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Wachovia Cycling Series

USA, May 31-June 5, 2005

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USPRO - June 5: USPRO Championship, Philadelphia, PA, 250km

Commentary by Kristy Scrymgeour with additional reporting by Mark Zalewski and Tim Maloney

Complete live report

08:44 EDT   
Welcome to the Live Coverage of the US Pro Championships and the Womenís Liberty Classic in Philadelphia, PA. Itís a beautiful morning to start a bike race. Not a cloud in the sky. By the end of the race temperature predictions are in the mid 80ís, which may be too hot for some, but will be welcomed by others. Henk Vogels (Davitamon Lotto) of Australia commented to Cyclingnews the other day that he hopes it is hot, as it will help to get rid of a lot of riders near the end.

The men will start their 250km race at 9am and head out on the 23km loop for the first of ten laps. The course heads straight along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway towards Manayunk where riders will have to have good position to negotiate a narrowing road and a couple of turn onto the famous (some would say infamous, depending on how much they have hurt riding up it) Manayunk Wall. The wall is about 1.5km long and is very steep, reaching 17% but perhaps the hardest thing about doing this climb each lap is finding your position leading into it. If you have good position at the bottom, the climb is made much easier but starting at the back means you lose your momentum and you have to chase back on over top of the wall meaning less recovery.

The descent after the wall is very fast and in the early laps of the race itís not too hard to regain contact with the group, but itís the final laps where losing touch will be the breaking point. Following the descent, the two smaller climb up Strawberry Hill and Lemon Hill have proven to be great places for attacks to go in the past, after which the race descends leading back to the wide open road to the finish and the men will complete three smaller laps which take in Lemon Hill before their finish.

The Women will begin ten minutes after the men and will therefore be on the course at the same time. They will complete four laps of the course for a total of 92 kilometers. A huge field of women will be on the start line today, ranging from the very best in the world including World Champion Judith Arndt and her Nurnberger teammate Oenone Wood who is currently leading the Women's World Cup.

08:46 EDT   
Huge crowds are already lining the course especially at the start line and at Manayunk Wall which is traditionally a great place to watch the wall. Parties line the streets and the atmosphere is one that cyclists never forget after racing here.

09:00 EDT   
Former Philly native Bobby Julich
Photo ©: Tim Maloney
Click for larger image
The men are on the line for an on time start. They are calling Bobby Julich (CSC) to the line. Bobby is definitely a crowd favourite today. Not being a sprinter it will be a tough call for him to win, but he is in amazing form right now, his teammate Lars Michaelsen commenting to Cyclingnews that his main disadvantage is that there are not many other guys out there in this race who can do what he can do out there and for him to go out there in a break, he will need some allies who can match him. Bobby has said that he really wants to win today so that he can wear the Stars and Stripes in the Tour de France this year.

09:02 EDT   
Last year's Stars and Stripes winner Freddy Rodriguez has also been called to the line. He won the title of US Pro Champion last year for the third time.

Its 69 degrees at the moment and thousands of people crowd around to watch the 23 mens teams take the start.

09:07 EDT   
The race is underway. We already have a break of three riders just slightly off the front with CSC, Subway and another rider as the riders complete a small start loop.

09:08 EDT   
The three riders have been caught already as they head out for their first of ten big laps.

09:10 EDT   
We talked to a very nervous Bobby Julich before the race to ask him how is he. Between jittering teeth, he said he is good, but he has his race face on today and we should see great things from him.

09:12 EDT   
Two other men have attacked. Its Jake Rytlewski (Jittery Joe's) and Roberto Gaggioli (Monex) have a small gap. There has already been a crash. Two Jelly Belly riders have gone down. One of them looks like Alex Candelario who is recovering from a broken collarbone. Lets hope he didn't re-break it.

09:14 EDT   
The Jelly Belly team has come back to help Candelario and the other rider back to the field. The other rider was Caleb Mannion. Both are up back on their bikes. They look to be ok but Candelario was holding his shoulder.

09:16 EDT   
The women are being called to the line now and will start very soon. This year will have a slightly different dynamic as seven time winner of the race, Petra Rossner has retired. She is here though as Director Sportif for the Nurnberger team.

It is very likely that this race will come down to a sprint as usual though, as there are so many good sprinters in the field. Oenone Wood, Regina Schleicher, Ina Yoko Teutenberg, Tina Pic, Laura Van Gilder, Gina Grain, Joanne Kiesanowski and Olga Slioussareva are all here among others.

09:18 EDT   
The huge women's field is on the line. Probably the biggest field ever for the women.... and they're off.

09:19 EDT   
In the men's race a break of two riders, Ari De Wilde (Nerac) and Nathanial Cornelius (Subway) have countered the break and have a pretty good gap.

09:20 EDT   
De Wilde comes through to do his turn and the pair are working well together.

09:24 EDT   
Hugh Moran (Aerospace Engineering) is trying to bridge to the break and has about 5" on the field at the moment.

09:26 EDT   
The men's break has entered Main St ready to turn onto the climb. Health Net and Jittery Joe's are on the front of the peloton. Moran is 15" behind the two leaders at the moment.

09:28 EDT   
The men are on the climb for the first time. Moran has caught the leaders but the field is closing in too. They are now caught and the field is all together.

09:29 EDT   
The crowds are all setting up for a big day on the wall. Health Net are charging up the hill.

09:30 EDT    17km/233km to go
Its pretty strung out! A Health Net rider has a small gap on the field as they go over the top of the climb.

09:32 EDT   
Mike Jones (Health Net) is the rider off the front. He has been climbing well and may be going for the KOM classification today. About 30 riders have a sizeable gap off the front of the men's field. The are flying down this descent. The gap will most likely come back together as they head into Strawberry Fields.

09:33 EDT   
Discovery is on the front now setting the pace in the mens race.

09:35 EDT   
Thirty Five riders have a gap of 25" at the moment in the men's race.

In the women's race T-Mobile are on the front as they head onto the climb for the first time. They are working for Teutenberg today. She is right up there next to World Champion Judith Arndt.

09:36 EDT   
Matti Breschel (CSC) just stopped for a wheel change and meanwhile in the break Timmy Duggan (TIAA Cref) is attacking the break of 35 riders and has a small gap.

09:38 EDT   
Most of the teams are represented in the break. Duggan has been caught again and he sits at the front of the break now.

09:42 EDT    27km/223km to go
A group of four riders are slightly off the front of the break which still has 20" on the field as they enter the start/finish circuit. But they are getting caught straight away.

09:45 EDT   
Up in the men's break, Team Seasilver and Discovery are setting the pace. The break is back up to 30" again. The field is completely strung out. They can see each other as they pass on the finishing circuit. There is a chase of 14 riders behind the main break.

09:48 EDT   
Navigators is leading the break now as they pass the finish line and head back out onto Ben Franklin Drive for their second main lap.

Meanwhile the women are all together and the pace is high at the moment. With so many riders in the field, many attacks will be attempted today but with so many strong sprinters teams, I'm imagining it will be to get away.

09:48 EDT   
Now the women have a break of about 12 riders with T-Mobile heavily represented. Nurnberger are on the front of the field chasing.

09:50 EDT    32km/218km to go
In the mens field Health Net and Jittery Joe's chased hard and brought back the break on the fast open stretch of Ben Franklin Drive. The average speed at this point is 26m/h (41km/h).

09:51 EDT   
Another TIAA CREF has attacked the men's field. It is Bryan Smith.
Two riders, Jeremy Powers (Jelly Belly/PooGel) and Roberto Gaggioli (Monex) have bridged to him.

09:53 EDT   
The women have a 13 riders group off the front with T-Mobile and Nurnberger. Quark is on the front of the chase but the gap is up to a minute now.

09:58 EDT   
A few riders in the women's break: Christine Thorburn (Webcor), Kristen Armstrong and Kimberly Bruckner (T-Mobile), Kristin LaSasso (Lipton) and Annette Beutler (Quark). Behind Nurnberger are chasing hard with Quark sitting in just behind them. The chase bunch is only about 40 riders now and they are at 1'00" with the rest of the field another minute behind.

09:59 EDT    40km/210km to go
T-Mobile seem to have the upper hand in this break now!

10:00 EDT   
In the men's race, the break of three riders are slowly getting caught as they head up Manayunk Wall for the second time. So far Adam Livingston (Seasilver) has been taking the KOM points.

10:04 EDT   
Also in the women's break is Ina Teutenberg which is why Nurnberger want to bring this back. She has her two teammates working hard for her.
Joanne Kiesanowski (Nobili) is up there too as well as Erinne Willock (Webcor) and Zoe Owens (Lipton).

10:06 EDT   
The break was caught in the men's race on the climb and Adam Livingston took the KOM points again. Now Health Net are attacking again.

In the women's race the gap is about 25 seconds with Nurnberger still on the front of the chase. 11 riders are in the break.

10:09 EDT   
In the men's race the large group got caught but another group of about 30 are off the front again. Horner is in the group, as is VanDen Broeck and Ryder Hesjedal from Discovery, Roger Hammond also.

10:14 EDT    50km/200km to go
A third of the field are in the front bunch in the men's field and they have a gap of 53" as they go over Lemon Hill on their second lap. There is a chase group of 14 guys who are trailing by 25" but they are not very organised.

10:15 EDT   
The temperature is 77 degrees at the moment on the course.

10:20 EDT   
Navigators, Health Net and Prodir are on the front on the men's break which has about a minute on the field right now. They are riding tempo but the peloton seem to be riding faster.

Back in the field Matti Breschel was brought down in the feed zone by an Advantage Benefits rider. Breschel was a little angry and got up and through a water bottle!

10:21 EDT   
Meanwhile on Manayunk there is a manhole cover with a big hole in it and they are trying to fix it before the men come back around for their third lap.

10:23 EDT   
Victory Brewing just had a mechanical in the women's race and the team car has stopped.

10:24 EDT    59km/191km to go
T-Mobile riders are still leading the break in the women's race. They gap is still at about one minute.

10:27 EDT   
Actually now the gap in the women's field is coming down as they approach the finish line at the end of their second lap.

10:29 EDT   
An update for the women's break. Judith Arndt and their top sprinter Regina Schleicher are both in that break and it looks like Nurnberger are trying to protect that break from behind.

10:31 EDT   
T-Mobile and Nurnberger therefore have their protected riders in the break in Regina Schleicher and Ina Teutenberg. This means that the break has a good chance to stay away, but Quark will be wanting to chase. They have Beutler in there but they down have the strong numbers like T-Mobile and Nurnberger. Nobili have their top sprinter in the group with Kiesanowksi so they won't chase.

10:31 EDT   
In the mens field Henk Vogels has flatted and is getting a wheel from Mavic Neutral support.

10:33 EDT   
The women have come through the finish line now after their second lap, so they have two laps remaining now. The gap is increasing again now.

In the men's race, the front group of 40 riders have 2'30" on the next group.

10:37 EDT   
Arndt actually briged to the break on the last time up Manayunk, to be up there to help our Regina. Not many other riders in this peloton would be able to do that. Arndt is in amazing form right now and whats very cool about her is that she is World Champion and undoubtedly one of the strongest women in the world but she prefers working for her teammates than actually winning herself.

10:41 EDT   
Mari Holden is also in the women's break. Thats four riders for T-Mobile. They are really working hard for Teutenberg. Back in the peloton Vic Brewing and Colavita are chasing. A few Nurnberger riders have actually pulled out of the race, but their top riders are up there.

10:42 EDT   
It also looks like Nurnberger have Wood up there so they also have three in the break. Amy Moore is in the break for Victory Brewing, but she is outnumbered. Vic Brewing will want to bring this back for their sprinter Gina Grain who came second last year.

10:47 EDT   
The men's break has increased the gap and it now sits at 3'35". The pace is fast now and some of the top riders are in that break including Horner and Vogels. Freddy Rodriguez is not up there.

10:49 EDT   
In the women's field Ina Teutenberg is looking very good. She doesn't have to do any work in this break with her three teammates doing the work and she can sit in and rest. She was a bit off last week in bed with fever but she still managed to take two second place's and a win, so she has good form.

10:52 EDT   
Henk Vogels had to chase for a while to get back on after his flat. Breschel is not yet back on after his altercation in the feed zone but he is in a chase group of three riders with one other CSC rider.

10:55 EDT   
Lampre-Cafitta boys
Photo ©: Tim Maloney
Click for larger image
In the men's field some of the riders in the break are Chris Horner, Henk Vogels, Danny Pate, Ivan Dominguez, Chris Horner, Jeff Louder (Navigators), Schleck is up there, a couple of Liquigas riders and Lampre including Glomser. Jittery Joe's are the only main team that have missed this break and they are chasing on the front of the peloton.

11:02 EDT   
Mari Holden is on the front now driving the women's break. Webcor just attacked the sprint at Lemon Hill and caused a slight split in the break.

11:03 EDT   
It will all come back together now as they come back down to Ben Franklin Drive towards the finish where they'll see one lap to go. T-Mobile are back on the front driving it again with Mari Holden working very hard.

11:06 EDT   
Lynn Gaggioli is also in the women's break. She is a good sprinter too so we have quite a few good sprinters in this break.

11:08 EDT   
The men are on the climb again and cowbells are going bezerk.

There is an attack at the start/finish line in the women's break. Its Tina Pic, but they are all on her. The break are all together and the gap to the peloton is 55" with Colavita and Vic Brewing chasing. The peloton is split and the second chase group sits at 1'25".

11:15 EDT   
Its Laura Van Gilder in the women's break, not her teammate Pic. Van Gilder has won three races in the past week and is very excited to be in this race and likes her chances. She has been second and third before but has always lost out to Rossner. She is a good chance today except that she doesn't have any teammates with her.

11:17 EDT   
Bruckner, now known as Baldwin after getting married, comes through to do a turn in this break as they head along Ben Franklin Drive towards the wall for the last time.

11:17 EDT   
Sigrid Corneo is also doing some work for her teammate and sprinter Joanne Kiesanowski. Holden moves back to the front.

11:20 EDT   
Teutenberg looks good and is actually chatting to her rival Regina Schleicher in the break right now. Looking relaxed but I'm sure very nervous. These two have been racing against each other for many years in Germany, since they were juniors. Both are very good sprinters and most have predicted that it will be a battle between the two of them if it comes down to s sprint.

I'm thinking that T-Mobile will use Kristin Armstrong later this lap to attack and make the other teams chase. It will be hard for them to get anything away from World Champ Judith Arndt. In fact she may be the one attacking!

11:22 EDT   
Livingston took another KOM up Manayunk so he is increasing his lead in the KOM competition. A lot of feeding going on in the men's field now as its getting warm.

11:23 EDT   
The women are on the Manayunk wall for the last time. Webcor on the front. Its Christine Thorburn.

11:24 EDT   
Thorburn leading and she'll me trying to make it fast so as the attacks don't go. Pucinskaite is also in this break. She is a former World Champ as well. We have three in this bunch. Arndt, Holden and Pucinskaite.

11:25 EDT   
Thorburn sprinted at the KOM but no other attacks eventuated. They are descending now.

11:26 EDT   
They are very relaxed in the women's break now as they hit the bottom of this hill. Its the calm before the storm, the sprinters will be getting nervous.

11:28 EDT   
In the mens race, four rider are trying to bridge. They are Lobato (Prodir), Michaelsen and Breschel (CSC) and Marzano (Lampre) and have been in no man's land for quite a while now.

11:29 EDT   
T-Mobile on the front of the women's break. It really doesn't look like the chase is going to get them so the winner will be out of this break.

11:29 EDT   
Its Baldwin on the front. Her and Holden have been doing all the work keeping this break away for Teutenberg.

11:32 EDT   
Pucinskaite comes through to do her turn. She is setting things up for Kiesanowski. Tina Pic is on her wheel. It has been difficult trying to figure out all the riders in this break. It seem more have joined it. Pic and Van Gilder are both up there for Quark it seems.

11:36 EDT   
Holden is on the front now in the break. Arndt sitting second from the back. She is just keeping things in check from the back, perhaps waiting to attack but very likely waiting for the lead out she'll be doing in a bit.

11:37 EDT   
A total of 13 riders are up there in that break. Amy Moore from Vic Brewing is sitting in fourth wheel. Her team couldn't bring this back so its up to her now for them. Gaggioli has been sitting in all day. She is a good sprinter and could be a threat here.

11:39 EDT   
The last time up Lemon Hill now. Thorburn is going for the sprint again and will likely take the KOM competition for today. She keeps the pace high after the sprint as they head back onto Ben Franklin drive for the home stretch.

11:40 EDT   
Arndt has attacked!!!!! She is an amazing time trialer and has a good gap. They will have to put all their horse power into getting her.

11:40 EDT   
She has been caught though. They were on the ball. Gaggioli is on the front now and the pace is not high. Its going to be cat and mouse now.

Arndt goes again!!!

11:41 EDT   
Nobili right on here though. Thorburn goes, but they are on her too.

11:41 EDT   
The sprinters sitting in trying to find their place. Arndt at the back. She might even go for one more attack. 1km to go.

11:42 EDT   
Armstrong on the front for T-Mobile. Its not an easy finish because its wide open and you can see the finish for ages. Have to be careful not to go too early.

11:42 EDT   
Pic leading out, Van Gilder on her wheel with Teutenberg just behind.

11:43 EDT   
Teutenberg goes around with Schleicher on her wheel. Its a drag race- can Schleicher come around???

11:43 EDT   
Ina Teutenberg (T-Mobile)
Photo ©: Jon Devich
Click for larger image
No - Teutenberg holds her off!!!!

11:44 EDT   
T-Mobile are very excited. Teutenberg has a grin from ear to ear. She has been aiming for this win after having worked so hard for Rossner and Bessette in the past!

11:44 EDT   
Taking second was Schleicher, followed by Van Gilder.

11:54 EDT    118km/132km to go
Back to the men's race now and we are at the 118km mark. The gap has increased to over six minutes at this point.

11:56 EDT   
We talked to Teutenberg on the finish line who is very excited. "I'm really happy. It's really nice to win a big bike race like this."

"T-Mobile was amazing today. They did such an amazing job. I felt really good all day. I didn't have to do a thing. It was a good situation that the break went up the road. It made things much safer and I felt comfortable. I was worried the last time up the climb but its seems everyone was tired so nothing went."

11:58 EDT   
Back to the men's race again. There has been a crash. TIAA Cref is down with Glomser from Lampre.

11:59 EDT   
The TIAA CREF rider is Lange. They are both back up and trying to get organised again. These riders are both in the break.

12:02 EDT    126km/124km to go
The men's race are half way through their big laps. They saw 8 to go when they went through the finish line last time. Thats five big laps and three finishing laps.

12:03 EDT   
The four chasers have been caught by the bunch, but the break now has seven minutes on the field.

12:08 EDT   
In the break Lange has regained contact with the group after crashing but Glomser has not yet made it back. The pace is really picking up in this race in the break and in the peloton. Its really strung out now as they head along Ben Franklin Drive.

12:09 EDT   
The prologue of the Dauphine Libere was a 7.9 km time trial in Aix-les-Bains. Most of our American readers will probably get a kick out of this result.

12:12 EDT    134km/116km to go
Prodir is setting the pace on the front of the break as they go up the Manayunk wall. Saunier have not only Horner, but also Ventoso who won here last year. They will be wanting this break to work and have been driving the pace on the front.

12:14 EDT   
we are on the climb and the crowds are huge with parties everywhere. Livingston leads on the climb again to take more points in the KOM competition. He looks really good here and has a gap with a Saunier Duval rider.

12:17 EDT   
Livingston cruises around the corners at the top of the climb, recovering. Saunier get back on the front and start the drive the pace again. Ventoso is right up there working too. This may mean they have already decided to put all their efforts into working for Horner.

12:17 EDT   
Horner really wants to win this, as victory here could very well get him a ride in the Tour de France.

12:19 EDT   
A bit of chatting going on at the front of the break. They are keeping the pace high though.

12:19 EDT   
The Saunier Duval rider in the break is Zaugg, not Mori.

12:22 EDT   
The gap is still at seven minutes. In fact it has grown slightly to 7'05".
Its going to be interesting to see what happens here because two of the race favourites are not in the break. That is Bobby Julich and Freddy Rodriguez. Another contender, who has not been mentioned much in the lead up to this race is Tony Cruz (Discovery). He is also back in the field and when we caught up with him before the race, he was keen to have a good one and try for the jersey.

12:27 EDT   
We caught up with a few other riders at the start this morning. One being former US Pro Champion Mark McCormack (Colavita Sutter Homes). He said, "At least I'm not sick this year."

He was not worried about the heat today as he said he's had good races in hot and cold weather here. He is not in this break and will be resting up now hoping that it comes back later.

12:29 EDT   
Saunier Duval still leading the break. With his forearms on the tops in time trial position. He looks very relaxed, just working away at keeping the tempo high.

12:33 EDT   
Cyclingnews also spoke with Trent Lowe (Jittery Joe's) this morning. A very good mountainbiker, currently doing a fine job on the road. He won the young riders jersey at Tour de Georgia and will be a rider to watch in the future. He said he's feeling "alright". He has just come from training at altitude which he is not used to coming from sea level in Sydney. He was hoping that it was hot today, so he got his wish, as he knew that would help get rid of some riders who don't like the heat so much.

12:34 EDT   
The gap to the field has come down a little bit and the latest time split is 6'26". There is also a small split within the break but it is coming back straight away.

12:38 EDT   
A break now out of the break. About five riders have gone on off the front but they are being absorbed again without getting anywhere.

At the front of the peloton Advantage Benefits are Davitamon are setting the pace. Its really hot out there and some of the riders seem to be struggling already.

12:40 EDT    152km/98km to go
Health Net and Prodir are setting the pace on front of the break. Health Net probably realised that the gap had started to drop and decided to do something about it. They have four riders in this break.

12:41 EDT   
The Jelly Belly riders in the break are sitting comfortably in, not having to do anything at this point. They also have four riders up there.

12:45 EDT    156km/94km to go
After all this time Glomser, who crashed with TIAA CREF in the feed zone a while back, is still chasing solo in between the break and the field.

We have about 100km to go in the bike race with the break currently heading up Manayunk for the seventh time.

12:47 EDT   
The pace is high and its strung out at the bottom. Vogels is on the front and Livingston is taking over again. They are looking significantly less peppy this time as this climb gradually takes it out of you.

Smith from TIAA CREF is falling off the pace, as is Ventoso.

12:48 EDT   
Livingstong takes the points again and managed to cause a big split is the break whilst doing so. Over the top Sayers was on his wheel and has attacked.

12:49 EDT   
Sayers looks back to gauge his lead. He can see them closing in on him.

12:55 EDT   
Mike Sayers has managed to keep that gap open and is riding solo. He looks to be in a good rhythm as he goes up Strawberry Hill. He has 15 seconds at this point.

12:58 EDT   
Mike "Mad Dog" Sayers goes into a tuck trying to keep his speed up going down the hill. The break is chasing hard behind and they are all strung out.
He is obviously the sacrificial lamb in this race. Health Net can let the three other riders in the break rest putting the other teams on the defensive.

13:01 EDT   
As we roll onto Lemon Hill, Sayers still has about 20 seconds. The pace is high on the Hill. So far the average speed of the race is 26m/h (41km/h). Sayers goes over the hill, driving the pace and another riders is bridging to hi,. Its Jorgen Vandenbroeck (Discovery) from Belgium. He goes straight to the front to do his turn. Sayers hops right on.

13:02 EDT   
Sayers needed that. They will work well together now.

Back in the peloton Jittery Joe's are still chasing.

13:04 EDT    170km/80km to go
Jelly Belly and Prodir lead the rest of the break now and will try to bring this back slowly.

13:06 EDT   
They rest of the break have now caught Sayers and Vandenbroek now so the break is back in tact.

13:10 EDT   
The gap is still coming down. It is now 5'20". Lotto and Jittery Joe's are still chasing and have really picked up the pace. Jittery Joe's are trying to get Tim Johnson into position to do something good today, and Lotto obviously want to bring this back for Freddy.

13:13 EDT   
The Prodir riders however have four guys up there and are really pushing the pace. Chris Horner and Mori have been able to sit in as Ventoso and Gomez force the pace. So if the break gets caught they will still be able to put Horner or Mori in another move.

Freddy looks good back in the peloton. He just has to be patient now and hope that this comes back. He has had former winner of this race Henk Vogels up in the break covering it for him.

13:16 EDT    178km/72km to go
In the break a couple of the guys are taking "nature break". They are coming off Kelly Drive heading towards Manayunk again. Vogels seems to be taking a little rest on the back of the break. One of the Advantage Benefits riders seems to be feeling a bit ill and a Colavita rider gives him a pat on the back for encouragement.

13:16 EDT   
Its still very strung out. Single file.

13:17 EDT   
CSC are on the front of the peloton now. They have all their riders at the front and have put the hammer down. Its time!

13:18 EDT   
Bobby Julich sitting in behind them looking comfortable with Gord Fraser sitting just behind him.

13:19 EDT   
Jake Rytlewski still doesn't look to be feeling well.

Ventoso is sitting up and dropping himself from the break. He has moved to the left side of the road and just taking it easy waiting for the main group.

13:21 EDT   
Caleb Mannion (Jelly Belly) has been dropped on the climb and Rytlewski is suffering but maintaining contact. Matty Rice is also suffering on the climb.

Most of the riders are going under the fountain at O'Briens' Waterhole to try and cool down. This hose/fountain is there every year and definitely comes in handy if you need to cool down.

13:23 EDT   
The speed in much higher in the peloton this time and the gap has dropped further to 5'15".

Up in the peloton Livingston had been consistent all day in the KOM points. He actually won the KOM comp here in 2000 so knows how its done.

13:23 EDT   
CSC are leading the chase up Manayunk now. Julich is setting the pace! He looks really good.

13:27 EDT   
Julich really set a fast pace up that climb. He is testing his legs for this business end of the race. Saunier Duval were right on his wheel covering him.

In the break, a small group of riders is off the back. In that group are DeVocht, Rytlewski, Livingston, Rice and Mannion.

13:28 EDT   
We have an attack. Its Beppu from Discovery but he was covered quickly.

13:30 EDT   
VanDenBroek is attacking now. The gap to the peloton is 4'02".

13:32 EDT    188km/62km to go
Its back together. VanDenBroek caught. DeVocht sat up and is heading back to the field to help Freddy. Vogels is calling up his team car. He really needs water but nobody is coming. He gets some water.

13:34 EDT   
We are turning left onto Lemon Hill again. The break has split up again but the gap is really coming down. Its now 3'45".

13:36 EDT   
Powers (Navigators) is solo off the front of the break now. Its single file with gaps in the break.

13:37 EDT    192.5km/57.5km to go
Turning onto Logan Circle. Everything is single file in the break and in the peloton.

13:38 EDT   
When they go thought the finish line they'll see two large laps to go and three small laps.

Powers has been reabsorbed. The tempo in the break is slowing down. The gap is 3'23".

13:40 EDT   
Sayers is on the front of the break keeping it high. The longer the break takes to get caught, the more work CSC has to do behind. Sayers is having a great race today.

Livingston and Rytlewski have both been caught by the peloton. Livingston has probably done enough to take the KOM jersey though.

13:42 EDT   
CSC have two guys on the front of the peloton. Its Bak and Michaelsen. They have taken back two minutes in the last lap. We should all be waiting for the big attack by Julich up Manayunk later in the race.

13:44 EDT   
Freddy is eating some food now, staying prepared for the finish. The gap is 3'00".

It's official. Adam Livingston from Seasilver took the KOM and can't be beaten at this point.

13:46 EDT   
Sayers still on the front for Health Net. Making this last for as long as possible. Freddy seems to be smiling in the bunch. Quite happy that this break is coming back.

13:47 EDT   
The CSC team has all their riders up the front and Jittery Joe's have a rider up there. Julich still looking very good. Doing it easy at this point.

13:49 EDT    201km/49km to go
We head to the Manayunk Wall for the second last time with 50km remaining in the race.

13:52 EDT   
The gap is still three minutes. We are on Main street now heading to the climb. There are people everywhere here and the atmosphere is as good as usual.

13:54 EDT   
Navigators lead onto the climb. Mannion has popped off the back and it sitting up. Baldwin has also pulled off. The pace on this climb is very high. Riders keep getting popped off. Vogels is driving the pace up here and splitting everything up.

13:55 EDT   
VanDenBroek takes over and has to wait a bit at the top for the bunch to get back on his wheel.

13:56 EDT   
The peloton has hit the bottom of the climb. That means the gap has come down again. Discovery has attacked out of the peloton. Could be Cruz?

13:57 EDT   
Julich has hit the front. He is powering up there again. He's in the saddle. On his wheel is Freddy Rodriguez. He moves to the front and opens up a gap over the top. There is a huge split in the field.

13:58 EDT    206km/44km to go
The gap is 2'11" and closing.

Vogels has a gap up in the break and Chris Wherry (Health Net) is with him. They have at least ten seconds on the rest of the break.

13:59 EDT   
The Discovery team has shut it down though and VanDenBroek counters immediately. He looks back to check out his gap.

14:00 EDT   
Only eleven riders left in that front group now with the rest chasing or sitting up to wait for the bunch. The gap to the peloton is 1'50".

14:04 EDT   
The break has come back together a little now and its looks like about 25 riders in the front now. A lot of cat and mouse going on in the break. They seem to be sitting up, nobody wanting to do the work.

14:05 EDT   
Jelly Belly is attacking. Looks like Ben Brooks, but he has been caught.

The main peloton is very small now after Julich powered up that climb.

14:06 EDT   
Vogels has attacked now and has about seven seconds to the break. Carlston (Liquigas) and Eriksen (CSC) are bridging to him.

14:07 EDT    214km/36km to go
The three riders have been caught and its very strung out as we turn back onto Ben Franklin Drive towards the start finish line.

14:07 EDT   
When they go through the start line they will only have one big lap to go and three small laps.

Danny Pate has attacked now.

14:08 EDT    215.3km/34.7km to go
Pate has about about ten seconds on the field.

14:09 EDT   
Two minutes behind the break is the field with CSC on the front.

14:10 EDT   
Pate going around the roundabout and back towards the finish line. He has 15" on the chase. Horner is up near the front of the rest of the break. They don't really want to let Pate go. He was third here one year and is former U23 TT champion.

14:11 EDT   
He looks good now and gets out of the saddle to keep his momentum as he heads back out onto the course. CSC is still leading the peloton. They have Bak and Michaelsen on the front.

14:13 EDT   
The break has let Pate go and seem to be slowing up knowing that the field is closing in. Still a long way to go for a solo break, but still a good move by Pate.

14:15 EDT    218.4km/31.6km to go
The main field is very small now. Probably only about thirty riders.

Alot of attacks in the break now. Kodak Gallery is trying now trying to bridge up to Pate. Vogels is looking like he's itching to go.

He attacks!

14:15 EDT   
Another rider goes with Vogels. Its all strung out. Liquigas attack now.

14:17 EDT   
Pate has 30 seconds. Jones attacked in the break but was caught by Vogels and has now gone off the back of the break and is asking for Mavic. Perhaps he has a flat.

More cat and mouse games in the break and it has really slowed down. Colavita attacks, Health Net chase.

14:18 EDT   
Horner goes, Discovery follows, bringing things back.

Vogels is sitting on the back of the break recovering from that effort.

Pate still up the road solo with 30 seconds on the rest of the break.

14:20 EDT   
Pate taking a drink. Keeping hydrated. He has a nice rhythm and he heads towards Manayunk.

Ivan Dominguez has attacked the bunch behind trying to bridge and Aaron Olsen has also gone.

14:22 EDT   
Pate has 35" now. Dominguez and Olsen have come back to the break and they have sat up again. The gap to the rest of the field is 1'40" now.

14:24 EDT   
Pate is on Main street Manayunk with 35" on the rest of the break and he has increased the gap to the field to 2'30".

14:26 EDT   
Its single file in the break now with Health Net leading the way. We have 21 riders still in the break and about the same in what was the main peloton.

Pate is really putting pressure on CSC because he has made the break ride harder and their chase job harder.

14:27 EDT   
Pate is on the wall for the last time. The pace is high and CSC rider Eriksen has a flat on the hill.

Pate is driving it and really looking good. Riders are getting droppped back in the remains of the break. Its all strung out.

14:28 EDT   
Pate rounds the corner at the top and gets out of the saddle to keep his momentum on the flat section before he descends.

He's in a tuck down the hill.

14:29 EDT   
We have two chasers behind Pate. Its Horner and Chris Wherry and they have a huge gap on the rest of the break.

14:30 EDT   
They are working well together on this descent and keeping their pace high in the tuck position.

14:31 EDT    230km/20km to go
That was the last time up the wall. When they reach the start/finish at the end of this lap they only have three finishing laps remaining. If these guys catch Pate they are a dangerous situation.

14:32 EDT   
Horner and Wherry caught Pate and flew right by, but Pate got back on.

14:33 EDT   
Horner coming through to do his turn and the trio will work well together. This is their chance but they can only do it together.

Behind, Vogels has attacked but has been covered by CSC and Saunier Duval. He sits up again and the rest of the break catch him. They are all looking around.

Another attack.

14:35 EDT    233km/17km to go
It is Advantage Benefits this time. They are single file and the solo rider has been caught.

14:36 EDT   
Pate gets a bottle from his team car and hops back on the back on the break.

14:37 EDT   
The leading three have 35" to the rest of the break now and 2'05" to the peloton.

14:37 EDT   
Vogels looking frustrated back in the first chase group. He has been trying to bridge but he can't get away and the peloton is not making up any time at the moment.

14:41 EDT    236km/14km to go
We are less than 20km to go now. This turn of events has put real pressure on CSC and Davitamon. Could the winnner come from this group of three.

They are working well together at this point and are really powering.

All the riders in the first chase group are really frustrated. Some of them are trying to work but they can't get organised.

14:42 EDT   
The leaders are going through the start/finish and see three 3-mile finishing laps to go.

14:45 EDT   
Horner is driving it at the moment. Wherry comes through to do a turn. They are just working so well together. Back in the break Vogels is throwing his arms up in pure frustration.

CarlstrŲm from Liquigas has been trying to bring this back out of the rest of the original break but he's not getting any help.

14:48 EDT   
Matej Mugerli (Liquigas) has attacked out of the first chase group. They obviously they were not going to be able to chase it down.

14:49 EDT   
These guys are flying and have increased their lead again. They now have 55" to the rest of the break and 2'20" on the second chase group that includes Bobby Julich and Freddy Rodriguez.

14:51 EDT   
Almost one finishing lap completed now. They'll see two laps to go. They're gap has inceased again to 1'09".

Mugerli is still alone chasing them but it will be hard for him to catch these three alone as they are all looking very good.

14:54 EDT   
Its really pretty amazing to have three American's in this trio. If they pull this off they'll make history. There were many years there when an American didn't make the podium. If they pull this off they are not only racing for the win, they are racing for the stars and stripes.

Horner is really hungry for this and it is his ticket to the Tour de France

14:54 EDT   
Horner has attacked!!!!!

14:54 EDT   
It took some time for the other two to react. They were looking at each other, but they have caught him. Wherry has countered!

14:55 EDT    142km/108km to go
He looks back and is caught. Horner counters again. Pate is chasing and pulling Wherry up again.

14:56 EDT   
Pate moves to the front in an almost attack but Wherry moves through.
Horner on the front again now.

14:57 EDT   
They are all nervous now, looking at each other. They know they have to keep the pace up so that they don't get caught, but they all need to start to think about the finish.

14:58 EDT   
They are back at the start finish line with one lap to go. Only 3 miles, less than 5km. Wherry on the front but keeping his eye out.

14:58 EDT   
Horner goes again and catches them napping. Pate chasing again letting Wherry sit on!

14:59 EDT   
Back together and really slowing down now. Horner still on front but looking back. Pate coming through for a turn. Wherry comes through after him.

15:00 EDT   
Wherry attacks and opens the gap. Pate chasing it again!

15:01 EDT   
Horner sitting on and Wherry is making up time. Horner comes through now.

15:01 EDT   
But Wherry has a huge gap up front and looks good.

15:02 EDT   
The gap may well be too big to make up now. Only a few kilometers to go.

15:03 EDT   
Wherry powering and Horner is doing the chasing behind. Pate looks like he's cramping. Horner just gave him a push but then Horner pulls through. They have him in sight but it could be too late.

15:03 EDT    249km/1km to go
Wherry looks like he's suffering. He has seven seconds with less than 1km to go.

15:04 EDT   
Its still a big gap. Its an amazing finish.

15:04 EDT   
500m to go and it looks like Wherry will hold this. Horner attacks and is coming. Pate is on his wheel!!!

15:05 EDT   
They are closing, Wherry struggling but he holds on!!!

15:05 EDT   
Wherry takes the win and the Stars and Stripes. Pate comes in to take second place and Horner takes third.

15:05 EDT   
Wherry punching the air in excitement.

15:06 EDT   
This is the biggest win of his career!

15:09 EDT   
Mike Sayers comes across the line and screams as he congratulates Wherry. He really helped make this happen with his work in the break today.

Men's Results

1 Chris Wherry (Health Net)
2 Danny Pate (Jelly Belly)
3 Chris Horner (Saunier Duval/Prodir)

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