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48th Grafton to Inverell Classic - NE

New South Wales, Australia, September 20, 2008

2007 Results    Results    Past winners

Pell pulls a big win

Men's podium (L-R): Chris Jongewaard (Norwood C.C.), David Pell (Savings and Loans)
Photo ©: Grafton - Inverell
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Victorian rider David Pell (Savings & Loans) has won the 48th McDonalds Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic. The 28-year-old jumped clear from a group of six riders in the last two kilometres to take a solo win in Australia’s toughest one day race.

In 2001 he ran third to his now-coach David McKenzie while riding for the Victorian Institute of Sport, but this time he took the top spot on the podium. After just over six-and-a-half hours in the saddle he was part of an eight-man group that split the field on the run into Glen Innes in hot and windy conditions.

The group of eight that put time into the remaining contenders included Pell, last year's winner Cameron Hughes (Team Budget Forklifts), South Australian mountain biker Chris Jongeward - who ran second in 2006, VIS-Jayco team-mates Glenn O’Shea and Leigh Howard, Beijing silver medallist Roger Kluge (TKL-Team-Brandenburg), Ben King (South and Virgin Blue Cycling’s Bernard Sulzberger.

The Waterloo Range climb 53km from the finish saw Kluge start to struggle, losing contact with the group. Kluge chased hard for the next 8km rejoining the leaders on the fast run towards Inverell. The eight riders then worked together building a four-minute lead to a now-splintered chasing bunch.

At 20km to go Pell made a strong attack on the Wire Gully climb, again putting Kluge and Leigh Howard under pressure. Over the top of the climb Cameron Hughes took the last KOM points for the day and was closely followed by Joongeward, Sulzberger, Pell then King. Glenn O’Shea fought hard to regain contact on the descent, leaving just six riders to battle for the placings.

Several attacks were launched but each ended with no reward over the last 10km. The riders started the fast run into Inverell with the six nervously watching every move as Cameron Hughes hit out just upon entering the outskirts of town. He was quickly reeled in by the other five, however.

After a slowing in the group Pell launched a vicious attack with two kilometres remaining and quickly gained 100 metres on the selection. A slight hesitation by the other riders saw his advantage open up to a race-winning lead as he entered the home straight. Pell savoured what is one of his biggest career victories which was made even sweeter as it catapulted him from fourth on the National Road Series to snatch the overall series win from his Savings & Loans team-mate Tim Roe.

Chris Jongeward won the sprint to take second by the smallest margin ahead of Cameron Hughes and a fast finishing O’Shea. Sulzberger and King took fifth and sixth respectively. The sprint king title went to Cameron Hughes, who picked up points in five of the six sprints contested through the race, while Chris Jongeward took out the King of the Mountain title thanks to his strong ride up the Gibraltar Range climb.

Queensland based Team Budget Forklifts took the teams prize with three riders finishing in the top 10.


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Images by Grafton - Inverell

Results - 228 km

1 David Pell (Savings and Loans)                     6.30.02 (35.073 km/h)
2 Chris Jongewaard (Norwood C.C.)                       0.19
3 Cameron Hughes (Budget Forklifts)                         
4 Glenn O'Shea (VIS-Jayco)                                  
5 Bernard Sulzberger (Virgin Blue Cycling Team)         0.20
6 Benjamin King (Melville Fremantle CC)                 0.21
7 Leigh Howard (VIS-Jayco)                              3.03
8 Jack Anderson (Budget Forklifts)                     10.56
9 Peter Milostic (Budget Forklifts)                         
10 David Kemp (Virgin Blue Cycling Team)               17.06
11 Chris Jory (Panasonic)                                   
12 Adam Semple (Melville Fremantle CC)                      
13 Michael England (Budget Forklifts)                  17.07
14 Timothy Roe (Savings and Loans)                     17.10
15 Mathias Belka (LKT-Team-Brandenburg)                17.13
16 William Ford (Ararat&District Cycling Club)         17.14
17 Tino Meier (LKT-Team-Brandenburg)                        
18 Christopher Luxton (Savings and Loans)              27.55
19 Richard Lang (NSWIS)                                30.21
20 Deon Locke (Panasonic)                                   
21 Andrew Crawley (Northern Sydney CC)                 30.22
22 Peter Ladd (Budget Forklifts)                       30.23
23 Brendan Jones (Mace)                                30.24
24 Brendan Brooks (NSWIS)                              30.25
25 Leon Vogels (Virgin Blue Cycling Team)              45.12
26 Mike Jackson (Gold Coast Goldstars C C)                  
27 Matthew Werrell (C.A.T.S.)                               
28 Robert Hodgson (Mace)                             1.00.42
29 Stephen Handreck (Victor Broncos)                 1.01.26
30 Michael Verheyen (Northern Districts WA)                 
31 Steven Luttuschka (LKT-Team-Brandenburg)          1.01.28
32 Benjamin Riemer (LKT-Team-Brandenburg)                   
33 Stuart Grimsey (Brunswick Cycling Club Inc)              
34 Michael Dowell (Peel Districts Cycle Club)        1.25.10
35 William Alexander (Virgin Blue Cycling Team)      1.40.20
36 Scott CRONLY-DILLON (Mace)                        1.44.44
DNQ Roger Kluge (LKT-Team-Brandenburg)                      
Division 2
1 Kornelis Sietsma (Northern Sydney CC)              7.15.40
2 Chris Thompson (South West CC)                            
3 Elliot Stevens (Central Coast CC)                     0.02
4 Geoff Straub (Armidale CC)                            5.23
5 Andrei Tonello (Cairns Cycle Club)                    5.24
6 Daniel Wilks (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)                
7 Andrew Riordan (Northern Sydney CC)                       
8 Matthew Carter (Eastern Suburbs CC)                       
9 Tony Balzan (Parramatta CC)                               
10 Nathan Chiswell (Coffs Harbour CC)                   5.25
11 Patrick Hayburn (Bundaberg Cycle Club)                   
12 Tim Elmer (Launceston City CC)                           
13 Andrew Grady (Balmoral Cycle Club)                  16.02
14 Beau HARPER (Manning Valley CC Inc.)                22.50
15 Karl Evans (Toowoomba Cycling Club Inc.)            22.52
16 Paul Wilks (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)             29.57
17 Sam Horwood (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)                 
18 Matthew Opperman (Mt Gambier Cycling &Triathlon)         
19 Craig Paull (Illawarra CC)                          29.58
20 Brendan Nichol (Melville Fremantle CC)                   
21 Greg Bayley (Eastern Goldfields CC)                      
22 Jim Heaslop (Balmoral Cycle Club)                        
23 Adam Connelly (Balmoral Cycle Club)                      
24 Ian Gillott (Uni Cycle Club)                        29.59
25 Matthew Yaxley (Randwick Botany CC)                      
26 Robert Mann (Mt Gambier Cycling &Triathlon)         30.00
27 Ian Johnston (Rockhampton Cycle Club)               35.28
28 Dion Wilkes (Grafton CC)                                 
29 Jim Moore (Sutherland Shire CC)                     53.51
30 Ian Lovell (Hunter District CC)                   1.01.04
DNQ Tom Brook (Northern Sydney CC)                          
Division 3
1 Michael Hoynes (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)        7.38.08
2 Roberto Padilha (Victor Broncos)                          
3 Clinton Amble (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)              
4 Andrew Patten (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)              
5 Peter Cooper (Illawarra CC)                           0.01
6 Terry McDonald (Inverell Cycle 'n' Tri)                   
7 Craig Briant (C.R.A.B.S Cycling Club Inc)                 
8 Darren Halliday (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)             
9 Richard Sewell (Manning Valley CC Inc.)                   
10 Nicolas Booth (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)                  
11 Sam Freeman (Victor Broncos)                         8.21
12 Glenn Myler (Northern Districts CC)                  9.38
13 Michael Jorgensen (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)          
14 Stephen Murray (Gunnedah CTC)                            
15 Nikolai Wyman (Eastern Suburbs CC)                       
16 James Shapcott (Balmoral Cycle Club)                     
17 Matthew Hoy (Coffs Harbour CC)                       9.39
18 Matthew Vagg (Coffs Harbour CC)                          
19 Martin Lewis (Australian Defense Force CC)               
20 Nigel Blake (Grafton CC)                             9.40
21 Hayden Stewart (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)            
22 David Wighton (SUNSHINE COAST CC)                        
23 David Hanson (Uni Cycle Club)                        9.41
24 Stephen Alexander (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)     9.42
25 Stephen Ikin (Ffast Cycle Club)                      9.44
26 Jeffrey Gray (Illawarra CC)                         10.08
27 Jon Guy (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)                   20.22
28 Eugen Schilter (Dulwich Hill BC)                    23.38
29 Paul Kean (Sutherland Shire CC)                     23.55
30 Stephen Dowdell (Hunter District CC)                23.56
31 Michael McCall (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)            23.59
32 Jeff Brown (Southern Tasmanian Veterans CC)         30.25
33 Tony Clarke (Northern Rivers Cycling Club)          34.10
34 Edward McLane (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)          37.30
35 Matthew Brown (Central Coast CC)                    37.31
36 Ryan Lee (Uni Cycle Club)                           37.33
37 Tony Zanchetta (Townsville Cycle Club)              39.28
38 Kristian Hollins (Uni Cycle Club)                   39.46
39 John Kelley (Logan City Cycling Club)               40.31
40 Ian Porteous (Macksville CC)                        40.41
41 Alex Marshall (Balmoral Cycle Club)                 41.57
42 Michael Navybox (Goulburn CC)                       43.00
43 Glenn Chapman (Coffs Harbour CC)                    43.43
44 Thomas Brouard (Uni Cycle Club)                     47.50
45 Richard Watson (Toowoomba Cycling Club Inc.)        48.55
46 Derek Hazell (Inverell Cycle 'n' Tri)                    
47 Julian Townsend (Randwick Botany CC)                51.13
48 Peter Baz (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)             54.51
49 Tony Mills (Rockhampton Cycle Club)                 58.01
50 Bryan Ferris (Hamilton Pine River Wheelers)       1.03.08
51 Peter McMahon (Murwillumbah Cycle Club)           1.03.09
52 David Palmer (Kooragang Open CC)                  1.07.18
53 Rikki Corcoran (Grafton CC)                       1.08.46
54 Morris Treolor (Ipswich C C)                             
55 Gregory Walmsley (Manning Valley CC Inc.)         1.08.48
56 Marc Goodall (Dubbo CC)                           1.08.49
57 Adam Sleigh (Wynnum Redlands Cycling Club)        1.08.58
58 David Fraenkel (Ffast Cycle Club)                 1.10.32
59 Neil Thorburn (Sutherland Shire CC)               1.17.21
60 Dieter Berens (Bundaberg Cycle Club)              1.18.16
61 Grant McMillan (Kooragang Open CC)                1.21.53
62 Ben Woodman (Victor Broncos)                      1.28.53
63 Garry Reardon (Grafton CC)                        1.29.43
64 Paul Hooper (SUNSHINE COAST CC)                   1.29.45
65 Peter Jansen (Ffast Cycle Club)                   1.31.11
66 Peter Kent (C.R.A.B.S Cycling Club Inc)                  
67 Kalon Playford (Uni Cycle Club)                   1.35.00
68 John Williams (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)        1.38.59
69 Michael Dalton (Rockhampton Cycle Club)           1.39.00
70 Creighton Dolbel (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)    1.40.34
71 Christopher Colling (Hunter Valley Vets CC)       1.41.47
72 Cesare Verna (Ffast Cycle Club)                   1.45.09
73 Chris Carson                                      1.51.52
DNF Steven Jennings (Dubbo CC)                              
DNF David Gerrish (Dubbo CC)                                
Glen Innes to Inverell - 95km
1 Davina Summers (Northern Districts WA)             2.47.45
2 Kirsty Broun (Lifecycle Cycling Club)                     
3 Jodie Willett (The Rider's Club)                      0.01
4 Leonie Burford (Illawarra CC)                             
5 Carly Hibberd (Balmoral Cycle Club)                       
6 Tessy Byrnes (Kangaroo Point C C)                         
7 Myfanwy Galloway (Canberra Cycling Club)                  
8 Vanessa McDonald (Coffs Harbour CC)                       
9 Danielle Goddard (Bathurst CC)                            
10 Amber Jenkins (Sydney CC)                            0.02
11 Amy Schramm (Ffast Cycle Club)                           
12 Liz Young (Lifecycle Cycling Club)                   0.23
13 Kellie Yeark (Manning Valley CC Inc.)               12.32
14 Megan Williams (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)         12.33
15 Ali Corcoran (Inverell Cycle 'n' Tri)                    
16 Dianne McAuliffe (Ffast Cycle Club)                 12.34
17 Catherine Murray (Gunnedah CTC)                          
18 Jane Walker (Ffast Cycle Club)                      12.35
19 Trisha Dal Santo (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)       36.49
20 Elizabeth Baz (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)               
21 Catherine Jeffery (Inverell Cycle 'n' Tri)          37.06
22 Sarah McGee (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)            39.24
23 Vanessa Cleave (Inverell Cycle 'N' Tri Inc.)        39.27
24 Elizabeth Levido (Port Macquarie)                 1.08.10
DNF Joanna Somerville (Lidcombe Auburn CC)                  
Junior U19
1 Aaron Donnelly (Illawarra CC)                      2.53.34
2 Michael Hepburn (Ipswich C C)                         0.01
3 Samuel Spokes (Port Macquarie CC)                         
4 Scott Law (Illawarra CC)                              0.18
5 Ethan Kimmince (Inverell Cycle N Tri. Inc.)           0.43
6 Kevin Hawes (Port Macquarie CC)                       0.46
7 Benjamin Hill (Muswellbrook CC)                       7.33
8 Chris Jahnz (Coffs Harbour CC)                       13.46
9 Aaron Newman (Macksville CC)                         29.44
10 Michael Gilbert (Manning Valley CC Inc.)            53.56

Past winners

2007  C. Hughes (Aus)        R. Cater (Aus)       P. Shaw (Aus)                        6.51.11
2006 R. McLachlan (Aus) C. Jongewaard (Aus) P. McDonald (Aus) 6.06.53 2005 G. Henderson (NZ) S. Clarke (VIC) M. Lloyd (VIC) 7.19.56 2004 P. McDonald (NSW) J. Libonatti (Uru) R. Vollebregt (Caravello Team) 7.03.00 2002 L. Godfrey (VIC) P. Redenbach (VIC) T. Wilson (NSW) 6.44.58 2001 D. McKenzie (VIS) P. Milostic (NSW) D. Pell (VIC) 6.22.40 2000 B. Day (QLD) H. Vassen (NSW) D. Mungoven (ACT) 6.33.09 1999 J. Drew (VIS) S. Williams S. Gerrans 6.26.45 1998 B. Brooks (NSW) S. Williams (NSW) H. Bradbury (VIC) 6.45.41 1997 J. Drew (VIS) D. McKenzie (VIS) B. Litchfield (Turra) 6.35.04 1996 D. Forster (VIC) D. Smith (Vic) C. Saunders (NZ) 6.54.19 1995 T. Christopher (ACT) W. Kestle (Vic) C. Saunders (NZ) 6.24.36 1994 C. Saunders (NZ) D. Forster (Vic) P. Rugari (Vic) 6.37.55 1993 S Drake (Vic) D Perry (NSW) T Jordon (NSW) 6.32.30 1992 B J Shearsby (Vic) G Wilson (Qld) M Elliot (Qld) 7.00.43 1991 Stephen Fairless (VIC) Justin Grindal (VIC) Scott Steward (VIC) 6.59.43 1990 Nigel Perry (NSW) Glen Wilson (QLD) David Perry (NSW) 7.01.33 1989 Nate Reiss (USA) Ewe Winter (W/Ger) John Groom (Aust) 6.39.23 1988 G Luc Pierobon (Italy) B St George (Aust) R McCorkell (Vic) 6.39.23 1987 A Peterson (Norway) T Durst (W/Germany) T Mancini (Swiss) 6.19.53 1986 A Logan (NSW) I McKenzie (NT) S Sunderland (NSW) 6.37.27 1985 P Curran (Gt Britain) M Ansermet (Swiss) L Wahlkqvist (Sweden) 6.00.49 1984 M Lynch (Vic) E Poli (Italy) R Crossley (Qld) 6.44.52 1983 R McCorkell (Vic) M Lynch (Vic) C Walsh (Qld) 6.32.14 1982 S Cox (NZ) J Swart (NZ) B Stockwell MBE (NZ) 6.24.35 1981 A Gill (SA) G Oliver (NSW) G Brooks (Vic) 6.24.37 1980 W Hammond (Vic) G Hammond (Vic) M Blyth (NSW) 6.47.05 1979 G McVilley (Tas) V Hanaray (NZ) M Nicholls (NZ) 6.43.46 1978 R Piper (NSW) H Berkery (NSW) M McKinnell (NZ) M Wilson (Tas) 6.37.47 1977 R Glindeman (Qld) G Stone (NSW) R McCorkell (Vic) G Sutton (NSW) 7.33.00 1976 R Sansonetti (Vic) A Spokes (NSW) G Parkes (NSW) 7.19.34 1975 R Hines (NSW) T Parkes (NSW) M Glindeman (Qld) 6.38.21 1974 B Ferris (Qld) R Bates (NSW) K Bartlett (NSW) T Parkes (NSW) 7.18.77 1973 V Breen (NSW) P Brown (NSW) L Roe (NSW) A Spokes (NSW) 6.35.08 1972 K Brindle (NSW) M Kautto (NSW) K Bartlett (NSW) L Cooper (NZ) 6.51.34 1971 R Bush (NZ) R Davis (NZ) M Kautto (NSW) J Trevorrow (Vic) 7.03.33 1970 D Strahley (NSW) E Wixon (Qld) T Moore (NSW) J Trevorrow (Vic) 7.57.08 1969 B Ryalls (Qld) P Littlejohn (NSW) D Thompson (Qld) 6.44.44 1968 K Morgan (Tas) D Browne (NZ) T Savimaki (Qld) 6.23.21 1967 D Wilson (Vic) K Brindle (NSW) D Garrett (Qld) 6.53.54 1966 M Redman (NSW) B Johnson (NSW) P. Markham (NSW) T Savimaki (Qld) 6.57.57 1965 L Cook (NSW) R Barron (Qld) T Moore (NSW) D Wilson (Vic) 6.36.02 1964 J Ferranda (NSW) N McDonough (NSW) K Long (Vic) V Adams (NSW) 7.04.10 1963 N Burnell (NSW) H Summers (Vic) C Kruf (NSW) J Lloyd (NSW) 7.23.23 1962 P Chapman (NSW) G Brown (NSW) F Fransen (NSW) J Lloyd (NSW) 7.19.41 1961 A Grindal (Vic) G Garden (NSW) T Tolley (NSW) 7.39.11 *(Record)