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13th Paralympic Games - JO

Beijing, China, September 7-14, 2008

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Stage 2 - September 8: Track racing - Day 2

More records fall to anglophiles

Records continued to fall in the second day of competition at the Laoshan velodrome. Four more world records and a dozen Paralympic records fell over the course of day two, with six riders going under the previous mark in the men's blind and visually impaired kilometre, four besting the LC2 men's pursuit record, and two in the LC1 men's pursuit.

Australia's Michael Gallagher took four seconds off the record set just minutes earlier by Germany's Wolfgang Sacher in the LC1 men's pursuit qualifier on his way to the gold medal. In the men's LC2 pursuit, the gold went to Jiri Jezek of the Czech Republic who gained revenge in the final over old rival Roberto Alcaide of Spain who beat him to the gold in Athens, 2004.

In the Women's events the United States took its first gold of the Games when Jennifer Schuble affirmed her claim to the world number one spot, adding the LC1-2/CP4 500m time trial title to World Championship crown she won last year. In the women's LC3-4/CP3 event, Paula Tesoriero of New Zealand went one better than the silver she took at the 2007 World Championships in Bordeaux, France, setting a new LC3 world mark in the process. In the bronze medal position, Australia's Jayme Paris set a new CP3 world record.

The men's BV&I 1-3 kilometre final was the night's most exciting event, with six riders cracking the previous record. Britain's Anthony Kappes and his pilot Barney Storey took gold and a new world record by nearly half a second. The two Australian pairs of Ben Demery piloted by Shaun Hopkins and Sunday's World Record-breaker Kieran Modra piloted by Tyson Lawrence had to settle for silver and bronze respectively. Kappes' gold ensured the British team finished the day on four golds for the Paralympics to date, one ahead of Australia and three ahead of the single golds won by New Zealand, the United States and the Czech Republic.


Men's Individual Pursuit Qualifying (Lc 1)
1 Michael Gallagher (Australia)                         4.40.6
2 Wolfgang Sacher (Germany)                             0.03.8
3 Fabio Triboli (Italy)                                 0.06.3
4 Soelito Gohr (Brazil)                                 0.09.5
5 Cathal Gustavus Miller (Ireland)                      0.13.4
6 Manfred Gattringer (Austria)                          0.14.1
7 Pierpaolo Addesi (Italy)                              0.17.6
8 Wolfgang Eibeck (Austria)                             0.18.3
9 Ivan Renggli (Switzerland)                            0.26.3
10 David Mercier (France)                               0.28.0
11 Damien Severi (France)                               0.30.0
12 Mark Breton (Canada)                                 0.31.8
13 Kuidong Zhang (China)                                0.32.1
14 Kennedy Jacome (Colombia)                            0.36.3
15 Ioannis Kalaitzakis (Greece)                         0.39.4
Men's Individual Pursuit Qualifying (Lc 2)
1 Jiri Jezek (Czech Republic)                           4.45.3
2 Roberto Alcaide (Spain)                               0.06.2
3 Jan Boyen (Belgium)                                   0.11.0
4 Carol Eduard Novak (Roumania)                         0.12.5
5 Eric Bourgault (Canada)                               0.24.2
6 Yuanchao Zheng (China)                                0.28.1
7 Luis Chacon (Colombia)                                0.29.8
8 Morten Jahr (Norway)                                  0.38.6
9 Amador Granado (Spain)                                1.04.2
10 David Kuster (Slovenia)                              1.05.1
Women's 500M Time Trial Finals (Lc1-2/Cp 4)
1 Jennifer Schuble (USA)                                0.34.3
2 Yaping Ye (China)                                     0.01.8
3 Jingping Dong (China)                                 0.02.6
4 Jufang Zhou (China)                                   0.02.6
5 Sarah Storey (Great Britain)                          0.04.0
6 Roxy Burns (South Africa)                             0.04.6
7 Silvana Vinci (Italy)                                 0.05.6
8 Greta Neimanas (USA)                                  0.05.9
9 Fiona Southorn (New Zealand)                          0.08.0
10 Anita Ruetz (Austria)                                0.08.2
Women's 500M Time Trial Finals (Lc3-4/Cp 3)
1 Paula Tesoriero (New Zealand)                         0.43.3
2 Natalie Simanowski (Germany)                          0.00.5
3 Jayme Paris (Australia)                               0.01.2
4 Jane Armstrong (Australia)                            0.02.1
5 Qi Tang (China)                                       0.02.6
6 Allison Jones (USA)                                   0.03.1
7 Susan Van Staden (South Africa)                       0.03.8
8 Barbara Buchan (USA)                                  0.03.8
9 Raquel Acinas (Spain)                                 0.05.4
10 Zhifeng Niu (China)                                  0.05.7
Men's 1Km Time Trial Finals (B&Vi)
1 Anthony Kappes / Barney Storey (Great Britain)        0.57.3
2 Ben Demery / Shaun Hopkins (Australia)                      
3 Kieran Modra / Tyson Lawrence (Australia)                   
4 Gavin Kilpatrick / Michael Thomson (South Africa)           
5 Tatsuyuki Oshiro / Hitoshi Takahashi (Japan)                
6 Bryce Lindores / Steven George (Australia)                  
7 Daniel Chalifour / Alexandre Cloutier (Canada)              
8 Brian Cowie / Devon Smibert (Canada)                        
9 Francisco Gonzalez / Juan Francisco Suarez (Spain)          
10 Michael Delaney / David Patrick Peelo (Ireland)            
11 Carlos Arciniegas / Juan Carreno (Colombia)                
12 Alfred Stelleman / Jaco Tettelaar (Netherlands)            
13 Stephane Cote / Pierre-Olivier Boily (Canada)              
14 Olivier Donval / John Saccomandi (France)                  
15 Lujan Nattkemper / Juan Ferrari (Argentina)                
16 Arnold Csaba Butu / Lehel Ruzsa (Roumania)                 
Men's Individual Pursuit 4000M Final (Lc 1)
1 Michael Gallagher (Australia)                         4.43.3
2 Wolfgang Sacher (Germany)                             0.03.5
1 Fabio Triboli (Italy)                                 4.45.7
2 Soelito Gohr (Brazil)                                 0.07.7

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