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Illawarra Cycle Club Scratch Race

, March 16, 2008

Donnelly takes victory

Sunday saw the third and final race of the Junior Einstein’s Nurturing Centre sponsored cycle race. Owner Roger Ocvirk kindly donated $1,200 to the series that included a short, but explosive 1.4km time trial and an action packed 18km scratch race. Overall victory is based on the combined results of both races. The series has proven a great success and has attracted a large number of riders to the club.

In this week’s race, A-grade series leader Craig Paull was the man to beat. Paull had already gained two clear wins and holds the time trial course record. When Junior State champion Aaron Donnelly exploded from the starters gate in the 1.4km time trial it was obvious he was going to post a great time and a time of 1:59.71 was the fastest of the day so far and the first to break 2 minutes. It was tense wait until Paull was seen at the finish line, with the seconds slowly ticking by. On the line it couldn’t be closer with Paull retaining his unbeaten record with 1:59.23.

In the scratch race riders had the chance to take the days victory by finishing ahead of the pair. After strong attacks by Hans Battaerd and Mike Lanyon the bunch was together for the final sprint to the line. Donnelly was too strong in the final, besting Keith Bennett on the line. Donnelly took the days honors, with Paull in second and Bennett in third.

In B-grade fast man Daniel Silveri took an impressive win in the time trial closely followed by Scott Bradburn. In the scratch race, new comer Chris Nicholson combined with Bradburn to ride away from the field in an impressive breakaway. On the line it was Nicholson taking the stage with Bradburn in second and Silveri winning the bunch sprint for third. On a count back the days victory was given to Silveri.

The C-grade series overall prize was to be fought out between Edward Baird and Geoff Pollard with 3 points separating the pair at the start of the day. Bobby Krstevski set the best time in the Time trial with 2:14 closely followed by Craig Brown a mere 6 hundredths of a second behind, with another 5 riders within 3 seconds.

The bunch stayed intact until 2km to go when Craig Brown moved to the front. One strong effort had the pack stretched out again. With 800m remaining Brown simply turned his legs faster and only Beard could follow. Within sight of the line Beard rounded Brown for a well deserved victory. The two second place finishes gave the day’s win to Brown.

In the Juniors race Bradley Hefferan proved the strongest Hugh and Miranda Vaughan-Floyd.


A Grade - 1.4km Time Trial
1 Craig Paull (Illawarra)              1.59
2 Aaron Donnelly (Illawarra)           0.00
3 Joshua Carlson (Illawarra)           0.03
4 Keith Bennett (Illawarra)            0.03
5 Eric Haakonssen (Illawarra)          0.05
6 Matthew Hennessy (Illawarra)         0.05
7 Alex Carver (Lidcombe-Auburn)        0.06
8 Tim Morris (Illawarra)               0.06
9 Vincent Morrissey (Illawarra)        0.06
10 Tony Pulo (Illawarra)               0.06
11 Hans Battaerd (Illawarra)           0.07
12 Stephen Hunter (Illawarra)          0.10
13 Michael Lanyon (Illawarra)          0.11
14 Peter Cooper (Illawarra)            0.12
15 Aaron Hull (Illawarra)              0.13
16 Joe Williams (Illawarra)            0.15
B Grade - 1.4km Time Trial
1 Daniel Silveri (Illawarra)           2.05
2 Scott Bradburn (Illawarra)           0.00
3 Paul Oyston (Illawarra)              0.02
4 Chris Nicholson (Illawarra)          0.02
5 Dan McNamara (Illawarra)             0.03
6 Frank Tortorici (Illawarra)          0.05
7 Thomas Cranston (Illawarra)          0.06
8 Alan Vucko (Illawarra)               0.06
9 John Danzo (Illawarra)               0.07
10 Richard Lorenc (Illawarra)          0.08
11 Robert Hernandez (Illawarra)        0.08
12 Joe Chiaverini (Illawarra)          0.08
13 Philip Jones (Illawarra)            0.09
14 Diego Diaz (Illawarra)              0.11
15 Ernie Hall (Illawarra)              0.14
16 Dean Kelly (Illawarra)              0.15
17 Michael Comensoli (Illawarra)       0.27
C Grade - 1.4km Time Trial
1 Bobby Krstevski (Illawarra)          2.14
2 Craig Brown (Illawarra)              0.00
3 Wally Erven (Illawarra)              0.01
4 Isaac Beard (Illawarra)              0.02
5 Peter Vesel (Illawarra)              0.03
6 Edward Baird (Illawarra)             0.03
7 Kieran Heffernan (Illawarra)         0.03
8 Leigh Jackson (Illawarra)            0.08
9 Kirsten Arnold (Illawarra)           0.09
10 Juan Ruiz (Illawarra)               0.12
11 David Allen (Illawarra)             0.13
12 Jason Johnson (Illawarra)           0.13
13 Nicole Joyce (Illawarra)            0.13
14 Jenni Vaughan-Floyd (Illawarra)     0.16
15 Geoff Pollard (Illawarra)           0.20
A Grade - 18.0km
1 Aaron Donnelly (Illawarra)          26.09
2 Keith Bennett (Illawarra)                
3 Eric Haakonssen (Illawarra)              
4 Craig Paull (Illawarra)                  
5 Tony Pulo (Illawarra)                    
6 Vincent Morrissey (Illawarra)            
7 Michael Lanyon (Illawarra)               
8 Stephen Hunter (Illawarra)               
9 Matthew Hennessy (Illawarra)             
10 Joshua Carlson (Illawarra)              
11 Tim Morris (Illawarra)                  
12 Alex Carver (Lidcombe-Auburn)           
13 Peter Cooper (Illawarra)                
14 Aaron Hull (Illawarra)                  
15 Joe Williams (Illawarra)                
16 Hans Battaerd (Illawarra)           4.44
B Grade - 18.0km
1 Chris Nicholson (Illawarra)         26.52
2 Scott Bradburn (Illawarra)               
3 Daniel Silveri (Illawarra)           0.37
4 Paul Oyston (Illawarra)                  
5 Alan Vucko (Illawarra)                   
6 John Danzo (Illawarra)                   
7 Frank Tortorici (Illawarra)              
8 Robert Hernandez (Illawarra)             
9 Philip Jones (Illawarra)                 
10 Richard Lorenc (Illawarra)              
11 Dan McNamara (Illawarra)                
12 Dean Kelly (Illawarra)                  
13 Michael Comensoli (Illawarra)           
14 Thomas Cranston (Illawarra)             
15 Joe Chiaverini (Illawarra)              
16 Diego Diaz (Illawarra)              2.50
DNF Ernie Hall (Illawarra)                 
C Grade - 18.0km
1 Isaac Beard (Illawarra)             29.36
2 Craig Brown (Illawarra)                  
3 Leigh Jackson (Illawarra)            0.05
4 Edward Baird (Illawarra)                 
5 Bobby Krstevski (Illawarra)              
6 Kirsten Arnold (Illawarra)               
7 Nicole Joyce (Illawarra)                 
8 Wally Erven (Illawarra)                  
9 Kieran Heffernan (Illawarra)             
10 Peter Vesel (Illawarra)                 
11 Geoff Pollard (Illawarra)           2.36
12 Juan Ruiz (Illawarra)               2.59
13 David Allen (Illawarra)                 
14 Jenni Vaughan-Floyd (Illawarra)     6.36
DNF Jason Johnson (Illawarra)              
Junior - 9.0km
1 Bradley Heffernan (Illawarra)       17.22
2 Hugh Vaughan-Floyd (Illawarra)       0.40
3 Miranda Vaughan-Floyd (Illawarra)    1.46
4 Holly Heffernan (Illawarra)          2.37
A Grade - Overall Round 3
1 Aaron Donnelly (Illawarra)           0.00
2 Craig Paull (Illawarra)                  
3 Keith Bennett (Illawarra)                
4 Eric Haakonssen (Illawarra)              
5 Joshua Carlson (Illawarra)               
6 Matthew Hennessy (Illawarra)             
7 Vincent Morrissey (Illawarra)            
8 Tony Pulo (Illawarra)                    
9 Alex Carver (Lidcombe-Auburn)            
10 Tim Morris (Illawarra)                  
11 Stephen Hunter (Illawarra)              
12 Michael Lanyon (Illawarra)              
13 Hans Battaerd (Illawarra)               
14 Peter Cooper (Illawarra)                
15 Aaron Hull (Illawarra)                  
16 Joe Williams (Illawarra)                
B Grade - Overall Round 3
1 Daniel Silveri (Illawarra)           0.00
2 Scott Bradburn (Illawarra)               
3 Chris Nicholson (Illawarra)              
4 Paul Oyston (Illawarra)                  
5 Frank Tortorici (Illawarra)              
6 Alan Vucko (Illawarra)                   
7 John Danzo (Illawarra)                   
8 Dan McNamara (Illawarra)                 
9 Robert Hernandez (Illawarra)             
10 Richard Lorenc (Illawarra)              
11 Thomas Cranston (Illawarra)             
12 Philip Jones (Illawarra)                
13 Joe Chiaverini (Illawarra)              
14 Dean Kelly (Illawarra)                  
15 Diego Diaz (Illawarra)                  
16 Michael Comensoli (Illawarra)           
C Grade - Overall Round 3
1 Craig Brown (Illawarra)              0.00
2 Isaac Beard (Illawarra)                  
3 Bobby Krstevski (Illawarra)              
4 Edward Baird (Illawarra)                 
5 Wally Erven (Illawarra)                  
6 Leigh Jackson (Illawarra)                
7 Peter Vesel (Illawarra)                  
8 Kirsten Arnold (Illawarra)               
9 Kieran Heffernan (Illawarra)             
10 Nicole Joyce (Illawarra)                
11 Juan Ruiz (Illawarra)                   
12 David Allen (Illawarra)                 
13 Geoff Pollard (Illawarra)               
14 Jenni Vaughan-Floyd (Illawarra)