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Giro finale
Photo ©: Bettini

Letters to Cyclingnews - January 17, 2006

Here's your chance to get more involved with Cyclingnews. Comments and criticism on current stories, races, coverage and anything cycling related are welcomed, even pictures if you wish. Letters should be brief (less than 300 words), with the sender clearly identified. They may be edited for space and clarity; please stick to one topic per letter. We will normally include your name and place of residence, but not your email address unless you specify in the message.

Each week's best letter gets our 'letter of the week'. We look for for letters that contain strong, well-presented opinions; humour; useful information or unusual levels of sheer helpfulness.

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EGO Mania
Basso: seeing double
Aussie nationals
Australian championships
Russell Mockridge
PCA suing Dick Pound
USA cycling
World champion kit
The future
Some observations on Oz


EGO Mania

Surely anyone who follows any sport anywhere in the world has realised by now that 98% of the administrators are not in the game to help the sport! They are in it for the prestige and the money, the fact that they have to run a sporting body in order to get this is a secondary consideration for these people.

You only have to look to the very top, the IOC and FIFA, to see the damage that is caused by the Egos of the sporting politicians. Both these organisations were on the verge of becoming personal fiefdoms in the reigns of their previous heads (and in the case of FIFA is still being run by an ineffectual egomanic), people who had never participated in any relevant sport at the highest level.

Cleaning up the administration side of these organisations, including the UCI, is a task well overdue.

And whilst on the subject of administration - do the organisers of the Grand Tours realise that they aren't in charge of this great sport and they need to sit down and listen to the other stakeholders, instead of deciding to take their bat and ball and go home because they aren't getting their own way? Are the Giro and more particularly the Vuelta so "Grand" that they could actually survive without the UCI? I don't think so!

Matthew Sparks
Friday, January 6, 2006

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Basso: seeing double

Last year Basso proved he was capable of winning the Giro and the Tour this year. The tougher question though is should he try to win both?

Peaking for two grand tours is a recipe for disaster for reasons such as reduced performance or even long term damage to physical health. It isn't your mental focus or your muscular system, but the adrenal system that needs the rest. If you overtax your adrenal glands from pushing to the maximum your levels of insulin, cortisol, adrenaline, and hormones will all falter. This causes tiredness, depression, fat gain or muscle loss, sleeplessness, and very slow body repair. Your body sooner or later needs rest with a firm focus on nutrition.

Racing in a grand tour requires lots of simple calories. Digestion is compromised. Your body is working so hard at producing watts that it falls behind in the rebuilding aspect of health. It will try to start repairing on even the first rest day, which leads racers into that tired weird feeling the next race day. The body is demanding more rest. If an athlete ignores that for too long or too often, well you have seen others fail miserably in races where they had hoped for great results. It is a huge risk for an athlete and for the coach that doesn't control his star's enthusiasm.

I guess we will have to wait until July to get the answer.

Timothy Shame, USA
Saturday, January 7, 2006

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Aussie nationals

Am I missing something here? Graham Fredericks stated that rightful nationals winner William Walker "is never going to get a chance to wear [the jersey] - it's simply going to be two categories of racing. He will be wearing a national champion's jersey and so will an elite rider." Walker is a professional with the prestigious Rabobank squad, at the age of 20 no less. Van Hout is, for all intents and purposes, ex-professional, having lost his contract with Colombia-Selle Italia this year.

If Fredericks wants to hand the jersey to someone who did not win the race and will not be able to display his prize in international events, then he clearly does not have the right interests in mind.

Jeffrey Jones

Morgan Hill, CA
Sunday, January 15, 2006

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Australian championships

I have always thought that in any type of race the first person over the line was the winner. The Men's Road Race at the Australian Open Road Championship seems to prove me wrong. Apparently third place is worth more than first.

On Saturday William Walker beat all comers to win the Australian Open Road Championships. William didn't beat only riders under 23 - he beat everybody and convincingly too.

Wes Sulzberger and Russell Van Hout rode strongly for second and third places respectively. The awarding of the championship jerseys as they currently stand is nonsensical. Given that William beat all riders of all ages means that he is the National Champion - with no age limit qualification necessary.

Second place getter Sulzberger (a teenager) is therefore the Under 23 age category champion. At present he wears no national jersey for his valiant efforts. Russell Van Hout is a commendable third place podium finisher. To have Russell in the senior national championship jersey is unfair on the men who finished ahead of him. It also makes the administration of the championship look ridiculously bureaucratic.

The current situation seems to be an excellent example of natural justice denied.

Michael Davis

Monday, January 16, 2006

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Russell Mockridge

Today some mysterious processes brought to my consciousness the name of Russell Mockridge. There is no earthly reason that I can think of for that to happen. But, once it surfaced, there was a reason for me to feed the name into Google and acquaint myself with the story of the man’s life and death.

In the tribute to R.M. posted on the internet by Trevor Wykes I read that Russell was killed by a bus in 1958. By that time I wasn’t driving buses any longer, having enlisted in the Royal Australian Survey Corps in May 1957; but for about four years prior to that career change I was driving trams and later trolley buses for the Hobart Public Transport.

One day – the date has long ago escaped me – I rested over at the end of the line in the suburb of Risdon waiting for the scheduled departure time to return to the city. When the time arrived I moved the trolleybus out of the bay and got ready to turn left at the next corner, which was only some 20 or 30 metres ahead. Instead of turning the corner my bus, luckily empty, came to a jarring halt as I jumped on the brake. A cyclist moving at a breakneck speed came from the direction into which I was about to move my clumsy vehicle. The bespectacled, behelmeted rider had missed by the proverbial two inches being killed by a Hobart trolleybus.

It would appear that the man was destined to be killed by a bus and my lightning speed reaction just gave him two more years in this world. As for the unfortunate Victorian bus driver who didn’t manage to avoid the tragedy in 1958, I would be the first person to plead for him to be absolved of any guilt. Risk taking is a vital part of the human condition and, inevitably, sometimes we lose.

Milan Lorman,

Clontarf, Qld.
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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PCA suing Dick Pound

As the father of a quality cyclist whose name and photo have appeared on more than once in the past, I do not find it difficult to understand why the PCA would like to do to the head of WADA (or some other part of the head's anatomy) the reverse of what his name says. Mr. Pound has taken a highly public position that makes the sport and many of its seeming champs instead look more like chumps or chimps.

As an attorney with more than 25 years' experience in civil litigation, however, I do not mind adding

a) The threat of such litigation doesn't pass this amateur rider's taste test (looks an awful lot like trying to use a mouthpiece to pound Dick into silence) and
b) While it may temporarily enrich some lawyers and salve some egos, it would seem to hold little promise of either shedding light where light is needed or bringing a darn good sport into better repute.

Kent G. Washburn

Santa Cruz, Ca.
Thursday, January 12, 2006

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USA cycling

I saw the piece last week about one of the US female cyclocrossers asking for donations to go the worlds because USA Cycling does not provide any support. How lame is that?

Do other countries treat their National Team riders the same way? Let's see, airfare might run $500-$1000, they could surely find some host families, riders could, gasp, pay for their food. How is it that USA Cycling sanctioned events all across the country are charging $20-$50 per person (just for the lower categories, pros pay more) and they can't scrape together a couple thousand to send the National Team members to the Worlds? Where does all the sponsor money go? Why not put a title sponsor on the Team jersey in exchange for funds?

I am always amazed at how regional or local mountain bike events manage to give you a t shirt, provide prizes for every category and age group, and still give you free food in many cases, yet USA Cycling road events give you nothing for your $45 dollars except a 7am start time. Maybe USA Cycling is learning too much from their neighbors, the USOC.

Steve F.

Pasadena, CA
Thursday, January 12, 2006

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World champion kit

Dear Cyclingnews:

My apologies in advance for writing on a seemingly ridiculous subject, but enough is enough!

Looking at the picture of Tom Boonen in his new World Champion kit finally stirred me to sit and write something about the trend in cycling...which I guess has been going on for more than a decade now...of completely changing the team kit when you win a jersey. Boonen is, in my opinion, the best cyclist in the world and I guess can choose to wear whatever he wants. But give me a break! How many rainbows does one REALLY need on a jersey and shorts? And white shorts should be banned altogether! I am surprised that sponsors allow these guys to wear such garish uniforms which usually do not even feature the sponsors' names anymore (or hide them completely - check out Rasmussen's train-wreck of an outfit from last year's tour - what team was he on anyways?)

I expected the bizarre rainbow striped mess from guys like Cipo. But I thought that perhaps a more level-headed northern European like Boonen would want to calm it down a bit...but I guess I was wrong. Lance Armstrong was a great rider and had enough sense to know that you didn't need yellow shorts to match your yellow jersey. He looked good and was classic about it, unlike the rest of these modern day fashion disasters.

Stephan H. Andranian,

Costa Mesa, CA

Sunday, January 15, 2006

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The future

Hi Guys,

In the last 24 hours I had a sad confirmation of what lies ahead for cycling in Australia. Oblivion.

On the same day that we messed up our national elite championship road race (not the riders the organisers/rule makers) I went to see a fairly 'worker-day' event for the NBL. (Brisbane Bullets vs NZ Breakers). So after making cycling look like a joke again (I ask you how many variations can we find on this rubbish?) I saw a basketball game of a moderate standard in good facilities. It was prompt, entertaining and good value for money. This sport will flourish.

At the moment cycling is enjoying new interest from the public but that will only be fleeting if we do not take the bull by the horns. Coffee shop rides will continue as the domestic scene withers on diet of masters membership. The coffee shop set will happily watch the tour on TV.

We cannot continue to stuff up events and ignore junior riders and see anything other than skeleton participation five years from now. We have some good younger riders now but the pool is very, very shallow.
Some suggestions;

1. An accessible indoor velodrome in every major city. To be used and promoted. (By accessible I mean affordable to use and easy for the public to visit.)

2. Associations should work to get the above, find road circuits and sponsors. If they refuse, sack them. They are elected. Stop running state associations like small clubs.

3. Help find promoters and help them when you find them.

4. Define the junior road and track seasons around school holidays and independent of the senior timing -i.e. the juniors could have a regular track season that starts in November every year. It could conclude with State Champs in early January and the nationals could come on or about the end of summer holidays. Stop conducting the sport as if we are unaware of the stresses on parents and the increasing demands of schools.

Of course I am going to see people around now who will bring up the tired old "Why don't you do it?" routine. Like many of us I have a job that uses a lot of time but I will try and go to AGMs and vote. I will continue to contribute ideas. I will continue to work on races when I can. I will be polite.

Most of all I will stop pretending everything is going well. Just because we have Cycling Central on TV now does not mean we have it made. Some people are doing great work but it is not a coordinated effort. I hope the pot is stirred.

John Caskey
Sunday, January 15, 2006

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Some observations on Oz

I've just returned from a few weeks in Oz visiting the folks - here are a few observations of things Oztraylian.

(1) There are some very unfriendly (stuck up is, I think, the correct term) riders in Sydney or at least in Sutherland (maybe the riots got to you?). I was riding in/near the Royal National Park a bit. Most people were prepared to return a wave, but some people take themselves waaaaaaay too seriously. Cheer up - you ain't riding the Tour fellas. If you need to add a little joy to your life look at some of the pictures from last year's Paris-Nice and smile at what we weirdos in the northern half of the globe occasionally have to put up with. Feel the warm inner glow that comes from knowing that where you come from neoprene overshoes are a fetish item rather than an essential (and oft worn) piece of cycling apparel. Contrast this with Down South WA where the small numbers of riders were universally friendly. Maybe it's because there are less of them, although there were more this year than last - I hope the growth in numbers continues.

(2) Speaking of down south WA; what a great place for a ride. I reckon the wine industry and local councils should put on a one day classic in/around Dunsborough/Margaret River after the JCTDU. For riders it'd be all heavy roads, usually into a headwind with short, sharp climbs - i.e., Flanders without the cold/rain/snow/muck (although there are plenty of 'roos). As an added benefit for Euro-based pros, it's a shorter flight home from WA than the east coast. Mind you, the Oz wine industry is in a bit of a pickle right now, so sponsoring sporting events may not be top of their agenda.

(3) With all due respect to Russell Van Hout and acknowledging that the rules are what they are, I reckon Willie Walker has a right to feel hard done by.

Brendan Moylan

London, UK
Monday, January 16, 2006

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