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2007 Cyclo-cross World Championships - CM

Hooglede-Gits, Belgium, January 27-28, 2007

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Race 1 - January 27: Juniors

Adams kicks off the Belgian path to glory

Summerhill crashs but battled for the medal

By Brecht Decaluwé in Hooglede-Gits

Adams tops podium
Photo ©: Brecht Decaluwé
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World Cup winner Joeri Adams fulfilled the expectations by becoming the new junior world champion. The Belgian didn't dominate the race and had to wait for the final straight before he could hammer down to take the title. The Belgian beat American Danny Summerhill and Czech Jiri Polnicky in a sprint with four, Dutch Ramon Sinkeldam had to settle for the least wanted position just outside of the podium.

The Belgian explained he made mistake during the last lap, "I was only in fourth position at the stairs but by taking the corner wide I could still win the sprint. Anyway you know that at the worlds the speed will drop in front. I wasn't afraid to let it come down to a sprint, although I didn't know if I was the fastest of the group. The slightly upward final straight was in my advantage," Adams reflected.

The Belgian winner often switched bikes, a manoeuvre which was exploited by the Czech rider Polnicky who always attacked at the same moment. "I changed my bike intentionally during the second lap, I wanted a lighter bike. But during the third lap I think I took the corner a bit too wide so I ended up into the pits again," Adams explained about his unintentional tactics. Two riders ended up into the pits as well but didn't change bikes, they were disqualified.

Summerhill was beaten by the Belgian in the final straight and appeared disappointed with that place. "Actually I wasn't, I was happy to prove America could do something," Summerhill laughed while talking to Cyclingnews. "I didn't think I could make it to the sprint finish after my crash. Maybe if I played the sprint a bit differently, but you got to be happy with a medal as it is a good result."

Jiri Polnicky was the most aggressive rider out there in Flanders' fields but eventually he had to settle for third. "I'm not good at the finish so I tried to get away in technical sectors but it didn't work out like that," Polnicky said.

How it unfolded

A great start for the Italians when Calderan managed to get a gap during the first half of the course. American Danny Summerhill took the initiative to bridge up towards the Italians. By the end of the first lap Calderan was followed by a group of seven with Jiri Polnicky (Czech Republic), Ole Quast (Germany), Danny Summerhill (USA), Joeri Adams (Belgium), Ramon Sinkeldam (Netherlands), Arnaud Jouffroy (France) and a Polish rider.

During the second lap Polnicky – third in the World Cup – attacked the group but in the sand section of 35 metres; Polnicky needed to step off his bike, while World Cup winner Adams kept pedalling to close the gap.

Halfway through the second lap some riders decided to switch bikes, and just at that moment Polnicky attacked again. By the end of the second lap the Czech rider had a gap of eight seconds on a group of five, with Summerhill, Adams, Sinkeldam, Jouffroy and Quast. The Dutchman closed the gap to the Czech rider and by the end of the third lap five riders were back together, while Jouffroy was eight seconds behind this group.

During the third lap Summerhill crashed on a steep descent dropping back to Jouffroy; the Colorado-based rider didn’t give up, and together with the French rider he fought his way back to the front group. On the long uphill section in the forest, Adams was the only rider that stayed on his bike, sending out a warning to his rivals. The French champion suffered in the sand section and he got dropped again. Going into the ultimate lap it was clear that five riders would battle for the victory; Jouffroy was eleven seconds down.

Polnicky led the group during the first half of the ultimate lap, keeping the pace high. Sinkeldam attacked the group on the first climb with Polnicky and Summerhill not too far behind. The Dutchman survived the sand section and looked to be speeding towards a world title. During the last climb Polnicky closed the gap but Adams and Summerhill followed. It came down to a sprint where Adams overtook everybody, beating Summerhill, Polnicky and Sinkeldam. German Quast came in fifth and Jouffrouy seventh. Quick starter Calderan finished eighth.


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Images by Brecht Decaluwé/Cyclingnews.com

Images by Russ and Nancy Wright/www.abbiorca.com

Images by Mitchell Clinton/www.clintonphoto.com

Images by Rob Jones/www.canadiancyclist.com

Images by PhotoSport International

Images by Mark Legg


1 Joeri Adams (Belgium)                      41.18
2 Daniél Summerhill (USA)
3 Jiri Polnicky (Czech Republic)              0.01
4 Ramon Sinkeldam (Netherlands)               0.02
5 Ole Quast (Germany)                         0.11
6 Arnaud Jouffroy (France)                    0.32
7 Allessandro Calderan (Italy) 0.44
8 Rob van der Velde (Netherlands)             0.58
9 Marek Konwa (Poland)                        1.06
10 Peter Sagan (Slovakia)                     1.10
11 Elia Silvestri (Italy)                     1.11
12 Kevin Eeckhout (Belgium)                   1.16
13 Jonathan Mcevoy (Great Britain)            1.28
14 Marcel Meisen (Germany)                    1.35
15 Matthieu Boulo (France)                    1.42
16 Filip Adel (Czech Republic)                1.45
17 Vincent Baestaens (Belgium)                1.56
18 Stef Boden (Belgium)                       2.04
19 Lubomir Petrus (Czech Republic)            2.19
20 Thomas Girard (France)                     2.27
21 Twan van den Brand (Netherlands)
22 Peter Marvan (Czech Republic)
23 Fabian Danner (Germany)
24 Matthias Rupp (Switzerland)
25 Jim Aernouts (Belgium)
26 Thomas Lemaitre (France)
27 Marian Simora (Slovakia)
28 David Fletcher (Great Britain)
29 Kevin Levaghi (Italy)
30 Nicholas Keough (USA)
31 Garikoitz Bravo Oiarbide (Spain)
32 Scott Thwaites (Great Britain)
33 Carson Miller (USA)
34 Valentin Scherz (Switzerland)
35 Jordy Beuker (Netherlands)
36 Thibault Taboury (France)
37 Arnaud Grand (Switzerland)
38 Joseph Rauber (Germany)
39 Vincent Dias Dos Santos (Luxembourg)
40 Victor Cabedo (Spain)
41 Giuseppe Michielotto (Italy)
42 Alex Paton (Great Britain)
43 Max Walsleben (Germany)
44 Jerome Townsend (USA)
45 Kacper Szczepaniak (Poland)
46 Kamil Markowski (Poland)
47 Peter Frei (Switzerland)
48 Miroslaw Frackowiak (Poland)
49 Sean Worsech (USA)
50 Pierre Kaeslin (Switzerland)
51 Pit Schlechter (Luxembourg)
52 Spencer Smitheman (Canada)
53 Geert van der Horst (Netherlands)
54 Jon Ander Manjon (Spain)
55 Piotr Antkowiak (Poland)
56 Morten Gregersen (Denmark)
57 Marck Benda (Czech Republic)           

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