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Junior Women's Road Race, 65 kms

Friday, 9:00 am October 8, 1999

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Verona: Corso Porta Nuova, 4 laps/ 65 km


By Jeff Jones

Canadian 17 year-old, Genevieve Jeanson, has notched up her second gold medal of this year's World Road Championships in Italy. After her time trial win in Treviso on Monday, she backed up four days later to take out the road race in fine style.

The first race in Verona began in calm conditions - a little overcast but no rain predicted. Perfect conditions for a fast race. However, the mood of Jeanson was just the opposite. The first time up the Torricelle climb she attacked, taking the "go hard, early and often" rule to heart.

Only one of the bunch was strong enough to respond - Germany's Trixi Worrack who clawed her way up to Jeanson's wheel and started to work with the Canadian. The two quickly established a lead and had a gap of 1:48 to the bunch by the second lap.

The pair were working well and gaining ground, looking strong enough to take out the gold and silver by a good margin. Meanwhile in the bunch, there was a counter attack. Polish rider Magdalena Sadlecka and Italian Noemi Cantele were trying to bridge up to the leaders. They'd certainly missed the boat though, and their only hope was to go for the bronze medal. Sadlecka's Polish teammates did a sterling job of holding up the bunch, giving her the best possible chance of achieving the medal.

Meanwhile up the front, it was Jeanson who attacked on the final lap up the climb, dropping Worrack by a good margin - the gap was up to 17 seconds at one point. But, on the descent the German came back and closed the gap considerably to Jeanson. The Canadian's time trialling skills stood her in good stead though and she held off Worrack's late charge to win by just 8 seconds. What a result for Genevieve, who is shaping up to be a future star in the elite ranks.

The battle for third went to the Italian Noemi Cantele, who picked up Italy's first medal of the Championships. The gap to Jeanson was over three and a half minutes! When interviewed on Italian TV, she said that she was taken by surprise by the Canadian's audacity in attacking so early. By the time she reacted, it was too late. Poland had some consolation though with Anna Skawinska winning the sprint for 5th place, some 5 minutes down on the leaders.


1   Genevieve Jeanson (Can) 	  1.47.16 (36.35 km/h)
2   Trixi Worrack (Ger)              0.08
3   Noemi Cantele (Ita)		     3.33
4   Magdalena Sadlecka (Pol)	     3.34
5   Anna Skawinska (Pol)	     5.05
6   Patricia Roel (Esp)		     
7   Liane Bahler (Ger)		     
8   Veerle Ingels (Bel)		     
9   Sonja Traxel (Sui)		     
10  Beata Jasinska (Pol)	     
11  Corine Hierckens (Bel)	     
12  Neringa Raudonyte (Ltu)	     
13  Paulina Brzezna (Pol)	     
14  Apollinaria Bakova (Rus)	     
15  Areke Hassink (Ned)		     
16  Doreen Weise (Ger)		     
17  Ekaterina Malomoura (Rus)	     
18  Simone Klewitz (Ger)	     
19  MariaIsabel Moreno (Esp)	     5.09
20  Rochelle Gilmore (Aus)	     6.04
21  Ekaterina Mokhova (Rus)	     7.07
22  Veronika Andreasson (Swe)	     8.13
23  Anna Gusmini (Ita)		     8.18
24  Ketti Manfrin (Ita)		     
25  Zarina Ronchetti (Ita)	     
26  Eider Antxustegui (Esp)	     
27  Fjelda Lee (Aus)		     
28  Rita Narbutyte (Ltu)	     
29  Beatrice Thomas (Fra)	     
30  Sharon VanEssen (Ned)	     
31  Marieke Haverdings (Ned)	     
32  Nadejda Vlassova (Rus)	     
33  Simone Trafelet (Sui)	     
34  Bettina Kuhn (Sui)		     
35  Monika Richtekova (Cze)	     
36  Virginie Moinard (Fra)	     
37  Juliette Vandekerckhove (Fra)   10.37
38  Aranzazu Azpiroz (Esp)	    14.35
39  Bertine Spijkerman (Ned)	    15.00
40  Fiona Dwyer (Aus)
41  Silvie Prudelova (Cze)
42  Delphine Guille (Fra)
43  Veranika Sharametsyeva (Blr)
44  Doris Roth (Sui)
45  Eva Potocna (Svk)
46  Rebecca Mcclintock (Usa)
47  Jessica Haddock (Usa)
48  Anita  KenyoRita (Hun)
49  Nadiya Budovytska (Ukr)
50  Catherine PouliottBernard (Can) 21.54
51  Annelle Rabie (Rsa)
52  Adriana Fouch (Rsa)
53  Nancy Casallas (Col)	    23.15
54  Katarina Lehocka (Svk)	    28.22
55  Maria Oreshko (Uzb)


By Jeff Jones

The Junior Women's road race is the first of five such scheduled events on the course in Verona, and will give the riders in the other categories an opportunity to assess the course's handling under race conditions. Where the moves are made, how big the group is at the finish, how many crashes, and what type of rider wins will be closely monitored by the national coaches and their riders.

The 4 membered German team will have the first four race numbers, by virtue of their gold medal in last year's event. They have the strongest team, containing the ITT bronze medallist, Trixi Worrack, and two others in the top 7 - they will be closely watched by everyone. The silver medallist in the TT, Frenchwoman Juliette Vanderkerkove (trans: from the graveyard) will also be aiming to go one better in this race.

Canadian sensation, Genevieve Jeanson has got to be one of the premier favorites though. The young ITT champ has broken all sorts of records this year, including the senior women's record in the Mt Washington hill climb and set surely set for great things. This course will definitely suit her powerful style and if she gets away alone, look out.

British hopes lie with Rhiannon Allport, who actually beat Yvonne McGregor in their national road championships this year. She will have little support though from her team, as Great Britain were only eligible/able to send one female junior to the worlds. She'll have to rely on an "opportunist" attack.

Don't count out the Aussies though. Last year Nathalie Bates and Sara Carrigan placed 3rd and 4th in this race (Bill reckoned one of them should have won). This year the three membered team contains Fiona Dwyer, Fjelda Lee, and Rochelle Gilmore. Gilmore is a renowned sprinter, and should the race come down to any sort of a group sprint, she will be right up there. Dwyer and Lee are strong riders as well, as they showed in the ITT.

Of course there are a number of other strong teams in the race, including the Italians, the United States, the Netherlands and the Lithuanians. Let the fun and games begin, and stay tuned for our live coverage (page coming soon - refresh often).

Complete Starting list


Fiona Dwyer                (Aus)   14-10-1982
Rochelle Gilmore           (Aus)   14-12-1981
Fjelda Lee                 (Aus)   06-04-1981


Corine Hierckens           (Bel)   30-05-1982
Veerle Ingels              (Bel)   24-12-1981


Veranika Charametsieva     (Blr)   01-12-1982
Volha Hayeva               (Blr)   02-11-1982
Volha Kushniarevich        (Blr)   16-08-1982


Geneviève Jeanson          (Can)   29-08-1981
Catherine Pouliott-Bernard (Can)   11-08-1981


Nancy Casallas             (Col)   21-10-1981


Silvie Prudelova           (Cze)   21-11-1982
Monika Richtekova          (Cze)   07-06-1981


Eder Antxustegi            (Esp)   07-04-1981
Arantzazu Azpiroz          (Esp)   01-09-1981
Maribel Moreno             (Esp)   02-01-1981
Patricia Roel              (Esp)   04-02-1981


Sari Saarelainen           (Fin)   01-03-1981


Gaëlle Carreau             (Fra)   18-09-1981
Delphine Guille            (Fra)   16-01-1981
Rebecca Menart             (Fra)   17-11-1981
Virginie Moinard           (Fra)   07-08-1981
Ludivine Prévost           (Fra)   13-03-1982
Béatrice Thomas            (Fra)   07-07-1981
Juliette Vandekerkove      (Fra)   25-05-1982

Great Britain

Rhiannon Allport           (Gbr)   26-09-1981


Liane Bahler               (Ger)   22-01-1982
Chantalle Gehrig           (Ger)   14-07-1981
Simone Klewitz             (Ger)   09-01-1981
Susan Thiele               (Ger)   27-01-1982
Doreen Weise               (Ger)   14-06-1981
Trixi Worrack              (Ger)   28-09-1981


Anita Kenyo                (Hun)   21-09-1981


Noemi Cantele              (Ita)   17-07-1981
Michela Ditadi             (Ita)   05-04-1982
Lisa Gatto                 (Ita)   17-04-1982
Samanta Gialdini           (Ita)   08-07-1981
Anna Gusmini               (Ita)   01-02-1982
Daniela Lucchetta          (Ita)   26-09-1982
KettI Manfrin              (Ita)   06-05-1981
Zarina Ronchetti           (Ita)   28-06-1981


Marijana Kasavcenko        (Ltu)   21-11-1982
Jurgita Masiliunaite       (Ltu)   04-12-1981
Rita Narbutyte             (Ltu)   30-01-1981
Neringa Raudonyte          (Ltu)   24-04-1981


Lilia Grigoras             (Mda)   18-09-1981

The Netherlands

Areke Hassink              (Ned)   23-09-1981
Marieke Haverdings         (Ned)   01-10-1981
Bertine Spijkerman         (Ned)   31-05-1982
Sharon van Essen           (Ned)   03-03-1981


Therese Karlbom      (Nor)   01-04-1981

Paulina Brzezna            (Pol)   10-09-1981
Monika Cegla               (Pol)   30-04-1981
Beata Jasinska             (Pol)   28-01-1981
Magdalena Sadlecka         (Pol)   17-03-1982
Anna Sipurzynska           (Pol)   02-01-1982
Anna Skawinska             (Pol)   19-01-1981

South Africa

Adriana Fouché             (Rsa)   07-03-1982
Annelle Rabie              (Rsa)   11-11-1982


Apollinaria Bakova         (Rus)   14-08-1981
Tatiana Droujinina         (Rus)   31-03-1981
Olga Fomina                (Rus)   18-05-1981
Rimma Iachkina             (Rus)   22-05-1981
Oxana Kostenko             (Rus)   09-04-1982
Ekaterina Malomoura        (Rus)   05-07-1982
Ekaterina Mokhova          (Rus)   13-03-1981
Nadejda Vlassova           (Rus)   24-02-1981


Bettina Kuhn               (Sui)   07-08-1982
Doris Roth                 (Sui)   10-05-1982
Simone Trafelet            (Sui)   23-06-1981
Sonja Traxel               (Sui)   29-03-1982


Katarina Lehotska          (Svk)   04-06-1982
Eva Potocna                (Svk)   17-09-1982


Veronika Andreasson        (Swe)   06-03-1981


Nadiya Budovytska          (Ukr)   18-12-1981
Viktoriya Kachmarskaya     (Ukr)   01-05-1981
Mariya Sandulyak           (Ukr)   07-06-1981

United States

Megan Elliott              (Usa)   26-04-1982
Jessica Haddock            (Usa)   02-03-1981
Rebecca McClintock         (Usa)   18-06-1981
Alison Warfel              (Usa)   20-05-1981


Maria Oreshko              (Uzb)   29-07-1981