82nd Ronde van Vlaanderen, World Cup Round 2

Belgium, April 5, 1998

Live Coverage

The coverage will be in reverse order so if you don't want to know who won Quickly scroll to bottom of page now.

Brugge - Ninove, 277 kms:

   1. Johan Museeuw (Bel) Mapei-Bricobi                              6.50.02
   2. Stefano Zanini (Ita) Mapei-Brocobi                                0.43
   3. Andrei Tchmil (Bel) Lotto Mobistar                                0.43
   4. Emmanuel Magnien (Fra) La Francaise des Jeux                      0.43
   5. Peter Van Petegem (Bel) TVM                                       0.43
   6. Michele Bartoli (Ita) Asics-CGA                                   0.43
   7. Vjatceslav Ekimov (Rus) US Postal Service                         0.43
   8. Franco Ballerini (Ita) Mapei-Bricobi                              0.43
   9. Gianluca Bortolami (Ita) Festina Lotus                            0.50
  10. Wilfried Peeters (Bel) Mapei-Bricobi                              0.58
  11. Scott Sunderland (Aus) Palmans-Ideal                              0.58
  12. Nicolas Jalabert (Fra)  Cofidis                                   0.58
  13. Fabio Baldato (Ita) Riso Scotti                                   0.58
  14. Henk Vogels (Aus) GAN                                             0.58
  15. Christophe Mengin (Fra) La Francaise des Jeux                     0.58
  16. Carlo Bomans (Bel) Palmans-Ideal                                  0.58
  17. George Hincapie (USA) US Postal Service                           0.58
  18. Maarten Den Bakker (Ned) Rabobank                                 0.58
  19. Gabriele Colombo (Ita)  Ballan                                    0.58
  20. Rolf Sorensen (Den) Rabobank                                      0.58
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16.54 59th Belgian victory in Ronde van Vlaanderen with Johan Museeuw. Still a few hundred meters. It's partytime in Belgium.

16.47 Group behind Museeuw: Bartoli, Van Petegem, Ekimov, Tchmil, Zanini, Ballerini and Magnien. Group 2 at 150 metres.

16.46 Museeuw is very strong. So long on 53*11 and even sitting at the climbs. Still 2 km to finish.


16.44 Museeuw still 5 km to finish. 900 meters in front of group.


16.39 Prediction about place 2 by Belgian tv: Zanini. He don't have to work; Ballerini is taking care for the first group

16.37 Group follows at 1'02" at top of Bosberg. Third victory for Museeuw in this season. His speed at this moment 60 km/ph!

16.39 Museeuw still 10 km to finish


16.34 Museeuw starts to climb Bosberg. Group at 1'15" (with Zanini, Ballerini, Colombo, Magnien, Tchmil, Van Pegetem and Ekimov)

16.30 Museeuw very strong 53*11. On his way to the Bosberg within a few kilometers (last climb - height 65-105m = 40 m - length 475 m - 8,4% with max 11%). Peloton has still 15 km to finish.

16.27 At the start of climb 14 - Muur van Geraardsbergen - Johan Museeuw has 1'05".



16.22 Hans predicts Museeuw. Bill - where are Palmans?

16.21 Museeuw (alone) still 4 km from Muur van Geraardsbergen (still 17 km to finish - cobbles - height 33-101m=77 m - length 825 m - 9,3% with max 20%). Museeuw has 46" at group.

16.17 Johan Museeuw attacked in the Tenbossestraat. Very impressive, very strong. Best rider of this moment. 35 seconds in front of Sorensen and Pierdomenico.

16.14 Museeuw leads, Van Petegem left peloton but looks not so strong as Museeuw.

16.13 Attack by Hendrik van Dijck then by Museeuw.

16.11 Another five riders: Sunderland, Wauters, Van Petegem, Van Dijck and Michaelsen. So total leaders: 10 (including 3 TVM-riders). Start of climb 13 Tenbosse (asphalt road, height 45-72=27 m, length 250 m, 11% with max 14%).

16.09 New group with 5 leaders: Zanini, Mori, Knaven, Andreu and Mengin.

16.08 Rabobank brings rest of group back to the leaders.

16.06 Still 33 km to finish.



16.03 Guesdon first at top of Berendries. New group of leaders: Tchmil, Skibby, Museeuw, Bartoli, Van Petegem, Sunderland, Magnien. No Rabobank and Polti in leading group.


16.02 Bartoli comes to the front of the peloton. Tchmil and Museeuw are there too.

15.58 Still 2 km to Berendries. 1 Guesdon, 2 Skibby at 10" and Van Bon/Tafi at 35". Peloton group is still around 30 riders.

15.57 Van Bon and Tafi attack. They follow Guesdon at 37", group at 50". To climb 12: the Berendries (asphaltroad, height 33-98=65 m, length 900 m, 7.2% with max 14%).


15.55 Guesdon has 15" on Skibby and Team Jack and Jones-team is very active.

15.53 Skibby has still 200 m before group with Rabobank and Polti at head. Tchmil has punctured.


15.51 Skibby 40" behind Guesdon. In first group Capelle, Salvato, Peeters, and Wauters.


15.48 Guesdon has still 43". To finish: 4 climbs and 2 cobblestone tracks.


15.45 Guesdon has 1'10". 10 km to next climb. Rabobank in front of first group. Maarten den Bakker, Sorensen. Ballerini has punctured. Jesper Skibby alone in front of group.


15.44 On the climb some riders can't keep up - Vandenbroucke, Jaermann among others.


15.42 Sorensen and Tchmil lead group to top of Eikenberg.

15.40 Guesdon has 52" to group of 60 riders. To the Eikenberg (height 22-87m=65 m, length 1.175 m, 5,5% with max 11%), still 45 km to finish

15.39 Vinokourov falls.



15.37 After Guesdon, Scotty Sunderland second at top on 40". Last rider of first group is Franky Vandenbroucke on 1'20".

15.35 SUNDERLAND leaves group to Guesdon.


15.35 Guesdon starts climb of Taaienberg.

15.33 Guesdon still alone. To the Taaienberg (cobbles - height 37-82m=45 m - length 475 m - 9.5% with max 18%), then still 53 km to finish. No rain yet.

15.31 Guesdon 1st at top of the Kortekeer. With group on 31".


15.28 Frederic Guesdon attacks. He starts the climb of Kortekeer alone.


15.21 Average speed: 40.17 km/h.


15.23 Not more than 25 riders in the top group descending the Paterberg.

15.21 Start of climb Paterberg with Johan Museeuw (very strong), Zanini, Ekimov, Bartoli, Van Petegem, Tchmil, Van Petegem. Scotty Sunderland is sitting on the wheel of Museeuw.

15.20 To the Paterberg (height 32-80m=48 m - length 375 m - 12.5% max 20%).

15.19 Van Bon and Heulot fall in descent.


15.16 At the top of the Kwaremont: peloton with Bartoli, Van Dijck, Ballerini, Tafi, Van Petegem, Tchmill, Sorensen, Ekimov, Michaelsen, Vogels, Magnien, Knaven. Around 25 riders in descent.

15.14 Michaelsen and Tafi lead. Durand back in peloton. In front of peloton Van Bon, Sorensen, Tchmil, Van Dijck.

15.14 To the climb of Oude-Kwaremont (25 times in Ronde van Vlaanderen). First 600 m small asphalt then 1600 m small cobblestone track - height 18-111m=93 m - length 2200 m - 4,2% with max 11%.

15.11 Three leaders have 100 m to peloton.

15.10 Berchem, still 69 km to finish. Three leaders: Durand, Tafi, Michaelsen.

15.09 On the descent Tafi and Michaelsen leaves peloton, Durand still in front.

14.08 Durand first at top of Knokteberg.

15.07 Scott Sunderland (Australia), Vandenbroucke, and Tchmil are in front of peloton. They are riding now in the Ronde van Vlaanderenstraat.

15.04 Nico Mattan tries to bring peloton back to Jacky Durand who still has 50 meters gap.

15.02 Start climb Knokteberg. Durand has still 75 meters.

15.00 Russeignies, still 75 km to finish. No sign of Bartoli yet.

14.59 Durand leads peloton by 30". Peloton (in front with Museeuw and Peeters) going quick - 50 km/h.

14.56 Six km to start climb 6: Knokteberg. Asphalt road, 35-123 m = 88 m high, length 1100 m, 8% and max 13%. Durand still alone in front.




14.55 Kluisberg: Jacky Durand with 8" to the peloton.

14.52 Jacky Durand attacks from the peloton. He is the first to reach the climb of the Kluisberg (66 m high - 1100 m long - 6% and 15% max).


14.40 14.40 At the second feed zone in Waarnaarde (still 86 km) everybody together. Silence for the storm that is coming?!

14.38 It is becoming a nervous race. At the start 194 riders from 21 countries and 25 teams. The helicopters with tv-cameras has to land for fuel. So some minutes no live TV coverage.

14.37 Tchmil, Dierckxens and De Jongh try to leave the peloton.


14.36 The top group has been caught and the peloton is now complete.

14.34 In Petegem, still 94 km to finish.

14.32 Telekom leads the peloton. Mattan brings Museeuw back to the front of peloton.

14.30 Patrick Lefevre is being interviewed on Belgian TV after a talk with Johan Museeuw: "He fell on his back in the Paddestraat. Then he had problems with the pedals of his new bike. He told me he has still pain in his back.

14.29 Peloton at 28". Museeuw is at the back of the peloton surrounded by Mapei riders.

14.25 Moncassin, Boscardin, Tafi, Jaermann, Van Petegem, Ballerini leads the peloton. A lot of riders are talking via radio to team leaders.

14.23 Commesso leaves top group which is now at 300 meters. Tchmil has problems with his wrist and elbow after a fall.

14.21 Tchmil has punctured but Vandenbrouck will bring him back to the peloton.

14.20 Leaders in Zingem, still 104 km to the finish.

14.17 Peloton 30" behind leaders

14.15 Peloton is split into two. Tchmil, Zabel, and Museeuw are now with group 1. Total peloton around 80 riders.

14.10 Still 29 km to go to Kluisberg. First peloton at 1'07" (around 45 riders) with Tafi, Vandenbroucke, Ballerini. The race has now started although it normally doesn't get tough until climb 7 at the Oude-Kwaremont.

Average speed: 40,37 km/ph
Temperature: 13 degrees
Wind: Southwest 30 km/ph

14.05 Eleven leaders have 2.10 on first peloton (group Durand). Peloton in several groups. Johan Museeuw up to this point has had 2 falls and 1 flat. His Mapei teammates have brought him (with new bike) back.

13.48 Andrea Tafi (Mapei) is sitting in front of the first peloton which is 2.40 behind the 8 leaders. The second peloton is at 3.25. D'Hollander (Bel) and Jacky Durand (Fra) are doing the most work in the top group. Up the Molenberg, the 4th of 15 hills there are an enormous number of spectators. Tristan Hoffman (Ned) has fallen.

13.35 Aggiano and McEwen are back with the leaders. Magnien (Fra) has punctured in the peloton.

13.30 Next is the Achterberg (144 kms) and Aggiano has fallen from the top group. Also Robbie McEwen (Australia) also is dropped after a fall. Abandoning are D'Hont and Geert Vanderaerden. Tafi has fallen in the peloton.

13.20 On the Kattenberg (133 km), 3 riders have fallen off the top group. Schaffrath, De Jongh (puncture) and Rittsel (broken pedal). The 12 remaining leaders are Commesso(Ita), Mazzoleni(Ita), Villatoro(Gua), Seigneur(Fra), Durand(Fra), Aggiano(Ita), Di Renzo(Ita), Robbie McEwen(Aus), Rich(Ger), Bianchi(Ita), D'Hollander (Bel) and Vanfranchem (Bel). Chasing them are the first two pelotons which are roughly the same size. On the Kattenberg (133 km) Vanfrachem can't follow on the climb.

13.05 They are on the cobbles at Wannegem (118 km). Steven De Jongh (Ned), Eros Poli (Ita), Wim Feys (Bel) and Willems (Bel) have all punctured. The peloton is in 3 parts. The first part is currently at 2.20 on the top group. The second and third parts are at 2.30 and 3.50, respectively on the leaders. The average speed is around 42.0 km/h at present.

13.00 Still 15 leaders: Commesso (Ita), Mazzoleni (Ita), Villatoro (Gua), Schaffrath (Ger), Seigneur (Fra), Durand (Fra), Aggiano (Ita), Di Renzo (Ita), McEwen (Aus), Rich (Ger), de Jongh (Ned), Bianchi (Ita), Rittsel (Swe), D'Hollander (Bel) and Vanfrachem (Bel).

12.57 At the feed station the following riders abandon: Prétot(Fra), Martin(Spa), Siboni(Ita), Halgand(Fra), Jörgensen(Den), Thijs (Bel), Renders (Bel) and Llaneras(Spa). The gap of the 15 in the top group on the peloton is still 3.15. The riders are beginning their first section of cobbles and they are slippery today.

12.40 - The 15 riders now have a gap of 4.05. During the first feed station at Kruishoutem Andrea Tafi(Ita) punctures.

12.35 - News has just come in that ex-professional Rudy Dhaenens and now a commentator with Eurosport has been badly injured in a road accident. The 1990 World Champion hit a pole along the E 40 (highway). He is in a critical condition in the hospital in Aalst.

12.30 - The gap remains stable. In Kanegem the 15 breakway riders have 3'30". Mapei is leading the chase and Henn (Ger) has just punctured.

12.10 - Leaders in Pittem (82 km), peloton at 3'40". Ten riders can't follow the peloton anymore (b.e. Salmeron (Spa), Tosatto (Ita) and Farazijn (Bel)

11.45 - After 65 km (Torhout) peloton at 3'15". Sunny weather, but strong wind. Twenty riders can't follow peloton anymore.

11.25 - After 56 km (Aartrijke) peloton at 3'05"

11.16 - After 50 km: peloton at 2'22". Some riders have to lose the peloton: b.e. Guidi (Ita), De Las Cuevas (Fra), Hammond (GBr), Halgand(Fra) and Prétot(Fra).

11.05 - After 40 km (Klemskerke) peloton at 1'55"

10.55 - After 35 km: Peloton at 1'35"

10.50 - Weather: cloudy and 7 degrees. Strong wind from south-southwest. This will not be very good as the riders go along the coast. Expected weather for the rest of the day: a little warmer, more cloudy and chance for showers. Even chance for a thunderstorm.

10.45 - After 30 km the group has 45". Mapei leads the peloton.

10.34 - In Blankenberge 15 riders leave the peloton: Commesso (Ita), Mazzoleni (Ita), Villatoro (Gua), Schaffrath (Ger), Seigneur (Fra), Durand (Fra), Aggiano (Ita), Di Renzo (Ita), McEwen (Aus), Rich (Ger), de Jongh (Ned), Bianchi (Ita), Rittsel (Swe), D'Hollander (Bel) and Vanfrachem (Bel).

10.18 - Everybody together. Indurain can't follow the peloton.

10.14 - After 3 km escape by Martin (Spa), Trouve (Fra) and Thijs (Bel).

10.00 - Official start on the Grote Markt in Brugge. Kokorin (Ukr) didn't start.

Early Report: - Henk Vogels has emailed OZ that it is cold and wet. Aah proper RVV weather.

Welcome: - Greeting from Hans and Bill. Our live coverage today is of the best classic - the Ronde van Vlaanderen. We will be bringing you early reports and minute by minute action from the time the peloton reaches the "berg zone".

We hope you enjoy our efforts.

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