Trade shows 2001

EICMA Milan - Part II, September 20 - 24

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By Tim Maloney

If it's late September, it must be Milan, a show that's traditionally an orgy of all the things that are great about the Italian bike industry: poise, flair, and acres of droolsome Campagnolo in glass cabinets.


2002 looks good
Photo: © Cyclingnews

The cultish Italian shoe brand, worn by Laurent Jalabert, chose Milan to offer a peek at their 2002 season offerings. DMT offers up their '02 top of the line MTB Ultimax " Pro Edition " with all new graphics.

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Guerciotti's cyclocross design
Photo: © Cyclingnews

Uncle Paolo Guerciotti had a new mid-range 'cross bike all ready for the mud! Or is it a Pinarello?


A smooth ride
Photo: © Cyclingnews

Lightweight version of SSM's popular "Era" saddle; the 140 gram Era Composite has a carbon fiber reinforced shell with minimal EVA padding & Ti rails.


State of the art
Photo: © Cyclingnews

Usually known for their state-of-the-art seat posts (like this monocoque developed with Mizuno), Selcom has launched a new line of bars & stems for '02.

Henry Hogan

Hogan's hero
Photo: © Cyclingnews

Perhaps a cousin of Lee Coogan…or is it Lee Cooper? Whatever…here is a midrange eyetalian MTB named after a fictitious Scotsman.


Sit on it!
Photo: © Cyclingnews

This small, ultra high-end Italian manufacturer of hubs, seatposts and other lightweight parts has a new 208 gram Ti seatpost with extra setback. Gibo Simoni used PMP hubs for his special Giro climbing wheels this year.


FIR's Galaxium
Photo: © Cyclingnews

FIR: Dramatic looking new Galaxium road wheels with 20 straight pull carbon fiber spokes and 30mm. clincher rims.

Rudy Project

Rudy cool
Photo: © Cyclingnews

Check out these "technically cool" flip up shades from Rudy called Performance. Optically corrected glasses with aero flip-ups. Cool…but they probably won’t sell too many in Ohio.


Never looked so good
Photo: © Cyclingnews

"Il grande Irio" is one of the very few bike builders to mate carbon fiber with steel in his attractive ’02 Carbo Plus model.


Fondriest's new classic
Photo: © Cyclingnews

This new TF1 " Top Carbon has an integrated headset and wishbone rear stay; perhaps reminiscent of the classic Colnago C-40, but with variations on the original theme.

Marchisio Eptagon

Cavemen had it wrong all along
Photo: © Cyclingnews

A lightweight (1700 grams/pair) and unusual wheel design from Marchisio, with oversize heptagonal hub flanges and straight pull spokes.


Denti style
Photo: © Cyclingnews

A small artisan builder from Brescia who often has novel designs. Here is his "minislope" frame with full carbon rear end and FSA cranks.

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