Tour of the Peak - 1.5

Great Britain, September 10, 2000

Past Winners

Lovatt wins Tour of the Peak

ProVision Planet X's Mark Lovatt won the Tour of the Peak Road Race and in doing so, wrapped up the Premier Calendar series, with one race still to be run. The Premier Calendar is Britain's leading Road Race series.

Remarkably, it was Mark's third successive win in the race, one of the toughest and most prestigious events on the calendar. His last five races in the Premier Calendar series have now brought him three wins, a second and a third. Lovatt has traditionally finished the season with a flourish and in the past few weeks he has rapidly distanced himself from his closest rivals, Wales' Julian Winn and team-mate John Tanner.

Lovatt and Ireland's Dave O'Loughlin dominated the race, breaking clear and building up a lead of over 4 minutes. Lovatt then used his renowned climbing ability to go clear with just less than twenty miles to ride and finished alone, over a minute and a half clear of O'Loughlin.

The final event of the series, the Gun Hill Classic takes place next Sunday (17th September) and starts in Leek, Staffordshire at 10am.

Report courtesy of the BCF

Results - 137 km

1 Mark Lovatt (GBr) ProVision/Planet X		     3.29.35 (39.1 km/h)
2 Dave O'Loughlin (Irl) Ireland 		 	1.34
3 Brian Kenneally (Irl) Ireland 		 	2.50
4 Cameron Hughes (Aus) The Stolemakerke Team 		3.08  
5 John Tanner (GBr) ProVision/Planet-X st
6 Martin Forde (GBr) Arctic 2000
7 Mathew Larner (GBr) Litchfield City CC  st
8 M Albertsson  (Swe) Team Malarenergi Sweden st
9 Danny Axeford (GBr) Real Cost Cars st
10 D Cooke (GBr) Middridge Cycle RT 		 	3.11
11 James Gilfillan (GBr) Team Hed             		3.16
12 Bjorn Vleugels (Bel) The Stoelmakerke Team      	4.14
13 Glyn Shirley (GBr) Rutland CC
14 Anthony Malarczyk (GBr) Real Cost Cars
15 M Carsson (Swe) Team Malarenergi Sweden
16 Jason Stollery (GBr) Robert Grinsell Travel
17 M Harrison (GBr) Tunstall Wheelers
18 P Watson (GBr) Knaresborough Wheelers
19 Roger Morgan (GBr) Kingsnorth Wheelers
20 Ian Hellawell (GBr) Middridge Cycle RT      		4.34
21 J Shaw (GBr) Stourbridge CC
22 Duncan Urquhart (GBr) Scotland
23 O Lillhagen (Swe) Team Malarenergi Sweden
24 Adrian Bird (GBr) Robert Tinsell Travel
25 Martin Lonie (GBr) Linda McCartney RT      		5.45
26 D Williams (GBr) North Wirral Velo
27 Julian Grommett (GBr) Terry Wright Cycles
28 D Coulson (GBr) JE James RT
29 D Van Hemelrik (Bel) The Stoelmakerke Team
30 N Smith (GBr) VC Lincoln
31 Wayne Randle (GBr) ProVision/Planet-X
32 T Bayley (GBr) Arctic 2000 RT
33 R Wyley (GBr) Thames Velo
34 David Law (GBr) Arctic 2000
35 Stuart Prendagast (GBr) Leinster Cycling Federation
36 J Henderson (GBr) Terry Wright Cycles
37 Patrick Moriarty (Irl) Ireland
38 Julian Ramsbottom (GBr) Peter Read Racing		11.37
39 James Muir (GBr) York Cycleworks
40 C Anelay (GBr) Prickett - Atom Elite RT   		12.10
41 A Yates (GBr) MK Cycles
42 B Curry (GBr) JE James Cycles
43 N Tilling (GBr) Angliasport             		14.03
44 Simon Gaywood (GBr) CC Luton
45 M Kelly (GBr) Linda McCartney Foods
46 J Rutherford (GBr) Prickett - Atom Elite RT
47 G Hewitt (GBr) JE James Cycles
48 Julian Winn (GBr) Wales
49 S Macdonald (GBr) Wales                 		18.38
50 Matt Holmes (GBr) Arctic 2000 RT        		22.54
51 G Jones (GBr) Deeside Olympic
52 D Keena (GBr) Cottingham Courers RT     		23.53
53 R Crawford (GBr) Kent Valley            		32.20
54 M Melville (GBr) Race Scene            
55 Greame Lackford (GBr) Angliasport       		32.38
56 M Mallen (GBr) GS Metro                 		33.08

King of the Mountains

Mark Lovatt (GBr) ProVision

Premier Calendar Table:

1 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Provision Powerbar      	349
2 John Tanner (GBr) Provision Powerbar      	252
3 Julian Winn (GBr) WCU-Private Member      	245
4 Jon Clay (GBr) SLBM                    	242
5 Chris Newton (GBr) Middridge CRT           	204
6 Antony Malarczyk (GBr) www.Real Cost Imports	188
7 Danny Axford (GBr) www.Real Cost Imports   	171
8 Rod Ellingworth (GBr) Team Mcell          	167
9 Huw Pritchard (GBr) Linda McCartney-WCU     	148
10 Andy Lyons (GBr) Terry Wright Cycles     	124
11 Martin Ford (GBr) Arctic 2000             	122
12 Kevin Dawson (GBr) Pete Reade Racing       	111
13 Wayne Randle (GBr) Provision Powerbar      	102
14 David Mccann (Irl) Ireland                 	100
15 Brian Kenneally (Irl) Ireland                 73

*1 event remaining

Thanks to the BCF for the results

Past winners

1986 Jonathan Clay (GBr)
1987 Paul Curran (GBr)
1989 Neil Hoban (GBr)
1990 Chris Creagan (GBr)
1991 John Charlesworth (GBr) Amateur
1992 ?
1993 Matthew Stephens (GBr)
1994 Simeon Hampsall (GBr)
1995 John Tanner (GBr)
1996 Simon Bray  (GBr) Elite
1997 ?
1998 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Elite
1999 Mark Lovatt (GBr) Elite

Past winners by Mario Stiehl, Berlin