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World championships - CM

Madrid, Spain, September 21-25, 2005

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Race 5 - September 24: Under 23 men's road race, 168km

Super strong Grabovskyy wins in Madrid

By Hernan Alvarez Macias and Shane Stokes in Madrid

Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine)
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
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This time was golden. 19-year old Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine) won the under 23 men's road race at the World Championships riding in 3 hours, 56 minutes and 23 seconds while William Walker (Australia) was second and Evgeny Popov (Russia) third, 26 seconds behind. This is the second medal in this event for the Ukrainian, who already took the silver medal in Wednesday's time trial.

It was a race full of changes and attacks. The Ukrainian was among the front riders for over half the race, and made the winning attack on the last climb of the last lap to ride away from the chasing group. No-one could stop him.

The winner was very happy, even if he didn't show his feelings so much. "I was attacking throughout the race," said Grabovskyy post-stage. "I went for it near the end, to be strong there was crucial." Speaking about his motivation for today, he stated, "I was second in the time trial two days ago. I was a bit frustrated about that and so I was determined to do well today. I get to wear the World Champion's jersey next year; that is incredible. It is a nice present before my birthday, too, which comes in a few days [30th September]."

About his future, the Ukrainian commented, "I am only 20 years old. I want to gain experience for now, but maybe in 2007 I will sign a contract with a good team. I am not really ready yet; I want another year before stepping up."

William Walker (Australia)
Photo ©: Sirotti
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Another 19 year-old, Australian William Walker, finished with the silver medal. "The group I was in didn't work well together and I thought the bunch might get back to us," said Walker. "I saw a good moment to make an attack and it paid off in the end. The only problem was that there was one guy who was much too strong on the day! As regards next year, I will continue to ride with the Rabobank development squad. By waiting another year before turning pro, it will mean that I won't be just trying to keep up in each race. I will be more competitive and able to win in the first year when I do go pro. Hopefully, in 2007 I will be with the Rabobank ProTour team."

Russia got another medal after Ignatiev's success as Evgeny Popov completed the podium. "I am not sure yet of my plans for the future," said Petrov "I need to decide where to go from now, as regards a team. I am considering things at the moment."

How it unfolded

Photo ©: Sirotti
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176 riders were in the starting list for this race from the five continents. At the very beginning of the race (lap 1), two riders attacked: Ivan Castillo from Venezuela and Vladimir Tuychiev from Uzbekistan. The duo finished the first lap ahead of the pack, but soon after, a big group of around 25 riders began chasing them and caught them before the second lap was over.

The front riders were at that moment Aliaksei Polushkin (Belarus), Marc De Maar (Netherlands), Kasper Klostergaard Larsen (Denmark), Stefan Trafelet and Danilo Wyss (Switzerland), Tiago Machado (Portugal), Andrei Mustonen (Estonia), Ivan Castillo and Arthur Garcia Rincon (Venezuela), Daniels Ernestovskis (Latvia), Juan Pablo Suarez (Colombia), Brandon Crichton (Canada), Alexander Gottfried (Germany), Mathieu Ladagnous (France), Jean Marc Marino (France), James Meadley (Australia), Gediminas Bagdonas (Lithuania), Dumitru Creciun (Republic of Moldova), Vladimir Tuychiev (Uzbekistan) and Tyler Butterfield (Bermuda). The leaders finished the second lap around two minutes ahead of the peloton.

The group was too large to cooperate well, even if it had a sizeable advantage. The Italians had missed it, and were trying to make amends in the peloton. Thus, Tiziano Dall'Antonia (Italy) and Ukrainian Dmytro Grabovskyy set off to bridge the gap on the third lap, which they succeeded in doing - a very strong effort from the two time trialists. However, changes were afoot in front, and with some two kilometres before the end of the third lap, Venezuela's Arthur Garcia Ricon, Portugal's Tiago Machado and Belarus's Aliaksei Polushkin attacked the leading group. At the end of lap number 3, the trio was 40 seconds ahead of the large chase group and 1'41 ahead of the peloton.

The U23s
Photo ©: Sirotti
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The race didn't see many changes during the fourth lap. The three leaders maintained their advantage over the chasers and the pack. Machado, Garcia Rincon, and Polushkin understood each other pretty well and led the race by 43 seconds over the big second group and 1'27 seconds over the peloton at the end of the fourth lap, the halfway point in the race.

On lap 5, the peloton started reducing the gap to both the chasers and the leaders. Thus, it seemed the three leaders were going to be swallowed by the chasers. Finally, Machado and Garcia Rincon were caught during the fifth lap. Soon after that, Polushkin, Dall'Antonia, Grabovskyy (Ukraine) and Jean Marc Marino (France) took command of the race. At the end of lap number 5, the quartet had 58 seconds of advantage to the second group and 1'26 to the peloton.

At the sixth part, Stefan Trafelet (Switzerland), Greg Van Avermaet (Belgium) and Lucas Persson (Sweden) joined the four leaders after a big effort. The race was completely broken and the seven leaders had many chasers behind them including James Meadley (Australia) and Frantisek Rabon (Czech Republic). Later on, Dall'Antonia attacked his companions, and by the end of Lap 6, the Italian was in front with 58 seconds to the first chasing group.

Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine)
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
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The seventh lap had Dall'Antonia as solo leader with Marino, Trafelet and Grabovskyy getting together in a chasing trio. The Ukrainian was in everything, and caught the Italian at the Plaza de Castilla after riding a minute gap on his own on the first climb. These two riders finished lap number 7 ahead of a group of around 14 riders chasing them 50 seconds behind.

As they had done early in the race, the leading duo cooperated very well and kept their lead for the first part of the last lap. Among the chasers, Ignacio Sarabia - the only Mexican in the race - attacked. He was third on the road behind the front two, and managed to catch them along with Steve Morabito (Switzerland), Lars Boom (Netherlands) and Pieter Jacobs (Belgium) around halfway through the lab. But it didn't take long before Grabovskyy attacked the group on the climb of Avenida de Herrera Oria in his big chainring, and simply rode away from the rest. He had 10 seconds at the top and there was no-one strong enough to chase him.

Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine):
Photo ©: Roberto Bettini
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The Ukrainian was able to maintain a good pace, using his time trialling skills to good advantage and opening up an unattainable 35 second gap with 3 km to go. It was an extremely powerful ride by the still under 20 year old, especially as he had made several other big efforts during the race. There was no question that he was the strongest rider on the day.

The group behind featured Australians Chris Sutton and William Walker (Australia), who took turns in attacking until Walker eventually got away with 2 km to go, taking Russian Evgeny Popov with him. The pair were able to hold off the peloton, and Walker used his superior sprint to ensure the silver medal was his. Carlo Westphal (Germany) won the bunch sprint for fourth ahead of Sutton and the impressive Dall'Antonia.


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Images by Fotoreporter Sirotti

Images by Roberto Bettini/www.bettiniphoto.net


1 Dmytro Grabovskyy (Ukraine)                                  3.56.23 (42.643 km/h)
2 William Walker (Australia)                                      0.26
3 Evgeny Popov (Russian Federation)                                   
4 Carlo Westphal (Germany)                                        0.33
5 Christopher Sutton (Australia)                                  0.34
6 Tiziano Dall'Antonia (Italy)                                        
7 Gianni Meersman (Belgium)                                           
8 Steve Morabito (Switzerland)                                        
9 Philip Deignan (Ireland)                                            
10 Pieter Jacobs (Belgium)                                            
11 Lars Boom (Netherlands)                                            
12 Anton Reshetnikov (Russian Federation)                             
13 Stéphane Poulhies (France)                                         
14 Mark Cavendish (Great Britain)                                     
15 Nic Ingels (Belgium)                                               
16 Martin Pedersen (Denmark)                                          
17 Gerald Ciolek (Germany)                                            
18 Ignacio Sarabia Diaz (Mexico)                                      
19 Rafaâ Chtioui (Tunisia)                                            
20 Filipe Duarte Sousa Cardoso (Portugal)                             
21 Andris Buividas (Lithuania)                                        
22 Diego Milan Jimenez (Spain)                                        
23 Helder José Alves Oliveira (Portugal)                              
24 Rene Mandri (Estonia)                                              
25 Dumitru Creciun (Republic of Moldova)                              
26 Julian David Munozg Giraldo (Colombia)                             
27 Rino Zampilli (Italy)                                              
28 Hubert Krys (Poland)                                               
29 Lukas Fus (Czech Republic)                                         
30 Michal Golas (Poland)                                              
31 Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez (Colombia)                             
32 Josef Benetseder (Austria)                                         
33 Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil (Spain)                                     
34 Alexander Gottfried (Germany)                                      
35 Luigi Sestili (Italy)                                              
36 Andrey Zeits (Kazakhstan)                                          
37 Jure Kocjan (Slovenia)                                             
38 Herberts Pudans (Latvia)                                           
39 Marc De Maar (Netherlands)                                         
40 Yukiya Arashiro (Japan)                                            
41 Jose Antonio Ramos Querales (Venezuela)                            
42 Mathieu Ladagnous (France)                                         
43 Diego Alejandro Tamayo Martinez (Colombia)                         
44 Sebastian Langeveld (Netherlands)                                  
45 Emanuel Kiserlovski (Croatia)                                      
46 Maxim Belkov (Russian Federation)                                  
47 Christian Meier (Canada)                                           
48 Peter Velits (Slovakia)                                            
49 Robert Gesink (Netherlands)                                        
50 Ryan Roth (Canada)                                                 
51 Roman Kreuziger (Czech Republic)                                   
52 Clemens Fankhauser (Austria)                                       
53 Tiago Machado (Portugal)                                           
54 Juan Pablo Suarez Suarez (Colombia)                                
55 Johan Lindgren (Sweden)                                            
56 Oleg Chuzhda (Ukraine)                                             
57 Yauheni Hutarovich (Belarus)                                   0.52
58 Stefan Trafelet (Switzerland)                                      
59 Tyler Butterfield (Bermuda)                                        
60 Dmitry Kozonchuk (Russian Federation)                              
61 Kai Reus (Netherlands)                                             
62 Branislau Samoilau (Belarus)                                       
63 Danilo Wyss (Switzerland)                                      1.01
64 Andriy Buchko (Ukraine)                                            
65 Mikhail Ignatiev (Russian Federation)                              
66 Andrei Kunitski (Belarus)                                          
67 Vitor Hugo Rocha Rodrigues (Portugal)                          1.47
68 Lars Petter Nordhaug (Norway)                                  2.06
69 So Tanaka (Japan)                                              2.11
70 Ignatas Konovalovas (Lithuania)                                    
71 Justas Volungevicius (Lithuania)                               2.21
72 Kasper Klostergaard Larsen (Denmark)                               
73 Greg Van Avermaet (Belgium)                                        
74 Zdnek Stybar (Czech Republic)                                  2.32
75 Peter Latham (New Zealand)                                         
76 Ariel Maximiliano Richeze (Argentina)                              
77 Dan Craven (Namibia)                                           2.37
78 Normunds Lasis (Latvia)                                            
79 Kristofers Racenajs (Latvia)                                       
80 Martin Velits (Slovakia)                                       2.51
81 Stefan Schäfer (Germany)
82 Valeriy Dmitriyev (Kazakhstan)                                     
83 Krzysztof Miara (Poland)                                       2.58
84 Javier Moreno Bazan (Spain)                                        
85 Alberto Curtolo (Italy)                                        3.24
86 Markus Eibegger (Austria)                                          
87 Henry Mendez Raabe (Costa Rica)                                    
88 Tiago Fiorilli (Brazil)                                            
89 Benoît Sinner (France)                                         3.42
90 David Vitoria (Switzerland)                                    3.47
91 Michael Schär (Switzerland)                                        
92 Lucas Persson (Sweden)                                         4.10
93 Geraint Thomas (Great Britain)                                     
94 James Meadley (Australia)                                          
95 Eladio Sanchez Prado (Spain)                                       
96 Tomas Smolen (Poland)                                              
97 Fabio Andres Duarte Arevalo (Colombia)                         4.19
98 Scott Lyttle (New Zealand)                                         
99 Logan Dennis Hutchings (New Zealand)                               
100 José Mendes (Portugal)                                            
101 Sebastian Schwager (Germany)                                  4.23
102 Ruslan Sambris (Republic of Moldova)                          4.27
103 Magno Nazaret (Brazil)                                        5.15
104 Konstantin Volik (Uzbekistan)                                 5.48
105 John-Lee Augustyn (South Africa)                                  
106 Dzmitry Kazlou (Belarus)                                          
107 Anders Lund (Denmark)                                         5.56
108 Evert Verbist (Belgium)                                           
109 Christopher Myhre (Norway)                                    5.59
110 Jean Marc Marino (France)                                         
111 Timothy Gudsell (New Zealand)                                 8.14
112 Aliaksei Polushkin (Belarus)                                 11.00
113 Ruslan Karimov (Uzbekistan)                                       
114 Miguel Ernesto Chacon Sosa (Venezuela)                            
115 Kasper Jebjerg (Denmark)                                          
116 Ryan Connor (Ireland)                                             
117 Pavel Zitta (Czech Republic)                                      
118 Frantisek Rabon (Czech Republic)                                  
119 John Murphy (United States Of America)                            
120 Lubomir Petrov (Bulgaria)                                    14.21
121 Panagiotis Potsakis (Greece)                                 15.32
122 Yong Li Ng (Malaysia)                                             
123 Istvan Cziraki (Hungary)                                          
124 Nolan Hoffmann (South Africa)                                     
125 Antony José Brea Salazar (Venezuela)                         17.59
126 Daniels Ernestovskis (Latvia)                                19.14
127 Lars Pria (Romania)                                          19.39
128 Vladimir Tuychiev (Uzbekistan)                                    
129 Nikolaos Kaloudakis (Greece)                                      
130 Pekka Jääskeläinen (Finland)                                      
131 Steven Cozza (United States Of America)                           
132 Daniel Zscombok (Hungary)                                         
133 Andrei Mustonen (Estonia)                                         
134 Michael Wolf (United States Of America)                           
135 Harald Berger (Austria)                                           
DNF Martin Mortensen (Denmark)                                        
DNF Mauro Santambrogio (Italy)                                        
DNF Aldo Ino Ilesic (Slovenia)                                        
DNF Miha Svab (Slovenia)                                              
DNF Paidi O'brien (Ireland)                                           
DNF Kalle Kriit (Estonia)                                             
DNF Priit Prous (Estonia)                                             
DNF Arthur Alberto Garcia Rincon (Venezuela)                          
DNF Kalvis Eisaks (Latvia)                                            
DNF Josef Kugler (Austria)                                            
DNF Kevin Lacombe (Canada)                                            
DNF Tyler Farrar (United States Of America)                           
DNF Akos Haiszer (Hungary)                                            
DNF Peter Kusztor (Hungary)                                           
DNF Nicholas Sanderson (Australia)                                    
DNF Jorge Martin Montenegro (Argentina)                               
DNF Juha-Matti Alaluusua (Finland)                                    
DNF Breno França Sidoti (Brazil)                                      
DNF Gediminas Bagdonas (Lithuania)                                    
DNF Viktor Renäng (Sweden)                                            
DNF Kieran Page (Great Britain)                                       
DNF Denis Cioban (Republic of Moldova)                                
DNF Bolat Raimbekov (Kazakhstan)                                      
DNF Seyed Mostafa Seyed Rezaei Khormizi (Islamic Republic of Iran)    
DNF Brandon Crichton (Canada)                                         
DNF Ivan José Castillo Piven (Venezuela)                              
DNF Andrew Mcquaid (Ireland)                                          
DNF Maksym Polyshchuk (Ukraine)                                       
DNF Troy Jourdan Klink (New Zealand)                                  
DNF Miceal Concannon (Ireland)                                        
DNF Will Routley (Canada)                                             
DNF John Devine (United States Of America)                            
DNF Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Argentina)                                 
DNF Victorio Marina (Argentina)                                       
DNF Mika Nieminen (Finland)                                           
DNF Svein Erik Vold (Norway)                                          
DNF Mohammad Rajablou (Islamic Republic of Iran)                      
DNF Robert Kiserlovski (Croatia)                                      
DNF Laurent Didier (Luxembourg)                                       
DNS Mathias Belka (Germany)                                           
DNS Hassen Ben Nasser (Tunisia)                                       
DNS Volodymyr Dyudya (Ukraine)                                        

Starters: 193
Classified: 135

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