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Verge Mid-Atlantic Cyclo-Cross Series #1 - Evo Cross

October 6, 2002

Evo Cross kicks off MAC series

By Tammy Ebersole

The Verge Mid-Atlantic Championship Cyclo-Cross Series got started with a bang when 186 riders showed up at Evo Cross - Round 1 of the series. In the Elite Men's race it all came down to a bike throw at the line. After battling for 60 minutes, Kris Auer (LSV/Trek/VW) nipped Ryan DeWald (Beans) at the line to lay claim to the Verge Leader's jersey. Ryan Leech (Guys Bicycles) put in a strong ride to for third.

The sprint to the line for fourth place was won by Mike Yozell (Guys Bicycles) over Gunnar Shogren (Guinness/Fort Frames).

In the Elite Women's field, Diana Gillam (Snow Valley) took control of the leader's jersey beating Kristine Oesterling (Trek) and defending series champion Josie Shew (First State Velo Sport). Kristy Scheffenacker (Snow Valley) was riding strong before a crash took her out of contention. Junior rider Thais Silva (Dogfish) finished in fourth and Amber Itle (Univ. of Pennsylvania) finished in fifth place.

Returning to the series after missing the 2001 version was Chris Long (Independent Fabrications/TOGA). Chris looks like he is back to winning form as he put in an impressive ride to win the Master's 35+ race. Eric Schlaugh (Somerset Wheelmen) took second with Mike Hebe (Monkey Hill CS/Aquafina) finishing ahead of Randall Root (Snow Valley) for third place. Martin Jones (Somerset Wheelmen) finished fifth.

Kurt Mikeska (Wooden Wheels) was the top placed finisher for the Master's 45+ category.

Joey Thompson (Balance Bar/Devo) won the Juniors race and Peter Schildt (Wissahickon) won the Men's B race. The Women's B race was won by Megan Render (Snow Valley) and the Men's C race was won by Gonzalo Escobar (Squadra Coppi).

Looking forward to the Beacon Cycling G.P.de Bridgeton, riders are remembering just how hard the infamous "terraced" run-up was last year. They may also be having flashbacks of the sandpit and several "interesting" sandy corners. Spectators tend to set-up camp along the steps of the run-up as the location offers perfect viewing of both the sandpit and the run-up. Because the course encompasses such a wide variety of terrain, good technical skills are essential for success at Bridgeton.

The Beacon G.P. de Bridgeton gets started Sunday at 10am. The Elite Women's race starts at 1pm and Elite Men take the course at 2pm.


Elite Men
1 Kristopher Auer (LSV/Trek/VW)
2 Ryan De Wald (Beans )
3 Ryan Leech (Guys Bicycles)
4 Mike Yozell (Guys Bicycles)
5 Gunnar Shogren (Guinness/Fort Frames/Aca)
6 Greg Ferguson (Wissahickon Cyclery)
7 Sean Groom (Snow Valley)
8 Ransom Weaver (Guys Bicycles)
9 Eric Slick (Monkeyhill Cycle Sport)
10 Szymon Niemotko (Watchung Wheelman)
11 William Elliston (Jaeger Wheelman)
12 Christopher Hensel (Time Cycle Couriers)
13 Joseph Reynolds (Wissahickon Cyclery)
15 Jason Moore (Beans )
16 Andrew Wulfkuhle (Wissahickon Cyclery)
17 George Yoder (Freddie Fu )
18 Jon Freckleton (Unattached)
19 Brendan Marshall (Team Beacon)
20 N. Johan Anestad (Evolution Racing)
21 Ethan Townsend (Red Rose Rockets)
22 Andrew Neumann (Evolution Racing)
23 Glenn Turner (Main Line Cycle)
14 Les Leach (Wissahickon Cyclery)
Elite Women
1 Diana Gillam (Snow Valley)
2 Kristine Oesterling (Trek)
3 Josie Shew (First State Velo)
4 Thais Silva (Dogfish)
5 Amber Itle (Univ Of Penn)
6 Kelly Yoder (Freddie Fu)
7 Lisa Vible (First State Velo)
8 Sue Heckler (Evolution Racing)
9 Sami Fournier (Snow Valley)
10 Tammy Ebersole (Evolution Racing)
11 Bonnie Stoeckl (Evolution Racing)
12 Jill Morgan (Evolution Racing)
13 Donna Anderson (Evolution Racing)
14 Brooke Wilson (Somerset Wheelmen)
Masters 35+
1 Christopher Long (I.F./Toga)
2 Eric Schlauch (Somerset Wheelmen)
3 Mike Hebe (Monkey Hill Cs/Aquafina)
4 Randall Root (Snow Valley)
5 Martin Jones (Team Somerset)
6 Richard Mihills (First State Velo Sport)
7 John Lux (First Capital)
8 William Alcorn (Speedgoat)
9 Stephen Caffrey (First Statevelo)
10 Robert Frederick (Evolution Racing)
11 Douglass Gray (First State Velo Sport)
12 Perren James (Guy'S Bicycle Racing Club)
13 Gary Keblish (Century Sbcg)
14 Kurt Mikeska (Wooden Wheels)
15 Scott Wilson (Evolution Racing)
16 James Syzmanski (Guys Bicycles)
17 Bob Mcclennan (Berks)
18 Christopher Merriam (Fuji)
19 Jon Gaarder (First State Velo Sport)
20 Rob Gallucio (Fsvs)
21 Bob Reuther (Wooden Wheels)
22 James Gould (Sports People)
23 Mark Zach (Evolution Racing)
24 Barry Holman (Fuji)
25 Rob Lyon (First Capital Velo)
26 Leo Pizzini (First State Velo Sport)
27 Bob Piacine (Guys Bicycles)
28 Kevin Breckenmaker (Team Harrisburg)
29 Mark Laser (Yellow Breeches Racing)
30 Kevin Saint Clair (Wissahickon)
31 Charles Harvey (Mambo Kings)
32 Nunzio Dibiasi (Team Harrisburg)
33 Stephen Heede (Unattached)
34 Michael Gibbons (Evolution Racing)
35 Paul Incognito (Firststate Velo)
36 Dan Morrison (Wissahickon)
37 Jay Downs (All Ireland/Guinness)
38 Rob Lea (Fuji)
39 Patrick Leonard (Evolution Racing)
40 Tom Ekberg (Liberty Cycle)
41 Alan Romefelt (Lsv - Trek - Vw)
42 David Mitchell (Quaker City Wheelmen)
45+ (raced with 35+)
1 Kurt Mikeska (Wooden Wheels)
2 Leo Pizzini (First State Velo Sport)
3 Kevin Breckenmaker (Team Harrisburg)
4 Charles Harvey (Mambo Kings)
5 Nunzio Dibiasi (Team Harrisburg)
6 Dan Morrison (Wissahickon)
7 Rob Lea (Fuji)
8 Tom Ekberg (Liberty Cycle)
9 Alan Romefelt (Lsv - Trek - Vw)
Men B
1 Peter Schildt (Wissahickon)
2 Jared Babik (Essm/Gpoa)
3 Joseph Piccillo (Evolution Racing)
4 Larry Wendler (Wissahickon)
5 David Yu Greenblatt (Highland Park Hermes)
6 Nathan Deibert (Team Harrisburg)
7 Kirk Reisinger (Wissahickon)
8 Jesse Semanchik (First State Velo Sport)
9 Kelly Cline (Wissahickon)
10 Chris Mayhew (Essm/Gpoa)
11 Patrick Kelly (Guys)
12 Wade Andrews (Essm/Gpoa)
13 Colin Sandberg (Essm/Gpoa)
14 Marc Urbanski (Olde Mill Inn /Wfi/Dset/ Libety Cycle)
15 Matt Thompson (First State Velo Sport)
16 Wayne Scott (First State Velo Sport)
17 Bruce Frehoff (Team Beacon)
18 Tim Mckay (Unattached)
19 Brent Biddle (First State Velo Sport)
20 Peter Smith (Evolution Racing)
21 Alessandro Desouza (Highland Park Hermes)
22 Eric Morgan (Tri State Velo Sport)
23 David Flickinger (Ashby Street Racing)
24 Alec Riendeau (Highland Park Hermes)
25 Jason Chupick (Liberty Cycle)
26 Adam Szczepanski (Nittany Velo Club)
27 Steve Craig (Mercury)
28 Craig Callan (Highland Park Hermes)
29 David Manhardt (First State Velo Sport)
30 Randy Compton (Guys)
31 Leyton Murray (Eect)
32 Michael Babcock (Nvc)
33 Craig Laughman (Trimsport)
34 James Milito (Olde Mill Inn / Liberty Cycle)
35 Douglas Milliken (Evolution )
36 Alexander Gilliam (Beans)
37 Sean Groome (Action Wheels)
38 Todd Buckwalter (Evolution Racing)
39 Jonathan Swinden (Unattached)
40 Leo Kolshorn (3D/Hp)
41 Andre Lopez (Tri State Velo Sport)
42 Jeffrey Brozier (Mahoning Valley)
1 Joey Thompson (Balance Bar Devo)
2 Kyle Hammaker (Team Harrisburg)
3 Corey Woollett (Yellow Breeches)
4 Christopher Consorto (First State Velo)
5 Gonzalo Escobar (Squadra Coppi)
6 Syd Lea (Fuji)
7 Kyle Gregg (First State Velo)
Women B
1 Megan Render (Abrt/Team Snow Valley)
2 Erica Miller (Unattached)
3 Michelle Suplink (Guys Bicycles )
4 Pamela Shue (Wissahickon)
5 Linda Lennon (Alan'S)
6 Lauri Jenkins (First State Velo Sport)
7 Rebecca Kunda (Unattached)
8 Kathleen Bowes (Wissahickon)
9 Jill Bialy (Unattached)
10 Sandy Whitehead (Unattached)
Men C
1 Gonzalo Escobar (Squadra Coppi)
2 Randall Marsola (Crc Of A)
3 Paul Vandergrift (Unattached)
4 Blake Bennett (First State Velo Sport)
5 Bill Laudien (Team Aquafina)
6 Greg Gorel (Somerset Wheelman)
7 Dennis Smith (Wooden Wheels)
8 Jack Brown (Somerset Wheeleman)
9 Kevin Zutell (Aquafina)
10 John Terry (Olde Mill Inn)
11 John Linvill (Mlcc)
12 Andy Singson (Highland Park Hermes)
13 Chuck Wahl (Unattached)
14 John Ridd (Unattached)
15 Christopher Stine (Cedar Bike)
16 Paul Reiss (Princeton Freewheelers)
17 Robert Sands (Evolution Racing)
18 John Lawson (Soundvelo)
19 Joseph Kenas (Guys)
20 Javier Pazos (Guys)
21 William Morris (First State Velo)
22 Gustavo Sanchez (Evolution Racing)
23 Gary Kelly (Yellow Breeches)
24 Ed Turulski (First State Velo Sport)
25 Charles Fitzgerald (First State Velo)
26 Mark Hallinger (Artemis)
27 Jerry O'Brien (Bucks Co Racing Club)
28 Glen Kraft (Unattached)
29 Paul Ricci (Team Harrisburg)

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