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Bayern Rundfahrt
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The Prince Of Wales Hospital Ride For Life - NE

Centennial Park, Sydney, Australia, August 13, 2005


Hatton takes Ride for Life after tactical start and finish

By Karen Forman

Clarence Street rider Peter Hatton
Photo ©: Karen Forman
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Choosing to jump across to join an early breakaway then selecting the right wheel to lead out his uphill sprint for the line proved winning tactics for Clarence Street rider Peter Hatton in the feature event at today's The Prince of Wales Hospital Ride for Life at Sydney's Centennial Park.

Hatton, 22, swiped victory (and the prize: a classy set of Shimano wheels) from Randwick Botany rider Shaun Higgerson and Macarthur Collegians' Luis Trueba in the 72.5km/25 lap Shimano Open following a seven-man sprint conducted with the same riders he had been companionably swapping turns with since they broke away from the main peloton on the sixth lap.

"That was a great race," he told Cyclingnewsafterwards. "I consider myself more of a mountain biker, so I liked the hills on the course and the conditions were perfect. It was a bit cool to start with, but there wasn't much wind and it was sunny. What more could you want?"

The current state MTB champion, who has competed at world level, wasn't taking all the credit, however: he paid tribute to his fellow riders, saying it was a team effort. "Everyone was working well together to extend and then secure the gap to the main bunch, a minute or so behind by the finish," he said.

Commencing their 25-lap journey at a moderate pace, the field of more than 80 stayed together for just two laps before a small attack group formed, but nobody was successful in getting away until just after the start of the fifth lap, when Clarence Street rider Klayten Smith attacked and an early breakaway group of four formed.

Hatton came across a lap later and by the eighth lap, a group comprising Joe Mcdonnell (Sutherland), Shaun Higgerson (Randwick Botany), Peter MacDonald (Colnago-Caravello), Klayten Smith (Clarence Street), Luis Trueba (Macarthur Collegians), Peter Hatton (Clarence Street) and Brendan Fehon (St George) was setting a sizzling pace and had a third of a lap on the chasing bunch.

Placegetters in the Shimano Under 19
Photo ©: Karen Forman
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By the start of the 13th lap the breakaway had a minute on a hard-working chasing attack by Parramatta rider Brent Skippen, Peloton Sports' Brad McCreadie and Peter Galvin and Clarence Street's Glenn Stojanow. That group picked up 20 seconds on the main peloton of 28 riders but was unable to stay away for long.

Trueba attacked before the final hill on the final lap and Hatton, considering him "strong but not the kind of guy to sprint", went with him - and then around him - to cross the finish line first - and alone.

Hatton's win in the main event was just one of many highlights of the annual day of cycling action, held to support the oncology department of the Prince of Wales Hospital. While the serious senior riders turned out in force to contest the Shimano Open, Under 19, Women's and Masters events, a swag of up and coming under 17, under 15 and under 13 junior girls and boys contested NSW road champion series. The Allens Arthur Robinson Corporate Challenge attracted 150 team riders on everything from road bikes to mountain and touring bikes, while a number of families turned out for a fun ride on a much flatter course than the challenging uphill 2.89 kilometre circuit selected for the main events.

Sydney rider Liam Kelly
Photo ©: Karen Forman
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Also exciting for the modest crowd of spectators turning out on the day was the Shimano Masters event of 35km, won by Sydney rider Liam Kelly ahead of elite racing veteran Eddie Salas and Charles Topfer (Lidcombe Auburn). Kelly, who had led the race since the second last lap, paid tribute to the race organizers for a "fantastic event" and said there should be more like the Ride for Life.

Salas also said he had had a good race, although he was disappointed it had been shortened by a few laps due to a late start. "The racing was very good. Liam made a move with five to go and then with three to go I thought that must be time to attack, so I jumped but was caught, so it came down to a bunch sprint. Liam came past me and I got on his wheel and that's how we finished."

Racing a shorter event when he's used to contesting elite races was refreshing, he said. "I have recently decided to slow things down because I have a three year old at home and my wife is expecting our second child plus I have a business and will be 40 in a couple of weeks. Now instead of doing 180km races I am changing to 30km races and aim to just enjoy it. So far, I am!"

The racing fields also included some ex-Olympians and Olympians, including track rider Ben Kersten, who has been putting in some road kilometres to supplement his track pursuit training, while VIPS attending on the day included Olympic gold, triple world champion and Commonwealth champion Stephen Wooldridge, recovering at home in Australia after a serious race fall in France resulted in a premature end to his season with his German team, Team ComNet-Senges.

Wooldridge told Cyclingnews he was looking forward to getting back on the bike again after taking eight weeks off following his crash in the Boucles de la Mayenne in France, which led to a broken jaw in three places, a fractured finger and wrist.

Sutherland rider Troy Glennan
Photo ©: Karen Forman
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"It was the second day of the race and the team was going okay…until I crashed and the director had to pay me attention rather than the other riders," he said. He wasn't a pretty sight. The broken jaw required surgery to insert three titanium plates and he had to have his jaw wired shut for four weeks, which played havoc with his nutrition.

"I lost seven kilograms in the first week," he said. "Soup was my best friend for a while, but it knocks your body around a lot, especially when you're an athlete used to eating well."

He came back to Australia to recover and has been back on his bike and in the gym, working hard to regain some strength and focus on the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and then defend the world teams pursuit three weeks later. "I'm getting bored not doing much," he said, "but at least I have been doing some study to fill in the time." He's working on a post graduate finance degree.

Also on hand was injured rider Kate Nicholls, her right arm still in a splint after the riding accident which killed one and injured five of her Australian team mates in Germany last month, but in good spirits. Accompanied by her ex-Olympian father Kevin, she flagged off the Masters and Corporate fields.

"I am feeling good," she told Cyclingnews. "My hand is healing really well. It's only a matter of time."

A fast recovering Kate Nichols
Photo ©: Karen Forman
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Nichols partially cut the tendons to her second and third fingers on her right hand and received "a lot" of glass cuts all over her body in the accident which occurred with a young driver lost control of her car and struck the Australian team as it was going over the course for the Tour of Germany the following day. The first of the team to be released from hospital and sent home, Nichols is undergoing extensive hand therapy and physiotherapy and continuing her advanced science/biochemistry degree at Wollongong university with help from a scribe (to write for her), her mum (to drive her), a friend (who helps with her practical sessions) and her dad (who she says provides moral support and has once helped her with her ponytail!)

She expects to have the splint removed from her hand in two weeks and hopes to be back on the bike in the next few months. "I really want to get back into racing, but obviously I can't until the hand heals," she said.

Meanwhile, Cycling Australia showed its support of safe cycling by donating half the proceeds from race entries, additional sponsorship gained plus donations to the Amy Gillett-Safe Cycling Foundation, set up following the Germany tragedy.

Among the crowds cheering on the riders was the St George dragon
Photo ©: Karen Forman
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Images by Karen Forman/Cyclingnews.com

Images by John Buckton


Ride for life corporate challenge
1 Stewart Campbell (Pulse racing team)               32.45
2 Duncan Bull (Cargo bar)                                 
3 Ashley Bleeker (AAR 1)                                  
4 Maren Preston (Studio Evolution/Preston)                
5 Jeff Gray (Kidmans Accountants)                     0.04
6 Peter Brooks (St George 2)                              
7 Wayne Wheatley (Double A –1)                        0.05
8 Jay Davis (Cargo bar)                                   
9 Adam Shephard (Cargo bar)                           0.06
10 David Robb (AAR 2)                                     
11 Kim Slaminka (UBS 3)                                   
12 Luke Beuchat                                       0.08
13 Eoin Meaney                                        0.11
14 Andrew Crawford (Kidmans Accountants)              0.35
15 Lars Johnson                                       0.49
16 Rob Izzard (Squadra Blue)                          0.50
17 Matthew Loupis (Innov-Tech consulting)             1.14
18 Tony Johnson (Sydney Kinsela’s 1)                  1.23
19 Ashley Miles (Team no name 2)                      2.04
20 Leslie Clarke                                          
21 Paul Webster (St George 2)                         2.18
22 John Rutherford (Sydney Kinsela’s 1)               2.41
23 Dani Andres (Pulse racing team)                        
24 Luke Harvey-Palmer (St George 2)                       
25 George Tragaris (Sydney Kinsela’s 2)                   
26 Nicholas Fletcher (AAR 2)                          3.07
27 Phillip Cornwell (AAR 2)                           3.10
28 Juston Halliwel (Squadra Blue)                         
29 Roy Gruenpeter (Squadra White)                         
30 Barry Doosey (Sydney Kinsela’s 2)                      
31 Peter Beaumont                                         
32 Kerry Wilson                                           
33 Grant Chellew (Kinsela’s)                          3.14
34 Grant Hansen (Sydney Kinsela’s 1)                      
35 Warren Lee (Team no name 2)                            
36 Ataghn Bensah (Team no name 2)                         
37 Joel Denney (UBS 2)                                    
38 Guy Fowler (UBS 3)                                 3.15
39 Ben Hammond                                        3.19
40 Paul Douglass                                      3.35
41 Greg Smart                                         3.36
42 Mark Stevens (Kinsela’s)                           4.46
43 Roddy Johnson (AAR 1)                                  
44 Adam Currall (Innov-Tech consulting)                   
45 Ian Atkin (Kidmans accountants)                    4.49
46 Peter Seloon                                       4.52
47 Steve Yorke (NSW Rural fire service)               5.09
48 Ian Holmes (UBS 3)                                 5.15
49 Lucas Hiely (UBS 2)                                5.17
50 David Levitski (Sydney Kinsela’s 2)                5.19
51 Scott Jackman (Innov-Tech consulting)              5.20
52 Christian Horgh-Rasmussen                          5.21
53 Ahmed Ishkqaa                                      5.25
54 Markus Preston (Studio evolution/preston)          5.31
55 Simon Heemstra (NSW Rural fire service)            5.35
56 Andy Kersey                                            
57 Chris Smith (Squadra White)                        5.36
58 Philip Hall                                        5.44
59 Philip Graus (Trekkies)                            5.50
60 Mike Battagria (Cycle news)                            
61 Paul Sheppard (Trekkies)                           5.51
62 Paul Baker                                         5.45
63 Maurice Lynch                                      5.58
64 Richard Kriedemann (AAR 4)                         5.59
65 Mark Rohanna (AAR 4)                               6.10
66 Richard Hunt (UBS 2)                                   
67 Tim Turton (AAR 3)                                 6.15
68 Polglase Kate (Squadra Blue)                       6.20
69 Paul Webster (St George 1)                         6.22
70 Craig Sheffield (St George 1)                      6.27
71 Lindy How (Vision impared)                         6.29
72 Des Sullivan (Sydney Kinsela’s)                    6.32
73 Gregor Whiley (Sydney Kinsela’s)                   6.33
74 Matthew Riddell (Sydney Kinsela’s)                 6.34
75 Tim Seton (Team no name 3)                         6.38
76 Chris Papoulias (Studio evolution/preston)         6.49
77 Gordon Frazer (Pulse racing team)                  6.58
78 Jared Barton-Hills                                 7.05
79 Alessandro Garofalo (Double A –1)                  7.10
80  Payne (AAR 3)                                     7.19
81 Giovanni Zotti                                         
82 Colette Woodliffe                                  7.25
83 Steve Bennett (UBS)                                7.35
84 Dan Meachin                                        7.40
85 Craig Graham                                       7.53
86 Tony Longa (Ind. NSW fire service)                 7.55
87 Andrew Hudson                                      8.13
88 Lew Short (Ind. NSW fire service)                  8.19
89 Haitham Al-jawad                                   8.21
90 Timothy Stewart (AAR 3)                            8.36
91 Steve Milch (St George 1)                          8.45
92 Mark Crosweller (NSW Rural fire service)           9.14
93 Iain Shedden                                       9.21
94 Lasz Szabo                                         9.22
95 Todd Phillpott                                         
96 Simon Leadley (Trackdown)                          9.45
97 Mick Storey                                        9.46
98 Jon North (AAR 4)                                 10.06
99 Brod Ivory (Double A –2)                          10.10
100 Vince Smetak                                     10.24
101 Carly Smith (Squadra White)                      10.35
102 George Day                                       10.48
103 Rosti Zacharius (Trackdown)                      10.58
104 Simon Gilhotra (Ind. St George bank)             11.05
105 Rick Christie                                    11.21
106 James Dunne                                      11.45
107 Philip Bewley                                    12.00
108 Alex Morley                                      12.13
109 Robert Antonini (Ind. St George bank)            12.53
110 David Sharp                                      12.25
111 Jeff Kim (Ind. St George Bank)                   14.43
112 Dylan Matthews (AAR individual)                  15.08
113 Stephen Gates (Double A –2)                      19.03
114 Jason Adams (Double A –2)                        21.48
115 Marco Parisi (Double A –1)                       21.53
116 Rachel Thuis` (Team no name 1)                   23.26
DNF Julia Bruce (AAR 1)                                   
DNF Greg Ohannessian (Double A –3)                        
DNF Dan Bitti (Double A –3)                               
DNF Shawn Stevens (Double A –3)                           
DNF Jeff Sofair (Kinsela’s)                               
DNF Alex Furey (St George 3)                              
DNF Chris Furey (St George 3)                             
DNF Nga-Lai Yuen (St George 3)                            
DNF Belinda Leahy (Team no name 1)                        
DNF Nicola Bryden (Team no name 1)                        
DNF Neeraj Chand (Team no name 3)                         
DNF Stewart Seung (Team no name 3)                        
DNF Michael Baker (Thinksecure)                           
DNF Scott Crane (Thinksecure)                             
DNF Ray Buquest (Thinksecure)                             
DNF Brendan Zacharius (Trackdown)                         
DNF Michael Wong (Trekkies)                               
DNF Danny Jenskins (Waverly Bowlo)                        
DNF Murray Cundy (Waverly Bowlo)                          
DNF Paki Te Oriki (Waverly Bowlo)                         
DNF Declan Ankers (Ind. Waverly-Bowlo)                    
DNF Robert Brasington                                     
DNF Daniel Brown                                          
DNF Holloway Bryan                                        
DNF Ryan Catzel                                           
DNF Matthew Derham                                        
DNF David Grinston                                        
DNF Peter Halas                                           
DNF Chris Hannan                                          
DNF Ken Hyman                                             
DNF Jamie Kennedy                                         
DNF Lachlan Macgregor (Ind. UBS)                          
DNF Peter Male                                            
DNF Robin Mcgilligan                                      
DNF Steven Thomas                                         
DNF Shawn Turner                                          
DNF Angela Webster                                        
DNF Adrian West                                           
DNF Daniel White                                          
DNF Glenn Williams                                        
DNF Michael Woods (Ind Double A)                          
DNF David Sharp                                           
DNF Simone Alison                                         
DNF Jane Recny                                            
DNF Aiden Shi                                             
DNF Brad Lindor (Cycle news)                              
DNF Mark McGeechan (Innov tech)                           
DNF Duncan Mann (UBS)                                     
DNF Arthur Zervas                                         
Overall Teams Results (Provisional)
1 Cargo Bar                                        1.38.26
2 St George Bank 2                                    4.52
3 Kidmans Accountants                                 5.17
4 Allens Arthur Robinson Team 2                       6.12
5 Sydney Kinsela’s Team 1                             7.07
6 Tean No Name 2 (Ashley Miles)                       8.21
7 UBS3                                                8.25
8 Pulse Racing Team                                   9.08
9 Squadra Blue                                       10.09
10 Sydney Kinsela’s Team 2                           10.59
11 Innov-Tech Consulting                             11.09
12 Studio Evolutions/Preston                         12.09
13 UBS2                                              14.30
14 Squadra White                                     19.10
15 Sydney Kinsela’s                                  19.28
16 NSW Rural Fire Service                            19.47
17 St George Bank Team 1                             21.23
18 Allens Arthur Robinson Team 3                     21.59
19 Allens Arthur Robinson Team 4                     22.04
20 Double A team 1                                   28.57
21 Double A team 2                                   49.50
Ride for Life Elite Men, under 23 and Under 19
1 Peter Hatton (Clarence Street)                   1.26.29
2 Shaun Higgerson (Randwick Botany)                       
3 Luis Trueba (Macarthur Colleg)                          
4 Joe McDonnell (Sutherland Shire)                        
5 Klayten Smith (Clarence Street)                         
6 Peter MacDonald (Colnago-Caravello)                     
7 Troy Glennan (Sutherland Shire)                     0.09
8 Tremain Permewan (Victor)                           0.29
9 Luke Dale (Illawarra)                               0.44
10 Nash Kent (Clarence St)                            1.08
11 David Hiley (Peloton Sports Inc)                       
12 Brad McCreadie (Peloton sports Inc)                    
13 Brendan Brooks (Colnago Caravello)                 1.12
14 Glenn Stojanow (Clarence street)                   1.13
15 Marc Williams (Canberra)                           1.28
16 Bradley Mills (Clarence Street)                        
17 Joshua Marden (Randwick Botany)                    3.10
18 Stuart Shaw (Canberra)                                 
19 Michael Troy (Nowra Velo Club)                     3.27
20 Ben Kersten (St George)                            3.54
21 Matthew Lucas (Randwick Botany)                        
22 Anthony Bennett (Lidcombe Auburn)                      
23 Inabunet David (Tuggerong)                             
24 Ben Jenkins (Randwick Botany)                          
25 Paul Verkuylen (MTBA)                                  
26 Robert Cater (Randwick Botany)                         
27 Luke Barrett (St George)                               
28 Stuart Colquhoun (Randwick Botany)                     
29 Alan Bozunovic (Eastern Suburbs)                       
30 Blake Field (St George)                                
31 Michael Blewitt (Peloton Sports Inc)                   
32 John Baxter (Eastern Suburbs)                          
33 Robert Booker (Peloton Sports Inc)                     
34 Nathan Rollason (Randwik Botany)                       
36 Morgan Pilley (Byron Bay)                              
37 Tim Hillard (Lifecycle)                                
38 Gerard Donaldson (Lidcombe Auburn)                     
39 Graeme Moffett (Clarence Street)                       
40 Robert Hodgson (Peloton sports Inc)                    
41 Kevin Poulton (Clarence St)                            
42 Andrew O’Bryan (Central Coast)                         
43 Nick Both (Peloton Sports Inc)                         
44 Stephen Fitzpatrick (St George)                        
Ride For Life Women’s 35k
1 Renee Fortunato (Sutherland Shire)                 46.45
2 Leonie Aisbett (Illawarra)                              
3 Belinda Diprose (Lidcombe Auburn)                       
 Laura Bortolozzi (Randwick Botany)                       
 Kate Charge (Lidcombe Auburn)                            
 Lauren Degney (Randwick Botany)                          
 Vicki Eustace (Tuggeranong)                              
 Kelly Furey (Hunter District)                            
 Tooiteasa Gallagher (Bathurst)                           
 Katrina Haddrill (Lidcombe Auburn)                       
 Amber Jenkins (Sydney CC)                                
 Emma Lovelock (Sutherland Shire)                         
 Jennifer Manefiels (Parramatta)                          
 Tanya Newton (Randwick Botany)                           
 Kate Nichols (St George)                                 
 Tara O’Brien (Tuggeranong)                               
 Zoe Southwell (Parramatta)                               
 Ruth Walsch (Randwick Botany)                            
 Erin Chamberlen (Sydney)                                 
 Sarah Roy (Eastern Suburbs)                              
 Rosanna Fortuna (Randwick Botany)                        
 Anna Murray (Peloton Sport Inc)                          
 Veronika Senn (Peloton Sport Inc.)                       
 Erin Chamberlen (Sydney)                                 
Ride for Life Masters 35k 
1 Liam Kelly (Randwick Botany)                            
2 Eddie Salas (Penrith Panthers)                          
3 Charles Topfer (Lidcombe Auburn)                        
4 John Kenny (Eastern Suburbs)                            
5 David McHugh (Sydney)                                   
6 Robert Brewer (Penrith Panthers)                        
7 Stan Genakis (Sydney)                                   
8 Alberto Talone (Lidcombe Auburn)                        
9 Steve Orfanos (Sydney)                                  
10 Antonio Iannacito (Colnago Caravello)                  
11 Scott Harmer (Eastern Suburbs)                         
12 Eugen Schilter (Parramatta)                            
13 Michael Neal (Randwick Botany)                         
14 Stephen Pearson (Lidcombe Auburn)                      
15 John Miller (Waratah Veterans)                         
16 Craig Klement (Randwick Botany)                        
17 Tony De la pena (Waratah Veterans)                     
18 John Peppard (Eastern Suburbs)                         
19 George Diniakos (St George)                            
20 John Ciofani (St George)                               
21 Kevin Black (Randwick Botany)                          
22 Jack Yuen (Waratah Veterans)                           
23 Scott Callum (Eastern Suburbs)                         
24 Ian Bradford (Sutherland Shire)                        
25 Erik Mather (Bicisport)                                
26 Neil Morris (Randwick Botany)                          
27 Warwick Edwards (Eastern Suburbs)                      
28 David Evans (Eastern Suburbs)                          
29 Ian Bridges-webb (Penrith Panthers)                    
30 Jeffrey Gray (Illawarra)                               
31 Barry Kenyon (Northern Sydney)                         
32 Michael Henderson (St George)                          
33 David Cramtons (RBCC)                                  
34 Jay Davis (SSR)                                        
35 Alf Brown (Lidcombe Auburn)                            
36 Michael O’Brien (Waratah Veterans)                     
37 Patrick Naughton (Randwick Botany)                     
38 Peter Reid                                             
39 Rowan Davies (Peloton Sports Inc)                      
40 Geoffrey Baxter (St George)                            
41 Daniele Vabolini (Peloton Sports Inc)                  
Women U17 NSW 26 kilometre championship
1 Chloe Hosking (Canberra)                           51.46
2 Ashlee Ankuninoff (St George)                           
3 Ellen Marks (Wagga Wagga)                               
4 Lauren Kitchen (Port Macquarie)                         
5 Anthea Clarke (Byron Bay)                               
6 Jacinta Aitken (Kooragang)                              
7 Silvia Potente (St George)                          1.16
8 Stephanie Leary (Canberra)                              
9 Caitlin Westropp-evans (Canberra)                   2.16
10 Amba Bennett (Coffs Harbour)                       2.24
11 Chey Howard (Centra Coast)                         3.44
12 Chloe Gearing (Canberra)                           4.38
13 Eleni Stratton (Byron Bay)                         6.13
14 Andrea Beer (Penrith Panthers)                     6.45
15 Samatha Hosie (Byron Bay)                          7.35
DNF Deena-Marie Faulkner (St George)                      
DNF Netasha Pearse (Wagga Wagga)                          
Ride for Life Men U15 NSW 20K Championship
1 Scott Law (Illawarra)                              38.31
2 Alex Carver (Lidcombe Auburn)                           
3 Jack Hickey (Gunnedah)                                  
4 Callum Docker (Lidcombe Auburn)                         
5 Michael Phelan (Canberra)                               
6 Angus Tobin (Bathurst)                                  
7 Shaun Baxter (Grafton)                                  
8 Jordan Fawkes (Hunter District)                         
9 Aaron Bicknell (Randwick Botany)                        
10 Sam Douglas (Southern Cross)                           
11 Bede Kelly (Southern Cross)                            
12 Justin Meinderstma (Penrith Panthers)                  
13 Adam Phelan (Canberra)                                 
14 Jackson Pratt (Central Coast)                          
15 Brendan Cole (Northern rivers)                         
16 Andrew Seaman (Dubbo)                                  
17 Tim Duncan (Randwick Botany)                           
18 Matt Geeves (Manning Valley)                           
19 Lachlan Morton (Port Macquarie)                        
20 Liam Melville (Peloton Sports Inc)                     
21 Kevin Hawes (Port Macquarie)                           
22 Samuel Spokes (Tamworth CC)                            
23 Aaron Donnelly (Nowra Velo)                        0.39
24 Adrian Byrnes (Gunnedah)                           0.53
25 Jesse Dillon (Lidcombe Auburn)                     1.11
26 Joshua Ewan (Southern Highlands)                   1.23
27 Brodie Pearse (Wagga Wagga)                            
28 Jack Bennett (Southern Cross)                          
29 Kye Polverino (Port Macquarie)                     1.29
30 Anthony Scott (St George)                          1.53
31 John Reed (Eastern Suburbs)                        3.49
32 Samuel Henderson (Port Macquarie)                  5.24
33 Lachlan Hines (St George CC)                       5.29
34 Christopher Potter (Lidcombe Auburn)               6.11
35 Jamie Green (Wagga Wagga)                          8.49
36 Adriano Maradini (Randwick Botany)                     
DNS Daniel Roberts (Manly Warringah)                      
DNS Christopher Treloar (Hunter District)                 
Ride for Life Women U15 17k NSW Championship
1 Megan Dunn (Dubbo)                                 31.34
2 Caitlin Brookes (Wagga Wagga)                       0.17
3 Sinead Cosgrove (Goulburn)                          0.36
4 Tara Bryan (Wagga Wagga)                                
5 Melinda Potente (St George)                         0.54
6 Georgie Geeves (Manning Valley)                         
7 Chloe Geyer Chloe (Port Maqcuarie)                  1.08
8 Zara Doering (Penrith Panthers)                     3.31
9 Erika Shepherd (Lidcombe Auburn)                    4.32
10 Briannon Moloney (Lidcombe Auburn)                 6.46
11 Emma Hoyle (Sutherland Shire)                      7.26
DNS Annika Brown (Goulburn)                               
DNS Keisha Northey (Goulburn)                             
DNS Cayla Smith (Lidcombe Auburn)                         
Ride for life Schools Novice Championship 6kms
1 Ashley Mason (Northern beaches)                    11.14
2 Cameron Fraser (Dobroy point)                       0.04
3 Nathan Bradshaw (Caringbah North)                   0.12
4 Thomas Kriedeman (Grammar)                              
5 Lara Batkin (Fiary meadow)                              
6 Holly Tobin (Spring terrace)                            
7 Ricky Glezerson (Moriah)                                
8 Mark Kriedeman (Crandbrook)                             
9 Ashley Robinson (Ashfield boys)                         
 Josh Hoffman (Moriah)                                    
 Bradley Fraser (Dobroy point)                            
 Joshua Walkers                                           
 Philipa Steat (Sleggs)                                   
 Prue Steat (Clovelly public)                             
 Daniel Levine (Moriah)                                   
 Adam Goldstein (Moriah)                                  
 Aaron Muller (Moriah)                                    
 Oliver Kirk (Woollarah ps)                               
 Greage Steat (Clovelly public)                           
Ride for Life Double A Under 17 NSW 43k Championships
1 Thomas Palmer (Canberra)                         1.08.12
2 Nicholas Spratt (Penrith Panthers)                      
3 Richard Lang (Colnago Caravello)                        
4 Dale Scarfe (Central Coast)                             
5 Jonathon Cridland (Southern Cross)                      
6 Alistair Loutit (Canberra)                              
7 Joseph Lewis (Kooragang)                                
8 Blair Windsor (Bathurst)                                
9 Luke Treloar (Hunter District)                          
10 Laurence Van Schie (Central Coast)                     
11 Brodie Talbot (Colnago Caravello)                      
12  Sean Dunn (Dubbo)                                     
13 Lindsay Wall (Canberra)                                
14 Aaron Brewer (Colnago-Caravello)                       
15 Tayla Aitchison (Southern Cross)                       
16 Ben Dyball (Colnago-Caravello)                         
17 Tim Guy (Bathurst)                                     
18 Angus Morton (Port Macquarie)                          
19 Tom Lowder (Gunnedah)                              2.08
20 Tim Geeves (Manning Valley)                        2.50
21 Dirk Roshier (Wagga Wagga)                             
22 Matthew Andersen (Lidcombe Auburn)                     
23 Robert Kidd (Eurobodalla)                              
24 Lewis Little (St George)                               
25 Liam Poole (Port Macquarie)                            
26 Shane Smith (Bathurst)                             4.57
27 Matthew Christenson (Grafton)                      4.58
28 Damien Baxter (Grafton)                                
29 Nicholas Woods (Moree Services)                    5.14
30 Pete Wickham (Central Coast)                       6.07
31 Benjamin Elliott (Randwick Botany)                 6.25
32 Joseph Northey (Goulburn)                          6.43
33 Mitchell Monkhouse (Grafton)                       7.03
34 Shane Russell (Northern Rivers)                    7.15
35 Steven Millar (Central Coast)                      7.25
36 Adam Chakos (Byron Bay Freeriders)                     
37 Shaun Campbell (Nowra Velo Club)                   9.27
38 Joe Davies (Northern Rivers)                      12.00
39 Matthew Laverty (Byron Bay freeriders)            12.24
40 Matthew Rowlandson (Port Macquarie)               12.50
41 Richard Navolo (International)                    15.55
Ride for life Boys U13 NSW 11 k Championship
1 Caleb Ewan (Southern Higlands)                     20.36
2 Jackson Law (Illawarra)                                 
3 Scott Carver (Lidcombe Auburn)                          
4 Timothy McMillan (Southern Cross)                       
5 Blake Polverino (MTBA)                                  
6 Matthew Garlan (Wagga Wagga)                            
7 Scott Harding (Southern Cross)                          
8 Samuel Nelson (St George)                               
9 Thomas Regan (Wagga Wagga)                              
10 Tirian McManus (Southern Cross)                        
11 Braden Ludlow (Gunnedah)                               
12 Ben Grant (Southern Cross)                             
13 Stephen Lewis (Koorangang)                             
14 Christopher Aitken (Kooragang Open)                    
15 Chad Doering (Penrith panthers)                        
16 Isaac Gilmore (Wagga Wagga)                            
17 Matthew Williams (St George)                           
18 Jacyn Mellish (Central Coast)                      0.28
19 Evan Batkin (St George)                            1.04
20 Elliot Paine (St Georg)                            2.33
21 James Moloney (Lidcombe Auburn)                    3.35
Ride for Life Girls U13 NSW 11k Championship
1 Claire Sheridan (Gunnedah)                         23.14
2 Erin Doyle (Wagga Wagga)                            0.49
3 Kirsty Mills (St George)                            1.11
4 Leah Guillan (Southern Cross)                       1.38
5 Mackenzie Monkhouse (Grafton)                       2.38
6 Sarah English (Wagga Wagga)                         2.43
DNS Claire Sheridan (Gunnedah)                            
DNF Imogen Hines (St George)