Tour of the Peak - 1.5

Great Britain, September 16, 2001

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Lovatt at the Peak

By Gerry McManus
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Mark Lovatt
Photo: © Gerry McManus

Mark Lovatt (Pro-Vision-Ribble-Kairfree) climbed to his fourth consecutive victory in the Peak District on Sunday 16th September. He powered his way across the undulating countryside, taking all but one of the eight mountains primes in the 85-mile Premier Calendar Race.

The warm sunshine was largely ineffective due to the prevailing wind and the riders who were dropped on the first of the 5-mile climbs up Snake Pass were destined to stay that way.

On the first of two laps, Lovatt was already flexing his muscles and had escaped at the Bradwell Climb with a sole rider temporarily glued to his back-wheel. By the time they reached Snake Pass for the second time, any elastic to a chasing group of six had snapped. Lovatt's lead was up to 1'10 as he powered up the hill in the big ring.
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Chase group
Photo: © Gerry McManus

The select chasing group behind contained Ross Muir and Alexander Ross (both Scotland), Gavin Evans (JE James RT), Matt Stephens (Sigma Sport RT), Kevin Dawson (Pete Read RT) and Julian Gromett (Cottingham Coureurs RT). Playing the policeman role, Lovatt's teammate John Tanner was closing fast at a further 15 sec with David Cook (Middridge RT). Late entry Jamie Burrow (US Postal) had missed the vital move and was going backwards through the field.

Tanner's late move enabled him to finish on his own for second spot, nearly three minutes behind; with Stevens in third only a few seconds back. Julian Gromett took the verdict in the six-man group that followed.

James Dobbin (Bath Univ.) came in 68th and lantern rouge at over half-an-hour behind, proving the severity of the scenic course. The UCI 1.5 ranking hardly seems adequate.


Gerry McManus also took these fine shots.

Results - 137 km

1 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro-Vision/Ribble Cycles /Kairfree       3.25.35 (39.80 km/h)
2 John Tanner (GBr) Pro-Vision/Ribble Cycles/Kairfree           2.29
3 Matthew Stephens (GBr) Sigma Sport Pro Cycle Shop             2.40
4 Julian Gromett (GBr) Cottingham Coureurs RT/Pete Dunn/T       4.41
5 Kevin Dawson (GBr) Pete Read RT/Caygill Cycles/Roh            4.43
6 David Cook (GBr) Middridge CRT/Middridge Enginee
7 Alexander Ross (GBr) Scotland
8 Ross Muir (GBr) Scotland
9 Gavin Evans (GBr) JE James RT/ JEJ/Daccordi/Miche
10 Anthony Malarczyk (GBr) Atom Elite RT Atom Cycle Frame       7.34
11 Dean Downing (GBr) John Saye Racing Team
12 David Clarke (GBr) Nord 87
13 Paul Watson (GBr) Loughborough Students CC                   8.06
14 Jim Henderson (GBr) Southport CC/Annimait/Synon              8.48
15 Denis Lynch (Irl) Ireland                                    8.56
16 Gavin Poupart (GBr) Stilton RT/TAL/Parrot Print
17 Christopher Young (GBr) Team Marie Curie Cancer Care/Pa
18 Chris Anelay (GBr) VC Voodoo/Triangle Tri-shop(Leed
19 Denis Easton (Irl) Northern Ireland Commonwealth            10.23
20 Duncan Urquhart (GBr) Team Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers
21 Neil Smith (GBr) VC Lincoln/TMS Landrover/Imsport
22 Dave Coulson (GBr) JE James RT/ JEJ/Daccordi/Miche          11.04
23 Rob Jebb (GBr) Team OSC/Ron Hill/Leisure Lak
24 Jason MacIntyre (GBr) Team Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers          11.32
25 James Davies (GBr) England U-21
26 Kieron McMahon (Irl) Munster                                12.15
27 Hamish Haynes (GBr) T’Stoelmakerke
28 Rowan Horner (GBr) VC St. Raphael/Waite Contracts
29 David Van Hemelrijk (Bel) 't Stoelmakerke
30 Roger Morgan (GBr) Liphook Cycles RT/Briko                  12.19
31 Pete Hinchliffe (GBr) Doncaster Wheelers/Don Valley C       12.32
32 Mark Perry (GBr) Bournemouth Arrow/Fircroft Hote            12.39
33 Stephen Feeney (GBr) Leigh Premier RC
34 Brendan Curry (GBr) JE James RT/ JEJ/Daccordi/Miche
35 Tim Bayley (GBr) Arctic RT                                  13.25
36 Jamie Burrow (GBr) US Postal Service
37 James Gilfillan (GBr) York Cycleworks/Trek/Shimano          13.45
38 Richard Cahill (Irl) Munster                                15.12
39 Gary Willis (GBr) Team Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers              17.09
40 Rick King (GBr) VS Brigantti /Upex Properties/TTP
41 Steven Richards (GBr) VC Meudon /Colbornes Garages/C
42 Graeme Hatcher (GBr) Manx Viking Wheelers/HSBC Ban
43 David Berkley (NZl) Sigma Sport Pro Cycle Shop
44 Samuel Ward (GBr) Knaresborough RT/Continental/No
45 Graeme Lackford (GBr) Anglia Sport/Condor Cycles
46 Oli Cox (GBr) Diamondback Racing
47 John Wych (GBr) VC Baracchi
48 Geoffrey Beetham (GBr) Prestige Cellnet
49 Mark Kiernan (Irl) Classic Walls/Snap Printing/NCBI
50 Shane Prendergast (Irl) Classic Walls/Snap Printing/NCBI
51 John Horgan (Irl) Munster
52 Alastair Kay (GBr) Scotland
53 Lee Feeney (GBr) Leigh Premier RC
54 Peter Hey (GBr) West Pennine
55 Mike Kiss (GBr) British Universities Squad(BUSA)
56 Trevor Greener (GBr) GS Metro
57 Matt Holmes (GBr) V S Quimperois
58 Matthew Armitage (GBr) Sowerby Bros CRT
59 Mark Wordsworth (GBr) Dinnington RC/Ideal Travel/Drill S
60 Thomas Hogan (Irl) Ireland
61 Gary McQuaid (Irl) Ireland
62 Gary Dodd (GBr) Sigma Sport Pro Cycle Shop
63 Jonathan Muir (GBr) York Cycleworks/Trek/Shimano
64 Simon Gaywood (GBr) CC Luton/Bandon Cleaning/Dyso
65 Gareth Hewitt (GBr) JE James RT/ JEJ/Daccordi/Miche         17.26
66 Alistair Rutherford (GBr) GS Strada /Rudy Project/Pinarell
67 Sam Clark (GBr) Fastrack RT/              28.10
68 James Dobbin (GBr) Bath Uni. Triathlon Club                 30.43

Starters: 113
Finishers: 68

King of the Mountains Competition


Lap 1 Julian Gromett (GBr) Cottingham Cou. RT/Pete Dunn/T
Lap 2 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro-Vision/Ribble Cycles /Kairfree


Lap 1 Tim Bayley (GBr) Arctic RT
Lap 2 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro-Vision/Ribble Cycles /Kairfree


Lap 1 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro-Vision/Ribble Cycles /Kairfree
Lap 2 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro-Vision/Ribble Cycles /Kairfree


Lap 1 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro-Vision/Ribble Cycles /Kairfree
Lap 2 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro-Vision/Ribble Cycles /Kairfree


1 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Pro-Vision/Ribble Cycles /Kairfree

Past winners

2001 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Elite
2000 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Elite
1999 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Elite
1998 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Elite
1997 ?
1996 Simon Bray  (GBr) Elite
1995 John Tanner (GBr)
1994 Simeon Hampsall (GBr)
1993 Matthew Stephens (GBr)
1992 ?
1991 John Charlesworth (GBr) Amateur
1990 Chris Creagan (GBr)
1989 Neil Hoban (GBr)
1987 Paul Curran (GBr)
1986 Jonathan Clay (GBr)

Past winners by Mario Stiehl, Berlin