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29th Olympic Games - JO

Beijing, China, August 9-23, 2008

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August 13: Men's time trial, 47km

Complete live report

Live commentary by Gregor Brown

Live coverage starts: 13:30
Estimated finish: 17:00

13:33 CST   
Hello and welcome to Cyclingnews' coverage of the Olympic men's time trial. It is a 47-kilometre course, made up of two laps of the circuit on which the road race finished on Saturday.

Read The clock is ticking for a full preview.

Race favourite Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)
Photo ©: AFP
(Click for larger image)

13:35 CST   
Tuft is off. Svein Tuft (Canada) won the Pan-Americana Championships TT earlier this year. He used his strengths effectively in June to take stage 4's time trial and the overall of the Tour de Beauce. His last TT win was the Canadian National Championships in July, taking the jersey off the shoulders of Ryder Hesjedal.

13:37 CST   
Matija Kvasina (Croatia) starts. His nation's kit is very striking!

13:38 CST   
We get a look at David George (South Africa). He is fully concentrated here...

13:41 CST   
Matija Kvasina (Croatia) rides passed a very organised looking group of tifosi here on the mostly quiet Chinese roadside.

Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus), who rides for Tinkoff in the season, rolls down the start ramp.

13:42 CST   
It is a shame that the organisers have not allowed the fans to be alongside the race course. So often, the fans make road racing such an exciting event. Here in Beijing, it seems as though the riders are race through space – dead silence.

13:45 CST   
Denys Kostyuk (Ukraine) hits the Beijing roads. He is bright blue from head to toe! It will not be hard to miss him on this grey day. He was the winner of Flèche du Sud stage two earlier this year.

13:47 CST   
Brit Steve Cummings gets rolling in this test of 47 kilometres. He will be looking to medal like his team-mate Emma Pooley did in the women's race, just under an hour ago.

13:50 CST   
Here is Brian Vandborg (Denmark). He looks sharp in the red and white kit. Remember, it was Vandborg who finished fourth in the 2006 Worlds.

13:51 CST   
Raivis Belohvosciks (Latvia) does not look happy to be here. He has a bit of a frown today. It must be the lack of sun!

13:52 CST   
Robert Gesink (Netherlands), a fresh talent in cycling, hits the road. The very tall, very slim 22 year-old rides for Rabobank, so he is accustomed to wearing orange.

13:52 CST   
Matias Medici (Argentina) puts in the first time check – 19.36

13:54 CST   
Some more checks at 10.8km:
Matias Medici (Argentina) 19.36
Hossein Askari (Iran) 19.54
Fumiyuki Beppu (Japan) 20.27

13:57 CST   
Svein Tuft (Canada) clocks 19.05 at the check.

Vasil Kiryienka
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
(Click for larger image)

13:57 CST   
The entire first wave of riders is off.

13:58 CST   
Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus) with the new best time, 18.45.

14:00 CST   
19.53 for Matej Jurco (Slovakia) at the 10.8km time check.

14:02 CST   
Denys Kostyuk (Ukraine) clocks a time of 19.28. However, we are now focusing on the time of Robert Gesink (Netherlands).

14:03 CST   
Steve Cummings (Great Britain) clocks 18.40 – a very fast time for the rider of Barloworld.

Robert Gesink in the Dauphiné Libéré
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
(Click for larger image)

14:03 CST   
Matias Medici (Argentina) is coming to the 23.5km time check. He clocks 33.19. The first rider through at that point.

14:05 CST   
Brian Vandborg (Denmark) clocks 20.00.

14:07 CST   
Svein Tuft (Canada) comes to the 23.5km time check – 32.02. Hossein Askari (Iran) is right on his tail with 33.47. OH, the Iranian was passed!

14:09 CST   
Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus), looking strong, was the surprise winner in the Giro d'Italia's stage to Monte Pora. He speaks a little bit of Italian as he lives in Toscana, near the Tinkoff base. Team President, Oleg Tinkov, will be watching closely today.

14:10 CST   
Matija Kvasina (Croatia) comes to the 23.5 check with a time of 34.08.

14:11 CST   
Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus) clocks 32.13, just over 10 seconds from Svein Tuft (Canada).

14:12 CST   
Have a look at the time trial start list to see which riders will be starting in the 2nd and 3rd waves.

14:13 CST   
We missed Fumiyuki Beppu (Japan), who was 2.46 back on the time of Svein Tuft (Canada) – 32.02. So, Fumiyuki Beppu (Japan) had a time of 34.48.

14:14 CST   
Matej Jurco (Slovakia) – all blue kit – arrives at the check with a time of 33.31. Jurco rides for Germany-based Milram during the year.

14:16 CST   
Steve Cummings (Great Britain) records the best at the 23.5km check – 31.39.

Denys Kostyuk (Ukraine) clocks 33.31.

14:18 CST   
Brian Vandborg (Denmark) checks his computer. He is 200m from the finish line.

14:19 CST   
33.57 for the Dane at the check.

Steve Cummings – current leader – during the Giro d'Italia
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
(Click for larger image)

14:19 CST   
Here comes the winner of the Tour of California, Stage 3, Robert Gesink (Netherlands).

14:20 CST   
Gesink clocks 32.02, second best at this point.

14:25 CST   
Matias Medici (Argentina), who lives in Buenos Aires, is approaching the 34.6km time check. He clocks 54.16. He had a good ride in the 2005 Worlds in Madrid.

14:27 CST   
Svein Tuft (Canada) comes to the 34.6 check. He has Chinese writing on his Canadian team kit.

He clocks 51.40 and pushes Matias Medici (Argentina) into second.

Most of our European readers will not recognise Tuft's name, he mostly races in North America.

14:29 CST   
Hossein Askari (Iran) clocks 54.53
Fumiyuki Beppu (Japan) 56.38

We are trying to stay objective here, but we might need to start ringing the cowbell to change what is otherwise a dead environment here on the (replica) great wall.

14:30 CST   
Simon Spilak (Slovenia) starts, the first of the second wave of riders.

Simon Spilak during the spring
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
(Click for larger image)

14:31 CST   
Simon Spilak (Slovenia) has had a great season working in the service of Damiano Cunego.

Matija Kvasina (Croatia) clocks 54.39 at the time check.

14:33 CST   
Andriy Grivko (Ukraine) rolls down the start ramp on his Milram Colnago.

14:34 CST   
Here are the 2nd wave of riders:
14:30:00 26 Simon Spilak (Slovenia)
14:31:30 25 Rein Taaramae (Estonia)
14:33:00 24 Andriy Grivko (Ukraine)
14:34:30 23 Ryder Hesjedal (Canada)
14:36:00 22 Andrey Mizourov (Kazakhstan)
14:37:30 21 Przemyslaw Niemec (Poland)
14:39:00 20 Maxime Monfort (Belgium)
14:40:30 19 Vincenzo Nibali (Italy)
14:42:00 18 David Zabriskie (USA)
14:43:30 17 Laszlo Bodrogi (Hungary)
14:45:00 16 Chris Anker Sorensen (Denmark)
14:46:30 15 Bert Grabsch (Germany)
14:48:00 14 Denis Menchov (Russia)

14:35 CST   
Ryder Hesjedal (Canada) readies on the start ramp.

Matej Jurco (Slovakia) clocks 54.25 at the 34.6 check.

14:36 CST   
Mr. Liverpool, Steve Cummings (Great Britain), lost nearly a minute between the last checks. He clocks 52.12 at the check – second best so far.

14:37 CST   
Andrey Mizourov (Kazakhstan) blasts off.

14:38 CST   
Denys Kostyuk (Ukraine) 55.09 at third time check.

Matias Medici (Argentina) ends his run, the first rider to do so, with a time of 1.07.53 – 41.8km/h average.

14:39 CST   
Svein Tuft (Canada) comes to the line. He will beat Matias Medici (Argentina).

David Zabriskie (USA) was the top
Photo ©: Cyclingnews.com
(Click for larger image)

14:44 CST   
Easily so, he clocks the best time so far at 1.04.39

Robert Gesink (Netherlands) clocks 51.40 at the third time check.

Maxime Monfort (Belgium) starts in his nation's light-blue kit. He is from the Wallonia region of Belgium.

Hossein Askari (Iran) closes with 1.08.46

David Zabriskie (USA) hits the road. So does Vincenzo Nibali (Italy) and Laszlo Bodrogi (Hungary).

14:46 CST   
Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus) arrives at the line with a time of 1.06.12 and David George (South Africa) with 1.07.55.

14:49 CST   
Denis Menchov (Russia), fifth at the Giro and fourth at the Tour, starts his run. He is the blue colours of Russia and an orange helmet of Team Rabobank, his trade team. He makes his base in Pamplona, Spain, and speaks perfect Spanish.

14:50 CST   
Rein Taaramae (Estonia) clocks 18.55 at the 1st time check.

14:51 CST   
Denys Kostyuk (Ukraine) wraps up his day and his Olympics with 1.09.04.

14:54 CST   
David Zabriskie (USA) is looking good on his Felt machine. The team has change its kit from the dark blue and black affair to a blue and white affair – basically looking like every other nation on the start list – blue!.

Robert Gesink (Netherlands) finishes with a time of 1.05.02

Denys Kostyuk (Ukraine) said, "Today, there is a lot of wind. It is hard on the climbs and on the flats."

14:56 CST   
Raivis Belohvosciks (Latvia) comes to the line. He is using the walkie-talkie water backpack, which was saw used by Bobby Julich in the 1998 Tour de France. 1.08.54 is his time for the day.

15:02 CST   
David Zabriskie (USA) does not look the same as years past, he clocks 18.49 at the first time check. He is managing himself well and he will make sure to have gas in the take for the finale.

15:03 CST   
Chris Anker Sorensen (Denmark), who bases himself in Luxembourg, is blazing along on his Cervélo machine. Cervélo seems to have give all of its riders special painted bikes for the Beijing Olympics.

Simon Spilak (Slovenia) closes on the first time check. 33.04 is his time.

Laszlo Bodrogi (Hungary)
Photo ©: Cyclingnews.com
(Click for larger image)

15:05 CST   
Laszlo Bodrogi (Hungary) passes the first time check. He is far off the time of the bests so far. Remember, he was third at the Plouay Worlds. He will be looking for a team for 2009 as Crédit Agricole is closing shop.

15:06 CST   
Andriy Grivko (Ukraine), who lives in Italy, has a time of 33.11 at the second time check.

Here comes Menchov...

15:08 CST   
Ryder Hesjedal (Canada) clocks 32.24 at the second check.

Denis Menchov (Russia) comes through at the first time check, 19.06.

15:09 CST   
Andrey Mizourov (Kazakhstan) clocks 33.14 at the second time check.

15:10 CST   
We missed Nibali's time, but we believe he was right there with Menchov.

15:11 CST   
Przemyslaw Niemec (Poland) puts 33.33 on the board.

15:11 CST   
Cofidis' Maxime Monfort (Belgium) comes to the line...

15:12 CST   
He clocked 32.57 (or 32.56)

15:14 CST   
David Zabriskie (USA) passes through the toll both. He does not break out his chain purse, so maybe he has a tele-pass?

Vincenzo Nibali (Italy) records 32.58. He is not on one of his best days here in Beijing.

15:14 CST   
David Zabriskie (USA) is right behind with a time of 31.56. The time puts him in the top five for the time check.

15:15 CST   
Read Beijing-bound Zabriskie optimistic for Olympic success for more on the USA rider.

15:18 CST   
Have a look at the time trial start list for all the rider's start time.

Laszlo Bodrogi (Hungary) clocks 33.20 – a bad day for the 31 year-old.

15:20 CST   
Bert Grabsch (Germany) puts down a time of 32.02, the same time as Svein Tuft (Canada).

Chris Anker Sorensen (Denmark) flew through before Grabsch, we missed his time. It should have been around 32.05, but don't hold us to that!

Here comes Russia's Menchov.

15:22 CST   
Denis Menchov (Russia) pushes his Rabobank Colnago through the finish line, near the organised fans for a time of 32.41. He looks down to check his gearing before starting the descent. He will change water bottles in the feed-zone.

Samuel Sánchez (Spain), 30, after winning the road race
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
(Click for larger image)

15:23 CST   
Samuel Sánchez (Spain), winner of the road race, is on the rollers. He is warming up for his run at 15:30, the first of the third and final wave of riders.

15:25 CST   
Rein Taaramae (Estonia), second-year for Cofidis, records 52.17 at the third time check.

15:26 CST   
Here comes Ryder Hesjedal (Canada)...

15:28 CST   
Andriy Grivko (Ukraine) puts 54.13 up on the boards.

15:29 CST   
Andrey Mizourov (Kazakhstan) with 53.04. He takes a drink and continues to push his Trek machine.

Samuel Sánchez (Spain) takes to the start ramp.

15:31 CST   
Samuel Sánchez (Spain) one only one TT this year – in Asturias – but remember last year he won the Vuelta a España TT. He is one of the few non-Basque on the Euskaltel-Euskadi team.

15:33 CST   
Eight is good luck in China. Samuel Sánchez (Spain) held the number on Saturday and today, Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg) wears the number.

Przemyslaw Niemec (Poland) clocks 54.08.

2002 World Champion, in Zolder, Santiago Botero (Colombia) starts his ride.

15:35 CST   
Vincenzo Nibali (Italy) clocks a time of 30" back (52.02) at the 3rd time check – sixth overall, up from 12th at the last time check.

15:36 CST   
Vladimir Karpets (Russia) starts.

15:38 CST   
Rein Taaramae (Estonia), 21, finishes with 1.05.47. Simon Spilak (Slovenia) comes home with 1.07.34. He stops his computer to record his own time.

Michael Rogers (Australia) is on the road. He is number 10 – nine riders behind him today.

15:39 CST   
Bert Grabsch (Germany) puts down 52.30 at the third check. Nibali had 52.02 there.

15:41 CST   
2007 Canadian Champ, Ryder Hesjedal, hits the finish line with a time of 1.05.42, averaging 43.2km/h. He is breathing hard with his silver chain swinging around his neck.

Andriy Grivko (Ukraine) finishes with 1.08.01

Levi Leipheimer (USA) and Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg) start.

15:43 CST   
Andrey Mizourov (Kazakhstan) with 1.06.32 on the day.

15:46 CST   
Colombia's Botero is labouring hard on his machine. What a rocky couple of years the rider has hand thanks to his relation to Operación Puerto. Michael Ball’s Rock Racing in the USA currently employs him. This year the 2002 World Champ won the Vuelta a Colombia prologue and he finished seventh in the road race on Saturday.

Giro champion, Alberto Contador (Spain), starts his run.

Stefan Schumacher at the Tour de France
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
(Click for larger image)

15:48 CST   
Vincenzo Nibali (Italy) finishes his run with 1.05.36, which is 56" back.

Stefan Schumacher (Germany) starts his run. He is a big favourite for the day, having won both time trials in the Tour de France. His jersey is cut short and you can see his tan lines.

15:48 CST   
David Zabriskie (USA), who had a bad crash in May's Giro, finishes with 1.05.17

15:48 CST   
Samuel Sánchez (Spain) hits the first time check. He clocks 18.31 – the best time to this point.

15:52 CST   
Bert Grabsch (Germany) ends the day with 1.05.26.

15:53 CST   
Santiago Botero (Colombia) with 19.14 at the first time check – he is out of the running.

15:54 CST   
Michael Rogers (Australia) clocks 18.47, sixth best at this point. Both Rogers and Botero had a good road race the other day and are maybe paying for their efforts, Botero more so.

Denis Menchov (Russia) finishes with 1.06.10.

15:55 CST   
Vladimir Karpets (Russia) puts down the same time as Rogers – 18.47.

15:57 CST   
Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg) is going well. He records 18.36 at the first time check – 5.09 seconds off of Samuel Sánchez (Spain).

15:58 CST   
Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) smashes all previous time checks. The Swede – winner of the Tour of Denmark TT – puts down a time of 18.07. Adios Sánchez!

15:59 CST   
Levi Leipheimer (USA) sets a time just off of Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden), 18.20.

16:02 CST   
Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) heads through the tunnel. It is great, we have TV coverage in the tunnel... The organisers are smart. They give us TV coverage in the tunnel but do not allow the fans anywhere near the course.

Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) rode with Fassa Bortolo, Unibet and this year, with CSC-Saxo Bank.

Giro d'Italia winner Alberto Contador, 25
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
(Click for larger image)

16:02 CST   
Alberto Contador (Spain) catches Stef Clement (Netherlands) right be for the time check. He clocks 17.49!

16:02 CST   
Cadel Evans (Australia) lines up for his run.

16:04 CST   
Sorry, the "Hard Rocker" has started and he is coming to the first time check. 18.24 for the Australian.

16:05 CST   
Santiago Botero (Colombia) heads to time check number 3 with a time of 33.00 – he is out of the race for medals.

16:07 CST   
Stefan Schumacher (Germany) is not doing so well. He clocks 18.58 at the time check. He is really choking from the heat and humidly here in China.

Two-time world champion Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) clocks 18.18 at the same time check – third best.

Michael Rogers (Australia) at the time check 2.

16:08 CST   
Karpets is suffering.

16:09 CST   
Vladimir Karpets (Russia) clocks 32.33, almost a minute down at time check 2.

16:09 CST   
Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg) puts 31.50 on the board, second best at that point.

16:10 CST   
31.02 for Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) at the 2nd time check! He is the provisional best.

He misses his water bottle at the feed-zone that follows.

16:11 CST   
Here comes Leipheimer...

16:12 CST   
Levi Leipheimer (USA) clocks 31.20, second best.

16:15 CST   
Alberto Contador (Spain) comes to time check 2 with an amazing time – 30.52. He pushes Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) out of the way by nine seconds and takes over the provisional lead. He lost seven seconds to Larsson in that descent.

16:16 CST   
It looks as Svein Tuft (Canada) has challenged his grandfather, Arne. Arne Tuft (1911 - 1989) was sixth in the Olympic 50-km cross country ski race in Garmisch Partenkirchen in 1936, competing for Norway.

16:16 CST   
Evans approaches the 2nd time check...

16:17 CST   
Evans had around 31.38 at that check.

Cancellara at the 2007 Worlds
Photo ©: Cyclingnews.com
(Click for larger image)

16:19 CST   
Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) catches Stefan Schumacher (Germany). 'Schumi' looks over to his left at the two-time World Champion. They head for the second time check, where Evans just passed at 31.38. 'Spartacus' Cancellara puts in 30.36 and tops Alberto Contador (Spain).

16:22 CST   
Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) is struggling along the ascent, but he keeps his composure.

16:25 CST   
We have a true gold duel between Spain's Contador and Switzerland's Cancellara. Contador – winner of the 2008 Giro and 2007 Tour – will have to put his competitor in the red on the climbs. If not, Contador has no chance to hold the pace of Cancellara on the flat.

16:26 CST   
Marzio Bruseghin (Italy) 52.49 at the third time check. He is out of the running for a medal. Michael Rogers (Australia), at 51.46, is in the medal fight – fourth best time at that same check.

16:28 CST   
The only TT Contador won this year was in the Vuelta Ciclista al País Vasco, in April.

16:29 CST   
Vladimir Karpets (Russia) records 52.24 at the third time check. Right behind him is Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden), with 49.52. He gained nine seconds on Samuel Sánchez (Spain).

16:31 CST   
Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg) puts in a time of 53.00, 17th best at the third time check. Number eight is not working for him today.

Alberto Contador in País Vasco
Photo ©: Susanne Goetze
(Click for larger image)

16:32 CST   
Here is Levi Leipheimer (USA) – 50.44. Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) looks assured of a medal.

16:34 CST   
What a beautiful machine Contador has, painted red and yellow for the occasion. However, he is losing time. He approaches the third time check.

16:35 CST   
Alberto Contador (Spain) clocks 50.12, second to Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden). He will get a medal, but which one?

Compatriot Samuel Sánchez (Spain) finishes the race with 1.04.37 – first for the moment.

16:36 CST   
Cadel Evans (Australia) is on a relatively good ride. He puts 50.37 on the charts at the third time check. (You are keeping charts at home?)

16:38 CST   
Santiago Botero (Colombia) comes in with a forgettable ride. He coasts in for a time of 1.06.35.

16:39 CST   
Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) posts 49.58 at the third time check. Gold rush for Spartacus?

16:41 CST   
The fight for gold is between two CSC riders, Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) and Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden). It appears that Alberto Contador (Spain) will take bronze.

16:42 CST   
Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) hits the finish line with the best time at the moment – 1.02.44, 45.2km/h average.

16:45 CST   
1.06.29 for Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg).

Levi Leipheimer (USA) just finished 36" back on Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden).

16:45 CST   
Levi Leipheimer (USA) posted a 1.03.21 at the finish.

16:47 CST   
Here comes Alberto Contador (Spain). He is still riding alongside Stef Clement (Netherlands). Contador is all over the road and will lose the bronze medal. He records 1.03.29.

16:48 CST   
Cadel Evans (Australia) comes to the line. He is in the fight for a bronze with Levi Leipheimer (USA)...

16:49 CST   
Cadel Evans (Australia) clocks a time of 1.03.34, fourth best at this point.

16:49 CST   
Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) passes the toll booth, where he would have time to stop and pay.

16:49 CST   
He is going to take gold.

16:50 CST   
Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden) will take silver.

16:50 CST   
Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) is the new Olympic TT champion, 1.02.11, 45.6km/h.

16:51 CST   
Levi Leipheimer (USA) takes bronze.

16:52 CST   
Stefan Schumacher (Germany) comes to the finish line and 1.05.25, in 13th, to close out the time trial.

16:54 CST   
Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden)started his cycling career in mountain biking, just like the women's silver medallist Emma Johansson, but switched over to the road during his studies at the cycling high school in Skövde.

Soon after, The Swedish third division Team Crescent recruited him and then got a contract with Fassa Bortolo in 2003. Since then he has ridden for Française des Jeux and Unibet.com, before securing a contract with CSC for this year. His best performance so far is a fourth place in the World's TT in 2004, and he won the TT stage in Tour of Denmark ten days ago.

16:55 CST   
Samuel Sánchez (Spain), winner of road race, gives Cancellara a hug.

17:00 CST   
Thanks for joining Cyclingnews in China for our coverage of the time trial. Please check back later for full results and reports from the men's and women's time trials from today.

Provisional standings

Finish - km 47

1 Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)          1.02.11 (45.350 km/h)
2 Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden)             1.02.44 
3 Levi Leipheimer (USA)                    1.03.21
4 Alberto Contador (Spain)                 1.03.29
5 Cadel Evans (Australia)                  1.03.34
6 Samuel Sánchez (Spain)                   1.04.37 
7 Svein Tuft (Canada)                      1.04.39
8 Michael Rogers (Australia)               1.04.46
9 Stef Clement (Netherlands)
10 Robert Gesink (Netherlands)             1.05.02

First check at km 10.8

1 Alberto Contador (Spain)                   17.49 (36.370 km/h)
2 Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden)               18.07
3 Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)            18.17
4 Levi Leipheimer (USA)                      18.19
5 Cadel Evans (Australia)                    18.24
6 Samuel Sánchez (Spain)                     18.31
7 Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg)                   18.36
8 Cummings (Great Britain)                   18.40
9 Robert Gesink (Netherlands)                18.42
10 Chris Anker Sorensen (Denmark)            18.44

Second check at km 23.5

1 Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)            30.36 (46.078 km/h)
2 Alberto Contador (Spain)                   30.52
3 Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden)               31.02 
4 Levi Leipheimer (USA)                      31.20
5 Cadel Evans (Australia)                    31.38
6 Steve Cummings (Great Britain)             31.39
7 Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg)                   31.50
8 Samuel Sánchez (Spain)                     31.52
9 David Zabriskie (USA)                      31.56
10 Robert Gesink (Netherlands)               32.02

Third check at km 34.6

1 Gustav Erik Larsson (Sweden)               49.52 (41.631 km/h)
2 Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)            49.58
3 Alberto Contador (Spain)                   50.09
4 Cadel Evans (Australia)                    50.37      
5 Levi Leipheimer (USA)                      50.44
6 Samuel Sánchez (Spain)                     51.17 
7 Svein Tuft (Canada)                        51.39 
8 Robert Gesink (Netherlands)                51.40
9 Michael Rogers (Australia)                 51.46
10 David Zabriskie (USA)                     52.03

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