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Mont Ventoux
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2007 UCI Track Cycling World Championships - CM

Spain, March 29-April 1, 2007

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Men's team sprint

France edge menís team sprint

By Shane Stokes in Palma

France's team sprint
Photo ©: AFP
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They donít come any tighter than this. The French trio of Gregory Bauge, MickaŽl Bourgain and Arnaud Tournant successfully defended the team sprint title they won in Bordeaux last year, beating fastest-qualifiers Great Britain by a miniscule two thousandths of a second.

GB riders Ross Edgar, Chris Hoy and Craig Maclean were down from the very start and were 0.239 back with just 100 metres remaining. Hoy pulled out the fastest final lap of all the teams in the competition to bring that gap right back, but ran out of time before hitting the line.

It was a repeat of the top two placings from 2006, but this time it was Germany who netted third after a young Australian team finished fifth in the qualifiers. Robert Forstemann, Maximilian Levy and Stefan Nimke beat Dutchmen Theo Bos, Teun Mulder and Tim Veldt by .046" in their scrap for the medal.

The earlier qualifiers had seen Great Britain finish .12" clear of France, with Germany and the Netherlands third and fourth.


1 Great Britain 0.43.92 (61.479 km/h) Ross Edgar Chris Hoy Craig Maclean   2 France 0.44.04 (61.313 km/h) Gregory Bauge MickaŽl Bourgain Arnaud Tournant 3 Germany 0.44.13 (61.171 km/h) Robert Forstemann Maximilian Levy Stefan Nimke   4 Netherlands 0.44.45 (60.734 km/h) Theo Bos Teun Mulder Tim Veldt   5 Australia 0.44.59 (60.553 km/h) Ryan Bayley Mark French Shane Perkins 6 Spain 0.44.74 (60.348 km/h) Alvaro Alonso Rubio Ruben Donet Gregori Salvador Melia Mangrinan 7 Japan 0.45.45 (59.404 km/h) Masaki Inoue Kazuya Narita Kazunari Watanabe 8 China 0.45.49 (59.357 km/h) Yong Feng Feng Lin Lei Zhang 9 Poland 0.45.76 (59.008 km/h) Maciej Bielecki Lukasz Kwiatkowski Damian Zielinski 10 Russia 0.46.12 (58.541 km/h) Sergey Borisov Denis Dmitriev Sergey Polynskiy 11 Ukraine 0.46.20 (58.446 km/h) Yevgen Bolibrukh Yuriy Tsyupyk Andriy Vynokurov 12 Czech Republic 0.46.24 (58.397 km/h) Tomas Babek Adam Ptacnik Ivan Vrba 13 Greece 0.46.52 (58.043 km/h) Athanasios Mantzouranis Vasileios Reppas Panagiotis Voukelatos 14 Malaysia 0.47.27 (57.121 km/h) Azizulhasni Awang Josiah Ng Onn Lam Mohd Rizal Tisin
Gold Medal final

1 France            0.43.830	(61.601 km/h)
 Gregory Bauge             	
 MickaŽl Bourgain          	
 Arnaud Tournant           	
2 Great Britain     0.43.832	(61.598 km/h)
 Ross Edgar                	
 Chris Hoy                 	
 Craig Maclean             	

Bronze Medal final

3 Germany           0.44.240	(61.03 km/h)
 Robert Forstemann         	
 Maximilian Levy           	
 Stefan Nimke              	
4 Netherlands       0.44.286	(60.967 km/h)
5  Australia               
6  Spain                   
7  Japan                   
8  China                   
9  Poland                  
10  Russia                 
11  Ukraine                
12  Czech Republic         
13  Greece                 
14  Malaysia