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River City Cross Crusade #2

Pier Park, Portland, Oregon, USA, October 12-13

Skerritt, Mazza Take Charge at Pier Park

By Brian Witty

Shannon Skerritt (Trek/VW/Bike Gallery) and Rhonda Mazza (Team S&M/Vanilla) each took different routes to cross the finish line first October 13 at Pier Park in North Portland. In the end they sent messages that they are leading contenders for the overall honors in this year's River City Bicycles 'Cross Crusade Series, as the day's winners also took over the points leads.

A summer-like day greeted the nearly 350 competitors at Pier Park in Portland's St. Johns neighborhood with temperatures hitting the mid-70s under a pristine sky. The popular course was slightly reconfigured so it had a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality. The 3.2-kilometer course opened with a fast, big ring-friendly one-kilometer stretch with only one tight chicane. A double barrier signaled a drastic change featuring three run-ups, screaming descents and short power climbs that criss-crossed a scenic gully and tested the competitors' courage. After emerging from the canopy of towering pines, the track descended to the finish line on turf and gravel roads.

'Three Amigos' Drop the Hammer

From the opening whistle, the contenders in the Category A Men's race were never in doubt. After the first of eight laps, the 'Three Amigos' of Skerritt and the Kona/Kenwood duo of Erik Tonkin and Barry Wicks had a substantial gap. This trio races on the road together during the spring and summer and invariably finds themselves reunited during the cyclo-cross season.

At the line, Skerritt snapped up a $100 cash prime and showed he meant business. Trek/VW/Bike Gallery teammates Derl Miller and John Leonard followed, with Mark King (Sunnyside Sports) hot on their tails. Over the next few laps, the leaders continued to put in sub-7 minute laps and were pulling away by more than 10 seconds per lap on the field. King was riding well as he moved ahead of Leonard on the second lap and then worked his way past Miller into fourth on the next circuit.

On the fourth lap, the face of the race changed significantly as Wicks succumbed to the blistering pace and gapped off the leading pair. This was 'cross at its Darwinian best. As the laps counted down, Tonkin and Skerritt continued to pour on the pace. With a little more than one lap to go, Tonkin threw down the gauntlet and went for broke. As he took the bell at the finish line, he had five seconds on the Skerritt and looked to be cruising in for a hard-earned victory. Skerritt had other ideas.

"I got on the straight and thought I had to get it on the big ring and bring him back," Skerritt said after the race. He did just that and got in front of Tonkin at the first barrier. Realizing the effort the Trek/VW/Bike Gallery rider had just put in, Tonkin forced his way past on the first run-up to try and crack him. The pair entered the long second run-up neck and neck, but Skerritt surged one more time and never looked back.

Emerging from the trees into finish area, the surprised crowd let out a cheer when it realized Skerritt had not only chased down Tonkin, but also dropped him on the bell lap. Skerritt finished with a 10 second gap on Tonkin with Wicks a further 20 seconds behind. A strong Mark King and scrappy Miller rounded out the top five.

Mazza Motors Away

Team S&M/Vanilla's Mazza is showing her power early this 'cross season to reveal she has ambitions to not only win the 'Cross Crusade again, but assert herself at the upcoming Pacific Northwest rounds of UCI-sanctioned races. Right from the start, Mazza sprinted at full bore to jump ahead of the long snaking line of the Category A Women's field.

The first time through the finish chute, Mazza was chased by Trek/VW/Bike Gallery's Pennington and the Sunnyside Sports' pair of Karen Kenlen and Suzanne King. As the laps wore one, Pennington continued to follow gamely, but Mazza was in a class of her own and was pulling away by five seconds per lap.

At the bell lap, Mazza and Pennington were in cruise control while King had gotten ahead of her teammate Kenlen. River City Bicycles' Marjon Marik was chasing in strong fifth place. Mazza crossed the finish line with a wave and looked quite fresh after the race, which is an ominous sign for the competition. Pennington followed her in with King, Kenlen and Marik in the top five.

Learn more about the Cannondale/PDX International Cyclo-Cross Classic at www.crosscrusade.com/PDXraceflyer.htm

Learn more about 'Cross Crusade at www.crosscrusade.com.


Images by Doug Ollerenshaw

Men A

Men B

Women A


Master Men
1 Troy Tucker (Bike Gallery/Trek/VW)
2 Micheal Sylvester (Bike Gallery)
3 John Mitchem (Presto Velo/Bike n Hike)
4 Martin Baker (Presto Velo/Bike n Hike)
5 Michael Jones (Disco Velo)
6 Alan Pruder (Nike Logie Velo)
7 Greg Talbert 
8 Brian Johnson (Half-Fast Velo)
9 Todd Rosier (RCW)
10 Mark Damon (Hutch's Cannondale)
11 Kent Johnston (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
12 Robert Huff (Team S&M)
13 Andrew Deen (Disco Velo)
14 Brad Ross (Bike N Hike)
15 Mike Colesar (Disco Velo)
16 Mark Duff (Nike Cycling)
17 Tim Ellerback (RCW)
18 Kelly Wieber 
19 Robert Jacbos 
20 Don Leet (Sunnyside Sports)
21 Dan Houghton (Presto Velo/BikenHike)
22 Chauncy Curl (Rubicon)
23 Colin Yates (Bike Gallery)
24 Paul Mautner (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
dnf Jeff Mitchem (Nike Logie Velo)
dnf Greg Ariens 
Category A
1 Shannon Skerritt (Bike Gallery)
2 Erik Tonkin (Kona Kenwood)
3 Barry Wicks (Kona Kenwood)
4 Mark King 
5 Derl Miller (Bike Gallery/ Trek Velo)
6 John Leonard (Bike Gallery Trek NW)
7 Jon Myers 
8 Shane Beers (Vision Cyclery SF)
9 Chris Brandt (Collins)
10 Mike Schirdler (Sunnyside)
11 Chad Swanson 
12 Brody Anderson (River City)
13 Rich Cramer (Presto Velo)
14 John McCaffrey (Presto Velo)
15 Zac Houghton 
16 Tim Coffey 
17 Alex Rock (Gary Fisher)
18 Sean Garvin (GS Cameratti)
19 Marie Matson 
20 Omer Kem (Team O)
21 John Frey (Hutche's of Bend)
22 Chris Snyder (Hampston Cycles)
23 Jeff Struck 
24 John Walrod (Prime Alliance)
25 Mike Martin (Team Compass)
26 Mikkel Bossen (Team O)
27 Scott Willson (GS Cameratti)
28 Otis Rubottom (Logie Velo/ Nike Racing)
29 Timmy Evans 
30 Brian Austin (Giant/ Bike Nttne)
31 John Knowlson (GS Cameratti)
32 Ian Eglitis (Presto Velo)
dnf Ryan Weaver (Gentle Lovers)
dnf John Gorman (Sunnyside)
dnf Damian Schmitt (Sunnyside)
dnf Scott Robinson (GS Cameratti)
dnf Todd Stewart 
Women 35+
1 Kristen Dillon 
2 Maula Lieuallen 
3 Lindy Mount (Tri- D Sports)
4 Debbi Krichlco 
5 Laurie Binder 
6 Pam Reid (Team O)
7 Kirti Walpole (Team O)
8 Evelyn West (Team S & M)
9 Connie Vine 
10 Roxy Cate (Enselle)
11 Renee Pipe (Team S & M)
12 Therese Waldrow 
13 Meg Mautner (Enselle)
14 Melody Ross (Club Vivo)
15 Laura Wiles 
dnf Bonnie Saurer 
Women A
1 Rhonda Mazza (Team S & M/ Vanilla)
2 Alice Pennington (Bike Galley)
3 Suzanne King (Sunnyside Sports)
4 Karen Kenlan (Sunnyside Sports)
5 Marjon Marik (River)
6 Becky Walter (Nike -  Velo)
7 Emily Babcock 
8 Julie Wilson (Disco Velo)
9 Tina Reeb (Team Reeb)
dnf Joanne Stevens (Sunnyside Sports)
Women B
1 Mandy Lozano (River City)
2 Bridgette Stoick 
3 Marila Alvares 
4 Susan Robinson 
5 Shannan Whitlatch (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
6 Megan Schuble 
7 Valerie Groesz (Team S & M)
8 Stephanie Yenne (Capitol Velo)
9 Wendy Williams (River City)
10 Rachel Bagley 
11 Kellie Peotter 
12 Anna K. (Saltonstall)
13 Kris Rotan 
14 Alicie Streit 
15 Regina Wicks 
16 Courtney Lauer 
17 Cheryl Wilson (Steelman Cycles)
18 Jill Anderson 
19 Karen Carter 
20 Kelly Witty (Nomad)
dnf Darien Curl (Rabicon)
dnf Erin Mitchell 
1 Todd Maderis 
2 Greg Mylet 
3 Lennis Herburger (Disco Velo)
4 Nathan Spear (Lakeside)
5 Paul Curran (Red Lizard)
6 Nicholes Citriglia 
7 Paul Blackburn 
8 Scott Saulsbury 
9 Tom Hoffman 
10 Alan Snodgrass 
11 Steyen Basden (Lakeside/River's Edge)
12 Brad Farra 
13 Shane Young 
14 George MacDonald 
15 Troy Scott 
16 Jeff Liebert 
17 Kevin Wolfe 
18 Steve Meyer 
19 Jim Hayhurst 
20 Kirk Botero 
21 Mark Liebert 
22 Dan Hitcheck 
23 Vern Sekafetz 
24 Jim Naas 
25 Thomas Thompson 
26 Michael Beckman (BBC)
27 Charles Cartis 
28 Evan Day 
29 Lon Canaday (B.I.K.E./ Cyclisme)
30 Bart Brush 
31 Jason Jones (Corben/Huntair)
32 Peter Mersereau 
33 Bryan Provencher (River City/Team Rose City)
34 Jeff Vine 
35 Chris Cottingham 
36 Jeff King 
37 Rich Toth 
38 Scott Hayhurst 
39 Karl D (Jackson)
40 Sean Bowen 
41 Allen Sickles 
42 Leeann Leece (Velo)
43 Eric Goodney 
44 Peter Kaufman 
45 David Cansler 
46 Dave Liebert 
47 Steve Hayes 
48 Millie Layman 
dnf Phil Merick 
dnf Sean Coster (Pacesetter)
dnf Mark Jenkins (S & M)
dnf Kurt Krasneski 
Category B
1 Jeff McNamee 
2 Andreas Oswald (Giant/ Bike N Hike)
3 Chris Cashbaugh 
4 Shawn McDonald (Sunnyside)
5 Greg Talbert 
6 Nathan Hult (Corben/ Huntair)
7 Jake Brimlow 
8 Ryan Weaver (Gentle Lovers)
9 Geoff Raynak (LakesideRivers Edge)
10 Solomon Woras (Team Oregon)
11 Ian Brown 
12 Brian Schultz (MWH/ Lenderboy)
13 Molly Cameron (L'Equipe Velo)
14 Andrew Reed (GS Cameratti)
15 Joe Marek (Team S & M)
16 Michael Dunn (Lakeside/ River's Edge)
17 Daniel Rockholm (Team S & M)
18 Jonathan Smith (Team S & M)
19 Lonny Knable (KNABE)
20 Jon Gallaguur (Cole Sport)
21 Kent Heli (MWH)
22 Dononvan Grabowski 
23 Aaron Sander 
24 Doug Evans 
25 Matt Mahoney (Gentle Lovers)
26 Steve Davee 
27 Marc Riera (GS Cameratti)
28 Matt Botti (Disco Velo)
29 Peter Zlatnick 
30 Chris Cook (Team O)
31 Philip Edwards 
32 Matt Berg 
33 Daniel Pasley 
34 Jason Pfeifer (Presto Velo)
35 Paul Anderson (Lakeside/ River's Edge)
36 Bruce Cannon 
37 Peter Parker 
38 Brian Peotter 
39 Brian Mitchell (Collins Cycle Shop)
40 David Garcia (GS Cameratti)
41 Clark Ritchie (Lakeside/ River's Edge)
42 Shane Wilson (Disco Velo)
43 David Thompson (Sunnyside)
44 Brian Spears (Lakeside/ River's Edge)
45 Aaron 'Rambo' (Harrison BBC)
46 Ernie Conway (Team O/ RCB)
47 Dan Larson (Team S & M)
48 Damon Schaefer (Tri-D Sports)
49 Robert Jenkins 
50 Ian Penner (VCM Racing)
51 Peter Drach (Lakeside/ River's Edge)
52 Eric Romney (BBC)
53 Saki Blackpine 
dnf Chris Bright (Corben/ Huntair)
dnf Jon Bridenbaugh 
dnf Mathew Braun (GS Cameratti)
dnf Ian Marshall (I.C.U.P.)
dnf Charlie Sheridan (River City/ Team O)
dnf Ira Ryan (Mag Pie Messenger)
dnf Dan Silvernail 
Category C
1 Alex Ebright 
2 Kirk Slack (Pacesetter)
3 Kevin Thompson (Lakeside)
4 Brad Cockman (Reno Hilton)
5 Wade Goff (Lakeside/ River's Edge)
6 Chris Bowning (Presto Velo)
7 Tony McCray (Team O)
8 Chris Alling (CRV)
9 Cameron Vanderstoep 
10 Ashley Brown (Logie Velo)
11 Dan Naughton (Bike N Hike)
12 Craig Sinanian (Lakeside)
13 Scott Hock (Collins Cycle Shop)
14 Dan Moeller (Sellwood)
15 Dean Giblin 
16 Michael Romasco 
17 Grant Bergstrom 
18 Rob Burkhart 
19 Evan MacKenzie 
20 James Cavalier 
21 Tim Schauer (Columbia River Velo)
22 Aaron Leriz 
23 Patric Hultgren 
24 Ben Langsdorf 
25 Jon Bloomfield 
26 Ernie Conway 
27 Curtis Milander 
28 Chris Meilinger 
29 Craig Carter 
30 Chuck Kraeuter 
31 Chris Page 
32 Craig Austin (Lakside)
33 Sam Taagen 
34 Jason Franklin (Team S & M)
35 Nathan Wicks 
36 Ed Chrisman (Team S & M)
37 Trig Rogers 
38 Mike Quigley 
39 Randell Hemingsen 
40 Amit Kobrowski (Self)
41 Carl Anton (North River Racing)
42 Jim Rantula 
43 Shawn Irwin (Bicycle Jones)
44 Steve Landen (Team S & M)
45 Dick Busby 
46 Dan Burton (Team S & M)
dnf Damon Webster (Columbia River Velo)
dnf Ken Finch (Team S & M)
dnf Bryan Carry (Lakeside)
dnf Andy Starr 
1 Andy Brooks (Bike Kraft)
2 Brett Williams (Team O)
3 Taylor Kneuven (BBC)
4 Jon Long (Team O)
5 Aaron Love (Logie Velo)
6 Ricky Bossen (Team O)
7 Luke Harrison (Corben/Huntair)
8 Julian Bryant 
9 Kenny Bossen (Team O)
10 Dallas Lazinka 
11 Keith Beckman (BBC)
12 Jeff Hopkins (Corben/Huntair)
13 Ken Ethridge (North River Racing)
14 Ilana Hiphman (Performance Multisport)
dnf Marty Cahill (Corben/Huntair)
dnf Anj Stadnik 
Master Men 45+
1 Dean Lucas (Bike Gallery)
2 Dave Zimblemen (Sunnyside)
3 Mark Schwhart (Bik N Hike/Presto Velo)
4 Steve Yenne 
5 Harold Klein (Lakeside/Rivers Edge)
6 Rick Potestio (Club Vivo)
7 Larry Hopkins (Corben/Huntair)
8 Joe Lieuallen 
9 George Schreck (Corben/Huntair)
10 David Luoma 
11 Mark Hildebradt 
12 Bruce Werner 
13 Paul Montgomery (Team S & M)
14 John Paul (Sage)
15 Vern Krist 
16 Darell Provencher (River City/ Team Rose City)
17 Lance Murty 
18 Robert Wory 
dnf Mark Nurre (Capitol Velo)
Master Men 55+
1 Richard Marantz (Corben/Huntair)
2 Mike Resnick (Nomad SC)
3 Del Scharffenberg (Corben/Huntair)
4 Michael Strabel 
5 Joe Kregal 
6 John Forbes (Emerald Velo)
7 Robert Manddson (Enselle)
8 Jim Bailey 
9 Jim Haase (Team S & M)
Single Speed
1 Brad Cockman (Reno Hilton)
2 Chauncy Curl (Rubicon)
3 Matt Pellieo 
4 Mark Meikle 
5 Erik Hansen (Unatt)
6 Bijorn Fernarus (Team S & M)
7 Douglas Moak 
8 Darien Curl (Rubicon)
dnf Brian Witty (Half-Fast)
dnf Wade Goff (Lakeside / River's Edge)
dnf Richard Marantz (Corben/Huntair)
Courtesy Doug Ollerenshaw
Previous results from the USA