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Tour of Wellington - 2.5

New Zealand, January 3-7, 2001

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Stage 1 - January 3: Hutt City Centre Criterium, 45 km

Jenner takes pole position

For the last three weeks, the Wellington nor'-wester has been blowing at about a zillion miles an hour. The kind of wind that all but brings you to a standstill when you're pedaling flat out in your 39x21.

Thank goodness, the pummelling stopped today for the first stage of the Wellington tour. But in its place came the French mistral, also known as Chris Jenner. The Credit Agricole rider comes from these parts but is now pretty much un homme de France, and he showed perfect timing in coming out of the bunch and blasting across the finish line in first place in the one-hour-plus-three-lap circuit race. Impressive stuff.

In second, a length back from Jenner's victory salute was Gordon Bearman of the Auckland team, with Graeme Miller third.

Back in the bunch it was a fairly non-eventful day. The odd puncture, the odd nasty pothole, the odd mechanical. There was an early breakaway by Bryce Shapley, Miller and Braam de Waard, and a hopeful-looking late one by Sean Sullivan and Shapley.

In both cases the bunch strung out single-file for a spell, hurt the old legs a bit, got the start-finish line crowd excited - and brought the leaders back to heel.

There will, everyone knows, be plenty of opportunity to blast things to pieces over the next four days. Hopefully without the nor'-wester, because it gets awfully blustery up there in the Rimutakas. But as the sun starts to lower in the Wellington sky, it's getting stronger..


1 Chris Jenner (NZl) Fuji Xerox-New Zealand	1.07.30 (40 km/h)
2 Gordon Bearman (NZl) Auckland Team	
3 Graeme Miller (NZl) Avanti Cycles	
4 Sean Sullivan (Aus) Fuji Xerox-New Zealand	
5 Robin Reid (NZl) Avanti Cycles	
6 Brad Mills (Aus) Penny Farthing-Australia	
7 Ric Reid (NZl) Auckland Team	
8 Niels Eriks (Ned) BRC Kennermerland-Holland	
9 Leung Chi Hang (HKg) Hong Kong National Team	
10 Philip Burns (NZl) VIC Cycles	
11 Brendon Vesty (NZl) Fuji Xerox-New Zealand	
12 Scott Guyton (NZl) Fuji Xerox-New Zealand	
13 Lee Vertongen (NZl) Fuji Xerox-New Zealand	
14 Darren Murray (NZl) Auckland Team	
15 Chris Boerson (NZl) Auckland Team	
16 Garry Chapman (Aus) Penny Farthing-Australia	
17 Phil Chapman (Aus) Penny Farthing-Australia	
18 Peter Biddington (Aus) Penny Farthing-Australia	
19 Tim Bartholomew (Aus) Penny Farthing-Australia	
20 Jim Robinson (NZl) Penny Farthing-Wellington	
21 Steve Blair (NZl) Penny Farthing-Wellington	
22 Darren Gordon (NZl) Penny Farthing-Wellington	
23 Steve Bale (NZl) Penny Farthing-Wellington	
24 Aaron Stagg (NZl) Penny Farthing-Wellington	
25 Warren Simpson (NZl) VIC Cycles	
26 Daniel Warren (NZl) VIC Cycles	
27 Andrew Bott (NZl) VIC Cycles	
28 Gareth Aplin (NZl) VIC Cycles	
29 Paul Davis (NZl) Pins Cycles-Wellington	
30 Jamie Thynne (NZl) Pins Cycles-Wellington	
31 Christian Wengler (NZl) Pins Cycles-Wellington	
32 Ken Buist (NZl) Pins Cycles-Wellington	
33 Paul Hattan (NZl) Pins Cycles-Wellington	
34 Ho Siu Lun (HKg) Hong Kong National Team	
35 Lau King Yu (HKg) Hong Kong National Team	
36 Lau King Nin (HKg) Hong Kong National Team	
37 Wong Ngai Chin (HKg) Hong Kong National Team	
38 Braam De Waard (Ned) BRC Kennermerland-Holland	
39 Tino Haakman (Ned) BRC Kennermerland-Holland	
40 Gerard Windhouwer (Ned) BRC Kennermerland-Holland	
41 Francis De Jager (Ned) BRC Kennermerland-Holland	
42 Greg Campbell (Aus) Burkes Cycles-Australia U/23	
43 Brad Edmonds (Aus) Burkes Cycles-Australia U/23	
44 Ryan Moody (Aus) Burkes Cycles-Australia U/23	
45 Nathan Jones (Aus) Burkes Cycles-Australia U/23	
46 Todd Parnell (Aus) Burkes Cycles-Australia U/23	
47 Jeremy Yates (NZl) Avanti Cycles	
48 Bryce Shapley (NZl) Avanti Cycles	
49 Erin Hartwell (USA) Avanti Cycles	
50 Andrew Ward (NZl) Southend Cycles	
51 Matthew Gilbert (NZl) Southend Cycles	
52 Brett Backhouse (NZl) Southend Cycles	
53 David Rae (NZl) Southend Cycles	
54 Chris Thompson (Aus) Southend Cycles	
55 Geoff Burndred (NZl) Pack & Pedal	
56 Kris Withington (NZl) Pack & Pedal	
57 James Stevenson (NZl) Pack & Pedal	
58 Mark Mackay (GBr) Pack & Pedal	
59 Glen Wilson (Aus) Pack & Pedal	
60 Stephen Elden (NZl) Lupi Pasta Team	
61 Andrew Mildenhall (NZl) Lupi Pasta Team	
62 Simon Morris (NZl) Lupi Pasta Team	
63 Richard Starr (NZl) Lupi Pasta Team	
64 Willie Aitken (NZl) Lupi Pasta Team	
65 Salis Cullen (NZl) Pins Wellington 2	
66 David Shaw (NZl) Pins Wellington 2	
67 John Freiberg (NZl) Pins Wellington 2	
68 Dean Hill (NZl) Pins Wellington 2	
69 Joseph Chapman (NZl) Giant Bicycles	
70 Tim Paviel (NZl) Giant Bicycles	
71 Tim Kerr (NZl) Giant Bicycles	
72 Brad McFarlane (NZl) Giant Bicycles	
73 David McGuigan (NZl) Pins Wellington 2	0.22
74 Paul Sumich (NZl) Auckland Team		2.34
75 Scott Mitchell (NZl) Giant Bicycles		8.00

Results and report courtesy of Jorge Sandoval/Jim Robinson