23rd Vuelta Ciclista de Chile - Cat. 2.5

Chile, March 23-April 2, 2000

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Prologue - March 23: Vitacura circuit race, 4km

7UP Speaks in prologue

By John Alsedek, cyclingnews.com correspondent

The 23rd edition of the Vuelta de Chile began on April 23rd with a four-kilometer prologue time trial in the heart of Santiago. The winner was 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist's Steve Speaks, whose time of 4:32.81 topped defending champion Luis Sepulveda (Publiguas Trek) by over two seconds.

The 2000 Vuelta de Chile continues today with Stage One, a 110 kilometer road race from Santiago to Los Andes. The teams entered in this year's race include Agro-Adler (Germany), Aguardiente Nectar (Colombia), Caloi (Brazil), Crush Entre Rios (Argentina), a Mexican National team, 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist (USA), Sintofarm (Italy), and 11 Chilean squads. The 11-day, 1499 km event concludes on April 2nd with a 70 km circuit race in Providencia.


1. Steve Speaks (USA) 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist       4.32.81
2. Luis Sepulveda (Chi) Publiguas Trek            0.02.12
3. Enzo Cesario (Chi) Ekono Go! Zuko              0.04.40
4. Anton Villatoro (USA) 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist    0.04.87
5. Paul Collins (USA) 7 UP/Colorado Cyclist       0.05.19