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29th Olympic Games - JO

Beijing, China, August 9-23, 2008

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Event 30 - August 19: Men's Sprint Semifinal

Brits to face each other in gold medal round

Chris Hoy (Great Britain) and Mickael Bourgain (France)
Photo ©: Casey Gibson
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The dominance of the British track cycling team was never clearer than when both Chris Hoy and 20-year-old former BMX-er Jason Kenny quickly dispatched Mickaël Bourgain (France) and Maximilian Levy (Germany) in the sprint seminfinal. Hoy and Kenny are now guaranteed a 1-2 finish in the event, and it is likely that the Scot will take his third gold medal of the Games.

The two riders from Great Britain showed similar tactics in the opening round by forcing their opponent to a high-speed dash beginning well before they crossed the line at the bell lap. Both riders showed unbeatable finishing speed, and finished well ahead to take the first race.

On the second round, Hoy led and never let the speed drop throughout the race. He put in such a powerful burst of speed at the bell lap that Bourgain struggled to get onto his wheel, let alone come past. By the time the two reached the final turn, Hoy had two bike lengths and the Frenchman simply conceded.

Kenny also led on his second race, and was clearly a quick learner. Despite being a relative novice at the match sprint, he employed the exact same tactic as Hoy to distance Levy as the bell rang. The German never made up ground and will go on to the bronze medal final.


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Images by Casey Gibson/www.cbgphoto.com

Images by Rob Jones/www.canadiancyclist.com


Heat 1

Race 1
1 Chris Hoy (Great Britain)       10.260
2 Mickael Bourgain (France)

Race 2
1 Chris Hoy (Great Britain)       10.358
2 Mickael Bourgain (France)

Heat 2

Race 1
1 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)     10.594 
2 Maximilian Levy (Germany)

Race 2
1 Jason Kenny (Great Britain)     10.335
2 Maximilian Levy (Germany)

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