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Millport Road Race

Red Rose Rockets Racing Team, Inc.. Millport, Pa.

May 27, 2006

Weather: 81 Degrees F 27 Degrees C Wind 6 To 17 Mph


Pro 1/2/3
1 Guillaume Nelessen (Hunterdon Velo A&A Cycling Team)
2 John Spittal (Gs Lancaster)
3 George Menard (Monstrhealth Cycling)
4 Dave Black (Swashbuckler Brewing Co./Parenfaire.Com)
5 Michael Margarite (Crca/Sakonnet Technology)
6 Michael Zban (Gs Lancaster)
7 Mathieu Nelessen (Hunterdon Velo/Ana Cycling)
8 Nicholas Reinert (Salamander Racing)
9 Joel Hamilton (Unattatched)
10 Greg Visicaro (Hunterdon Velo)
11 Keith Wilson (Gs Lancaster)
12 James Perren (Breakaway Racing)
13 Stephen Koelbl (Warrenton Cycling Race Team)
14 Jonathan Swain (Crca/Sakonnet Technology U25)
15 James Carney (Salamander Racing)
16 Christopher Long (Gs Gotham/Toga!)
17 Doug Frederick (Hunterdon Velo- Ana Racing)
18 Paul Debartolo (Gs Gotham/Toga)
DNF Shane Kline (Salamander Racing)
DNF Erica Allar (T.E.A.M. Fuji)
DNF David Wells (Hunterdon Velo)
DNF Zebulan Nelessen (Hunterdon Velo)
Cat 3/4 Men
1 Jeff Schalk (Trek-Vw)
2 Joe Jankovsky (Boston Road Club)
3 Thomas Wood (Cadence Cycling)
4 David Hoylr (Guys Racing)
5 Charles Denton (White Rose Racing)
6 Sam Baum
7 Saysana Intahvongonsa (Swashbuckler Brewing Co./Parenfaire.Com)
8 Matt  Perry (West Chester Cycling)
9 Charles Alexander (Wbi Investments)
10 Justin Waynick (Swashbuckler Brewing Co./Parenfaire.Com)
11 David Lowe (Human Zoom)
12 James Walls (Iron Hill/Wccc)
13 Jason Hayes (Godspeed Courier)
14 Timothy Karabin (Iron Hill Wccc)
15 George Milinkovic (Squadra Coppi/Im Saab)
16 Matthew Neugebauer (Team Drt Presented By Deep Blue Restaurant & Valero Oil)
17 Brian Paugh (Lynchburg College Cycling)
18 Andy Johnson (Swashbuckler Brewing Company/Pa Renfaire.Com)
19 Mitchell Witmer (Red Rose Rockets)
20 Graham Coy (Tri-State Velo)
21 Ryan Linder-Hess
22 Cornelius Griggs (Artemis Racing)
23 Kevin Fryberger (Unattatched)
24 Timothy Klotz (Yellow Breeches Racing)
25 Garett Schreier (Gs Lancaster)
26 Richard Schweizer
Cat 4/5 Men
1 Shawn Limbert (Penn State Cycling Club)
2 Joey Piscitello (Cadence)
3 Emerson Loustau (Bicycle Therapy)
4 Judd Walencikowski (Unattatched)
5 Bryan Verdeur (Iron Hill/Wccc)
6 Matt Perry (Iron Hill/Wccc)
7 Todd Hesel (Hunt Valley Bicycles)
8 Jeffrey Salvitti (Alliance Enviromental)
9 Jeffrey Schutt (Wbi Investments)
10 Linford Weaver (International Christian Cycling)
11 Raymond Brettle (Guys Racing)
12 Andrew Schmidt (Bloomsburg)
13 Brad Carpenter (National Capital Velo/Inova Health System)
14 Richard Schweizer
15 Mark Miller (Team Cadence/Veloeuropa)
16 Jerry Voyer (Tri-State Velo)
17 Mitchell Witmer (Red Rose Rockets)
18 Zach Putt (World Cup Ski And Cycle)
19 Theodoros Koutroukides (Guys Racing)
20 Jason Binkley (Spinners Cycling)
21 Michael Long (International Christian Cycling Club)
22 David Lawson (Guy's Racing)
23 Adam Snoke (Penn State U Cycling)
24 Jon Kokus (Team Cycle Works)
25 Joseph D'Andrea (C3)
26 Timothy Klotz (Yellow Breeches Racing)
27 Joseph Hess (Spinners Cycling)
28 Joel Speakman (First State Velo Sport)
DNF Steven Baer (Tri State Velo)
DNF Christopher Brown (Spinners Cycling)
DNF Alexander Butterfield (Ncvc/Inova Health System)
DNF Royden Detweiler (Bike Line/Lwa)
DNF Timothy Dowling (First State Velo Sport)
DNF Zac Felpel (Red Rose Rockets)
DNF James Flaherty (Pro Pedals Bike Shop)
DNF Ethan Frost (First State Velo Sport)
DNF Scott Goodwin
DNF Keith Groshans (Monstr Health Cycling)
DNF William Hemmerich (Tri State Velo)
DNF Karl Krause (First State Velo Sport)
DNF Aaron Mimran (C5 Fitness)
DNF Dale Mossman
DNF Emmett Oberrender (Sbrt / Dutch Wheelman)
DNF Nicholas Pandelidis (Spinners Cycling)
DNF Jonathan Proulx
DNF Andrew Sanborn
DNF Luis Sanders (Summit Cycling)
DNF Albert Scharbach (Main Line Cycling / Bikyle)
DNF Fred Schmidt (Tristate Velo)
DNF Doug Spitz (3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery)
DNF Richard Steele (Iron Hill Brewery - West Chester Cycling Club)
DNF Erik Turner (Pennstate Cycling)
DNF Steve Witkowski (Spinners Cycling)
DNF Chris Yanavich (Action Wheels)
DNF Keene Turner (Techno Cycle)
DNF Travis Oberrender (Dutch Wheelman)
DNF Benjamin Harris (East Coast Velo)
DNF Shane McCready (First Capital Velo)
Cat 5 Men
1 Jason Binkley (Spinners Cycling)
2 Rob Allen (Spinners Cycling)
3 Emerson Loustau (Bicycle Therapy)
4 Chris Yanavich (Action Wheels)
5 Paul Hoyle
6 Alexander Butterfield (Ncvc/Inova Health System)
7 Jordan Binkley (Spinners Cycling)
8 Jonathan Maresch (Guy's Racing Club)
9 Carey Jackson Yonce
10 Alex Welsh (Quaker City Wheelmen/Team Breakaway)
11 Myron Noland (Hilton Cycling Club/Conte's)
12 Dave Jung
13 Jim Payne (Bikeline/Lwa)
14 Daniel Yeich (West Chester Cycle Club)
15 Andy Guy
16 Steven Lazen (Unattached)
17 Michael Stednitz
18 Joe Magro (Red Rose Rockets)
19 Frederick J. Hauf, Jr.
20 Brian Stoner
21 Steve Owens (Team Snow Valley)
22 Stephen Chladnicek
23 Pete Schiffer (Unattached)
24 Chris Grundner (Team Drt/Deep Blue)
25 Mark Norris (Spectrum Recycling)
26 Ryan Csolak
27 Scott Shellhammer (Vortex)
28 Gary Kelley (South Mountain Velo Club)
29 Larry Missimer (Unattached)
30 Martin Kullen
31 George Blandon (Upenn)
32 Glenn Lyons (West Chester Cycling/Iron Hill)
33 Mike Yesalavage (Spokes Bike Shop)
34 Craig Hise (Yellow Breeches Racing)
35 Bernard Harris
36 Eric Vorwald
37 Lucian Contino (Team Cycle Works)
38 Anthony Skorochod (Vortex Cycling)
39 Dimitri Laskoski
DNF Mitch Hein (First State Velo Sport)
DNF Richard Mowry
DNF Todd Noonan (Lwa/Bcbc)
DNF Greg Reppert (Unattached)
DNF Craig Shenigo (Shirks)
DNF Josh Sindorf (Red Rose Rockets)
Women Open
1 Suzanne Tempsick (3D Racing Team)
2 Pamela Saltzgueber (Premier Bank/Cycle Sports)
3 Katrina Dowidchuk (Team Drt/Deep Blue)
4 Melissa Wills (Penn State Cycling)
5 Tracy Lea (T.E.A.M. Fuji)
6 Erica Leister (Morgan Stanley-Market Edge)
7 Tammy Ebersole (Evolution)
8 Nancy Heller (Tri-State Velo)
9 Jennifer Kraut (Team Drt/Deep Blue)
10 Caroline Kirwin (Wake Forest Cycling)
11 Kate Potylycki (Vortex Cycling Club)
DNF Trisha Roherbach
Boys 10-12
1 Anthony Skorochod (Vortex Cycling)
2 Keith Stednitz
3 Patrick Marzi (Salamander Racing)
Girls 10-12
1 Kaitlyn Lawrence (Vortex)
2 Emily Miller (Spokes Bike Shop)
Boys  13-14
1 Charles Romanov (East Coast Velo)
2 Jimmy McDermott (Tri-State Velo)
3 Charles Hanlon (Unattatched)
4 Ian Huyett (Vortex Cycling)
DNF Andrew Harris (Red Rose Rockets)
Girls 13-14
1 Eryn Dodd (Vortex Cycling)
Juniors 15-16
1 Joe Magro (Red Rose Rockets)
2 Ryan Clune (Vortex Cycling)
3 Josh Sindorf (Red Rose Rockets)
4 Alessio Scott (Guy's Racing)
5 Quinn Joganich (Central Bucks Velo)
DNF Zac Felpel (Red Rose Rockets)
DNF Mitchell Witmer (Red Rose Rockets)
Junior men 17-18
1 Adam Savitzky (Guys Racing)
Junior women 17-18
1 Elspeth Huyett (Vortex Cycling)

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