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The Rory Sutherland Tour of California diary

San Francisco may be a long way away from the streets of Canberra, Australia, where Rory Sutherland spent his childhood, but the 24 year-old feels right at home there with his HealthNet presented by Maxxis squad. The 2004 Australian Under 23 National Champion will keep Cyclingnews readers up to date every day on his and the team's progress in the Tour of California.

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Another one down!

Thank the lord that this stage is now out of the way. 213kms is very long way on two wheels. We were so lucky with the weather today. There's next to nothing worse than waking up and seeing sheets of rain coming off the hotel roof. And all this on the longest day of the tour!

So, what do you do on a 213km stage? Well, it was pretty well controlled by Discovery, so we didn't really have to max ourselves out too much. I caught up with some of my old mates from Rabo which was really good. So lots of talking, lots of eating, and lots of scenery viewing. Seriously, this tour is pretty amazing.

Down the coast we rolled, right along the cliff face... beautiful. It doesn't really happen too often that we get to take in the sights during a tour. But today was defiantly an exception.

Anyway, enough about weather, scenery and randomness. Let's get onto tomorrow [time trial - ed.]. Something I guess I haven't really touched on in any of my daily diaries. Right now I'm sitting third in the GC; something that defiantly wasn't expected at all. I keep on getting asked the same questions from the press on a daily basis, so I'm going to clarify them now; in a serious manner that is.

- Yes, I'm happy with my current position.
- Yes, I'm going to try my best in the time trail tomorrow.
- No, I'm not psychic, so I can't tell you how I'm going to go.
- No, I'm not nervous of racing against Levi and Jens, and... They both have 2 legs.

So that clarifies some things there. I wish I had more info today, and even photos, but I will admit that I'm a little tired and Tim 'roomie' Johnson is annoying me about the volume on the TV already! Toughen up Timbo.

A lot more tomorrow and a different position in the classification.... Who knows!

Hasta Luego