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Giro finale
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2009 Australian Senior Track Championships - CN

Super-Drome, Adelaide, Australia, February 3-8, 2009

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Day 2 - February 4: Men: Sprint; Women: Sprint, Points race

Perkins unstoppable in sprint

Shane Perkins wins
Photo ©: John Veage
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Victoria's Shane Perkins claimed his first senior Australian sprint crown in a flawless performance at the Australian Track Cycling Championships at Adelaide's Super-drome.

Perkin's set up his win from the qualifying round where he posted a time of 10.175sec for the flying 200 metres to secure the top seeding. From there he raced through without loss to a final showdown against Canberra's Dan Ellis who had qualified sixth fastest but rallied to progress through to the gold medal ride off.

The match up was a repeat of the final for the Oceania Title where Ellis was victorious after fighting back from one heat down in the best of three. But tonight Perkins had too much speed for his rival and clinched the win in two straight heats. Perkins raced two weeks ago in Beijing where he consolidated his lead in the World Cup Series standings with a bronze medal in the sprint.

"To come off Beijing and do a 10.1 [qualifying ride] here, I didn't think I would go that quick, so I am pretty happy," said Perkins, paying credit to his rival. "Daniel is a fantastic racer, his tactics are awesome.

"All our training now is heading towards the World Championships in Poland in March and I am racing well, so pretty happy with how everything is going," said Perkins.

Ellis for his part admits his top end speed is a little lacking this week.

"Coming out of qualifying sixth in a 10.7, it sort of shows that my tactics are up to speed but my actual speed isn't there," said Ellis. "It is good to come away with a medal."

Canberra's Alex Bird defeated Victorian Jason Niblett in straight heats to take the bronze medal.

"I thought, I don't think I can get him, I have been watching him for ages and have never beat him, so I guess there was no pressure and I did my best and I got over him," said 23-year-old Bird after claiming his first individual medal at an Australian Championships.

Goss controls points race

Belinda Goss leads the pack
Photo ©: John Veage
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An overwhelming favourite for the title, Tasmania's Belinda Goss didn't disappoint in the women's 25km points race, taking her third consecutive Australian crown in controlling fashion.

"Certainly I am really happy, it is nice to get the third one," said the 25-year-old who last year won bronze in the scratch race at the Track World Championships.

New South Wales' Skye-Lee Armstrong took the silver with 13 points, while Victoria's Tess Downing was awarded the bronze medal despite crashing with a little over four laps remaining of the 100 lap race and not completing the distance.

Goss set the tempo early, taking points in three of the first four sprints, to lead Armstrong by three points midway through the race. Despite attacks by West Australia's Rebecca Halliday and Sarah Kent and Canberra's Jessie Maclean, Goss held her nerve, taking maximum points in the final two sprints to take her final tally to 21 points.

"I am really happy as I have put in a lot of hard work this year with a lot of intensity and it's paid off," said Goss. "I am definitely back on form now, last year was a little bit up and down and certainly back on track now and looking to improve over the next month or two.

"I don't like to go into a points race with too much in my head, just think of the basics as anything can happen and you have to expect it all."

The crash of Downing also claimed Halliday and New Zealand's Malindi MacLean, with none crossing the finish line. However, under the rules a rider who suffers a recognised mishap within the final 1300m of the race preserves their points and with Downing sitting on 13 points at the time of the crash she had enough to claim the medal although missing the final sprint might have cost her the silver awarded to Armstrong, 22, on a countback.

"Belinda was the favourite, she is definitely number one and hopefully in the next few years I can take over that role," said Armstrong, the 2008 Oceania Champion in the points race. "My tactic was to try to go for sprints she didn't go for, but it didn't work out that way as we went the same way and unfortunately she had too much power at the end.

"I was certainly very lucky in the last ten laps as unfortunately Tess came down and she was riding very well all race," Armstrong added.

Meantime Downing was taken to hospital with suspected concussion and a possible broken collarbone.

Dunn continues to impress in U19, takes points race

Megan Dunn (NSW) won
Photo ©: John Veage
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Triple 2008 junior World Champion Megan Dunn continued her rapid rise in cycling by successfully defending her U19 women's 20km points title. The 17-year-old, who broke her collarbone in last month's Bay Criterium Classic, dominated the race, winning three of the eight sprints contested and claiming points in four others. She also lapped the field along with silver medallist Kendelle Hodges of Victoria to collect a bonus 20 points. Dunn finished on 45 points with Hodges second on 28 points while Melissa Hoskins (WA) collected the bronze medal with 14 points.

"I didn't really know how I was feeling, I wasn't sure how I would go, a national title you expect everyone is in good form," said Dunn. "I wanted to see how I was going from the start so I went for the first sprint and I took that out.

"I'm happy and my recovery is going well and I felt strong," she explained. "When myself Mel [Hoskins] and Kendelle [Hodges] were in a breakaway, my legs felt strong, and once I realised that we could make the crossover to lap the field, I definitely needed to do that to make things a lot easier for myself," said Dunn who surged taking Hodges with her but dropping Hoskins in the process.

Hodges, 17, was ecstatic after claiming only her second medal at an Australian Championships.

"It is amazing, I was just counting down the laps after we took the lap and I was getting very excited, three to go, two to go, I am just rapt," said Hodges.

Earlier in the day Sydney's Kaarle McCulloch posted the fastest qualifying time in the women's sprint with a ride of 11.456sec for the flying 200m. Queensland's Kerrie Meares posted a 11.526sec. 2008 Olympic sprint silver medallist Anna Meares was the third fastest with her time of 11.529sec, which means if the later rounds go according to seeding the Meares sister will face a showdown in Thursday's semi-finals.


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Images by John Veage


Men sprint


Heat 1
1 Shane Perkins (VIC)                0.11.019            0.10.527
2 Andrew Taylor (NSW)                        
Heat 2
1 Jason Niblett (VIC)                0.11.433            0.11.347
2 Paul Fellows (NSW)                         
Heat 3
1 Daniel Ellis (ACT)                 0.11.002            0.11.002
2 Scott Sunderland (WA)                      
Heat 4
1 Alex Bird (ACT)                    0.10.859            0.11.321
2 Ben Sanders (VIC)                           0.11.042
1 Scott Sunderland (WA)              0.10.739
2 Andrew Taylor (NSW)                        
3 Paul Fellows (NSW)                         
4 Ben Sanders (VIC)                          

Heat 1
1 Shane Perkins (VIC)        0.11.057   10.858
2 Alex Bird (ACT)                    
Heat 2
1 Daniel Ellis (ACT)         0.11.095   11.411
2 Jason Niblett (VIC)                
Men sprint final
For gold
1 Shane Perkins (VIC)        0.10.678   11.664
2 Daniel Ellis (ACT)                 
For bronze
3 Alex Bird (ACT)            0.10.775   11.044
4 Jason Niblett (VIC)                

Women sprint


1 Kaarle McCulloch (NSW)             0.11.456 (62.849 km/h)
2 Kerrie Meares (QLD)                0.11.526
3 Anna Meares (QLD)                  0.11.529
4 Emily Rosemond (QLD)               0.11.544
5 Cassandra Kell (NSW)               0.11.766
6 Stephanie Morton (SA)              0.12.204
7 Jessica Laws (VIC)                 0.12.382
8 Apryl Eppinger (PHI)               0.12.610
9 Holly McClellan (WA)               0.12.943
10 Rebecca Halliday (WA)             0.12.966
Women U19 sprint

1 Annette Edmondson (SA)             0.11.932 (60.342 km/h)
2 Holly Williams (WA)                0.12.250
3 Naomi Pinto (VIC)                  0.12.285
4 Sarah Cure (TAS)                   0.12.331
5 Sinead Cosgrove (NSW)              0.12.396
6 Rebecca Stevenson (QLD)            0.12.441
7 Teegan Morton (WA)                 0.12.442
8 Samantha Wood (WA)                 0.12.459
9 Harriet Kossmann (TAS)             0.12.688
10 Catherine Culvenor (ACT)          0.12.688
11 Melzy Feltham (VIC)               0.12.782
12 Caitlin Todd (ACT)                0.12.973
Men U19 sprint

1 James Glasspool (SA)               0.10.784 (66.766 km/h)
2 Matthew Glaetzer (SA)              0.10.860
3 Maddison Hammond (VIC)             0.10.984
4 Jonathan Bathe (WA)                0.11.106
5 Mitchell Bullen (NSW)              0.11.124
6 Jamie Green (NSW)                  0.11.170
7 Benjamin Wibberley (WA)            0.11.315
8 Matthew Vermunt (NZL)              0.11.344
9 Aaron Box (VIC)                    0.11.353
10 Nathan Corrigan-Martella (VIC)    0.11.376
11 Brendan J Cole (NSW)              0.11.398
12 Aaron Cooper (VIC)                0.11.425
13 Jordan Van Der Togt (WA)          0.11.427
14 Ethan O'dell (QLD)                0.11.534
15 John-Paul Orchison (ACT)          0.11.909
Round 1

Heat 1
1 James Glasspool (SA)               0.11.721
2 Aaron Cooper (VIC)                         
Heat 2
1 Matthew Glaetzer (SA)              0.11.571
2 Brendan J Cole (NSW)                       
Heat 3
1 Maddison Hammond (VIC)             0.11.512
2 Nathan Corrigan-Martella (VIC)             
Heat 4
1 Aaron Box (VIC)                    0.11.998
2 Jonathan Bathe (WA)                        
Heat 5
1 Matthew Vermunt (NZL)              0.11.721
2 Mitchell Bullen (NSW)                      
Heat 6
1 Jamie Green (NSW)                  0.11.763
2 Benjamin Wibberley (WA)                    
Round 1 repechage
Heat 1
1 Aaron Cooper (VIC)                 0.11.884
2 Jonathan Bathe (WA)                        
3 Benjamin Wibberley (WA)                    
Heat 2
1 Mitchell Bullen (NSW)              0.11.410
2 Nathan Corrigan-Martella (VIC)             
3 Brendan J Cole (NSW)                       


Heat 1
1 James Glasspool (SA)       0.11.786   11.272
2 Mitchell Bullen (NSW)              
Heat 2
1 Matthew Glaetzer (SA)      0.11.762   11.283
2 Aaron Cooper (VIC)                 
Heat 3
1 Maddison Hammond (VIC)     0.11.414   11.431
2 Jamie Green (NSW)                  
Heat 4
1 Aaron Box (VIC)            0.11.963   11.837
2 Matthew Vermunt (NZL)              
Place 5-8 
1 Jamie Green (NSW)            11.602
2 Aaron Cooper (VIC)                 
3 Matthew Vermunt (NZL)              
4 Mitchell Bullen (NSW)              
Women U19 20km points race final
1 Megan Dunn (NSW)                 45 pts
2 Kendelle Hodges (VIC)            28
3 Melissa Hoskins (WA)             14
4 Shannon McCurley (VIC)           13
5 Samantha Wood (WA)                9
6 Michaela Anderson (WA)            8
7 Harriet Kossmann (TAS)            3
8 Sarah Cure (TAS)                  3
9 Sinead Noonan (SA)                2
10 Carly McCoombe (VIC)              
11 Chloe Geyer (NSW)                 
DNF Amy Cure (TAS)                  2 pts
DNF Isabella King (WA)              1
DNF Hayley Grant (QLD)               
Women 25km points race final
1 Belinda Goss (TAS)               21 pts
2 Skye-Lee Armstrong (NSW)         13
3 Tess Downing (VIC)               13
4 Elizabeth Georgouras (NSW)        8
5 Laura McCaughey (TAS)             8
6 Rebecca Halliday (WA)             8
7 Jessie MacLean (ACT)              8
8 Sophie Ootes (SA)                 7
9 Sarah Kent (WA)                   6
10 Nicole Whitburn (VIC)            5
11 Josephine Tomic (WA)             4
12 Malindi MacLean (NZL)            4
13 Nikki Butterfield (QLD)          3
14 Rebecca Barwick (ACT)             
15 Aimee Alsbury (SA)                
16 Chloe McConville (VIC)            
17 Davina Summers (WA)               
DNF Ashlee Ankudinoff (NSW)         2 pts
DNF Rebecca Werner (SA)              

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