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Boulder Racing CX Series #1

Boulder, CO, October 5, 2002

A day at the beach

By Brian Hludzinski

Swim anyone?
Photo: © Boulder Racing.com
Click for larger image

Saturday was the start of the Cyclocross season on Colorado’s Front range. Under beautiful sunny skies Boulder Racing.com promoted its first of four races in the Boulder CX series.

Winding through the marina and along the beach’s crashing waves, the event took place at Boulder Reservoir. Over 200 racers showed up to suffer on the grueling 5.5 mile lap and make their best efforts to trudge through the deep sand in the 45-1 hour long races. Soon into each race, the riders realized that the fastest line along the beach was at the water’s edge, even slightly in it. Fortunately, the water was a refreshing relief to and warm weather and the difficult riding.

The Women’s Pro race started with a bang as a CU freshman, Michele "Micky" Buckley, a recent transplant from the cyclocross hotbed of Seattle, made an ill-fated first lap attack. Unfortunately for Michele, professional mountain bikers dominated the women’s field and quickly responded by taking command of the situation. A lead group consisting of Gretchen Reeves (Rocky Mountain), Melissa Thomas (Rocky Mounts) and Kerry Barnholtz (Sobe) soon sped away. Barnholtz mastered the technical sand riding and opened up a significant lead on her way to the podium. A mechanical forced Thomas to retire early and Reeves suffered a flat and also dropped out. Veritas rider, Margell Abel and Lora Heckman (Laurel St Racing) left the main field and Heckman’s background in running gave her the edge to take second with Abel settling for third place.

Not your usual race circuit
Photo: © Boulder Racing.com
Click for larger image

In the last event of the day, the competition was fierce during the Men’s Pro race. The course "matured" as it became packed-in from a day’s worth of races. Laps took less time as the speed increased and the riders formed multiple pace lines on the road sections of the course. An early move motivated by Brandon Dwight of the Excel Sports team put a number of riders up the road including Travis Brown (Trek) and the Red Rocks team consisting of Tim Faia and Steve Zdawczynski. A quick bridge by Devo rider Alan Obye formed what was to be the getaway group. Travis steadily started to pull away from the other riders as his singlespeed bike proved to be the correct gearing. On the flipside, Dwight suffered a flat tire forcing him to use a spare bike, which cost precious seconds. In the end, Obye finished second behind Travis with Steve Z rounding out the podium.


Images by Boulder Racing.com


Pro 1/2 Men
1 Travis Brown (Trek/VW)
2 Alan Obye (Team Devo)
3 Steven Zdawczynski (Red Rocks)
4 Jeff Wardell (Louisville Velo)
5 Douglas Rayden
6 Brandon Dwight (Trek)
7 Tim Faia (Red Rocks)
8 Scott Daubert (Fisher)
9 Todd Berger (Pro Peleton)
10 Joc Saperstein ()
11 Matt Pacocha (Red Rocks Velo)
12 Mitch Westall (Dean Bikes)
13 Michael Hauffman ()
14 Vicent Davis (Laurel Street Racing)
16 Lew Perna (Schwab / Torelli)
17 Patrick J. Gallegos (Pedalhome.com)
18 Katie Compton (CTS)
19 Hugh MacEachian (Trek / VW)
20 Jesse Riel
21 John Vickers
Cat 3 Men
1 JT Clark
2 Glen Light (Red Rocks Velo)
3 Grant Berry (Ionic)
4 Russell Harding (CU Cycling)
5 Dean Dealy (KHS)
6 Stephen Iles (Phatzodie)
7 Paul Jamison (Cody Racing)
8 Kris Arnott (Pikes Peak Velo)
9 Christopher Lattimar
10 Chris LeGault
11 John Henry
12 Joe Sullivan (Vitamin Cottage)
13 Aaron Gallardo (WCR / Specialized)
14 Peter Lopez (Green Mtn Sports)
15 Mathew Glick (Bike Source)
16 Melissa Thomas (Rocky Mounts)
17 Patrick Walker (GS Caio)
18 Tim Assoi (Bike Source)
19 Brian Williams (Denver / Boulder Couriers)
20 John Wahl (Green Mtn Sports)
21 Rob Zilliarx (Canyon)
22 Eric Kuo (Boulder Denver Couriers)
23 Evan Wasserman (Red Rocks)
24 Tom Turk (Front Rangers)
26 Andrew Hawks (SMBA)
27 Keith Novello (Red Rocks Velo)
28 Paul Cheng (GMSV)
29 Gretchen Reeves (Rocky Mtn Bikes)
30 Greg Besaw (Red Rocks Velo)
31 Brett Batchelder
32 David Mcleon (Sawphillis)
33 Jonathan Massie (CU Cycling)
34 Dave Kennedy
35 Cindi Toepel (Cornerstone )
Cat 4 Men
1 Grant Holiky
2 Ed Oliver (Pikes Peak Velo)
3 David Middlehautl (Pro Peleton)
4 Adam McGrath
5 Brian hutchinson
6 Craig Russell (Red Rocks Velo)
7 Brad Wood (Team Dean)
8 Joe Brenner
9 Peter Kieliszewski (Ritchey Logic)
10 James Lee
11 Steve Gosselin
12 Michael Burch (Red Rocks Velo)
13 John Drake (Red Rocks Velo)
14 Noel Zamont (Pro Peleton Velo)
15 Chris Smith
16 Gus Carlson (Boulder / Denver Couriers)
17 Mike Bronn
18 Steve Luckey (Wonder Boy!)
19 Mike Fullton
20 Randy Cutlus (Red Rocks Velo)
21 Matthew Alford (Swift Cycling)
22 Jacob Gruzalski
23 Chad Elmendorf
24 Daniel Macfarlane
25 John Colson (Red Rocks Velo)
26 Lucas Llado (CU Triathalon)
27 Brent Buenger (Red Rocks Velo)
28 Marcus Moran
29 Bill Tankovich
30 Chris Birchbach
31 Terry Jordon (Pikes Peak Velo)
32 Andrew Hollen (Active L)
33 Kurt Achtenhaggen
34 Scott Sutton (Red Rocks Velo)
35 Matt Bedouhian
36 Jeff Cormack
37 Kurt Kolleth (Calyans)
38 Frank Potempa
39 Ryan Real
40 Peter Schmidtmann (Boulder Sports Recycler)
41 Tom Shadey (Clubvelo.com)
42 Chad Coilur
43 Matt Holter
44 Alan Hills
45 Mark Ruzycki (Red Rocks Velo)
46 Doug Smith
47 Zach Vanderhof (Swift Cycling)
48 Chris Cowhard (Clubvelo.com)
49 Don Karle (LSR)
50 Steven Slenker
51 Ervin Hunt (LRT)
35+ Men
1 Dennis Farrell (Red Rocks Velo)
2 Charlie Hayes (Excel Sports)
3 Franck Abate (Red Rocks Velo)
4 Tim Leahy (TPRT)
5 Rod Yodus
6 Emery Legg (Casati)
7 Steven Stalgreen (Schwinn  )
8 Kirk Olson (Nedelram)
9 Todd Wilderman (Mtn)
10 Jon McClurg (Rocky Mounts)
11 Bob Brown (Cody Racing)
12 John Talley (GSBMCT)
13 Eric Cameron (Full Plate)
14 Craig Hillon (Red Rocks Velo)
15 Mike Chauh (Natural Earth)
16 Brooke Watts (Cody Racing)
17 Ronald Weber (Red Rocks)
18 Thomas Jensen (WRC / Spoke)
19 Givenael Hagon (Rocky Mtn Sports)
20 Joe Paulson (Boulder Chaos)
21 Dave Shinkle
22 Steven Slinkle
23 Bruce Schwab (LRT)
24 Thomas Bacus (Denver Spoke)
25 Chancie Cavendish (Giazie )
26 Kevin Barlen
27 John Lien
45+ / 55+ Men
1 Dennis Collard (Rainbow Racing)
2 Doug Squires (Moots)
3 Brook Watts (CRT)
4 Kevin Healy (Rainbow Racing)
5 Rob Bagley (Vitamin Cottage)
6 Lee Waldman (Boulder Chaos)
7 Galen Claussen (ICCC)
8 Al Marvin (Red Rocks Velo)
9 Eric Perryman (LRT)
10 Michael Schenk (Dogs at Large Velo)
11 (1) David Firmin (LRT)
12 Larry Varys
13 (2) John Daily (Swift Cycling)
14 Charles Edwards (LRT)
15 Pete Miller (Mountain Pedelar)
16 (3) Richard Elmendorf (COBRAS)
Cat 1-3 Women
1 Kerry Barnholt (Sobe)
2 Lora Heckman (Laurel Street)
3 Margell Abel (Veritas)
4 Jacqueline Wood (RRV)
5 Erin Huck (CU Cycling)
6 Catherine Johnson (NCCV)
Cat 4 / 35+ Women
1 Jennifer Chaurelts (Dean)
2 Ariel Dealy (Vella Bella)
3 (1) Jennifer Atkinson (Rocky Mountain)
4 Shan Wo
5 Jenny Hageman
Juniors 10-12
1 Alex Coelho (Monsoon Jr team)
2 David Balgley (Vitamin Cottage)
3 John Bacus (Colorado Velo)
Juniors 13-14
1 JT Toepel (Team Cornerstone)
2 Emil Maripon (Team Cornerstone)
3 Tyler Gallup (Team Cornerstone)
Juniors 15-16
1 Peter Stetina (Boulder Denver Couriers)
2 Daniel McKinnon (Boulder Denver Couriers)
3 David Glasscoih (Monsoon Jr team)
4 Allen Browne (Eastside Wheelmen)
5 James Anderson (Monsoon Jr team)
6 Gael Hagan  (Rocky Mounts)
7 Zachary Hobbs (Monsoon Jr team)
Juniors 17-18
1 Jon Anderson (Monsoon Jr team)

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