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NORBA National Series #3 - NE

Mount Snow, VT, USA, June 17-June 18, 2006

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Race 1 - June 17: Super D

Haywood, Wicks Start Day with Super D Wins

By Wendy Booher in Mount Snow

The 8 a.m. start for today's Super D brought forth nearly 100 competitors from all racing disciplines. Downhillers, cross-country specialists and cyclocross stars all met at the top of Mount Snow to outrun each other down a course that mixed a bit of climbing with some authentic East Coast root-y, rockiness and hurtled riders down the side of Mount Snow to the finish. The start required racers to run with their bikes on the count of five and the word from the summit was that the pro men's lone cyclocross racer, Barry Wicks (Kona/Les Gets) had the slight advantage due to his prowess as a ‘cross racer. In truth, Wicks, who won the pro men's event, credited insider information for his performance.

“Yesterday on my last run Sue Haywood showed me a sweet, secret line and nobody had discovered it,” explained Wicks. “I didn't ride it this morning because I didn't want a track going through there but during the race that's where I got my gap.”

Wicks barely held off second-place, Ariel Lindsley (Maverick), through the single-track until Wicks took the stealthy line and forced the gap between first and second. For this he earned props from Lindsley and a trip to the top of the podium.

Not much later Sue Haywood (Trek/VW) clinched her own podium position by edging out both her teammate, Lea Davison, and downhill diva, Marla Streb (Luna Women's MTB Team), who is back to racing just six weeks after the birth of her daughter.

“Everyone is scared to race against Marla because she's such a good athlete and she's got a killer instinct,” said Haywood. “Six weeks after having a baby – everyone is in awe of her really. Her fitness isn't what it would be but her downhill skills are just amazing.”

Haywood managed to slip past Davison in one of the final turns – the same one it, turns out, that Haywood had been passing her on during practice the day before – to claim her second Super D win for a second week in a row.


Pro Men
1 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona/Les Gets           6.05
2 Ariel Lindsley (USA) Maverick             0.07
3 Ross Schnell (USA) Trek/VW                0.12
4 Ben Moody (USA) Rhino Bike                0.16
5 Sam Hill (Aus) Monster                    0.32
6 Waylon Smith (GBr) KHS                    0.35
7 Mike West (USA) Maverick                  0.39
8 Jorel Hendershot (USA) Bear Naked         0.51
9 Brandon Draugelis (USA) Bear Naked        0.53
10 Kurt Schmid (USA) Landrys/Ru             1.08
11 Dustin Greer (USA) Honey Stinger         1.11
12 David Wood (USA) Bear Naked              1.34
13 Christopher Filipiak (USA) Kona          1.41
14 Jonathan Canfield (USA) Honda/Iron       2.13
15 David Payne (USA) Bike Dcotor            2.56
DNF Marvin Scanlon (USA)                        
DNF Will Cromwell (USA) Dean Bikes              
DNF Michael Zocchi (USA) Landrys                
DNF Kyle Hammaker (USA) Trek/VW                 
Junior Men
1 Taylor Lideen (USA) DP                    7.13
2 Matthew Keiper (USA) Ncvc/Inova           0.05
3 Jordan Richard (USA) Richmond             0.14
4 Shawn Hudlin (USA)                        0.49
5 Nathan Fuchs (USA)                        0.52
6 Richard Rude (USA)                        1.41
7 Jaime Hargraeves (USA)                    2.08
8 Zachary Morrison (USA)                    5.10
DNF Kevin Corley (USA)                          
Men 19-29
1 Brooke Scatchard (USA) Ems                7.06
2 Trevor Downing (USA) BV Bikes             0.10
3 Aaron Snyder (USA)                        0.11
4 Christopher Rebula (USA) EMS/Ironhorse    0.12
5 Matt Miller (USA) Giant                   0.13
6 John Stewart (USA) Youguys                0.28
7 Louis Gregori (USA)                       0.36
8 Brian Hebert (USA)                        0.57
9 Steve Solt (USA)                          1.17
10 Daniel Fama (USA)                        1.29
11 Eric Horwitz (USA)                       1.43
12 Emmett Shutts (USA)                      1.59
13 Robert Truitt (USA)                      2.43
14 Justin Gianesin (USA)                    3.16
15 Raymond Inman (USA)                      4.28
16 Michael Gant (USA)                       5.01
DNF Tom Sorfozo (USA)                           
DNF Spencer Palmgren (USA) Landrysbic           
Men 30-39
1 Derek Pierce (USA) Teambikera             6.46
2 Robert Morasch (USA) Fast                 0.38
3 James Roy (USA) Cnybikes.C                0.50
4 Robert Digirolamo (USA) Victory           0.51
5 Jeff Seaton (USA) Burke                   0.52
6 Mike Polito (USA) Intense                 1.31
7 Philip Crowley (USA) Blazin               1.39
8 Gary Bischoff (USA) Magura/Azo            2.04
9 John Bazyk (USA) Team                     2.18
10 William Doyle (USA) Otec                 2.30
11 Jason Town (USA)                         3.05
12 Dave Drumm (USA) Daves Bike              4.57
13 Jeremy Town (USA) Downhill              13.37
DNF Don Dauphinais (USA) Yippee/Das             
Men 40-49
1 Darrell Szlachetka (USA) Bustedspok       7.12
2 Joe Fabris (USA) Treo Smart               0.30
3 Richard Rude (USA) Cycle Cent             0.53
4 Steven Hoover (USA) Trek/VW               1.12
5 Ron Gilbert (USA)                         1.21
6 Mike Eubank (USA)                         1.24
7 Mihaly Deak (USA) Crank Racing            1.49
8 Alan Morrison (USA)                       2.51
Men 50+
1 Scott Lideen (USA) Dp Air                 7.53
2 Timothy Messersmith (USA) Trek-VW         0.22
3 Gil Goodrich (USA) Filz Built             0.40
4 James Van Manen (USA) Bicycles           12.50
Pro Women
1 Susan Haywood (USA) Trek-VW               7.11
2 Lea Davison (USA) Trek-VW                 0.01
3 Marla Streb (USA) Luna Chix               0.04
4 Mary Lynn Wikar (USA) Titus/Mich          0.53
5 Chenoah Hendershot (USA) Bear Naked       0.58
6 Kote Driscoll (USA) Chumba/Boo            1.17
7 Anka Martin (RSA) Honda/Iron              1.18
8 Heather Svahn (USA) Content               1.43
9 Kathi Krause (USA) Arrow                  8.08
Junior Women
1 Kristine Koch (USA) Team CMI             10.52
Women 19-29
1 Kate Walton (USA) Ems/Ironhorse           8.52
2 Kate Riedell (USA) Mtbmind                0.34
3 Amanda Pilling (USA) Kona                 0.38
Women 30-39
1 Jane Pearson (USA) Yorktown               9.00
2 Rozanne Puleo (USA) Crank Racing          0.34
3 Lisa Yurko (USA)                          0.55
Women 40+
1 Vicki Koch (USA) Team CMI                10.30