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German National Road Championships - CN

Bühl, June 29-30, 2002

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Day 2 - June 30: Elite Men's Road Race, 207.5 km

Hondo champion of Germany

Telekom continued its incredible run of victories in the German Road Championships with sprinter Danilo Hondo taking his first national title in Bühl. It was the 10th win for the national team in 10 years, despite the strength of other teams such as Gerolsteiner and Team Coast. Hondo outsprinted breakaway companion Uwe Peschel (Gerolsteiner) after the two had escaped with three laps to go. Third place went to Erik Zabel (Telekom) who won the bunch sprint 1'11 behind the leaders.

Although the breakaways only had a 33 second lead with one lap to go with Team Coast doing much of the chasing behind, the numerical superiority of Telekom and Gerolsteiner, combined with the strength of Peschel and Hondo was enough to ensure they stayed away. The only threat to Hondo was when Peschel attacked on the climb, but the Cottbus sprinter was able to match him, and was always going to be the better sprinter.

Hondo dedicated his win to his recently deceased mother, and is now looking towards the Tour de France where he'll be an important aide to Erik Zabel.


1 Danilo Hondo (Team Deutsche Telekom)        4.54.41 (42.25 km/h)
2 Uwe Peschel (Gerolsteiner)                     0.02
3 Erik Zabel (Team Deutsche Telekom)             1.11
4 Raphael Schweda (Team Coast)
5 Patrik Sinkewitz (Mapei Quick Step)
6 Christian Wegmann (SAECO - Longoni - Sport)
7 Steffen Wesemann (Team Deutsche Telekom)
8 Fabian Wegmann (Gerolsteiner)
9 Jens Heppner (Team Deutsche Telekom)
10 Jens Voigt (Credit Agricole)
11 Grischa Jan Niermann (RABOBANK)
12 Sascha Henrix (Team Coast)
13 Rolf Aldag (Team Deutsche Telekom)
14 Torsten Hiekmann (Team Deutsche Telekom)
15 Christian Werner (Team Nürnberger)
16 Heiko Szonn (Team Cologne)
17 David Kopp (Team Deutsche Telekom)
18 Christian Lademann (Team Wüstenrot)
19 Roberto Lochowski (Team Fakta)
20 Mario Bolz (Team Cologne)
21 Tobias Heimkreitner (RSV Götting-Bruckmühl)
22 Samuel Farun (Kolesarski Club)
23 Marcel Sieberg (RRG Porz  1987)
24 Steffen Lockan (RSC Cottbus)
25 Stephan Schreck (Team Deutsche Telekom)
26 Thomas Böckmann (RRV Hameln-Pyrmont)
27 Jan Pokrandt (RSC Cottbus)
28 Enrico Poitschke (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
29 Eric Baumann (SSV Gera 1990)
30 Wolfram Wiese (Team Comnet - Senges)
31 Carsten Gottschalk (LTA Quattro Logistics)
32 Björn Schröder (RV Berlin 1888)
33 Jörg Ludewig (SAECO - Longoni - Sport)
34 Christian Wasmer (RSV Breisgauperle Denzlingen)
35 Rene Obst (Berliner TSC)
36 Stefan Parinussa (Team Lamonta)
37 Holger Sievers (Team Nürnberger)
38 Sebastian Denke (LTA Quattro Logistics)
39 Steffen Weigold (Gerolsteiner)
40 Markus Ganser (Team Comnet - Senges)
41 Sven Teutenberg (Team Phonak)
42 Volker Ordowski (Gerolsteiner)
43 Uwe Hardter (Gerolsteiner)
44 Mathias Jelitto (RSC Cottbus)
45 René Weisinger (Team Rothaus)
46 Jonas Hudalla (Team Cologne)
47 Andreas Klier (Team Deutsche Telekom)
48 Udo Bölts (Team Deutsche Telekom)
49 Kai Hundertmarck (Team Deutsche Telekom)
50 Dirk Ronellenfitsch (Team Cologne)
51 Thomas Liese (Team Nürnberger)
52 Tobias Steinhauser (Gerolsteiner)
53 Ronny Scholz (Gerolsteiner)
54 Thorsten Rund (Team Coast)
55 Udo Müller (Berliner TSC)
56 Markus Koob (Team Comnet - Senges)
57 Stefan Heiny (Team Rothaus)
58 Andreas Schleer (Team Rothaus)
59 Daniel Musiol (SC Berlin)
60 Armin Krahl (SC Berlin)
61 Timo Scholz (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
62 Martin Müller (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
63 Claudius Dangelmaier (Team Rothaus)
64 Eric Hildebrandt (Team Rothaus)
65 Hans-Jürgen Juretzek (Team Comnet - Senges)
66 Thomas Kaufmann (Team Rothaus)
67 Axel Hauschke (Team Comnet - Senges)
68 Robert Retschke (SSV Gera 1990)
69 Michael Fuchs (RSV Wanderlust Ebnet)
70 Marco Appler (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
71 Dennis Kraft (RC Charlottenburg)
72 Florian Wallner (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Robert Bartko (Team Deutsche Telekom)
DNF Ralf Grabsch (Team Deutsche Telekom)
DNF Matthias Kessler (Team Deutsche Telekom)
DNF Andreas Klöden (Team Deutsche Telekom)
DNF Dirk Reichl (Team Deutsche Telekom)
DNF Jan Schaffrath (Team Deutsche Telekom)
DNF Stefan Schumacher (Team Deutsche Telekom)
DNF Sebastian Lang (Gerolsteiner)
DNF Olaf Pollack (Gerolsteiner)
DNF Michael Rich (Gerolsteiner)
DNF Torsten Schmidt (Gerolsteiner)
DNF Daniel Becke (Team Coast)
DNF André Korff (Team Coast)
DNF Steffen Radochla (Team Coast)
DNF Malte Urban (Team Coast)
DNF Thorsten Wilhelms (Team Coast)
DNF Christoph Kleinsorgen, von (Team Coast)
DNF Andreas Beikirch (Team Cologne)
DNF Frank Klein (Team Cologne)
DNF Dirk Müller (Team Cologne)
DNF Klaus Mutschler (Team Cologne)
DNF Björn Glasner (Team Cologne)
DNF Jörg Förster (Team Nürnberger)
DNF Robert Förster (Team Nürnberger)
DNF Armin Kröniger (Team Nürnberger)
DNF Ronny Lauke (Team Nürnberger)
DNF Jens Lehmann (Team Nürnberger)
DNF Dirk Schumann (Team Nürnberger)
DNF Jürgen Werner (Team Nürnberger)
DNF Michael Giebelmann (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
DNF Enrico Nikolai (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
DNF Carsten Podlesch (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
DNF Andre Schulze (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
DNF Marco Wittwer (Team Wiesenhof Leipzig)
DNF Stefan Kupfernagel (Team Phonak)
DNF Torsten Nitsche (SAECO - Longoni - Sport)
DNF Jörg Bär (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Patrick Fischer (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Florian Götz (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Dennis Haueisen (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Roman Herrmann (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Patrick Billian (KJC Ravensburg)
DNF Victor März (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Benjamin Minow (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Markus Neuscheler (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Robert Sczepurek (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Stefan Thaller (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Lars Wackernagel (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Michael Zandt (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Sylvio Konietzko (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Karsten Volkmann (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Mathias Kahl (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Michael Bittner (LTA Quattro Logistics)
DNF Stefan Ganser (Team Comnet - Senges)
DNF Jochen Lichtenthäler (Team Comnet - Senges)
DNF Daniel Meinke (Team Comnet - Senges)
DNF Martin Neffgen (Team Comnet - Senges)
DNF Andreas Schruff (Team Comnet - Senges)
DNF Stephan Schruff (Team Comnet - Senges)
DNF Michél Teichert (Team Comnet - Senges)
DNF Karsten Vogel (Team Comnet - Senges)
DNF Sven Biermann (Team Lamonta)
DNF Henning Jaecks (Team Lamonta)
DNF Patrick Köhler (Team Lamonta)
DNF Denis Oster (Team Lamonta)
DNF Björn Papstein (Team Lamonta)
DNF Marcus Valen (Team Lamonta)
DNF Mario Vonhof (Team Lamonta)
DNF Patrick Kromer (Team Rothaus)
DNF Sebastian Linser (Team Rothaus)
DNF Jochen Rochau (Team Rothaus)
DNF Jens Reuker (Team Rothaus)
DNF Mark Schneider (Team Rothaus)
DNF Christian Willmann (Team Rothaus)
DNF Jan Richter (Team RDM-Flanders)
DNF Linus Gerdemann (RRG Porz  1987)
DNF Artjom Botschkarew (RRG Porz  1987)
DNF Christian Knees (RRG Porz  1987)
DNF Daniel Knyss (RRG Porz  1987)
DNF Jonas Owczarek (RRG Porz  1987)
DNF Michael Schweizer (RRG Porz  1987)
DNF Matthias Roblick (RSC Cottbus)
DNF Martin Winkelmann (RSC Cottbus)
DNF Michael Haas (RSV Wanderlust Ebnet)
DNF Ralf Keul (RSV Wanderlust Ebnet)
DNF Stefan Meyer (RSV Wanderlust Ebnet)
DNF Patrick Holsche (RV Berlin 1888)
DNF Moritz Veit (SSV Gera 1990)
DNF Matthias Ruß (RV Adler Empfingen)
DNF Peter Magyarosi (RV H. Sossenheim)
DNF Tilo Schüler (RV H. Sossenheim)
DNF Thomas Kaufmann (RV Viktoria Essingen)
DNF Dirk Vobbe (USC Kiel)
DNF Jens Becker (RF Homburg)
DNF Jan Bratkowski (Cage Magliere)
DNF Jörg Jaksche (ONCE - Würth)
DNF Bert Grabsch (Team Phonak)
DNF Dominik Raza (Team Wüstenrot)

Past winners

2002 Danilo Hondo (Telekom)
2001 Jan Ullrich (Telekom)
2000 Rolf Aldag (Telekom)
1999 Udo Bölts (Telekom)
1998 Erik Zabel (Telekom)
1997 Jan Ullrich (Telekom)
1996 Christian Henn (Telekom)
1995 Udo Bölts (Telekom)
1994 Jens Heppner (Telekom)
1993 Bernd Gröne (Telekom)

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