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2005 Queensland Elite Track Championships - NE

Rockhampton, Australia, January 15, 2005

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Day 6 Wrap Up - Day 2, Rockhampton Cup on Wheels

Young Guns fire in Rockhampton

Josefski takes out the Cup on Wheels whilst Anna Meares Wins the Herron Todd White Capricornia Cup

Broncos Cycling Club's Hayden Josefski has taken out the 2005 Central Queensland University Rockhampton Cup on Wheels in 1600m of quality cycling.

All smiles for the girls
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Josefski, riding off the 95m mark, had his work cut out for him with Rockhampton's Grant Irwin and Miles Olman, CATS' Bradley Payne and St George's Peter Fitzpatrick flying from the scratch mark on the Kenrick Tucker Velodrome on Saturday night. Early on, the middle markers organized themselves quickly, making the scratchies work hard to bridge the early gap. With Olman driving them, they started to reel in the field. Olman swung up midway through the race, whilst the middle markers continued to drive hard. Payne and Fitzpatrick continued the charge with Irwin as the laps continued to drop and they mowed down the field. On the bell, the front markers still led the bike race, with Queensland Elite Men's Sprint Champion Damian Harris leading the middle markers around three wide. Irwin moved out from behind the remaining scratchies, drove hard, but he ran out of laps and Josefski crossed the line with half a bike length to spare, ahead of CATS' Todd Dawson and Kangaroo Point's Leo Priest(190m). Rockhampton's Jack Rassie (135m) crossed for fourth, while Bronco's Ben Holmes (165m) and Rockhampton's Lindsay McMaster (160m) crossed for fifth and sixth respectively.

Josefski, a first-year Under 19 rider was pulled through with the strength of the middle markers whose quick organization from the gun made all the difference in the race for the finish line.

The Herron Todd White 1600m Capricornia Cup was claimed in style by none other than the Olympic 500m Time Trial and World Record Holder Anna Meares in front of a boisterous and proud home town crowd. Riding from the scratch mark with sister Kerrie, the Meares sisters flew from the gun, catching the main bunch within two laps of the start. Meanwhile, fellow backmarkers Alexandra Bright (Rockhampton), Hayley Wright (Balmoral) and Bicisport's Liz Georgouras (starting off 30m, 35m and 45m respectively) hit out hard from the gun, with Georgouras leading Bright and Wright to the front with two laps to go. Bright led into the bell, with Kerrie Meares leading Anna around the outside to streak to the front with two to three bike lengths on the field. Anna Meares looked behind for any followers but the sisters were left at the front to fight it out for line honours. With heads down the sisters charged for the line, with Anna taking the win, a strong pump of the fist in victory as she crossed the line.

Kerrie Meares took out second, with Bright holding onto third place and Rockhampton's Katie Smith (125m) almost two bike lengths behind for fourth. Balmoral's Courtney LeLay (70m) took out fifth while Rockhampton completed the dominant home town performance with Sarah Edwards (100m) taking sixth place.

A standout during the evening was the commentary from Paul Craft, who was able to rev up the already excitable Rockhampton crowd, something that many people on the night appreciated. It's obvious that track racing is very alive and very strong in Rocky, and the chants of 'Rocky, Rocky, Rocky - Oi, Oi, Oi!' were evidence enough of this. The quality of racing is testament to the passion of the crowd and the riders, and the concensus of all that witnessed or participated pointed to the event as a complete success.

U11 Combined 666m Wheelrace

Townsville's Matthew Ross confirmed his dominance of the U11 division during the CQU Rocky Cup, winning the combined 666m wheelrace from the scratch mark. Ross flew home in a time of 1.01.78 to comfortably beat Emma Louise Teichmann, Clayton Plane and Chloe Hogg respectively, all from Rockhampton.

U13 Combined 1000m Wheelrace

The combined boys and girls U13 wheelrace was a Rockhampton affair, with Wesley Barrie riding a strong race to win in a time of 1.two9.99 from Kelly Smith and Alexandra O'Dea. Ian Richards took out fourth place after the three lap race.

U15 Girls 1000m Wheelrace

Former Rockhampton turned Broncos rider Brodie Stewart stamped her authority in the U15 division with a strong ride from the back to win the U15 girls 1000m wheelrace. Stewart completed the ride in 1.two1.1two from Townsville's Hayley Grant, Broncos' Tamara Josefski and Cassandra Stephens. Stewart capped off a fantastic carnival, with numerous wins across the two-day competition.

U15 Boys 1000m Wheelrace

Rockhampton Cycling Club's Ben Moore rode a fantastic third lap to take out the U15 boys wheelrace, run over 1000m. Moore came home strongly down the finishing straight to pip Ethan O'Dell for first, with Ivan Cook and Chris Murphy taking out third and fourth respectively. Moore completed the three lap handicap in 1.15.92.

U17 Boys 1000m Wheelrace

In the U17 wheelrace held over 3 laps, Malcolm Rudolph took line honours over Craigh Seage, Kai Zanhetta, Philip Damien and Townsville's Steele Tucker. Rudolph completed the wheelrace in 1.05.95.

Masters 1600m Wheelrace

Two heats of eager Masters riders were required to narrow down the field for the final of the Masters 1600m Wheelrace. With Townsville's Byron Tucker off scratch, the riders knew they had to work hard to hold off Tucker, who was favoured to win the race. However, the scratchies didn't quite make it to the line in time, with Arch Davis taking the win from David Weir in second. Tucker came home for third, while Michael Ross took out fourth and Rockhampton's Ron Hickson fifth.

Men's and Women's Sprint Series

In an exciting display of speed, skill and downright madness, the men's and women's sprint series were a wonderful exhibition of sprint cycling. The Rockhampton crowd were thoroughly entertained by the riders with many of the races going down to the wire. In Round 1, Bicisport's Liz Georgouras defeated Parramatta's Rebecca Ellis, whilst Anna Meares and Alex Bright had a tight ride to the finish line, and Kerrie Meares defeated Balmoral's U19 star Hayley Wright.

However, the fun began to unfold as Sean Eadie and Shaun Hopkins rolled off the back fence to the start line on two of the strangest racing bikes the crowd had ever seen. With long handlebars, low seats and fat, unevenly sized tyres, Eadie and Hopkins made their way carefully round to start line to a series of snickers that echoed around the velodrome. With a few toots of their bicycle horns and a serious announcement from Eadie that he should not be disturbed prior to the commencement of the race as he was concentrating, the bemused commissaire gave permission for the sprint to start, much to the shock of Eadie and Hopkins.

Much to the crowd's disappointment, Eadie and Hopkins parked their alternative bikes on the grass and mounted their track bikes to complete a sprint that was taken out by Eadie in 12.2 seconds. In heat two, Grant Irwin defeated fellow Rockhampton Cycling Club member and newly crowned Elite Men's sprint champion Damian Harris in a nailbiting finish. Rounds two and three of the sprint series proved to be just as exciting, with the finale of the women's series coming down to a race off between cycling sisters Anna and Kerrie Meares - Kerrie won, but was ridden into the fence by Anna coming into the final bend. She responded with a tidy hook down the middle of the back and a strong ride to the line. In the men's final two rounds of racing, Eadie defeated Irwin and Harris, as Hopkins did in both round two and three respectively. Irwin gave Eadie a run for his money when the two riders clashed shoulders from an Irwin hook coming out of the final bend in the run to the finish.

Women's 10km Scratch Race Championship of Queensland

Rockhampton Cycling Club's Anouska Edwards became a Queensland Track Cycling Champion for the first time in her short career, taking out the Women's 10km scratch race from Champion Anna Meares and Hamilton Pine River Wheelers Anna Jones-Perrin. In a fast paced race completed in less than 15 minutes, Edwards claimed the title from 2004 winner Jones-Perrin, who last year won the race in a breakaway effort from Rockhampton's Alex Bright.

Early in the race, the pace was quite high but attacks were limited from any of the girls. Anouska Edwards, Lifecycle's Wendy Haberman and Rockhampton's Laura Edwards did get away, but the attack was reeled in by the bunch. Bright and Edwards worked well together, with Bright working hard as the race unfolded - bridging any gaps that opened up and chasing down a break from Haberman. Jones-Perrin tried to break but Bright worked hard to keep the race together coming into the final few laps. Bright and Edwards kept close to the front of the bikerace, with Edwards remaining close to Bright's wheel. With two laps to go, Alex Bright swung up for the final time, with Edwards on the front. She withheld a chase from Jones-Perrin to win the race ahead of Meares and Jones-Perrin.

U/19 Men's 25 km Points Race Championship of Queensland

Todd Dawson rode a quality U19 men's Points Race in the second last race of the CQU Rockhampton Cup on Wheels, taking the win with 35 points, well clear of his nearest rival, fellow CATS team member Kyle Bateson, who took the silver medal with 27 points. In a gallant effort from first year U19 rider - newly crowned 2005 CQU Rockhampton Cup on Wheels winner Hayden Josefski - finished with the bronze medal on 23 points, ahead of Rockhampton's Jeremy Hogg, who finished on 19 points in fourth place.

Elite Men 40km Points Race Championship of Queensland

After a tremendous performance on Tuesday night from Rockhampton Cyclist Grant Irwin in the Elite Men's 1000m Time Trial, Irwin proved he is very much a classy rider, winning the Gold medal in the Elite Mens 40km Points Race; topping off a awesome night of track racing in Rockhampton and an excellent all round performance from Irwin.

Irwin finished up the points race on 51 points, eight points clear of CATS Bradley Payne, who finished on 43 points. World Junior Representative and 2004 World Junior Points Race Champion Miles Olman worked hard in conjunction with Irwin, attacking regularly throughout the race - he finished the race on 40 points, to take the bronze medal in his first year riding as an Elite Men's rider. Irwin was clearly the strongest rider, fighting hard with Payne and Olman for the points, even making a solo break three-quarters of the way through the race in an attempt to lap the field. Kangaroo Point's Daniel Rynne put in a marvellous effort, winning several sprints, just missing out on a medal with 32 points at the finish.


Capricornia Cup 1600M Wheelrace Heats
Heat 1
1 Alex Bright                                             
2 Haley Wright                                            
3 Kerrie Meares                                           
4 Anna Meares                                             
5 Rebecca Ellies                                          
6 Julie Barnett                                           
7 Wendy Habermann                                         
8 Elizabeth Georgouras                                    
Heat 2
1 Macpherson Chloe                                        
2 Stacey Kramer                                           
3 Sarah Edwards                                           
4 Katie Smith                                             
5 Courtney Le Lay                                         
6 Zoe Appel                                               
7 Lucy Mosley                                             
8 Jessie Barnes                                           
Capricorn Cup On Wheels 1600M Heats
Heat 1
1 Dawson Tod                                              
2 Miles Olman                                             
3 Bradley Payne                                           
4 Grant Irwin                                             
5 Tobias Boylan                                           
6 Peter Fitzpatrick                                       
Heat 2
1 Harris Damien                                           
2 Jay Callaghan                                           
3 Christopher Wilson                                      
4 Hayden Josefski                                         
5 Brad Davis                                              
6 James Schneider                                         
Heat 3
1 Christopher Simonelli                                   
2 Nathan Seage                                            
3 Jack Rassie                                             
4 Ben Holmes                                              
5 William Draffen                                         
6 Lindsay Mcmaster                                        
Heat 4
1 Luke Seiler                                             
2 Ryan James                                              
3 Leo Priest                                              
4 Scott Cuckson                                           
5 Paul Bathersby                                          
6 Mostyn Armstrong                                        
Capricornia Cup
1 Anna Meares                                             
2 Kerrie Meares                                           
3 Alex Bright                                             
4 Katie Smith                                             
5 Courtney Le Lay                                         
6 Sarah Edwards                                           
Rockhampton Cup On Wheels
1 Hayden Josefski                                         
2 Tod Dawson                                              
3 Leo Priest                                              
4 Jack Rassie                                             
5 Ben Holmes                                              
6 Lindsay Mcmaster                                        
Combined Men C Elimination
1 Chris Simonelli                                         
2 Brad Davis                                              
3 Nathan Seage                                            
4 Leo Priest                                              
Combined Men B Elimination
1 Steven Rynne                                            
2 Matthew Wood                                            
3 Damien Harris                                           
4 Jason Corset                                            
Combined Men A Elimination
1 Miles Olman                                             
2 Peter Fitzpatrick                                       
3 Mario Mazza                                             
4 Daniel Rynne                                            
U19 Men Elimination
1 Todd Dawson                                             
2 Jack Rassie                                             
3 Jeremy Hogg                                             
4 Neil Teichmann                                          
Masters B Grade 10 Lap Scratch
1 Stephen Spinks                                          
2 Jeff Smith                                              
3 Ken Crawford                                            
4 Andre Bondeson                                          
Masters A Grade 15 Lap Scratch
1 Gerard Oconnell                                         
2 Byron Tucker                                            
3 Matt Jenkins                                            
4 Michael Ross                                            
Combined Women Elimination
1 Kerrie Meares                                           
2 Rebecca Ellis                                           
3 Anna Meares                                             
4 Cassandra Overney                                       
U/15 Girls 1000M Handicap
1  Penny O'dea                                            
2 Cassandra Stephens                                      
3 Ashley Vagg                                             
4 Brodie Stewart                                          
U/15 Boys 1000M Handicap
1 Ben Moore                                               
2 Aaron Ross                                              
3 Jake Tucker                                             
4 Mitchell Plane                                          
U/17 Men 1000M Handicap
1 Craig Seage                                             
2 Steele Tucker                                           
3 Kai Zanchetta                                           
4 Malcolm Rudolph                                         
U/17 Women 1000M Handicap
1 Stacey Kramer                                           
2 Phillipa Hindmarsh                                      
3 Jessy Byrnes                                            
4 Sarah Edwards                                           
U/11 Combined Lap Dash Handicap
1 Emma Louise Teichmann                                   
2 Matthew Ross                                            
3 Chloe Hogg                                              
4 Shaun Mcgoldrick                                        
U/13 Combined Lap Dash Handicap
1 Sophie Edwards                                          
2 Holly Dellow                                            
3 Kelly Smith                                             
4 Matthew Willmot                                         
U/19 Mens 1000M Handicap
1 Tyler Wright                                            
2 Francis Ransley                                         
3 Jack Rassie                                             
4 Tod Dawson                                              
Mens B/C 1000M Handicap
1 Troy Archer                                             
2 Stirling Milne                                          
3 Paul Bathersby                                          
4 Ryan James                                              
Combined Mens A 1000M Handicap
1 Steven George                                           
2 Jason Corset                                            
3 Grant Irwin                                             
4 Tobias Boylan                                           
Masters B Grade 1000M Handicap
1 Steven Walters                                          
2 Fiona Richards                                          
3 Peter Hull                                              
4 Billy Wright                                            
Masters A Grade 1000M Handicap
1 Matt Jenkins                                            
2 Byron Tucker                                            
3 Arch Davis                                              
4 Michael Ross                                            
Combined Women 1000M Handicap
1 Julie Barnett                                           
2 Chloe Mcpherson                                         
3 Anna Meares                                             
4 Wendy Habermann                                         
U/17 Womens Elimination
1 Courtney Le Lay                                         
2 Sarah Edwards                                           
3 Lucy Moseley                                            
4 Phillippa Hindmarsh                                     
U/17 Men B Elimination
1 Craig Seage                                             
2 Kai Zanchetta                                           
3 Damian Philp                                            
4 Steele Tucker                                           
U/17 Men A Elimination
1 Joshua Edwards                                          
2 Malcolm Rudolph                                         
3 Joshua James                                            
4 Sean Caskey                                             
U/15 Girls 9 Lap Scratch
1 Brodie Stewart                                          
2 Tamara Josefski                                         
3 Haley Grant                                             
4 Jessica Mckay                                           
U/15 Boys 9 Lap Scratch
1 Grayson Follett                                         
2 Christopher Murphy                                      
3 Ethan Odell                                             
4 Ivan Cook                                               
U/11 Combined 3 Lap Scratch
1 Matthew Ross                                            
2 Shaun Mcgoldrick                                        
3 Clayton Plane                                           
4 Jackson Higgins                                         
U/13 Combined 3 Lap Scratch
1 Alex Mckay                                              
2 Ian Richards                                            
3 Wesley Barry                                            
4 Sam Moore                                               
U/11 Combined 666M Wheel Race
1 Matthew Ross                                            
2 Emma Louise Teichmann                                   
3 Clayton Plane                                           
4 Chloe Hogg                                              
U/13 Combined 1000M Wheel Race
1 Wesley Barrie                                           
2 Kelly Smith                                             
3 Alexandra Odea                                          
4 Ian Richards                                            
U/15 Girls 1000M Wheelrace
1 Brodie Stewart                                          
2 Haley Grant                                             
3 Tamara Josefski                                         
4 Cassandra Stephens                                      
U/15 Boys 1000M Wheelrace
1 Ben Moore                                               
2 Ethan O'dell                                            
3 Ivan Cook                                               
4 Chris Murphy                                            
U/17 1000M Wheelrace
1 Malcolm Rudolph                                         
2 Craig Seage                                             
3 Kai Zanhetta                                            
4 Damien Philp                                            
5 Steele Tucker                                           
Masters 1600M Wheel Race Heats
Heat 1
1 Byron Tucker                                            
2 Mat Jenkins                                             
3 Gerard O'connell                                        
4 Arch Davis                                              
5 David Wier                                              
6 Gavin Hopes                                             
7 Shane Siep                                              
8 Michael Ross                                            
Heat 2
1 Paul Martens                                            
2 Ken Crawford                                            
3 Fiona Richards                                          
4 Ron Hickson                                             
5 Jeff Smith                                              
6 Billy Wright                                            
7 Paul Wroe                                               
8 Frank Mcgoldrick                                        
Masters 1600 M Wheelrace
1 Arch Davis                                              
2 David Weir                                              
3 Byron Tucker                                            
4 Michael Ross                                            
5 Ron Hickson                                             
U/17 Men B 15 Lap Scratch
1 Kai Zanchetta                                           
2 Steele Tucker                                           
3 Damien Philp                                            
4 Trent Miles                                             
Womens Sprint Series - Round 1
Heat 1 
1 Liz Georgouras                                          
2 Rebecca Ellis                                           
Heat 2 
1 Meares Anna                                             
2 Alex Bright                                             
Heat 3 
1 Kerrie Meares                                           
2 Haley Wright                                            
Mens Sprint Series - Round 1
Heat 1
1 Sean Eadie                                              
2 Shaun Hopkins                                           
Heat 2
1 Grant Irwin                                             
2 Damien Harris                                           
U/17 Men A 20 Lap Scratch
1 Josh Edwards                                            
2 Malcolm Rudolph                                         
2 Lachlan Plane                                           
3 Joshua James                                            
Combined Mens C Unknown Distance
1 Brad Davis                                              
2 Leo Priest                                              
2 Tyler Wright                                            
3 Scott Cuckson                                           
Womens Sprint Series Round 2
Heat 1
1 Anna Meares                                             
2 Liz Georgouras                                          
Heat 2
1 Kerrie Meares                                           
2 Rebecca Ellis                                           
Heat 3
1 Haley Wright                                            
2 Alex Bright                                             
Mens Sprint Series Round 2
Heat 1
1 Sean Eadie                                              
2 Grant Irwin                                             
Heat 2 
1 Shaun Hopkins                                           
2 Damien Harris                                           
U/17 Women 12 Lap Scratch
1 Phillipa Hindmarsh                                      
2 Courtney Le Lay                                         
3 Lucy Moseley                                            
4 Zoe Appel                                               
Combined Men B Unknown Distance
1 Nathan Seage                                            
2 Jack Rassie                                             
3 Jay Callaghan                                           
4 Matthew Wood                                            
Womens Sprint Series Round 3
Heat 1
1 Alex Bright                                             
2 Rebecca Ellis                                           
Heat 2
1 Haley Wright                                            
2 Liz Georgouras                                          
Heat 3
1 Kerrie Meares                                           
2 Anna Meares                                             
Mens Sprint Series Round 3
Heat 1
1 Shaun Hopkins                                           
2 Grant Irwin                                             
Heat 2
1 Sean Eadie                                              
2 Damien Harris                                           
Combined Men A Unknown Distance
1 Peter Fitzpatrick                                       
2 Grant Irwin                                             
3 Miles Olman                                             
4 Tobias Boylan                                           
Combined Women 15 Lap Scratch
1 K Meares                                                
2 Haley Wright                                            
3 Julie Barnett                                           
4 Elizabeth Georgouras                                    
Womens 10Km Scratch Race Championship Of Queensland
1 Anouska Edwards                                         
2 Anna Meares                                             
3 Anna Jones-Perrin                                       
4 Wendy Habermann                                         
Masters B Grade 18 Lap Point Score
1 Stephen Spinks                                          
2 Jeff Smith                                              
3 Billy Wright                                            
4 Ron Hickson                                             
Masters A Grade 24 Lap Point Score
1 Gerard O'Connell                                        
2 Byron Tucker                                            
3 Gavin Hopes                                             
4 Mat Jenkins                                             
Mens Division 2 15 Lap Scratch
1 James Schneider                                         
2 Leo Priest                                              
3 Ben Holmes                                              
4 Nathan Seage                                            
Mens Division 1 10 Lap Scratch
1 Peter Fitzpatrick                                       
2 Jason Corset                                            
3 Tobias Boylan                                           
4 Jay Callaghan                                           
U/19 Men 25 Km Points Race Championship Of Queensland
1 Tod Dawson                                              
2 Kyle Bateson                                            
3 Hayden Josefski                                         
4 Jeremy Hogg                                             
Elite Men 40Km Points Race Championship Of Queensland
1 Grant Irwin                                             
2 Brad Payne                                              
3 Miles Olman                                             
4 Daniel Rynne