20
2 Andrea Dvorak (Virginia)                              
3 Sarah Bickerstaff (Penn State)                    0.01
4 Marrisa Asplund (Fort Lewis)                      0.03
5 Megan Winnenberg (Ohio State)                     2.11
6 Darcie K. Murphy (Utah State)                     2.39
7 CarrieAnn Kopernile (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)         2.50
8 Jenn Wangerin (Indiana)                               
9 Jennifer Purcell (Midwestern State)               2.51
10 Margot Herman (Cornell University)                   
11 Eszter Horanyi (Colorado-Boulder)                    
12 Nicole Vincent (Indiana)                             
13 Caroline Soong (Purdue)                              
14 Rosemary Garlapow (New York-Buffalo)             2.52
15 Gretchen Czaja (New Hampshire)                   2.53
16 Kristen Wentworth (Wisconsin-Madison)                
17 Jessica Lindemann (Indiana)                          
18 Irene Mercer (Fort Lewis)                        2.54
19 Briana Kovac (Indiana)                           3.48
20 Sarah Germundson (Colorado State)                8.50
21 Melissa Petty (Virginia Tech)                    8.51
22 Vanessa Curtis (Wisconsin-Madison)                   
23 Sydney Fuller (Colorado State)                   8.53
24 Jean Hyde (US Naval Academy)                         
25 Sara Hickey (Marian)                             9.08
26 Maria Stewart (Minnesota)                       12.09
27 Katie London (California-Berkely)               12.30
28 Hana Fiserova (Colorado State)                  12.51
29 Sara Depenbrock (California-Davis)              13.07
30 Natalie Mik (California-Davis)                       
31 Natalie Stoll (New Hampshire)                   13.51
32 Janet Lorang (Harvard)                          14.39
33 Lindsay Gosslee (Alabama)                       16.28
34 Laura Hanlon (Penn State)                       17.39
35 Brooke Miller (California-Santa Cruz)           17.40
36 Suzie Given (UCLA)                                   
37 Sarah Martin (Purdue)                           18.02
38 Lisa Young (Harvard)                            18.55
39 Jenna Rettenmayer (Colorado State)              20.26
40 Olena Whipple (Fort Lewis)                      20.27
41 Lauren Andrews (California-Berkely)                  
42 Ramlah Nehring (California-San Diego)           21.04
43 Ellen Wight (UCLA)                              21.17
44 Emily O'brien (Boston University)               21.18
45 Molly Schmelzle (San Diego State)               21.45
46 Amber Rais (Stanford)                           22.36
47 Amy Todd (Cornell University)                   32.30
48 Rebecca Alway-Cooper (Purdue)                   33.18
49 Amy Kerdok (Harvard)                            33.58
50 Pamela Kiely (Harvard)                               
51 Aileen Vandenberg (California-Santa Cruz)       34.50
52 Onawa Pehlam (Fort Lewis)                       35.16
53 Stephanie Birkenstock (Wisconsin-Madison)       38.45
54 Laura Whittle (Midwestern State)                     
55 Rebecca Schepps (Wisconsin-Madison)             38.46
56 Anna Dierking (Marian)                               
57 Tammy Dowers (Washington State)                 40.34
58 Ann Wakefield (Minnesota)                       43.17
59 Elizabeth Freudenberger (Ohio State)            49.02
60 Nancy Bruner (Florida State)                    53.27
61 Kimberly Kissing (Kansas)                       54.33
Division 2
1 Michael Barton (Dartmouth)                     3.14.29
2 Todd Yezefski (Dartmouth)                             
3 Reid Mumford (Johns Hopkins)                          
4 Andrew Fischer (Whitman College)                      
5 Matthew Frost (University Idaho)                      
6 Nicholas Clayville (Whitman College)              0.44
7 Benjamin Moran (USAFA)                            1.03
8 Chad Sova (Wisconsin-Eau Claire)                      
9 Chris Decker (American University)                1.04
10 Ian Holt (USAFA)                                 4.55
11 Elliot Holland (Princeton)                       5.10
12 Aram Dellalian (Lees McRae)                          
13 Scott Nevil (Bloomsburg University)                  
14 Brent Bookwalter (Lees McRae)                        
15 William Dean Gowin (Appalachian State)           5.11
16 Chrsitopher Wilson (UCCS)                            
17 Peter Dinolfo (Northwestern)                         
18 Glenn Murray (North Carolina-Chapel Hill)            
19 Erik Gullikson (Northwestern)                        
20 Bing Knight (Dartmouth)                          5.12
21 Brian Dontato (Bloomsburg University)                
22 Matt Racine (Wisconsin-Whitewater)                   
23 Ross Bowden (Appalachian State)                      
24 Ariel Herrmann (MIT)                                 
25 Edward Blyth (USMA)                                  
26 Ben Anderson (Wisconsin-Whitewater)                  
27 Nick Maier (Yale)                                    
28 Nicholas Coil (St. Louis Univ.)                      
29 Phil Mann (DePauw)                                   
30 Travis Woodruff (Wisconsin-Eau Claire)               
31 Peter Gokstad (North Dakota)                         
32 Scott Wenzel (Northern Colorado)                     
33 Mike Margarite (Northwestern)                        
34 Ed Brignole (Johns Hopkins)                      5.13
35 Ari De Wilde (Bates College)                         
36 Isaac Dancy (MIT)                                    
37 Stuart Lamp (Lees McRae)                             
38 Cori Carlton (Northern Colorado)                 5.15
39 Rob Dirnbeck (St. Louis Univ.)                   5.16
40 Paul Argetsinger (Minnesota State)               6.01
41 Alistar Sponsel (Princeton)                      6.08
42 Curtis Staples (North Carolina-Chapel Hill)      6.10
43 Nick Todd (Cal. Maritime)                        7.00
44 Jason Sears (MIT)                               26.16
45 Taylor Tolleson (Lees McRae)                    29.47
46 Ryan Young (USAFA)                              29.52
47 Tim Clement (Dartmouth)                         31.07
48 Chris Picket (Georgetown)                       32.29
49 Timothy Holland (USMA)                          32.47
50 Eric Diamond (Yale)                             35.48
51 David Forkner (Appalachian State)               40.51
51 Phil Mooney (DePauw)                                 
53 Kieran Culligan (MIT)                           40.52
53 Bill Goulding (Whitman College)                      
55 Jon Beyer (Princeton)                           41.43
56 Conrad Colman (Colorado College)                42.54
57 John Roberts (Northwestern)                     42.55
58 Taylor Jones (Appalachian State)                42.56
59 Danny Moore (DePauw)                            42.57
DNF Ken Myszkewicz (Wisconsin-Whitewater)               
1 Merrill Sapp (New Mexico State)                3.07.54
2 Laura Matsen (Whitman College)                        
3 Nicky Wangsgard (Northern Colorado)               0.28
4 Kate Stange (Brown University)                        
5 Holly Borowski (USAFA)                            0.29
6 Kristina Eaton (Dartmouth)                        0.30
7 Alalia Berry (Colorado College)                   0.38
8 Daniele Staskal (North Carolina-Chapel Hill)      1.41
9 Amy Wallace (Dartmouth)                           4.39
10 Carol Hutton (DePauw)                            4.40
11 Coco Gardner (Idaho-Moscow)                      4.41
12 Jen Vorse (Williams College)                         
13 Monique Hein (Lees McRae)                        4.43
14 Chrissy May (Dartmouth)                              
15 Jenna Farleigh (Dartmouth)                       4.45
16 Laura Stark (Princeton)                          5.30
17 Crissy Harter (DePauw)                           6.36
18 Laura Valaas (Whitman College)                       
19 Clara Beard (Lees McRae)                        11.11
20 Jenna Boyd (DePauw)                                  
21 Jessica Tomazic (USMA)                          13.57
22 Caitlin Bever (MIT)                             15.19
23 Stefanie Bergh (Whitman College)                16.56
24 June Sayers (Idaho-Moscow)                      17.01
25 Laura Mcginnis (USMA)                           19.21
26 Sunny Fenton (Montana State)                    20.19
27 Michelle Arnold (USMA)                          20.23
28 Mary Adcou (USMA)                               20.26