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Bec CC Hill climb

October 21, 2007

Dan does the double

By Garry Beckett

Dan does the double!! Not many riders throughout the History of the 52 years of the Bec C C Hill Climb event get to wear the mantle of 'Doing the Double' by winning both the Catford CC Hill and the Bec C C Hill Climbs. Dan Fleeman (Blue Sky Cycles), who until today was a 'Hill Climb Virgin,' is one of the few select!!

In his first attempt at this discipline, not only won he both events, but also broke the 12-year old Bec C C Hill Record of 1'44"4, set in 1995 by Gary Dodd, Kingston Phoenix RC with an incredible 1'43"02. He was very close to taking the Catford record as well.

Not only that, but Dan and his clubmates also took the team award, which allowed them to collectively walk away from the Bec event with a cool £2,000.00 between them!!!!!

A tremendous achievement. Second Place Bill Bell, Gemini BC, after dead heating last year with Gary Dodd in 1'49"1 managed to improve to a 1'48"61 -- another incredible ride; and Robert Gough (Johns Bikes RT) who last year placed fifth in the Bec event, came in third with the only other sub 1'50 ride of the day, and recorded a 1'49"92.

All fantastic achievements, as are the times of each and every competitor who took part.

Organizer Garry Beckett and his Bec C C Clubmates would like to thank all riders, spectators, the commentator, the timekeepers, mums, dads, and everyone who helps run and support this event. A very big thank you especially to Trish Bloxham at Tandridge council, who once again granted the event the privilege of an Official Closed Road.

Without all these people's help, this event could not take place. Bec CC hopes everybody will come back and join them next year,


1 Daniel Fleeman (Blue Sky Cycles)                     1.43.02
2 Bill Bell (Gemini BC)                                0.05.59
3 RoberT Gough (Johns Bikes RT)                        0.06.90
4 Gary Dodd (Sigma Sport RT)                           0.08.66
5 Simon Gaywood (Plowman Craven Evans Cycles RT)       0.09.41
6 Dave Clarke (Blue Sky Cycles)                        0.10.77
7 Simon Richardson (Plowman Craven Evans Cycles RT)    0.11.11
8 Jody Crawforth (Evans cycles RT)                     0.12.23
9 Ben Pochee (Bike & Run London)                       0.12.41
10 Jamie Newall (Evans cycles RT)                      0.15.35
11 Dan Duguid (Sigma Sport RT)                         0.16.45
12 Geoffrey Beetham (                  0.16.64
13 Jim Cheek (In Gear Quick Vit RT)                    0.16.94
14 Matthew Spurgin (Evans Cycles RT)                   0.17.87
15 Sam Redding (I-Team CC)                             0.18.41
16 David Sinclair (I-Team CC)                          0.18.93
17 Peter Tadros (In Gear Quick Vit RT)                 0.19.14
18 Scarlett Parker (Team Economic Energy)              0.19.44
19 Dr James Ward (Cambridge CC)                        0.21.18
20 Christopher Moores (Norwood Paragon CC)             0.21.26
21 Chris McNamara (Wildside RT)                        0.21.33
22 Philip Cooper (Blue Sky Cycles)                     0.21.80
23 Matt Goodes (Delaune CC)                            0.22.17
24 Dr Alex Higham (Rapha Condor CC)                    0.22.68
25 James Jackson (PCA Ciclos Uno)                      0.22.83
26 Jamie Williams (Bec C C)                            0.23.72
27 James Wakelin (Evans Cycles RT)                     0.25.01
28 Simon Warren (Norwood Paragon CC)                   0.25.33
29 Craig Simpson (Blue sky Cycles)                     0.25.53
30 Wouter Sybrandy (                   0.26.69
31 Tony Gibb (Plowman Craven Evans Cycles RT)          0.26.83
32 Gavin Morton (Godalming Cycles RT)                  0.27.51
33 Graham Little (Dulwich Paragon CC)                  0.27.90
34 Anthony Kelly (Addiscombe CC)                       0.28.19
35 Ishmael Burdeau (                   0.28.54
36 Tom Burke (                         0.29.07
37 Nathan Chamberlain (Redhill C C)                    0.29.48
38 James King (In Gear Development Squad)              0.31.39
39 Marcus Brueton (Norwood paragon CC)                 0.33.16
40 Nick Coley (Evans Cycles RT)                        0.33.90
41 Simon McNamara (Wildside RT)                        0.34.19
42 Dave Faulkner (Charlotteville CC)                   0.34.37
43 Mark Sussex (Wildside RT)                           0.34.58
44 David Maclean (Cambridge CC)                        0.34.68
45 Daniel Henchy (Hastings St leonards CC)             0.35.91
46 Oliver Caddy (Cambridge CC)                         0.36.50
47 Paul Byford (GS Stella)                             0.36.79
48 Dr Digby Symons (Cambridge CC)                      0.37.13
49 Simon Donne (Epsom CC)                              0.38.11
50 Jon Archdeacon (Delaune CC)                         0.38.45
51 Simon Bateson (Team Economic Energy)                0.38.92
52 Keith Coffey (Bec C C)                              0.39.24
53 Robert Taylor (Addiscombe CC)                       0.40.23
54 Rob Jackson (Cambridge CC)                          0.42.83
55 Chris Howard (VC Londres)                           0.43.31
56 Philip Ember (Kingston Wheelers)                    0.43.38
57 Anthony Stirrat (City Of Edinburgh RC)              0.43.92
58 Nick Stacey (Evans cycles RT)                       0.45.53
59 Simon Richardson (Norwood Paragon CC)               0.46.44
60 Marc Parsons (Dulwich Paragon CC)                   0.47.71
61 Aodan Higgins (Addiscombe CC)                       0.50.45
62 Roger Roy (Gemini BC)                               0.50.68
63 Adam Norris (Plowman Craven Evans Cycles RT)        0.51.89
64 Jonathan Hemming (Addiscombe CC)                    0.52.05
65 Ed Harris (Lea Valley Cycles CC)                    0.52.79
66 Mario Morais (Team Economic Energy)                 0.52.82
67 Paddy Williams (VC Haslemere & Godalming)           0.53.92
68 Kim Hurst (                         0.53.97
69 Rob Crozier (Addiscombe CC)                         0.54.05
70 Martin Apps (VC Deal)                               0.56.50
71 Ralph Keeler (Cambridge CC)                         0.57.99
72 Cameron Carthew (Wigmore CC)                        0.59.04
73 Jason clarke (London Phoenix CC)                    1.02.65
74 Deborah Percival (34 Nomads CC)                     1.02.95
75 Ben Spurrier (Pinnacle Bikes)                       1.03.45
76 David Cartwright (Cambridge CC)                     1.10.59
77 Anna Grundy (Team Economic Energy)                  1.10.68
78 Matt Whales (Gemini BC)                             1.12.28
79 Daniel Gower (Addiscombe CC)                        1.21.48
80 Roy Instrall (Morden CRC)                           1.22.38
81 Jayne Wadsworth (Delaune CC)                        1.24.11
82 Chris Jones (Bynea CC)                              1.25.38
83 Peter Greenhalgh (45 RC)                            1.25.98
84 Douglas Shaw (Addiscombe CC)                        1.41.83
85 Abigail Armstrong (London Phoenix CC)               2.07.88
86 Anthony Reeves (GS Stella)                         18.04.70
DNS  William McCracken (Brighton Mitre CC)                    
DNS  David McGaw (Oxford University CC)                       
DNS  Rob Enslin (AW Cycles RT)                                
DNS  Tim Bayley (Arctic Shorter RT)                           
DNS  Dr Mike Hudspith (Godric CC)                             
DNS  Maria David (Pearsons Cycles)                            
DNS  Sylvain Garde (Addiscombe CC)                            
DNS  Peter Byrne (Hastings St leonards CC)                    
DNS  Robert Bordi (WD Beyond Mountain Bikes)                                                                                                        
1 Blue Sky Cycles (Daniel Fleeman, Philip Cooper, Dave Clarke)                                                              5.41.63
2 Evans Cycles RT (Nick Stacey, Matthew Spurgin, Nick Coley, Jamie Newall, Jody Crawforth, James Wakelin)                   0.12.88
3 Plowman Craven Evans Cycles RT (Adam Norris, Tony Gibb, Simon Gaywood, Simon Richardson)                                  0.14.78
4 Norwood Paragon CC (Simon Richardson, Simon Warren, Christopher Moores, Marcus Brueton)                                   0.47.18
5 (Ishmael Burdeau, Kim Hurst, Wouter Sybrandy, Tom Burke)                                                  0.51.73
6 Wildside RT (Simon McNamara, Chris McNamara, Mark Sussex)                                                                 0.57.53
7 Cambridge CC (Rob Jackson, Ralph Keeler, David Cartwright, David MacLean, Dr Digby Symons, Dr James Ward, Oliver Caddy    0.59.79
8 Team Economic Energy (Simon Bateson, Anna Grundy, Scarlett Parker ,Mario Morais)                                          1.18.61
9 Addiscombe CC (Jonathan Hemming, Anthony Kelly, Robert Taylor, Aodan Higgins, Douglas Shaw, Daniel Gower, Rob Crozier)    1.26.30
10 Delaune CC (Jayne Wadsworth, Jon Archdeacon, Matt Goodes)                                                                1.51.16

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