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2004 Queensland Elite Track Championships - NE

Rockhampton, Australia, January 6, 2005

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Day 2 Wrap Up

Rockhampton Cycling Club riders excelled on Day 2 of Queensland State Track Cycling Championships at the Kenrick Tucker Velodrome last night, with three of the seven gold medals going to local riders.

U19 and Elite Mens 1000m Time Trial - Irwin Claims Track Record

In the U19 mens 1000m Time Trial, Jeremy Hogg (1.10.95) took line honours from Haydon Josefski (1.11.04) and Todd Dawson (1.11.15). Following suit, the elite men took to the Velodrome in windy conditions, with Grant Irwin (Rockhampton) riding a fantastic time trial to win in 1.06.88. Irwin showed strength and form right to the finish line to finish ahead of Daniel Rynne from Kangaroo Point (1.10.23) and Bradley Payne of CATS (1.10.81). Irwin's sensational form also earnt him a track record for the 1000m time trial, beating the previous winner, Wade Cosgrove whose time ranged in the 1.07s.

U19 and Elite Womens Sprint - Bright Beats Lovely

In the elite womens sprint, the Rockhampton women collected the trifecta with Anouska Edwards defeating Suellen Topp (Toowoomba Cycling Club) for the bronze medal in 2 straight sets. The gold and silver medal ride off was between Alex Bright and Deborah Lovely, Athens Olympic weightlifter turned cyclist. In a toughly contested battle, Lovely took the first round over Bright, however Bright returned in round 2 to lead out the sprint at the 200m mark, holding off Lovely in the bends and coming home the victor, calling for a deciding 3rd round. The 3rd round proved to be a battle of who could withstand pain the longest, with Bright coming round the outside to claim the victory by less than half a wheel at the line.

Rockhampton also faired well in the U19 womens sprint, with Samantha Schutz and Laura Edwards battling it out for the bronze medal, with Schutz coming out the victor in 2 straight rounds. The gold medal went to Australian Junior Track Member Hayley Wright (Balmoral) and the silver to Chloe Macpherson (Mackay Cycling Club) who rode to 3 rounds after Macpherson took the first round, riding a strong race from the front at the 200m mark to withhold Wright. Wright returned for the final 2 rounds to beat Macpherson, who put up a good fight against a stronger opponent.

Elite Womens 3000m Individual Pursuit - Jones Perrin Takes Title

Anouska Edwards (4.17.81) had a big night in the saddle, also contesting the elite womens 3000m individual pursuit along with the sprint, claiming the silver medal behind Anna Jones Perrin from Hamilton Pine Rivers (4.09.85) and Sonya Keay, also of Hamilton Pine Rivers (4.42.11).

U19 and Elite Mens Pursuits

In other results on Day 2, Brendan O'Connell (Broncos Cycling Club) took out the elite mens 4000m individual pursuit ahead of Matthew Wood (Kangaroo Point Cycling Club) and Nigel Kee (University Cycling Club) and in the U19 3000m individual pursuit, CATS riders Kyle Bateson and Todd Dawson had a epic battle that came down to the wire, with Bateson taking the gold medal in a time of 3.43.39 over Dawson (3.43.49). The bronze medal went to Haydon Josefski (Broncos).


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Elite Women
Sprint Championship of Queensland
Results - Qualifying Round

1 Alexandra Bright                              12.28
2 Anouska Edwards                               12.87
3 Deborah Lovely                                13.32
4 Suellen Topp                                  13.81

Junior Under 19 Women
Sprint Championship of Queensland
Results - Qualifying Round

1 Hayley Wright                                  12.80
2 Chloe Macpherson                               13.00
3 Samantha Schulz                                14.20
4 Laura Edwards                                  14.30
5 Katie Smith                                    14.45

Elite Women
Sprint Championship of Queensland
Semi Final Rounds 

Heat 1

1 Anouska Edwards
2 Deborah Lovely                                 13.24  13.11

Heat 2

1 Alexandra Bright                               13.35  13.00
2 Suellen Topp

Elite Women
Sprint Championship of Queensland
Final For Bronze Medal  

3 Suellen Topp
4 Anouska Edwards                                13.27   13.93

Final For Gold And Silver Medals

1 Alexandra Bright                                       13.05   13.19
2 Deborah Lovely                                 13.44

Junior Under 19 Women
Sprint Championship of Queensland
Semi Final Rounds  

Heat 1

1 Chloe Macpherson                               13.14   13.51
2 Samantha Schulz

Heat 2

1 Hayley Wright                                  13.34   14.44
2 Laura Edwards

Junior Under 19 Women
Sprint Championship of Queensland
For Bronze Medal
3 Samantha Schulz                                14.32   15.28
4 Laura Edwards

For Gold And Silver Medals
1 Hayley Wright                                          13.54   13.33
2 Chloe Macpherson                               13.40

Elite Women
3000m Individual Pursuit
Championship of Queensland

1 Anna Jones-Perrin                             4.09.8
2 Anouska Edwards                               4.17.8
3 Sonya Keay                                    4.42.1

1 Lizzie Clements                               2.50.7

Under 19 Men
1000m Time Trial - Championship of Queensland

1 Jeremy Hogg                                 1.11.0
2 Hayden Josefski                             1.11.0
3 Todd Dawson                                 1.11.1
4 Jack Rassie                                 1.11.2
5 Benjamin Simonelli                          1.11.4
6 William Draffen                             1.13.5
7 Joel Davis                                  1.13.7
8 Tyler Wright                                1.16.0
9 Mostyn Armstrong                            1.17.6
10 Neil Teichmann                             1.19.4
11 Scott Cuckson                              1.20.3
12 Hayden Francis                             1.24.2

Elite Men
1000m Time Trial - Championship of Queensland

1 Grant Irwin                * Track record   1.06.88
2 Daniel Rynne                                1.10.2
3 Bradley Payne                               1.10.8
4 Christopher Simonelli                       1.11.4
5 Christopher Chatto                          1.13.6
6 Jay Callaghan                               1.15.0
7 Christopher Wilson                          1.15.1
8 Stuart Mcbean                               1.19.1
DNF Steven George

Elite Men
4000m Individual Pursuit
Championship of Queensland

1 Brendan O'Connell                           5.09.0
2 Matthew Wood                                5.17.3
3 Nigel Kee                                   5.25.2

Junior Under 19 Men
3000m Individual Pursuit

1 Kyle Bateson                                3.43.4
2 Todd Dawson                                 3.43.5
3 Hayden Josefski                             3.49.5