Vuelta a Espana

September 7-29

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The Stages - Daily Results and Reports

September 7Stage 1Valencia-Valencia162 km
September 8Stage 2 Valencia-Cuenca205 km
September 9Stage 3 Cuenca-Albacete184 km
September 10Stage 4Albacete-Murcia160 km
September 11Stage 5Murcia-Almeria210 km
September 12Stage 6 Almeria-Malaga210 km
September 13Stage 7 Malaga-Marbella150 km
September 14Stage 8Marbella-Jerez de la Frontera205 km
September 15Stage 9Jerez de la Frontera-Cordoba204 km
September 16Rest Day0 km
September 17Stage 10 El Tiemblo-Avila - ITT46 km
September 18Stage 11 Avila-Salamanca197 km
September 19Stage 12 Benavente-Alto Naranco188 km
September 20Stage 13 Oviedo-Lagos Covadonga170 km
September 21Stage 14 Cangas Onis-Cabarceno170 km
September 22Stage 15 Carbaceno-Cruz de la Demanda210 km
September 23Stage 16 Logrono-Sabinanigo222 km
September 24Stage 17 Sabinanigo-Ampriu (Cerler)158 km
September 25Stage 18 Benasque-Zaragoza222 km
September 26Stage 19 Getafe-Avila212 km
September 27Stage 20 Avila-Destilerias DYC204 km
September 28Stage 21 Segovia-Destilerias DYC - ITT44 km
September 29Stage 22 Madrid-Madrid165 km

The Teams

Twenty teams with nine riders each will be in Valencia on September 7 for
the start of Vuelta a Espana. Two preselected teams, Carrera and Gan, will
not participate.

SPAIN: Banesto, Once, Euskadi, Kelme, Artiach, MX Onda and Santa Clara.
ITALY: Gewiss, Polti, MG-Technogym, Scrigno and Mapei.
FRANCE: Festina and Petit Casino.
GERMANY: Telekom.
SLOVENIA: Cantina Tollo.