Results and Reports for February 2-3, 2002


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Bring it on! Racing series #2

Alachua, FL, USA, February 2, 2002

The second week of racing action in north central Florida took a less local turn as the clear forecast encouraged more race commuters from around the state. Most notably, Tampa's Best of the Bay Cycling team (BBC) had a strong presence in the women's, A and B grade events. Jacksonville, FL (Jax Racing) produced some more competitors to join the series run while the Bs race also had some British flavor and a Royal Air Force rider participating.

The A grade continued along the same vein as in past editions. The Cyclescience/Trek/VW team played a proven team tune and waited for the right opportunity to take the win. After a flurry of early action spearheaded by the BBC and Bike Route teams, a seven rider break finally formed at the front. It included Paul Brushwood (Team Florida), Chuck Jerabek (Jax racing), Dave Stedje (BBC), Mike Gann (Bike Route), Boyd Steerschneider (Bike Route), Clemente and Dan Larson (both Cyclescience/Trek/VW).

In the closing quarter of the race Clemente and Larson cued off one another to attempt to leave the breakaway group and win the race premiums. Following several runs, Larson eventually escaped and took a fine solo victory while Clemente took advantage of the chase efforts to win the sprint from the remaining breakaway riders.

With all of the larger teams in place in the break, all of the independents were left to chase in the field. A late charge in the closing laps nearly brought the breakaway back but proved to be just short, ending near the arse of the breakaway riders. Leading the sprint for 8th was a very impressive Rebecca McClintock who bested some of the areas better men's racers.

The B grade competition enjoyed the same new enthusiasm as the first of the year. Enough so that the group came to the finish en masse and taxed the officiating once again. The final pick placed Team Florida's John Walsh several bike lengths ahead of the main clump of racers nipping and grinding it out to the line.

The informal betting pools of the spectators had decidedly picked Walsh for the win so the payout proved minimal. He had finished second the previous week and with last week's sleeper speedster Alex Rodriguez absent, the door was open for his charge. The further placings were hard fought and there was even a spill in the final turn as the boys were battling for spots. The sole victim, Jamie Wadsworth, managed to pick himself up off the pavement relatively unharmed, save some lost skin. Chris Ridgard edged the group and was closely surrounded by Austin Gregorzek, Marco Verwijs and Aris Polyzos.

The women's event boasted prize parity with the A grade race this week thanks to sponsorship from Chain Reaction bicycles. The extra payout was spread among some usual suspects but no one team managed to take more than a fair share. A break group of three was followed by a chase group of three which was in turn followed by the shattering field.

Rebecca McClintock, following her impressive A grade charge made her second race of the day a continuation of success. Making up for a lost prime last week, she stole them all this time through and best her two breakaway companions Linda Murphy (BBC) and Amanda Hall (Bike Route) respectively. Sharon Penn (BBC) led in the next group followed by Cindy Tompkins (Bike Route) and Sherri Stedji (BBC). Lori Palmer (Team Florida) bested the remainder of the field.


A grade - 25 laps
1 Dan Larson (Cyclescience/Trek/VW)
2 Ralph Clemente Cyclescience/Trek/VW)
3 Dave Stedje (BBC)
4 Chuck Jerabek (Jax Racing)
5 Paul Brushwood (Team Florida/American Classic)
6 Boyd Speerschneider (Bike Route)
7 Mike Gann (Bike Route)
8 Rebecca McClintock (Jane Cosmetics)
9 David Suarez (Bike Route)
10 Hugh Moran (Cyclescience/Trek/VW)
B grade - 20 laps
1 John Walsh (Team Florida)
2 Chris Ridgard (Team Florida)
3 Austin Gregorzek (Team Florida)
4 Marco Verwijs (Team Florida)
5 Aris Polyzos Team Florida)
6 Clint Gibbs (Bike Route)
Chain Reaction Women's Feature - 14 laps
1 Rebecca McClintock (Jane Cosmetics)
2 Linda Murphy (BBC)
3 Amanda Hall (Bike Route)
4 Sharon Penn (BBC)
5 Cindy Tompkins (Bike Route)
6 Sherri Stedje (BBC)
7 Lori Palmer (Team Florida)
8 Kelly Rooney (Team Florida)
9 Erika Gubrium (Team Florida)
Results and report courtesy of Team Florida Cycling

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