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Results and Reports from the USA

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Debaets–Devos Pro-Am Memorial races

Cadieux Bicycle Club, Detroit, Mi , September 4, 2006


Pro Cat I, II, III men
1 Ben Renkena (USA) West Mich. Coast Riders               
2 Bruce Riviera (USA) Prestige Essex Brass                
3 Dan Lefevre (Can) Team Race                             
4 Steven Howard (USA) Priority Health                     
5 Peter Mored (Can) Jet fuel Coffee                       
6 Dan Lefebure (USA) Dornezias                            
7 James Regan (USA) Saturn of Toledo Shell                
8 Paul Martin (USA) Texas Road House                      
9 Daniele Defranceschi (Can) Hooters                      
10 Blain Dudley(USA) Essex Brass                          
11 Jonathan Card USA) Team Chiro Power                    
12 Scott Anderson (USA) Priority Health                   
13 James Baldesare (USA) Cane Creek                       
14 Gusette Giuliano (USA) Jet Fuel Coffee                 
15 Bob Daksiewicz (USA) Ford Giant                        
16 Derek Witte (USA) West Michigan Coast riders           
17 Luke Cavenda (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                
18 Terry Palmer (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                
19 Glen Rendall (USA) Ride With Rendall                   
20 Sean Wakefield (USA) Ride With Rendal                  
21 Paul Rego (USA) Flying Rhinos                          
22 Graham Howard (USA) Wolverine Sport Club               
23 Eric Forester (USA) Priority Health                    
24 Matt Scott (USA) Sunrise Sort                          
25 Jason Stephenson (USA) Essex Brass                     
26 David Hietikka (USA) West Michigan Coast Riders        
27 Ryan Calilung (USA) Vision Quest                       
28 Michael House (USA) Texas Road House                   
29 Jason Brake (USA) Ann Arbor Velo                       
31 David J. Mullins (USA) Essex Brass                     
32 Brent Hendler (USA) West Michigan Coast riders         
33 Robert Isler (USA) Sunrise Sports                      
34 Kenneth Vernier Health Delivery                        
35 Frederick Anderson (USA) West Michigan Coast riders    
36 Michael BUSA (USA) Team Chiro Power                    
37 Brian Adams (USA) Ford Giant                           
38 Jeff Weinert (USA) Cane Creek                          
39 Jeff Hanson (USA) Jet Fuels Coffee                     
40 Robert Hockin (USA) Health Delivery                    
Cat III men
1 James Brooks (Can) Ottowa Sleeman                       
2 Garneh Abbey (Can) D’Ornettas                           
3 Frank Mesi (USA) Queen City Cyling                      
4 Graig Burge (Can) Ottowa Sleeman                        
5 Piers Davidge (USA) Cycle 4 M.S.                        
6 Cory Dubish (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                  
7 Robert Sisson (USA) Flying Rhinos                       
8 Kenneth Thenes (USA) Queen City Cycling                 
9 Ryan Buerman (USA) Sunrise Sports                       
10 Chriss Brinkman (USA) Saturn Of Toledo/shell           
11 Dominick Zaccone (USA) Ann Arbor Velo                  
12 Jamie Parker (USA) Kona Midwest                        
13 James Cowie (USA) R.G.Edwards                          
14 Anthony Ponton (USA) Flyng Rhinos                      
15 Matt Scott (Can) Independent Sunrise                   
16 Phil Vermette (Can) Caboto Velo Club                   
17 Robert Dobbie (USA) Wolverine Sport club               
18 Christopher Boer (USA) Ada Bike                        
19 Peter Ehmann (USA) H.D.I. Giant                        
20 Joe Fenny (USA) Wolverine Sport club                   
21 Eric Freed (USA) Wolverine Sport club                  
22 Zach Mc Bride (USA) Priority Health                    
Cat I,II,III Women
1 Merrill Collins (Can) Unattached                        
2 Kristen Sanders (USA) South East                        
3 Renee Schroeder (USA) Wolverine Sport Club              
4 Kelly Peterson (USA) Wolverine Sport club               
5 Laura Melender (USA) Altell Bike                        
6 Lisa Melis (USA) Essex Brass                            
7 Jenny Mitchell (USA) Maume Wheelmen                     
Cat IV Women
1 Chritine Raymo (USA) Unattached                         
2 SUSAn Shaw (USA) Cycle Fitness                          
3 Elizabeth Gray (USA) Wolverine Sport Club               
4 Lisa Selow (USA) Essex Brassw                           
Cat IV Men
1 Darrel Anderson (USA) Ann Arbor Velo                    
2 Scott Kreske (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                 
3 Andy Commings (USA) A.G. Edwards                        
4 Alan Smith (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                   
5 Bruce Comacho (Can) D’ornellas                          
6 Nate Cole (USA) River City Velo                         
7 Brad Frey (USA) Kalamazoo                               
8 Rodgern Bowser (USA) Wolverine Sport Club               
9 Brent Delrosario (USA) Wolverine Sport Club             
10 Kevin Collins (USA) unattached                         
11 Michael Pizzorno (USA) Wolverine Sport Club            
12 Scott Hess (USA) Cadieux B.C. Team O2                  
13 Douglas Gatto (USA) Ann Arbor Velo                     
14 Jonathan Brinkman (USA) Saturn of Toledo/Shell         
15 Don Belcher (USA) Unattached                           
Cat V Men
1 Tom Elias (USA) Cadieux B.C. Team O2                    
2 David Hicken (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                 
3 Jacob Lietaert (USA) G.V.S.U                            
4 Chris Hughes(USA) Wolverine Sport Club                  
5 Steve Jones (USA) unattached                            
6 Derek Delzer (USA) unattached                           
7 James Comb (USA) unattached                             
8 Scott Fabijanski (USA) unattached                       
9 Frank Scarchilli (USA) unattached                       
10 Jean Marc Hauss (USA) unattached                       
Masters 35+
1 Tim Lervre (Can) D’ornellas                             
2 Frankie Andreu (USA) Wolverine Sport club               
3 Daniel Klein (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                 
4 Todd Sanders (USA) Vision Quest                         
5 Toney Bruley (USA) Wolverine                            
6 Charlie Squires (Can) West Haven Cycling                
7 James Brooks (Can) Ottowa Sleeman                       
8 Alan Zotowskie (USA) HDI Briant                         
9 Jon Morgan (USA)                                        
10 Ray Dybowski (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                
11 Greg Allen (Can) Maple Leaf                            
12 Jim Mc Murray (USA) Bici Sport                         
13 Garnett Abbey (Can) D’Ornellas                         
14 Paul Rivera (USA) Prestige Cycling                     
15 John Coyle (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                  
16 Mark Cahn (USA) Cadieux B.C. Team O2                   
17 Gary Olivera (USA) Flying Rhinos                       
18 Phil Vermette (Can) Caboto Velo club                   
19 Randy Rusceak (USA) Health Delivery                    
20 Terry ritter (USA) Health Delivery                     
21 Michael Forsdike (Can0 West Haven Homes                
22 Chriss Preuss (USA) D.L.S                              
23 Robert A Selle (USA) Maumee Wheelman                   
24 John Sammut (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                 
Masters 45+
1 Charlie Squires(Can) West haven Cycling                 
2 Mark Cahn (USA) Cadieux B.C. Team O2                    
3 Graig Burke (Can) Ottowa Sleeman                        
4 Raymond Dybrowski(USA) Wolverine Sport club             
5 Frederick Anderson (USA) West Michigan coast riders     
6 Ray Barbehenn (USA) An Arbor Velo                       
7 Jamie Smith (USA) Essex Brass                           
8 Eric Snider (USA0 Saturn of Toledo/shell                
9 Dominick Zaccone (USA) Ann Arbor Velo                   
10 Bernie Clincke (USA) Cadieux B.C. Team O2              
11 Mike Faennie (USA) Saturn of Toledo/Shell              
12 E.J. Levy (USA) Cadieux B.C. Team O2                   
13 Marc Dettmann (USA) Autell Ada Bike                    
Masters 55+
1 Ed Reid (USA)                                           
2 Bruce Camacho (Can) D’Ornellas                          
3 Peter Morris (Can) Nike                                 
4 Thomas Jones (USA) Ann Arbor Velo                       
5 Jon Levin (USA) Cadieux B.C. Team O2                    
Juniors Men 15-18
1 Chris Brinkman (USA) Saturn of Toledo/Shell             
2 Rajan Buerman (USA) Sunrise Sports                      
3 Matt Rose (USA) Wolverine sport club                    
4 Rune Duke (USA) Sunrise Sports                          
5 Cory Dubish (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                  
6 Michael Savers (USA) Indeno Hardfeder                   
7 Daniel Rutkowski (USA) Unattached                       
8 Joshua Burkhart (USA) Saturn of Toledo/Shell            
Juniors Men under 14 
1 Tony Wieczorek (USA) Cycling Saddlemen                  
2 James Anderson (USA)                                    
3 Rudy Peterson (USA) Flying Saddlemen                    
Junior Women 15-18
1 Molly Cohn (USA) Wolverine Sport Club                   
Junior Women under 14
1 Jaclin Peterson (USA) Flying Rhinos                     
2 Jenna Hicken (USA) Wolverine Sport club                 

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