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SuperCup Round #3 - Cat. 3

Baltimore, USA, December 16, 2001

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Page and Dunlap wrap up final round of SuperCup

Gullickson and Grande take overall titles

By Ryan Newill

The hype for Sunday's SuperCup series final was inevitable. Following on the heels of the US National Championships the previous day, the SuperCup was heralded as a grudge match, a chance for those denied a stars and stripes jersey to prove that while they may have not been the best on that day, they could easily be the best on any day.

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Tim Johnson
Photo: © Chris Henry

Witness Tim Johnson (Saturn), whose front flat late in the race robbed him of all but several seconds of a lead that he spent the entire race building. Or Anne Grande (Kona-Voicestream), the four time SuperCup champion who also watched her chance at victory ride away when she suffered two minutes of terrible luck that led to a flat, a crash, and a lost contact lens. There were also the contenders, those whose names were tossed about as potential national champions, but who missed the move, ran a barrier when they might have jumped it, or simply didn't have the legs.

To up the ante even further in the women's race, Canadian Lyne Bessette (Saturn) arrived in Baltimore to add her hand to the mix. In her first season on a 'cross bike, Bessette dominated the early half of the season, leaving everyone wondering if she could be beaten. Grande proved it was possible, if difficult, at the Chicago SuperCup. Now, Bessette's stopover would mean not only another challenger, but also a battle for prestige, since Baltimore marked the first time that Alison Dunlap (Clif Bar), Grande and Bessette would all set foot on a 'cross course at the same time.

It looked like the promised showdown would indeed take place when Bessette took the holeshot and dragged the field through the first half lap by the scruff of its collective neck. By the time the riders reached the steep but rideable grass climb on the lower half of the course, Bessette had already paired with Dunlap at the front, with Grande chasing ahead of Carmen D'Aluisio (Clif Bar). Dunlap was content to let Bessette take the lead with her notoriously fast start.

"For the first lap I was sitting on. I knew Lyne was working really hard, and my plan was to start attacking her after she slowed down, and that's what I did," Dunlap said. Indeed, after several probing accelerations, Dunlap unleashed a vicious attack and, like yesterday, it became the Alison show. Shortly, the gap was six seconds, and Bessette was clearly in trouble. By then, D'Aluisio and Grande had teamed up to mount a chase, and quickly caught Bessette.

Given Bessette's season long romp over SuperCup fields, D'Aluisio was surprised to close in on the Saturn rider on the course. "I was really surprised to see her. I didn't know if she's gone down or clipped a barrier. I was wondering, 'is that Lyne, or somebody warming up on the course or what?'"

While Bessette would recover well enough to hold on to a very respectable fourth place finish, she quickly faded under the heat of D'Aluisio and Grande's pace. "Those girls were really strong today. They made me suffer. I wanted to make them suffer, but I guess I only did in the first few laps and then they caught back onto me. I almost got them back but then I crashed in the hurdles," the Canadian rider noted.

Though the chasers were making progress through the field, Dunlap's lead swelled to an insurmountable 19 seconds, and the places were set, with the newly crowned world mountain bike champion taking her second win of what she describes as "the second best weekend of my year." D'Aluisio managed to outsprint the on-form Grande to complete the Clif Bar squad's second one-two finish of the weekend, while Grande took enough points to secure her fifth consecutive SuperCup title.

After such a dominating performance on the weekend, it is hard to doubt that Dunlap, who seems to be gaining the sort of first name status usually reserved for religious figures, Madonna, and possibly Lance, is ready to make an impact at the upcoming world championships in Zolder, Belgium. "The Europeans are really, really tough and we've got a tough job ahead of us, but we have a phenomenal team and we're going to give them a run for their money," she promised.

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Dunlap leads Bessette
Photo: © Chris Henry

In the men's elite event, the heavy hitters looking to salvage some weekend results were active early on, with 'cross stalwart Dale Knapp taking the lead off the line, only to be attacked immediately and repeatedly by a fired up Johnny Sundt. Subsequent attacks by nearly everyone on the 'favorites' list soon whittled down the men's field to what would amount to a royal breakaway on the road- Saturn teammates Johnson and Mark McCormack, Mongoose pairing Marc Gullickson and Todd Wells, Alex Candelario (Big Shark-Cannondale, European-based Jonathan Page (Richard Sachs), mountain bike mainstay Travis Brown, and Knapp. Only Sundt was conspicuously absent, perhaps a victim of his own early aggression.

As the group passed through the paved start-finish area, Wells, clad in his new stars and stripes jersey, threw down a strong attack,leaving the other favorites to look for someone willing to chase. Following some brief gesturing and conversation, Johnson cracked first as Wells' advantage hit the six second mark. McCormack then proceeded to take over the chase to guard Saturn's chances from another defeat at the hands of Mongoose's Wells and Gullickson.

Constant attacks amounted to nothing within the vigilant lead group until the fifth lap, when Gullickson came to the fore to make his first serious effort of the day on the upper section of the fast, open course. Page made the painful effort to latch on, and the ensuing chase finally succeeded in breaking up the party of 8.

McCormack, who had continually fought his way back to the lead group to aid in Johnson's efforts, was the first to pop, followed by Wells, who was dropped when Johnson mounted his chase with Candelario hanging on. With the group behind now shattered, the pursuit was on. But with Candelario not contributing, Johnson was unable to match the pace set by Gullickson and Page. Johnson would draw to within five seconds, but a subsequent attack by Page upped the pace and pushed their lead back into double digits.

With just several hundred yards remaining, Page made his play, accelerating into the final barriers in an attempt to get away from Gullickson. He nearly didn't. The crowd gasped as Page clipped the final barrier, losing his balance for a split-second that seemed to play out in slow-motion, but he managed to keep his feet under him, remount, and tear to the line.

Gullickson had nothing but positive comments on Page's fairly fought win. "I give him a lot of credit - he wasn't just sitting on and letting me do all the work. He was smart on the last lap - he made me do the last lap pull and got the jump on me. I knew at that point that that was my only hope - if he clipped a hurdle or something, but he held it together. He was sliding out on the last corner on the pavement, but to get the win sometimes you have to put it all on the line."

Gullickson could afford to be gracious. His second place showing sealed his bid to repeat as the SuperCup series champion. "I got the consistency award. It would have been really sweet to have won the final, but I'll take what I have."

Behind, Candelario came around Johnson, using his fresher legs to end his season with a third-place ride, while Brown would trail in for a strong fifth-place showing.

Page, who has spent the past season living in Switzerland and dueling with the European professionals, downplayed the usefulness of his Euro-experience on Sunday's roadie-friendly course. "I'm used to my little ring and a lot of mud and this is a lot, lot faster. It felt more like it was a big criterium race."

Regardless of the relevance of his preparation, Page was clearly glad to take a victory on the weekend, even if it wasn't the national championship. "I wish it was yesterday, but today's good as well."


Photos supplied by Chris Henry


Elite Men - 89 Starters - 8 Laps
1 Jonathan Page (Richard Sachs)                            1.00.04
2 Marc Gullickson (Mongoose Hyundai)                          0.03
3 Alex Candelario (Big Shark/Cannondale)                      0.23
4 Tim Johnson (Saturn)
5 Travis Brown (Trek/VW)                                      0.47
6 Mark Mccormack (Saturn)                                     1.00
7 Todd Wells (Mongoose Hyundai)
8 Dale Knapp (KONA/Voicestream)
9 Jackson Stewart (Olympic Club)                              1.42
10 Ben Jacques-Maynes (Palo Alto/Bullion)
11 Steve Tilford (shimano/moots)                              1.58
12 Jeremiah Bishop (Trek vw east coast factory team)          2.08
13 Justin Robinson (Palo Alto/Bullion Still)                  2.39
14 Adam Craig (Devo)
15 Frank Mapel (Yeti - Pearl Izumi)                           2.55
16 Alan Obye (Team Grimace)
17 Charles Storm (Cycling Spoken Here)                        3.07
18 Jed Schneider (OBCR-Fisher)                                3.40
19 Bart Gillespie (Biogen)
20 Michael Broderick (Jamba Juice)                            3.47
21 Johannes Huseby (Independent Fabrication/CCB)              4.10
22 Brandon Dwight (Trek/Volkswagen)
23 Brent Prenzlow (TUFO/Hotjobs.com)
24 Will Black (Lone Star Racing)
25 Justin Morgan (Clif Bar)                                   4.24
26 J.D. Bilodeau (NCC / BikeReg.com)                          4.37
27 Adam Hodges Myerson (BikeReg.com Cyclo-Cross Team)         4.39
28 Toby Swanson (Rad Racing NW)                               4.46
29 Russ Tiles (Alger/Quiring Cycles)
30 Barry Wicks (Bike Gallery)
31 George Menard                                              5.03
32 Josh Anthony (Saturn Development Cycling Tea)              5.38
33 Duane Dickey (bianchi/grand performance)
34 Jeff Weinert (Independent Fabrication)
35 Jeffrey Craddock (CCB/VW)                                  5.49
36 Bill Elliston (Bicycle Therapy)                            5.58
37 Jacob Stechmann (Grand Performance-Bianchi)                6.07
38 Eugene Ruiter (Trek/VW)
39 Brian Astell (ccb)
40 Ben Turner (7Up-Colorado Cyclist)                          6.27
41 Szymon Niemotko (Evolution Racing)                         6.40
42 Narayan Mahon (TI Cycles)
43 Thomas Cooke (X-Men)                                       6.52
44 Leslie Leach (Guy's Bicycles)                              7.04
45 Richard Feldman (Durance Cycleworks)                       7.10
46 Dane Jankowiak (trek-volkswagon)
47 Joseph Papp (UPMC Pittsburgh Cycling)                      7.23
48 Tyler Johnson (CYBC / Sachs)                               7.51
49 Mark Abramson (Boston Cyclocross Association)              8.46
50 Ryan Leech (Monkeyhill)
One lap behind
51 Brant Hornberger (NCC / BikeReg.com)
52 John Phillips (Zaxby's Cycling Team)
53 Alex Andel (KHSnm.com)
54 John Verheul (Ideal Tile/Brielle Cyclery)
55 Torsten Wambold (VC Frankfurt/ TEAM-BikersTreff&A-Sports Bensheim)
56 Aaron Menenberg (Ti Cycles Factory)
57 Nate Rice (UVM)
Elite Women - 31 Starters - 6 Laps
1 Alison Dunlap (Clif Bar)                                   21.29
2 Carmen D'Aluisio                                            0.19
3 Ann Grande (Kona/Voicestream)
4 Lyne Bessette (Saturn)                                      0.50
5 Jen Dial (Independent Fabrication)                          0.58
6 Mary Mcconneloug (Jamba Juice/ Gunnar Cycles)               1.03
7 Gina Hall (Kona/Voicestream)                                1.06
8 Rachel Lloyd (Team Save)                                    1.09
9 Melissa Thomas (Rocky Mounts/Bike Source)                   2.11
10 Christine Vardaros (Jamba Juice)                           2.57
11 Heather Szabo (Rocky Mounts-IMBA)                          3.16
12 Emily Thorne (CyclocrossWorld.com/Empella)                 3.40
13 Kathryn Roszko (BikeReg.com Cyclo-cross Team)
14 Stella Carey (Kelly Bike Company)                          4.35
15 Ronda Mazza (S&M)                                          5.10
16 Anna Milkowski (Gearworks/SRP)                             5.22
17 Nichole Amural (Aptos)                                     5.44
18 Katrina Davis (Richard Sachs)                              6.10
19 Jennifer Maxwell (Cane Creek)                              6.39
20 Christine Iltis (New Moon Media/ Utah Premier)             7.05
21 Megan Elliott (Iowa City Cycling Club)                     7.25
22 Sarah Uhl (Wheelworks)                                     7.44
23 Thais Da Silva (Club Wissahickon)                          8.30
24 Christine Cunningham                                       9.21
One lap behind
25 Vivian Chwelisk (Parkside Subway)
26 Kerry Litka (Wheelworks/IF)
27 Sami Fournier (TSV)
Master Women 35+ - 11 Starters - 6 Laps
1 Kathy Sarvary (Midstate Cycling Club)                       3.18
2 Julie Lewis (Team Lake Effect Racing)                       1.57
3 Mary Ann Martinez (NEBC/Cycleloft)
4 Dawn Richardson (Verizon Wireless)
5 Bonnie Stoeckl (Evolution Racing)
One lap behind
6 Tammy Ebersole (Evolution Racing)
7 Sue Heckler (Evolution Racing)
8 Donna Anderson (Evolution Racing)
Junior Men - 39 Starters - 6 Laps
1 Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development)                         19.52
2 Jeremy Powers (Team Devo)                                   0.02
3 Mike House (go mart)
4 Aaron Bradford (Rad Racing)
5 Brent Bookwalter (Team Devo)
6 Chris Hill (NCC / BikeReg.com)                              0.31
7 Konrad Lebas (CCB International)                            0.59
8 Zak Grabowski (Red Rocks Velo)
9 Joey Thompson (Wooden Wheels)                               1.34
10 David Fleischhauer (Rad Racing Northwest)                  2.55
11 Josh Kahle (Team Devo)                                     3.13
12 Tucker Thomas (Rad Racing)
13 Trevor Morman (radracingnw)                                3.38
14 Collin Carbaugh (Rad Racing NW)                            3.45
15 Mikkel Bussen (Team Oregon)                                3.52
16 Mike Wentz (Rad Racing)                                    4.10
17 Adam Beattie (First State Velo Sport)                      4.24
18 Troy Wells (Kingston Cyclery)                              4.43
19 Adam Snyder (team devo)
20 Joshua Benson (Mohawk Valley Cycling Club)
21 Stephen Howard (Rad Racing NW)
22 Adam Boone (Des Moines Cycle Club)                         5.13
23 Kevin Wolfson (NEBC / CycleLoft)                           5.43
24 Adam Steelman (Power/MAMA)                                 6.27
25 Geffrey Moy                                                6.42
26 Will Freeman (Rad Racing NW)                               7.45
27 Derek Laan (Gopher Wheelmen)                               8.01
28 Walker Duval (Rad Racing)                                  9.04
One lap behind
29 Devin Anderson (Rad Racing NW)
DQ Steven Cozza (Team Swift/Defeat)
Master Men 35+ - 106 Starters - 6 Laps
1 Gunnar Shogren (Guinness/FORT Frames/Allegheny)            20.52
2 Chris D'Aluisio (Specialized)
3 Scott Wade (Gear Works/SRP)
4 James Coats (Steelman Cycles)
5 Dennis Farrell (Red Rocks Velo)
6 Noah Gullickson (Test Pilot)                                0.43
7 Henry Kramer (Equipe Le Matin)                              0.54
8 Charlie Tarver (Hub Of Aspen - Aspen Bicycle)               1.08
9 Paul Curley (Team Gearwork)
10 Sam Morse (Mass Bay Road Club)                             1.15
11 Art O'Connor                                               1.22
12 Rick Marle (Team Aly)                                      1.30
13 Frank Hibbitts (Rainbow Racing)                            1.37
14 Tim Haitz (syrc)                                           1.47
15 Randall Root (Team Snow Valley)
16 Ken Smith (crrc/mathis bros)                               1.54
17 Bevan Quinn (Putney/West Hill)                             2.01
18 Paul Lynch (missing link bicycle club)                     2.13
19 Richard Mihills (First State Velo Sport)                   2.32
20 Martin Jones (somerset wheelmen)
21 Gannon Myall (MAKO/SILKS)                                  2.40
22 Robert Bobrow (Swope.com/Roark)                            2.43
23 Michael Bernard (Arc-en-ceil)
24 John Lux (First Capital Velo)                              3.00
25 Dirk Cowley                                                3.13
26 Rudy Sroka (Team Lake Effect Racing)
27 William Crecelius
28 Charles Mcdaniel (Team Delaware)                           3.23
29 Robert Lyon (FIRST CAPITAL VELO)                           3.26
30 Drew Landers (Novo/Sycip)
31 Norm Kreiss (clif bar)
32 Gary S. Keblish (Century-SBCG)
33 John Grenier (Rainbow Bike/Maine Cycling Club)
34 Stephen Caffrey (First State Velo Sport)
35 Randy Daniels (Ticycles Avanti Racing)                     3.51
36 Darrell Davis
37 Kevin Vincent (Lone Star Racing)                           4.04
38 Douglass Gray (First State Velo Sport)                     4.12
39 Roger Wilson (Squadra Ardennes)                            4.38
40 Christopher Smith (NEBC/CycleLoft)                         4.48
41 Rob Frederick (Evolution Racing)
42 Kevin Callahan (Bicycle Link)
43 Wayne Barlow (Coyote Hill)                                 5.01
44 John Mosher (NEBC/Cycleloft)                               5.15
45 Paul Weiss (Portland Velo Club)
46 Paul Nyberg (Benidorm Bikes/Eastern Bloc Cycling Club)
47 Barton C Adams (Titus Cycles/Vicious Forks)                5.20
48 Tim Bailey (Team Bike link)                                5.55
49 Richard Cordero (Guy's Bicycle Club)
50 Doug Aspinwall (NCC / BikeReg.com)                         6.01
51 Timothy Shea (BOB)
52 William Sawyer (NEBC)                                      6.14
53 Sean Wittmer
54 Brian Mcinnis (Travis Cycle)                               6.34
55 Kevin Breckenmaker (Team Harrisburg)
56 Jerry Meyers (L' Equipe Chaval)                            6.38
57 Daniel Russell (Missing Link)                              6.41
58 Dan Collins (MBRC)
59 Gene Garneau (Mercy Fitness Cycling Team)                  7.21
60 Derek Wilford (Lake Effect Cycling Team)
61 Wayne Cunningham (NEBC/Cycle Loft)
62 David Genest (Richard Sachs)
63 Thomas Snyder (NCVC-Spokes)
64 Rick Toler (Team Dayton 2003)                              7.48
65 Jeffrey R. Guy (Allegheny Cycling Association)             8.10
66 Michael Satterfield (Greensboro Velo Club)                 8.15
Collegiate Men - 15 Starters - 6 Laps
1 David Werling (Uconn)                                      20.04
2 Ryan Mckinney (William & Mary Cycling)                      0.19
3 Michael Cody (UVM/youthcycling.com)
4 Jason Baer (GS Mengoni)                                     1.56
5 Benjamin Peters (NECSA)                                     2.45
6 Joseph Alachoyan (Ideal Tile/Brielle Cyclery)               2.52
7 Mark Walchinsky (Penn State)                                3.16
8 James Stone (Penn State)                                    3.53
9 Chad Cherefko (West Virginia University Cycli)              5.13
10 Andrew Weir (EC Velo)                                      7.06
11 Shawn Johnson (Lateral Stress Velo)                        7.58
One lap behind
12 Mark Robson (Univerity of Connecticut)
Intermediate Men - 104 Starters - 6 Laps
1 Phil Noble (Airborne)                                      18.57
2 Jon Cariveau (Moots)                                        0.28
3 Dean Dealy (KHS Bicycles)                                   0.53
4 John Alegranti (Pro Peloton Velo)                           1.27
5 Andrew Shaw (National Capital Velo Club)
6 Nicholas Schaffer (Bicycle Therapy)
7 Jay Thomas (CCB/Volkswagen)                                 1.54
8 Peter Cariveau (MOOTS CYCLES)
9 Keith Gauvin (Eastern Bloc)                                 2.05
10 Graeme Mitchell (S & M)                                    2.22
11 Joe Reynolds (Wissahickon Cycles)                          2.32
12 Andrew Wulfkuhle (Wissahickon Cyclery)
13 Wayne Scott (First State Velo Sport)
14 Christopher Hensel (TimeCycle)
15 Christopher White (B.O.B.)
16 Brian Buettner (Putney/West Hill)
17 Rich O'Neil (Speedgoat.com)
18 John Legere (Benidorm/ Eastern Bloc Cycling)
19 Brian Conant
20 Christopher Harnish (Shirk's Redline)
21 Caan Zarosinski (Team S & M)
22 Timothy Hopkin (ABRC/Cane Creek)                           3.20
23 Scott Livingston (Team Horst Engineering)
24 Brendan Sullivan (PEDROS)
25 Glenn Turner
26 Mark Donahue (Southern Me. Cycling Club)
27 David Allen (Velo de Norte)                                3.27
28 Kelly Cline (Wissahickon)
29 Brent Biddle (First State Velo Sport)                      3.59
30 Thomas Behm (Outspoken)
31 Jonathan Murray (Dreambikes Cycling Club)
32 Larry Wendler (Wossahickou)
33 Myron Baker Jr (table rock tours and bikes)                4.10
34 Erik Bowker (Catamount)
35 Jesse Semanchik (First State Velo Sport)
36 Scott Staubach (Putney West Hill)
37 Matthew Bell (Airborne/Biowheels)
38 Devin Shay (SCARR)                                         4.25
39 Jon Gallagher (Cole Sport)
40 Steve Heibel (Lake Effect Racing)
41 David Farabaugh (Cycles De Oro/Greensboro Velo)            5.02
42 Linde Smith (Biogen)
43 Peter Ozolins (Finger Lakes Cycling Club)                  5.07
44 John Caligiano (Dream)                                     5.12
45 Joe Sullivan (Vitamin Cottage/Morgul Bismark)              5.16
46 John Buser (Putney/ West Hill)
47 David F. Keefe
48 Peter Lopez (dynatek)
49 Arthur Roti (Team Horst)
50 Chip Sovek (Potomac Velo Club)
51 Craig Wu (South East Area Riders)
52 Andrew Crooks (TX A&M Cycling)                             5.40
53 Robert Frechette (Crum)                                    5.47
54 Drew Guldalian (Wissahickon Cyclery/ Comcast)
55 David Flickinger (Ashby Street Racing)
56 Jeremy Burton (Redline)                                    6.10
57 Chip Atkins (Courier One/Main St. Beer)
58 David Stonich (Union Bay Cycling)
59 David Krattli (Professional Benefits Services, Inc.)
60 Paul Stanton (Saturn of Toledo)
61 Walter Conley (CCB International)
62 Josh Pierce
63 Johua Williams (Southern Maine CC)
64 Ryan Bosio (Wooden Wheels)
65 Euclides Amado (syrc steadman)
66 Phil Brubaker (putney/west hill)
67 Richard Battaglia (Southern Maine CC)
68 Tarik Saleh (Kelly Bikes)
69 John Berlinger (putney/west hill)                          7.10
70 Brian Samia (Crum)
71 Justin Torrellas (NECSA/Fraysse's Sports Resort)
72 Eric Marro (Team BOB/Skofield Builders)                    7.30
73 Todd Crisafulli (Boston Bicycle Club/Community)            7.38
74 Aaron Lee (BBC/Gold's Gym)                                 8.04
75 Brian Dahlmann (B2C/Community)                             8.07
76 Byron Holt (BRC/Vintage/ATA)                               8.16
Beginner Men - 46 Starters - 4 Laps
1 David Middlekauf (ACA - Red Rocks)                          9.07
2 Mark Wilson                                                 0.24
3 Keith Ely (First State Velo Sport)                          0.33
4 Stephen Garrison (Team Snow Valley)                         0.34
5 Ron Hermann                                                 0.35
6 John Stimpson (Team Bicycle Alley)                          0.37
7 Jim Crasso                                                  1.08
8 Cray Larryman (Gettysburg Cycle)                            1.32
9 David Schuchte (Team Hawaiian)
10 Sean Lebas (Laurel Bicycle Club)                           1.42
11 Stuart Knight-Williamson Abq                               1.46
12 Marc Gwadz (City Bikes)
13 Donald Morrison (Wissahickon/Comcast)                      1.56
14 Joel Glanz (City Bikes)                                    2.03
15 Nate Simms                                                 2.12
16 Michael Browns (Dirt Rag)                                  2.17
17 Timothy Glenn (Cyclery Spoken Here)                        2.21
18 Michael Oster (SYRC)
19 Rob Lea (Fuji Racing Team)
20 Todd Pittman (unattached)
21 John Call (LSV/TREK/VW)                                    2.36
22 Stephen Kelly                                              3.10
23 Dave Reed                                                  3.28
24 Leo Kolshorn (3D / HP)                                     3.30
25 Matt Beriau (Team Bike Alley)                              3.34
26 Paul Burns (Team Hawaiian)
27 Kevin Mccarthy
28 James Ambagis (First State Velo Sport)                     3.31
29 Brian Bichu (Team Hawaiian)                                3.38
30 Martin Fitzpatrick (Towson U.)                             3.46
31 Donald Rucker (Catonsville Bike Shop)                      5.33
32 Jim Cushing-Murray (Celo Pacific)                          6.43
33 Todd Chewning (Lateral Stress Velo)                        6.48
34 Bret Hunter (ACA - Red Rocks)                              7.09
35 Dave Vannier                                               7.30
36 Philip Thompson (Mohawk Valley)
37 Paul Adams
38 Daniel Mullins
39 Michael Wellman
Beginner Women - 9 Starters - 4 Laps
1 Lauren Trull (JRVS)                                        13.26
2 Tracy Lea (Fuji Racing Team)                                2.24
3 Melissa Hopkins                                             4.07
4 Margaret Thompson (Mohawk Valley)                           4.32
5 Kristin Siebenlist (Des Moines Cycle Club/DMOS)             6.15
One lap behind
6 Sierra Siebenlist (Des Moines Cycle Club/DMOS)
7 Kim Budde (University of Georgia)
8 Barbara Burnes (BOB)
9 Karrie Mitchell (First State Velo Sport (FSVS))
Cub Juniors 10-14 - 5 Starters - 2 Laps
1 Alex Coelho (Fort Collins Racing Club)                     20.15
2 Robert Crowther (NCC/Bikereg.com)
3 Danielle Haulman (Lakewood Racing)
4 Morgan Ryan (Catonsville Bike Shop)

Past winners

Elite Men
2000 Marc Gullickson (Mongoose)
Elite Women
2000 Alison Dunlap (Team GT)