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John Lieswyn in all his glory
Photo: © Rob Karman

The John Lieswyn Diary

2002 entries

2001 Diary

2000 diary

Welcome to the John Lieswyn Diary. John is one of the most popular diarists on, and he continues to send in regular updates of his experiences in the US pro peloton. His writing style does capture the mood and excitement of professional bike racing, and we hope you will enjoy these entries.

He is an aggressive rider, who is suited to both criteriums and road races. Always on the attack, he has won over 50 races throughout his career performing well both at home and overseas. He has raced in the Regio Tour, Peace Race, Tour of Poland, Vuelta a Guatemala, Tooheys GP and Commonwealth Bank Classic with success, as well as winning a stages in the Sun Tour, Killington and Superweek. In 2002, he is riding for 7Up.