Le Critérium International Féminin De Lachine - 1.9.2

Canada, June 4, 2001

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Mansveld wins 2nd Criterium Lachine

By Alain Poupart

For the second consecutive year, the town of Lachine played host to the athletes who competed last Saturday in the Montreal women's World Cup. It should be noted that Lachine is the stronghold of the winner of that race, by an incredible 7 and a half minutes.

The interest in the Criterium was increased this year through its introduction to the UCI Challenge Coupe du Monde calendar, meaning that the cyclists can earn UCI points for a win or a place. The race consisted of 9 laps of a 7 km urban circuit, for a total of 63 km.

From the outset, Frenchwoman Jeannie Longo was one of the most aggressive in the race, and was very active for the first few laps. However, she was outgunned by the Ondernemers Van Natur and Acca Due O teams, who held a vigilant presence in all the escape attempts.

Dutchwoman Debby Mansveld, riding for the Belgian Vlaanderen-T-Interim team, found the course perfectly suited to her abilities. She was able to sprint to victory ahead of Tanja Schmidt-Hennes (Ondernemers Van Natur) and Vera Hohlfeld (Acca Due O). Local favourite Geneviève Jeanson managed to come in 6th, behind two more Acca Due O riders (Katia Longhin and Arenda Grimberg).

Tomorrow will see the last stage of the Challenge de la Coupe du Monde de Montreal, held in the Petite Italie district of Montréal. Geneviève Jeanson leads the competition by 6 points ahead of Mandy Poitras of Vancouver. It is a 50 kilometre criterium around St Laurent/Mozart/Cassegrain/St Zotique streets.

Results - 63 km

1 Debby Mansveld (Ned) Vlaanderen - T-Interim Ladies Team   1.33.10 (40.57 km/h)
2 Tanja Schmidt-Hennes (Ger) Ondernemers Van Nature  
3 Vera Hohlfeld (Ger) Acca Due O - H.P. Lorena Camicie 
4 Katia Longhin (Ita) Acca Due O - H.P. Lorena Camicie 
5 Arenda Grimberg (Ned) Acca Due O - H.P. Lorena Camicie 
6 Geneviève Jeanson (Can) Equipe Cycliste Rona 
7 Heidi Van De Vijver (Bel) Vlaanderen - T-Interim Ladies Team 
8 Mandy Poitras (Can) 800.Com 
9 Karine Dalmais (Fra) Equipe De France 
10 Vanessa Rochelle Cheatley (NZl) Vlaanderen - T-Interim Ladies Team 
11 Melissa Holt (NZl) Composite #1 
12 Gina Grain (Can) 800.Com 
13 Petra De Boer-Grimbergen (Ned) Ondernemers Van Nature  
14 Erin Carter (Can) Intersports 
15 Susanne Ljungskog (Swe) Vlaanderen - T-Interim Ladies Team 
16 Jennifer Eyerman (USA) Jane Cosmetics 
17 Amy Jarvis (Can) Equipe Cycliste Rona 
18 Marcia Eicher-Vouets (Swi) Carpe Diem - Itera 
19 Sophie Creux (Fra) Equipe De France 
20 Belem Guerrero Mendes (Mex) Composite #1 
21 Melanie Dorion (Can) Andre Lalonde Sports 
22 Susan Carter (GBr) British National Team 
23 Stephanie Hannos (Can) Verizon Wireless 
24 Lauren Franges (USA) Verizon Wireless 
25 Mélanie Nadeau (Can) Equipe Cycliste Rona 
26 Rachel Heal (GBr) British National Team 
27 Sandrine Marcuz (Fra) Equipe De France 
28 Rhonda Quick (USA) Jane Cosmetics 
29 Julie Hutsebaut (Can) Jane Cosmetics 
30 Janneke Vos (Ned) Ondernemers Van Nature  
31 Cindy Pieters (Bel) Vlaanderen - T-Interim Ladies Team 
32 Jennifer Dial (USA) Verizon Wireless 
33 Kerry Ellen Hellmuth (USA) Carpe Diem - Itera 
34 Gabriella Gonzalez (Mex) Equipe Cycliste Rona 
35 Anne Samplonius (Can) Intersports 
36 Sophie St Jacques (Can) Canadian National Team 
37 Sonia Huguet (Fra) Equipe De France 
38 Ceris Gilfillan (GBr) British National Team 
39 Yvonne Mcgregor (GBr) British National Team 
40 Jessica Phillips (USA) Intersports 
41 Elizabeth Emery (USA) Intersports 
42 Chloe Black (Can) Intersports 
43 Sigrid Corneo (Ita) Carpe Diem - Itera 
44 Francis Linthost (Ned) Ondernemers Van Nature  
45 Sandy Espeseth (Can) Intersports 
46 Jeannie Longo (Fra) Equipe De France 
47 Lauren Smith (USA) Santa Cruz Spokesman 
48 Catherine Marsal (Fra) Intersports                    0.08
1 lap behind    
49 Patricia Palencia (Mex) Composite #1 
50 Raphaelle Lemieux (Can) Equipe Cycliste Rona 
51 Elizabeth Begosh (USA) Verizon Wireless 
52 Cynthia Carroll (USA) 800.Com 
Starters: 60   
Abandons: 8   

Courtesy of Alain Poupart

Past Winners

2000 Diana Ziliute (Ltu) Acca Due O-Lorena Camicie