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Photo ©: Sirotti

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12th Giro del Capo - 2.5

South Africa, March 11-15, 2003

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Stage 3 - March 13: Paarl - Paarl, 167 km

Trackie Luke Roberts also rides up the mountains

By Jean-François Quénet in Paarl

Luke Roberts
Photo: © JF Quenet
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After two South African wins in a row with Darren Lill and Simon Kessler, Australia took the honour with Luke Roberts coming first in the longest (174.5km) and hardest stage of the Giro del Capo.

Between the grueling climbs of the Franschhoek Pass and the DuToit Kloof Pass, the wind prevented some breakaways from being successful and Team Barloworld controlled the whole race as if they were leading it. A tactic that the manager of pink jersey Darren Lill's HSBC Martin Sanders found really pleasant and helpful. "It's been a very good day for us", he said.

David George expected to make a difference on DuToit Kloof but it was too windy for a man alone to break clear. He didn't look too affected after the stage and said: "It'll come down to the time trial anyway and I'm only 10 seconds down on GC now. Last year I was 30 seconds down on Daniel Spence!" On the 5.5km climb from Camps Bay to Signal Hill, he rode 40 seconds faster than runner up Michael Rogers, that's why he's so confident in winning again. But still, Barloworld could take less responsibility and at least ask some other teams to work as well. They didn't.

They chased down German Thomas Ziegler from Wiesenhof and South Africa's great hope Alex Galvin from Minolta, who both escaped before DuToit Kloof. On the downhill, Norwegian Gabriel Rasch of Team Ringerike gave them a lesson of a skier going down fast. Together with German Eric Baumann, also from Wiesenhof, they got caught before the finish in Paarl.

Simon Gerrans
Photo: © JF Quenet
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Everyone expected Wiesenhof to lead the sprint out for Enrico Poitschke but all the Germans did their own on different parts of the road. That's how Roberts took off. "I was getting a good position, he described. And I got a clear run on the right hand side of the road with 200 metres to go so I took it." Two Australians were there up the road with neo-pro Simon Gerrans taking an encouraging fourth place. He worked as a lead out man but lost his Swedish team-mate Mattias Carlsson in a wave.

"I had pretty good legs all day," Roberts added. "Yesterday I struggled a bit because of the bruises from the crash on the first day prior to the sprint finish. Looking back, I could have been there for the win also at the end of stage 1." But the South Australian who is a team pursuit Commonwealth and world champion as well as world record holder is satisfied with his first UCI win on the road since a stage of the Jacob's Creek Tour Down Under two years ago. He'll back in South Africa next month for a leg of the track world cup in Cape Town.

Fourth stage of the Giro del Capo is a criterium - 11 times 3.76km with a hill - at the expo where the 40,000 participants of the Pick'n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour are coming to get their number since Wednesday. Roberts will then focus on Saturday's time trial. "Whether it's uphill or flat, it'll be a 12 minute effort flat out and that's what I'm the best at," he reckoned.

Is George really unbeatable?


Images by Jean-Francois Quénet


1 Luke Roberts (Aus) Comnet-Senges                  4.38.30
2 Bjorn Glasner (Ger) Lamonta
3 Enrico Poitschke (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig
4 Simon Gerrans (Aus) Team Ringerike
5 Lubor Tesar (Cze) e'Dsystem-ZVVZ
6 Eric Baumann (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig
7 David George (RSA) Barloworld
8 Ian McLeod (RSA) HSBC
9 Jens Heppner (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig
10 Adrian Maaske (RSA) Minolta
11 Adrian Ilsley (RSA) Minolta
12 Darren Lill (RSA) HSBC
13 Jonathan Dayus (GBr) Team Ringerike
14 Eckard Bergh (RSA) Minolta
15 Mattias Carlsson (Swe) Team Ringerike
16 Thomas Ziegler (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig
17 Jeremy Maartens (RSA) HSBC
18 Alex Galvin (RSA) Minolta
19 Morné Bester (RSA) Microsoft
20 Jaco Odendaal (RSA) Barloworld
21 Mannie Heymans (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens
22 Gabriel Rasch (Nor) Team Ringerike                  0.07
23 Eric Furstenburg (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens          0.35
24 Martin Pieterse (RSA) Calcium-Hexal Panda
25 Martin Müller (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig
26 Martin Laciak (Cze) e'Dsystem-ZVVZ
27 Hans-Jurgen Juratzek (Ger) Comnet-Senges
28 Bjorn Papstein (Ger) Lamonta
29 Chris Willemse (RSA) Chris Willemse Cycles
30 Michal Precechtel (Cze) e'Dsystem-ZVVZ
31 Reinhardt du Plessis (RSA) Minolta
32 Travis Allen (RSA) Calcium-Hexal Panda
33 Jock Green (RSA) HSBC                               4.16
34 Alexander Milner (RSA) Sub 3                        4.53
35 Willie van Zyl (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens
36 Alastair Andrews (RSA) SA Development
37 Craig Butland (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection          5.06
38 Graeme Cronjé (RSA) Calcium-Hexal Panda
39 Claude Roestoff (RSA) SA Development
40 Paul Minnaar (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection
41 Daniel Meinke (Ger) Comnet-Senges
42 Darryl Impey (RSA) Microsoft
43 Simon Kessler (RSA) Microsoft
44 JC Jooste (RSA) HAV Carpets
45 Charl Van Wyk (RSA) Sub 3
46 Neil Timm (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection
47 Anton van der Merwe (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection    5.45
48 Philip Schoeman (RSA) Sub 3                         6.36
49 Johan van der Berg (RSA) Microsoft
50 Daniel Spence (RSA) HSBC
51 Douglas Ryder (RSA) Microsoft
52 Wolfgang Owczarek (Ger) Lamonta                     9.17
53 Sebastian Drenker (Ger) Lamonta
54 Tiaan Kannemeyer (RSA) Barloworld
55 Rupert Rheeder (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens
56 Mark Wilcox (RSA) CSC/CVT
57 Brian Loff (RSA) SA Development                    15.34
58 Sylvain Calzati (Fra) Barloworld                   21.17
59 Eric Berthou (Fra) Barloworld
60 Robbie Rodrigues (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection      25.29
61 JP Fourie (RSA) HAV Carpets                        25.35
62 Chris Esch (RSA) CSC/CVT
63 Gareth Rawson (RSA) HAV Carpets
64 Kevin Evans (RSA) Vineyard Hotel/Breitling
65 Frank Dressler (Ger) Comnet-Senges
66 Dirk Vobbe (RSA) Vineyard Hotel/Breitling
67 Jean-Claude Pretorius (RSA) Chris Willemse Cycle
68 Jaco Ferreira (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens
69 Geddan Ruddock (RSA) Vineyard Hotel/Breitling
70 Simon Brown (RSA) CSC/CVT
71 Jacques Goosen (RSA) CSC/CVT
72 Steve Sergeant (RSA) Vineyard Hotel/Breitling
General classification after stage 3
1 Darren Lill (RSA) HSBC                           11.40.21
2 Jens Heppner (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig                 0.04
3 Mattias Carlsson (Swe) Team Ringerike                0.06
4 David George (RSA) Barloworld                        0.10
5 Adrian Maaske (RSA) Minolta
6 Eckard Bergh (RSA) Minolta
7 Enrico Poitschke (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig             0.14
8 Mannie Heymans (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens
9 Ian McLeod (RSA) HSBC                                0.20
10 Jonathan Dayus (GBr) Team Ringerike                 0.21
11 Adrian Ilsley (RSA) Minolta                         0.24
12 Morné Bester (RSA) Microsoft                        0.27
13 Luke Roberts (Aus) Comnet-Senges                    0.29
14 Jeremy Maartens (RSA) HSBC                          0.35
15 Jaco Odendaal (RSA) Barloworld                      0.52
16 Thomas Ziegler (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig              1.14
17 Eric Baumann (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig                3.54
18 Martin Laciak (Cze) e'Dsystem-ZVVZ                  4.02
19 Alex Galvin (RSA) Minolta                           6.34
20 Jock Green (RSA) HSBC                               6.39
21 Reinhardt du Plessis (RSA) Minolta                  7.09
22 Michal Precechtel (Cze) e'Dsystem-ZVVZ              7.14
23 Chris Willemse (RSA) Chris Willemse Cycles          7.18
24 Gabriel Rasch (Nor) Team Ringerike                  8.04
25 Martin Müller (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig               9.08
26 Bjorn Glasner (Ger) Lamonta                         9.45
27 Simon Gerrans (Aus) Team Ringerike                 10.05
28 Eric Furstenburg (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens         10.26
29 Hans-Jurgen Juratzek (Ger) Comnet-Senges
30 Simon Kessler (RSA) Microsoft                      11.27
31 Daniel Meinke (Ger) Comnet-Senges                  14.57
32 Tiaan Kannemeyer (RSA) Barloworld                  16.28
33 Lubor Tesar (Cze) e'Dsystem-ZVVZ                   16.50
34 Paul Minnaar (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection          18.37
35 Mark Wilcox (RSA) CSC/CVT                          19.08
36 Daniel Spence (RSA) HSBC                           20.07
37 Graeme Cronjé (RSA) Calcium-Hexal Panda            20.48
38 Alastair Andrews (RSA) SA Development              20.49
39 Johan van der Berg (RSA) Microsoft                 21.28
40 Travis Allen (RSA) Calcium-Hexal Panda             21.34
41 Martin Pieterse (RSA) Calcium-Hexal Panda          22.16
42 Alexander Milner (RSA) Sub 3                       24.02
43 Wolfgang Owczarek (Ger) Lamonta                    25.13
44 Darryl Impey (RSA) Microsoft                       26.05
45 Neil Timm (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection             26.33
46 Willie van Zyl (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens           26.38
47 Anton van der Merwe (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection   26.44
48 Craig Butland (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection         26.52
49 Douglas Ryder (RSA) Microsoft                      28.24
50 Claude Roestoff (RSA) SA Development               28.46
51 Bjorn Papstein (Ger) Lamonta                       33.27
52 Frank Dressler (Ger) Comnet-Senges                 33.32
53 Sebastian Drenker (Ger) Lamonta                    33.55
54 Eric Berthou (Fra) Barloworld                      35.02
55 Charl Van Wyk (RSA) Sub 3                          35.09
56 Sylvain Calzati (Fra) Barloworld                   36.26
57 Brian Loff (RSA) SA Development                    40.00
58 JP Fourie (RSA) HAV Carpets                        49.51
59 Kevin Evans (RSA) Vineyard Hotel/Breitling         49.57
60 Dirk Vobbe (RSA) Vineyard Hotel/Breitling          50.13
61 Steve Sergeant (RSA) Vineyard Hotel/Breitling
62 Philip Schoeman (RSA) Sub 3                        51.52
63 JC Jooste (RSA) HAV Carpets                        54.21
64 Jaco Ferreira (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens            55.38
65 Robbie Rodrigues (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection      56.05
66 Simon Brown (RSA) CSC/CVT                          56.06
67 Geddan Ruddock (RSA) Vineyard Hotel/Breitling      57.03
68 Rupert Rheeder (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens         1.00.09
69 Chris Esch (RSA) CSC/CVT                         1.01.50
70 Jean-Claude Pretorius (RSA) Chris Willemse Cycle 1.02.20
71 Jacques Goosen (RSA) CSC/CVT                     1.04.33
72 Gareth Rawson (RSA) HAV Carpets                  1.14.43
Points classification
1 Simon Kessler (RSA) Microsoft                          13 pts
2 Luke Roberts (Aus) Comnet-Senges                       10
3 Enrico Poitschke (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig               10
4 Darren Lill (RSA) HSBC                                 10
5 Jock Green (RSA) HSBC                                   8
6 Eric Baumann (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig                    7
7 Jens Heppner (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig                    6
8 Bjorn Glasner (Ger) Lamonta                             6
9 Graeme Cronjé (RSA) Calcium-Hexal Panda                 5
10 Ian McLeod (RSA) HSBC                                  4
11 Thomas Ziegler (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig                 4
12 Mattias Carlsson (Swe) Team Ringerike                  4
13 Johan van der Berg (RSA) Microsoft                     3
14 Douglas Ryder (RSA) Microsoft                          2
15 Morné Bester (RSA) Microsoft                           1
16 Willie van Zyl (RSA) Eyeperoptics/Queens               1
Mountains classification
1 Eric Baumann (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig                   32 pts
2 David George (RSA) Barloworld                          30
3 Jeremy Maartens (RSA) HSBC                             28
4 Jock Green (RSA) HSBC                                  28
5 Johan van der Berg (RSA) Microsoft                     18
6 Thomas Ziegler (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig                 17
7 Jaco Odendaal (RSA) Barloworld                         16
8 Graeme Cronjé (RSA) Calcium-Hexal Panda                15
9 Alex Galvin (RSA) Minolta                              10
10 Jean-Claude Pretorius (RSA) Chris Willemse Cycle       8
11 Enrico Poitschke (Ger) Wiesenhof Leipzig               6
12 Ian McLeod (RSA) HSBC                                  6
13 Tiaan Kannemeyer (RSA) Barloworld                      5
14 Darren Lill (RSA) HSBC                                 4
15 Adrian Ilsley (RSA) Minolta                            4
16 Anton van der Merwe (RSA) BOE/Italian Connection       4
17 Geddan Ruddock (RSA) Vineyard Hotel/Breitling          4
18 Eckard Bergh (RSA) Minolta                             3
19 Adrian Maaske (RSA) Minolta                            2
Teams classification
1 Minolta                                          35.01.47
2 HSBC                                                 0.20
3 Wiesenhof Leipzig                                    1.08
4 Ringerike                                            7.44
5 Barloworld                                          16.46
6 Comnet-Senges                                       23.24
7 eD'System-ZVVZ                                      27.22
8 Microsoft                                           31.25
9 Eyeperoptics/Queens                                 35.48
10 Lamonta                                            47.34
11 Calcium-Hexal Panda                              1.03.59
12 BOE-Italian                                      1.07.43
13 SACF Developement                                1.28.51
14 Sub 3                                            1.50.19
15 CVT                                              2.07.24
16 Vineyard Hotel/Breitling                         2.29.27
17 HAV Carpets                                      2.58.11