Results and Reports for February 9-10, 2002


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Bring it on! Racing series Finals

Alachua, Florida, February 9, 2002

The final week of racing action in Alachua, Florida featured a beefed up prize list and the warmest weather for the series to date. The final double points race of the series did see a bit of a breeze to challenge the competitors however, and most of the races ended in pieces and left the racers weary and winded in their own right.

The A grade race result could nearly have been written before the race began. The Cyclescience/Trek/VW team hosted a slew of riders thanks to their team training camp in Gainesville for the weekend. So it became not so much a matter of who as to how.

The charge for the team was ultimately led by the local Cyclescience/Trek/VW riders, Dan Larson and Hugh Moran, who snagged a large chunk of the prize money with first and fourth respectively. Louis Lamarche and Jason Snow also made the winning move while first year senior Brad Davis came runner-up the field sprint for eighth. Larson had escaped near the finish with fellow Gainesville resident and training partner Ryan Saylor(Team Florida). Saylor conceded the win and the pair were followed in by a solo Ray MacNamara from Tallahassee's Atomic Racing. The "hat trick" for Larson earned him a clear victory in the overall series.

The B grade racing finally featured its first breakaway finish of the series. Philip Thompson, who is doggedly seeking his upgrade finally scored big with a solo win from three breakaway compatriots. The wind aided he and his fellow strongmen, Troy Watson, James Thompson, and Jamie Wadsworth, in building a comfortable lead over a lazy field. James Blythe and last week's winner Jon Walsh led in the group and secured Walsh's overall series win.

The C grade race fell to pieces almost immediately in the wind. Last week's handy field finishers were left gasping as Servio Medina led the hard charge to take the win and the overall series. The lead group was led by Russell Deane and Jason Victor who finally earned some rewards after two weeks of struggle to escape the main field.

Even with the addition of a handicap format, Rebecca McClintock was again unbeatable in the women's event. She managed to overcome her 45 second scratch mark to catch and best the feild. Also claiming a "hat trick", McClintock took the overall series with a very consistent April Flanders in second.


A Grade - 25 laps
1 Dan Larson (Cyclescience/Trek/VW)
2 Ryan Saylor (Team Florida)
3 Ray MacNamara (Atomic Racing)
4 Hugh Moran (Cyclescience/Trek/VW)
5 Louis Lamarche (Cyclescience/Trek/VW)
6 Jason Snow (Cyclescience/Trek/VW)
7 Lucas Wall (ABD Cycle Club)
8 Brad Davis (Cyclescience/Trek/VW)
"Bike Route" B Grade - 20 laps
1 Philip Thompson (Bike Route)
2 Troy Watson
3 James Thompson (Team Florida)
4 Jamie Wadsworth (Team Florida)
5 James Blythe (Team Florida)
6 John Walsh (Team Florida)
"Bike Route" C Grade - 15 laps
1 Servio Medina (Team Florida)
2 Jason Victor (Team Florida)
3 Mark Kiester (Team Florida)
4 Marco Verwijs (Team Florida)
5 Huan Dihn (Team Florida)
6 Russell Deane (Team Florida)
"Bike Route" Women's Handicap - 10 laps
1 Rebecca McClintock (Jane Cosmetics)
2 April Flanders (Team Florida)
3 Deborah Lamarche (CSG)
4 Kelly Rooney (Team Florida)
5 Jeanine Starr (
6 Chieko Matsuzaki (Team Florida)
7 Kimberly Taylor (Bike Route)
"Chain Reaction" Masters - 20 laps
1 Chuck Jerabek (Jax Racing)
2 Hugh Moran (Cyclescience/Trek/VW)
3 Ryan Saylor (Team Florida)
4 Mike Gann (Bike Route)
5 Bernd Liesenfeld (Bike Route)
6 Shannon Woodruff (Team Florida)
7 Kevin Braley (TCI)
"Chain Reaction" Juniors - 15 laps
1 Steven Ortiz (BBC)
2 AJ Sykes (BBC)
3 Adam Hied (BBC)
4 Shane Braley (TCI)
Overall Series Results
A Grade (Cat 1,2,3)
Dan Larson             24
Ryan Saylor            10
Hugh Moran              9
Ray MacNamara           8
Chuck Jerabek           7
Ralph Clemente          5
Robert Gates
Louis Lamarche          4
Dave Stedje
Paul Brushwood          3
Jason Snow              2
Curtis Long
Rebecca McClintock     24
April Flanders         14
Deborah Lamarche        8
Kelly Rooney            7
Cindy Tompkins
Amanda Hall
Linda Murphy            5
Jeanine Starr           4
Sharon Penn             3
Chieko Matsuzaki        2
Erika Gubrium
Sherri Stedje           1
Cat 5
Servio Medina          12
Jason Victor           10
Marco Verwijs           9
Mark Kiester            8
Chris Ridgard           5
Huan Dihn               4
Austin Gregorzek
Russell Deane           2
Cat 4
John Walsh             13
Philip Thompson        12
Troy Watson            10
Jason Victor
James Thompson          8
Jamie Wadsworth         6
Alex Rodriguez
James Blythe            5
Rome Reiswig            3
Russell Deane           2
Aris Polyzos

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