Results and Reports for November 16, 2001

New Zealand

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Cyco Criterium Series

Cyco Criterium Series

Auckland, November 16

The CYCO criterium series keeps growing and the series opened up with others trying out for the MET prize or maybe a lie in at the Hilton.

B Grade

A record field of 52 starters tonight in sunny but windy conditions making for a fast circuit. The big bunch remarkably stayed intact despite numerous attacks. At the half way sprint it was Mr Consistent Stuart Robinson again. Meanwhile the other sprinters were biding their time in the bunch. The bunch of still about 40 riders rolled across the finish line with a lap to go at least 6 abreast with nobody too keen to take the lead too soon. It was a different story as they entered the finishing straight for the last time and fanned across the road. In the end it was a rejuvenated Peter Harding who finally cracked it for the win after a couple of top fives already this season. Behind Peter were Peter Brooking and Russell Milliken making a return to racing.

Provisional results while footage is being reviewed. Put your hand up if you were in there.

A Grade

32 riders lined up in a very competitive A grade field. Joining the field for the first time were top women's pro rider Suzy Pryde and former junior world champion Jeremy Yates. However, the big field meant that there was more fire power to do the work, but, as so often happens in bike races, less people willing to actually do it.

Two of the form riders of the series so far, Karl Murray and Aaron Strong, took advantage of this in the early attacks and were never seen again. Numerous games ensued behind but everyone was content to wait for the sprint. The fast tailwind down the back straight made it difficult to move up and everyone seemed to leave it until the second to last corner. It was amazing that so many riders could get through a relatively small space upright but they managed.

A superb move by Darren "Champ" Murray saw him carve through the bunch on the corner to put himself into contention. The sprint was a torrid affair with Gordon Bearman and Eric McKenzie (ex pro) locking bars at one point. However, Jeremy Yates had too much gas and took third after Karl Murray had out sprinted breakaway companion Aaron Strong for the win. Gordon Bearman pipped Eric McKenzie for fourth and the top result of the night went to mountain biker Mike "Lab Rat" Metz who took sixth. Another good experiment this road riding Mike?


A Grade
1 Karl Murray
2 Aaron Strong
3 Jeremy Yates
4 Gordon Bearman
5 Eric Mackenzie
6 Mike Metz
7 Ryan Hoogenburg
8 Russell Smith
9 Nigel Hunt
10 Darren Murray
1st Sprint: Aaron Strong
2nd Sprint: Karl Murray
B Grade
1 Peter Harding
2 Peter Brooking
3 Russell Milliken
4 Steve Nichols
7 Duncan Styles

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