17th Dokkum-Woudenomloop - 1.5

Netherlands, March 17, 2001

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Cornelissen wins in the snow

Bjorn Cornelissen (Axa) has won the 17th Dokkum-Woudenomloop, the first race of the Dutch Top Competition. He beat breakaway companion John Talen (MGI) with Sander Hup (Novon) finishing third alone.

It was such bad weather (snow and cold) that only 11 of the 159 starters were actually classified. When the peloton reached the Geastmetboskje - a small, wet cobbled section halfway - more than 100 riders had been dropped. In the final 80 kilometers, more and more riders abandoned and in the finale there were more team cars than cyclists on the parcours.

Axa-VVZ the strongest of this group with three riders. An attack by Cornelissen brought John Talen (triple winner of the Dokkum Woudenomloop) with him. Cornelissen didn't take any turns, and it was easy for him to win. Talen was so angry about his loss (and because his MGI team bus didn't have a dry shirt for him after the finish), that he screamed and left for the showers, and didn't come back for the protocol and press conference.

Tim Meeusen went to hospital in an ambulance because his body temperature was only 32 degrees celsius. However, he is reported to be recovering well.


1 Bjorn Cornelissen (Ned) Axa Cycling Team         4.38.52 (38.728 km/h)
2 John Talen (Ned) MGI Fietsen
3 Sander Hup (Ned) Novon-RTV Zwolle                   0.31
4 Gerben Van De Reep (Ned) Van Vliet Weba             0.39
5 Jacco Helmink (Ned) L÷wik Meubelen-Tegeltoko
6 Arno Wallaard (Ned) L÷wik Meubelen-Tegeltoko
7 Peter Van De Reep (Ned) Van Vliet Weba
8 Frank Luikens (Ned) Energiewacht-NWV Groningen      0.57
9 Hielke Boersma (Ned) Novon-RTV Zwolle               1.05
10 Angelo Van Melis (Ned) Bert Story-Piels
11 Joost Legtenberg (Ned) Axa Cycling Team

Did not complete the course

12 Daniel Van Elven (Ned) Axa Cycling Team           16.34
13 Marcel Luppes (Ned) Axa Cycling Team              16.37
14 John Kerstholt (Ned) WSV Emmen                    17.44
15 Marc Ter Schure (Ned) Bert Story-Piels            18.43
16 Jan-Hendrik Westra (Ned) De Grensstreek-Tulp      19.32
17 Anne Van Der Veen (Ned) WV Otto Ebbens            19.34
18 Sjoerd Douma (Ned) WV Drachten                    20.47
19 Jan Schilder (Ned) MGI Fietsen
20 Lennart Van Drimmelen (Ned) Van Vliet Weba
21 Raymond Raadtgever (Ned) WV Groenewoud-Modderkolk
22 David Fictoor (Ned) Wilton-Snel-UWTC De Volharding
23 Andre Van De Reep (Ned) Van Vliet Weba
24 Kenny Van Hummel (Ned) Rabobank (amateurs)
25 Hans Kopmels (Ned) Energiewacht-NWV Groningen

Courtesy of Rypke Sietzema/race organistion

Past winners

2000 John Talen (Ned)