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Lumberjack 100 - NE

Udell, Michigan, USA, June 16, 2007

2006 results    Results

Eatough and Musto take Lumberjack 100 wins

Chris Eatough (Trek/VW)
Photo ©: Jack Kunnen
(Click for larger image)

National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Race Series competitors Chris Eatough (Trek / VW) and Danielle Musto (Slingshot) took wins in the men's and women's category of the Lumberjack 100, round #3 of the NUE series, held Saturday, June 16. The two will go into Round 4 as overall series leaders.

On June 7, about a week before there race, the Wellston, Michigan area was hit with a series of thunderstorms and winds toping 75 mph. Promoter Rick Plite lives 150 miles from the race site and did not experience the same storm, so he was surprised to learn of the storm damage two days later when Michigan racer Russ Tiles and his father Steven went for a pre-ride of the course. Tiles senior reported over a dozen large trees down and millions of wrist-size branches across the trail. He abandoned the ride after only seven miles.

Plite called the forest service for help with the downed trees (he couldn't legally cut them out himself) and rounded up the troops to remove the smaller debris by hand. 12 volunteers spent a full day raking the 25 mile loop on foot and by bike. Their efforts were just in time to make the course race ready again.

Race day brought partly cloudy skies and 64 degrees (Fahrenheit) for the 7:00 am start. This year's race would be run in the reverse direction of the previous two years, at the request of the National Forest Service. It would prove to be a faster direction by day's end. The race started with a fast one mile paved road start and then entered a tapered singletrack, and squeezed up the sandy, steep Caper's Corner climb. The climb has about a 200 foot elevation gain but is sandy and rather steep in a few pitches. The first 30-40 pro/elite men climbed it with ease but the remaining 150+ racers struggled to find a line and the ensuing mix of riders and walkers made for a large gap between the packs. I knew the separation from this hill would provide a benefit for the top racers on hand, as it would thin out the field for the very twisty and rolling 25 mile loop. There was no time for rest or hands-free riding on the opening lap. Concentration and handling was crucial.

Temperatures got as warm as 86 degrees with average humidity. This along with the partly cloudy skies and sprinkles kept the racers much cooler than last year's 90 degree sauna.

How it unfolded

Danielle Musto (Slingshot)
Photo ©: Jack Kunnen
(Click for larger image)

Michigan racer, Michael Simonson (Bell's Brewery / Quiring Cycles) led the first 40 miles with Chris Eatough (Trek / VW) close on his heels. By the 50 mile mark, Eatough had passed Simonson and built a two minute lead. Eatough went on to finish the race at a blistering time of 6:49:15 with Simonson coming in at 7:01. Third place was taken by Michigan racer Christian Tanguy (American Cycle and Fitness), who suffered a bad crash that broke his helmet and gave him some good scrapes across his forehead. Tanguy came in at 7:03:18 while Pennsylvanian Harlan Price (Independent Fabrication) came in fourth at 7:07:05

Danielle Musto (Slingshot) lead the women's field for more than 75 miles of the race, building a 18 minute gap by the half way point and finishing first in 8:47:09. Erika Tieszen (Giant,Smith, Dakine, Niterider) came in second at 9:22:37 and Michelle Schneider finished third at 9:31:25.

The men's masters class was chock full of fast racers. The top five battled it out for a full 100 miles with only 17 minutes separating first through fifth.. Jim Jordan (CFX Prod) was first at 9:01:05, second was John Majors at 9:14:20 and third was Steve Kinley (Hammer Nutrition, Cannondale) at 9:15:59

Noreen Greene
Photo ©: Jack Kunnen
(Click for larger image)

The singlespeed class was won by DJ Birtch (Niner Bikes/Stans No Tubes) (men's) and the Paula Figura (Founders Ale / Alger Racing) (women's).

Of particular note was a couple of young men in the open class. Up and coming Michigan hotshot, Brent Steinberg (Kona Midwest racing) flew threw the hundred miles with a time of 7:56:18, fast enough to place 16th in the men's open while fellow Michigan racer Ryan Rivamonte placed 30th.

The awards ceremony once again proved entertaining. This year, four kegs of Founders Ale were on hand to quench the racers' thirst. Things got crazy when a couple on guys couldn't come to an agreement on which one would claim a set of Kenda Small Block Eights as a schwag prize. It was settled by a crowd-roaring, arm wrestling contest. The Lumberjack style arm wrestling category was so popular that a women's and minors' catagory were spontaneously added.

Round 4 will happen in Breckenridge on July 21.


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Images by Jack Kunnen

Results (NUE #3)

Elite Women

1 Danielle Musto (Slingshot)                           8.47.09
2 Erika Tieszen (Giant,Smith, Dakine, Niterider)         35.28
3 Michelle Schneider                                     44.16
4 Sydney E Brown (Badger Cycles)                         54.29
5 Shelly Wilson                                        1.02.30
6 Bonnie Van Volkinburg (Slingshot)                    1.31.53
7 Kathy Roche Wallace (Team Active Racing)             1.46.07
8 Anne Grofvert (Founders Racing/Badger Cycles)        1.47.28
9 Lindsay Struve                                       2.35.54
10 Sally Vernon                                        2.44.18
11 Diane Faber                                         3.35.27
DNF Katie Crocker (Salsa Cycles)                              
DNF Claudia Bean (Hella Bellas)                               
DNF Shirlee Finch (Cannondale Midwest)                        
DNF Kerry Block (Dark Horse Racing)                           
DNF Julie Lewis-Sroka (Bear naked/Cannondale)                 
DNF Fiona Lockhart                                            
Elite Men

1 Chris Eatough (Trek/VW)                              6.49.15
2 Michael Simonson (Bells Brewery/Quiring Cyles)         11.45
3 Christian Tanguy (American Cycle and Fitness)          14.03
4 Harlan Price (Independent Fabrication)                 17.50
5 Shawn Adams (October Lake Effect)                      30.07
6 John Meyers (Bells Brewery/Quiring Cyles)              34.15
7 Gerry Pflug (Freddie Fu/Kona/Speedgoat)                34.16
8 Robert Herriman (American Cycle & Fitness/WSC)         44.45
9 Jason Lummis (Dakoteck/Trek)                           52.24
10 Ernesto Marenchin (Asylum Cycles)                     52.50
11 Shey Lindner (Bear naked/Cannondale)                  53.59
12 Ross Clark (Solon Bicycle & Hammer)                   56.48
13 Russ Tiles (Founders Ales/ Alger Racing)            1.00.22
14 Cully Todd (Bear naked/Cannondale)                  1.00.43
15 Mike Kuhn (VisitPA.com)                             1.02.32
16 Brent Steinberg (Kona Midwest Racing)               1.07.03
17 Dan Jansen (Niner Bikes)                            1.11.33
18 Kevin Daum (Solon Bicycle/Specialized)              1.18.20
19 Hugh Smallwood                                      1.25.32
20 Peter Joski (Dedicated Athlete)                     1.27.23
21 Matt Thorot (Bicilibre)                             1.28.08
22 Alexander Dolpp                                     1.28.45
23 Edward Moreadith (Atlanta Pro Bicycles)             1.36.18
24 Tim Finkel (Wolverine/ACF)                          1.37.55
25 Brett Davis (Solon Bicycle/Specialized)             1.40.45
26 Simon Koster (University of Michigan)               1.40.56
27 Joseph Meiser (Salsa Cycles)                        1.40.57
28 Andrew Hanson (Quick Stop Bike Shop)                1.43.04
29 Dwayne Goscinski (DJR/Badger Cycles)                1.46.02
30 Ryan Rivamonte                                      1.52.41
31 Chris Hansen (Yeti Cycles)                          1.53.12
32 Michael Seaman (Specialized-Ringle)                 1.55.34
33 Daryn Franks (Team Active)                          2.01.02
34 Andy Klumb (Bicilibre)                              2.02.32
35 Corey Godfrey                                       2.03.17
36 Chris Westra                                        2.09.25
37 Emile Bruneau                                       2.11.40
38 James Bodine                                        2.16.31
39 Jason Aric Jones (Bells Brewery/Quiring Cyles)      2.18.06
40 Chad Schut (Bunker Hill Bikes/Gary Fisher)          2.20.52
41 Ryan Horkey (Salsa Cycles)                          2.24.13
42 Chris Maltby (Terry's Cycle and Sports)             2.25.43
43 Jeff Wittbrodt (Cannondale Midwest)                 2.30.10
44 Eric Schroeder (Turin Bicycing Society)             2.33.23
45 John Wojtala (Bicycles in Town)                     2.33.31
46 Jason Mead (Founders Ales/Alger Racing)             2.34.39
47 Chip Richards (Founders Ales/Alger Racing)          2.39.50
48 Mike Madigan (Blue Sky Velo)                        2.40.34
49 John Roe                                            2.49.31
50 Jim Colflesh (Bicycles in Town)                     2.49.52
51 Bill Kerr                                           2.55.02
52 Mike Neeley (Crash Test Dummies)                    2.56.34
53 Stani Bohac                                         2.57.43
54 Charles Barnes (Generous Wife)                      3.00.21
55 Jeff Brooks (Freewheeler Bike Shop)                 3.10.01
56 Brian Scharp (Zondervan)                            3.11.08
57 Doug Engler                                         3.41.12
58 Scott Chapin (Hup Untied presented MCC)             3.21.06
59 Dan Geerlings                                       3.21.07
60 Todd Kent (Anna River Pedalers)                     3.24.25
61 Dan Frayer (Holly Scott Racing)                     3.27.42
62 Ralph Oppermann (AFD)                               3.28.27
63 Ed Fostveit (Blue Sky Velo)                         3.34.39
64 Charles Buki (HCP-LIST)                             3.34.57
65 Adam York (Sponsor Me)                              3.43.08
66 Eric Cook (Team Active Racing)                      3.48.25
67 Kevin Flanders (Peace Coffee Racing)                3.53.58
68 Scott Bosley (Touring Gear)                         3.54.32
69 Steve Tafelsky (Team Ford-D&D Bicycles)             3.56.36
70 Brian Czarnecki (Coca-Cola)                         3.57.54
71 Peter Gurney (Team Terpening)                       3.59.53
72 Randy Vernon                                        4.04.15
73 Jim Janowicz                                        4.06.17
74 Martin Ingman (Trails Edge)                         4.07.34
75 Bertram Reynolds                                    4.14.50
76 Peter Elkowitz                                      4.26.33
77 Richard Hogle (Smith Pedal & Ski)                   4.26.40
78 Brent Harris                                        4.33.58
79 Gerrerd Seeley Abrams (Gerrerds Credit Card)        4.35.20
80 Joe Lapinski                                        4.36.39
81 Mike Connolly (Spokedrunkies/Dark Horse Brewing)    4.36.40
82 Mark Farmer (Moro Cycling)                          4.45.58
83 Gary D Williams (TedFM/Jophnson's Catering)         4.48.33
84 Harvey Santana (Trails Edge)                        4.58.15
85 Cadet Bryant (Bike Pro of San Angelo TX)            5.00.04
86 Joe Greer                                           5.06.31
87 James Taylor (Pizza King-Big Rapids)                5.21.25
88 Doug Bailey                                         5.28.45
89 Bob Mueller (INSITES)                               5.42.49
DNF David Sweeney (RBS Cycling Team)                          
DNF Adam Rosender                                                                        
DNF Tod M Horner (Structural Systems)                         
DNF Ron Nol (Spout.com)                                       
DNF Shawn Davison (Founders Ales/Alger Racing)                
DNF Eric Schmidt (ME)                                         
DNF Martin Hall (Founders Ales/ Alger Racing)                 
DNF Rob Lundquist (Anna River Pedalers)                       
DNF Jurrien Davison (Hup United)                              
DNF Dennis Murphy (Founders Ales/ Alger Racing)               
DNF David Ringel                                              
DNF John Swanberg (Anna River Pedalers)                       
DNF Russell Petts                                             
DNF Lloyd Lind (RBS Cycling Team)                             
DNF Dennis Lessard (Pedal & Tour)                             
DNF Brad J Beeson (Team Spin)                                 
DNF Dan Albanese (Breakaway Bicycles)                         
DNF Steve Lietz (Structural Systems)                          
DNF Ralf Scharnowski                                          
DNF Tony Emmer (Team Scream)                                  
DNF David Kramer                                              
DNF Beyleon Alejandro                                         
DNF David C Walters (Custer Cylery)                           
DNF Frank Bean (Spokedrunkies)                                
DNF Kevin Brandon                                             
DNF Brian Southworth                                          
DNF Mike Doezema (Hup United)                                 
DNF Josh Tostado (Giant,Smith, Dakine, Michelin)              
DNF Levi Olsen (Saris/CycleOps)                               
DNF Mike Napieralski (Hustler Magazine and Jergens Lotion)    
DNF Cary Marsh                                                
DNF Allen B Duncan                                            
DNF Cory Mortensen (Peace Coffee Racing)                      
DNF Josh Baker (Touring Gear)                                 
DNF Travis Cole (Bay Fitness & Tennis/ Touring Gear)          
DNF Ronald Flagg (OrganicAthlete)                             
DNF Scott Chambers (Founders Ales/Alger Racing)               
DNF Barry Van Volkinburg (Slingshot)                          
DNF Collins Bishop (Scenic City Velo/Outdoor Chattanogo)      
DNF Kip Biese (Old Town Bike Shop)                            
DNF Tinker Juarez (Cannondale)                                
DNF Christopher Schmidt (Keweenaw Endurance Racing)           
DNF Chris Ploch (Badger Cycles/DRJ-Racing)  

Single Speed Women

1 Paula Figura (Founders Ales/ Alger Racing)          10.23.20
2 Noreen Greene                                          18.36
DNF Laura White (SSCC)                                        
DNF Jessica Woodard (Structural Systems)                      
Single Speed Men

1 Dejay Birtch (Niner Bikes/Stans No Tubes)            7.56.08
2 Will Baker (Touring Gear Bike Shop)                    12.33
3 Jeff Miller (The Boys of O.M.C.)                       20.50
4 Timmy Dougherty (Cannondale/ Bear naked Granola)       25.21
5 Eric Wondergem (Hup United)                            53.06
6 Bob Elam (Spot Brand/TwinSix/Bean's Bikes)           1.06.11
7 Tim Curtis (Founders Ales/Alger Racing)              1.07.01
8 Joe Partridge (Founders Ales/Alger Racing)           1.09.34
9 Ezra Taylor                                          1.13.49
10 James Gomez (Flying Beaners)                        1.15.42
11 Peter Chrapkowski (Killjoy)                         1.19.16
12 Jereme Noffke                                       1.26.57
13 Brad Wagner (AFD)                                   1.31.34
14 Stephen Cain (Dexter Bike and Sport)                1.32.58
15 Scott Hes (Team Oz)                                 1.40.56
16 Thomas Green (Blesso Consulting)                    1.43.43
17 Blake Jenssen (Surly Bikes/Pleaforpeace.org)        1.50.29
18 Matthew Scheider                                    1.56.18
19 Greg Johnson                                        1.57.57
20 Skip Cronin (Barenuckle Brigade/Cycleworks)         2.00.18
21 Jeff Laprad (Trailhead Bike Shop)                   2.02.58
22 Erich Gross (Alterra Coffee)                        2.15.02
23 Layne Peters (Bike Source)                          2.26.57
24 Kevin La Roe (Dead in the Dirt)                     2.28.38
25 Tom Landry (mysinglespeed.com )                     3.47.14
26 Jeremy Fitzpatrick (Terry's Cycle and Sports)       4.13.42
27 Robin Scurr (Cannondale Midwest Racing)             4.18.47
28 Jochen Faber                                        4.26.27                  
DNF Gregg Kahn (Spout.com)                                    
DNF Randy Guymer (Rochester Bike Shop)                        
DNF Marty Swanson (Stubway Riders)                                       
DNF Nathan Kearns (Treefort Bikes Ypsi)                       
DNF Bill Mayer (MMBA)                                         
DNF Kevin Paquette (www.63xc.com)                             
DNF Nate Phelps                                               
DNF Thomas Werth (www.singlespeed.com)                        
DNF Shaun Welch (mysinglespeed.com )                          
DNF John Gerritsen                                            
DNF Sean Grady (SSI Embedded Systems)                         
DNF Mike Russell (Mike's Metalworks)                          
DNF Jon C Martinez (Bike Source)                              
DNF Frank Krol (Swap Meet Chumps Paid My Entry)               
DNF Mark Elsasser (Independent Fabrication)                   
DNF Kerry Robbert (Structural Systems)                        

1 Jim Jordan (CFX Prod)                                9.01.05
2 John Majors (Griffin Interior and Fixture Inc.)        13.15
3 Steve Kinley (Hammer Nutrition, Cannondale)            14.54
4 Steven Tiles (T&Z Blueberry Farm)                      15.42
5 Hugh Melling                                           17.26
6 Pete Noffke (Wheel & Sprocket)                       1.05.02
7 Al Northouse (Zippy Ditch Riders Racing)             1.25.54
8 Bill Potapa                                          2.07.59
9 James Lessard                                        2.23.10
10 Mike Clark (Velo City/Hup United/Crazy Bastards)    2.27.40
11 Terry Gardner (Methusaleh Racing)                   2.35.53
12 Douglas Schneider                                   2.42.02
13 Tim Morgan (Morgans Garage)                         2.58.35
DNF James Rivamonte                                           
DNF Gary Cale (Pedal & Tour Fitness)                          
DNF Randy Bultman                                             
DNF Daniel Musgrave                                           
DNF Jeff Dayss                                                
DNF David Coar (Team Chiropower)                              
DNF Dennis DeMilner (Cadieux Bicycle Club)                    
DNF Reinhold Cordella