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Mt Hood Classic
Photo ©: Swift

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Bear Mountain Classic - NE

New York, USA, September 11, 2005


Heredia takes popular win, Miller gets it in a sprint

Heredia wins it
Photo ©: Koqui Fung
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For the first time in five years, late-season racing came to New York's Harriman State Park. The occasion was the Nancy Morgenstern Memorial Bear Mountain Fall Classic. Nancy was a member of the promoting club who was killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City. Each field started off after hearing a few words about Nancy and her life from close friend Tara Parsons, and then taking a moment's reflection on the tragedy of the 9/11 attacks and also the importance of friends and family. Nancy's parents Hanie and Suri Morgenstern were on hand to share thoughts and memories with the cycling community.

As always on this classic course, the racing was hard - best suited to riders that can climb, ride in the wind AND sprint. The 84-mile men's pro-1-2 race had a popular winner in Melito Heredia of GS Gotham/Toga. Together with former Baby Tour of Italy winner Davide Frattini of Colavita, he forced the pace heading into the last lap with a few other riders. The two of them left that group to finish a few seconds ahead. Daniel Greenfield, who had won the spring race on this same course, took third. Earlier the race had been animated by a break of almost 20 riders.

One big happy family...
Photo ©: Marco Quezada
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There were two women's races. The women's 4 race was won in a two-up sprint by Nancy Ford, who took home one of the two Nancy Morgenstern Trophies. In the elite women's race, nine-riders representing most of the key teams escaped on the third of four climbs up Tiorati Brook Road. That was it - though two Saab/CBRC riders were able to bridge to the leaders on the last lap, giving that team three riders in front. In the end it Mara Miller of the Somerset Wheelmen winning the sprint and a Nancy Morgenstern Trophy.

Other noteworthy performances included 15-year old Filip Capala finishing in the front group of the men's 4 race, and a nearly race-long breakaway by David Taylor to win the men's 40+ event.

All in all it was a day of hard racing and also of contemplation about the sport and what is important to each of us. As racer Caitlyn McCullough put it afterwards, it's good sometimes "to be reminded that things aren't permanent - and to really love what you are doing right now."

Next on the schedule in the northeastern US is the Univest Grand Prix in Souderton, Pennsylvania on September 17 and 18. A UCI-sanctioned event, the Univest Grand Prix helps develop young American riders by giving them an opportunity to compete against an international level field. The race has been a proving ground for professionals such as Tom Boonen and Todd Herriott.


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Images by Marco Quezada/ and Koqui Fung

Images by Paul Goldman/


Men Pro-1-2
1 Melito Heredia (GS Gotham/Toga)                                 3.34.47
2 Davide Frattini (Colavita-Sutter Home)                                 
3 Daniel Greenfield (Louis Garneau Racing)                           0.10
4 Dan Timmerman (Fiordifrutta)                                           
5 Sonke Thiel (Stevens-Von Hacht-Harvestehuder RV Hamburg)               
6 John Delong (Snow Valley)                                              
7 Josh Dillon (Louis Garneau Racing)                                     
8 Mike Friedman (North Western Mortgage)                             0.40
9 Ward Solar (Cobblestone/Natures Path)                                  
10 Robert Lea (North Western Mortgage)                               1.19
11 Edwin Morel (GS Gotham/Toga)                                          
12 Michael Cody (Fiordifrutta)                                           
13 Bill Elliston (TargeTraining)                                         
14 Zoltan Tisza (CRCA/Axis)                                              
15 Roselvert Marte (G.S. Mengoni)                                        
16 Chris Rozdilsky (Fiordifrutta)                                        
17 Todd Herriott (Colavita-Sutter Home)                                  
18 Troy Kimball (Westwood Cycle Masters Team)                            
19 Wendy Cruz (UPMC-ACT)                                                 
20 Dave Galvin (Monticello Velo Club)                                    
21 Michael Norton (Team presented by TD Banknorth)             
22 Christopher Jones (San Diego Bicycle Club)                            
23 Paolo Zenoni                                                          
24 Sean Barrie (Rockville Harley-Davidson/Bicycle Pro Shop)              
25 Lee Rosenthal (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology)                              
26 Daniel Byrne (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports)                     
27 Gerardo Castro (Cobblestone-Nature Path)                              
28 Colin Sandberg (Mededith Group-GPOA)                                  
29 Stephan Dioslaki (YSG Ideal Tile)                                     
30 Pleasure Jackson (Broadmark Capital)                                  
31 Jason Beerman (Champion System Racing)                                
32 Fred Reidenbach (HydroMax)                                            
33 Adrian Gerrits (Tri-State Velo)                                       
34 Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo)                                         
35 Jason Harpp (Louis Garneau)                                           
36 Chris Peck (Fiordifrutta)                                             
37 Alberto Blanco (UPMC-ACT)                                             
38 Mike Margarite (GS Gotham/Toga)                                       
39 Mike Attie (Tri State Velo)                                           
40 Jason Bremer (GS Mengoni)                                             
41 Robert Lattanzi (CRCA-NEXT/Sanchez)                                   
42 Dan Cassidy (Louis Garneau)                                           
43 Mark Alden (CRCA/Blue                         
44 Jason Baer (Louis Garneau Racing)                                     
45 Solomon Woras (Broadmark Capital)                                     
46 Ian Ayers (Colavita/Sutter Home)                                      
47 Rafal Urzedowski (Watchung Wheelmen (relegated))                      
48 John Loehner (CRCA/Axis)                                          1.44
49 Tom Peterson (Broadmark Capital)                                  6.41
50 Philip Riggio (Tokeneke Road Club)                                8.13
51 Martin Lechowicz                                                      
52 Edward Angeli                                                         
53 Matthew Baldwin (Bethel Cycle)                                    9.53
54 Stephen Jamison (CRCA-NEXT/Sanchez)                              10.12
55 Peter Horn (CRCA/Sakonnet U25)                                   10.56
56 Aliaksandr Bialiauski (CCB/Volkswagen)                           11.19
57 Xavier Melendez (CRCA-NEXT/Sanchez)                              11.29
58 Paul Burrowes (W.S. United)                                      13.07
59 Thomas Soladay (Team Spirit)                                     14.34
60 Adam Sullivan (Team Casterama)                                   26.21
61 Marc Bertucco (ABD)                                              35.26
dnf Alejandro Acton (TargeTraining)                                      
dnf Eugene Boronow (GS Mengoni)                                          
dnf Kipp Bradford (Providence Velo Club)                                 
dnf Horace Burrowes (W.S. United)                                        
dnf Jermaine Burrowes (W.S. United)                                      
dnf Todd Cassan (Rocinante)                                              
dnf Juan Carlos Almante                                                  
dnf Craig Cook (CRC Association)                                         
dnf Troy Critchlow (Broadmark Capital)                                   
dnf Ryan Dewald (Snow Valley)                                            
dnf Victor Manuel Lopez Polonia                                          
dnf Andrew Greene (High Gear)                                            
dnf Alejandro Guzman (CRCA/Foudation)                                    
dnf Lane Herrick (Champion System Racing)                                
dnf Jerry Kapko (Deno's Wonder Wheel)                                    
dnf Robert Lyons (GS Gotham/Toga Bikes)                                  
dnf Igor Misicki (Watchung Weelmen)                                      
dnf Basil Moutsopoulos (CRCA/Sakonnet Technology Elite)                  
dnf Dan Neyens (Broadmark Capital)                                       
dnf Joseph Papp (UPMC-ACT)                                               
dnf JP Partland (Kissena)                                                
dnf Sebastian Potok (Watchang Wheelman)                                  
dnf Lisban Quintero (G.S.Mengoni USA)                                    
dnf Peter Salon (ACT-Cuevas)                                             
dnf Mateo Sasso (UPMC-ACT)                                               
dnf Michael Sherry (CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports)                  
dnf Mark Siega (CRCA/Remax)                                              
dnf Alvaro Tardaguila (UPMC-ACT)                                         
dnf Brad Viera (Snow Valley)                                             
dnf Jason Walters (Ideal Tile/Brielle Cyclery)                           
dnf Bruce Weyman (CRCA/ Sakonett Technology)                             
dnf Matthew White (Fiordifrutta)                                         
dnf Christopher Wilson (Tri-State Velo )                                 
Women 1-2-3
1 Mara Miller (Somerset Wheelmen)                                 2.51.16
2 Ashley Kimmet (Colavita Women's Team)                                  
3 Rosanne Lent (SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC)                         
4 Laura Bowles (diet Cheerwine)                                          
5 Sarah Tillotson (ABD/Trek-VW)                                          
6 Megan Guarnier (SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC)                       
7 Katherine Lambden (TEAm Lipton)                                        
8 Beth Renaud (CRCA/Comedy Central-New Canaan Cyclery)                   
9 Becky Koh (CRCA/Radical Media)                                     0.04
10 Caitlyn Mccullough (SAAB of Halfmoon/New Salem-CBRC)                  
11 Hiroko Shimada (Velo Bella)                                           
12 Sarah Caravella (T.E.A.M Fuji)                                    3.17
13 Lisa Jellett (CTS/Cranford)                                           
14 Sarah Chubb Sauvayre (CRCA/Comedy Central-New Canaan Cyclery)         
15 Maria Elena Collazo (Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's/Victory Brewing)        
16 Anna Milkowski (TEAm Lipton)                                          
17 Melissa Petty (T.E.A.M Fuji)                                          
18 Elizabeth Tyrell (Somerset)                                           
19 Lauren Shirock (East Coast Velo/South Mtn Cycles)                     
20 Erica Allar (T.E.A.M Fuji)                                            
21 Ellen Moses (CRCA/Comedy Central-New Canaan Cyclery)           4.16.00
22 Leeanne Manderson (Hub Racing)                                    6.32
23 Emma Nelson (CRCA/Bicycle Workshop)                               8.01
24 Jamie Nicholson-Leener (CRCA-Conrad's)                           11.05
25 Leslie Jennings (CRCA/Radical Media)                                  
26 Lenore Imhof (Colavita Racing)                                        
27 Diana Sosnowski (East Coast Velo)                                14.36
28 Jaimie Epstein (CRCA/Radical Media)                              16.49
29 Angela Johnson (CRCA/Comedy Central-New Canaan Cyclery)               
30 Liz Seward (CRCA/Bicycle Workshop)                               40.09
31 Dorothy Hughes                                                   53.00
dnf Reem Jishi (CRCA/Radical Media)                                      
dnf Tara Parsons (TEAm Lipton)                                           
dnf Nina Santiago (ACT-UPMC )                                            
Men Master 40+
1 David Taylor (CRCA-Blue                2.32.50
2 Tony Settel (CRCA-Conrad's)                                        0.11
3 Kurt Gustafsson (CRCA/Axis)                                        0.48
4 Pascal Sauvayre (CRCA/Blue                    
5 Paul Carbonara (CRCA/Axis)                                         1.01
6 Scott Bodin (Fastar)                                                   
7 Geoff Bickford (CRCA/Axis)                                             
8 Thomas Krenitsky (GBSC/Babylon Bicycles)                               
9 Dusan Strika (Kissena Cycling Club)                                    
10 Christopher Long (Gotham)                                             
11 Christopher Ryan (CRCA)                                               
12 Christopher Griffin (CRCA/ Western Union)                             
13 Marco Sanchez (Sanchez-Metro/CRCA)                                    
14 Carl Franzetti (CRCA)                                                 
15 Larry Kaufman (Velocity Sports/CCE)                                   
16 Thomas Luzio (Arc en Ciel)                                        1.39
17 Thomas Pennell (CRCA/Blue                    
18 Roman Paczka (Main Line Cycling Club)                             5.14
19 Casey Gawlak (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)                            7.30
20 Gregory Lee (Foundation/CRCA)                                     8.12
21 Brian Rafferty (Arc en Ciel)                                      8.26
22 George Suter (CRCA/Visit Britain)                                 8.32
23 Rob Spillman (Deno's Wonder Wheel)                                    
24 Ted Neu (CRCA/VisitBritain)                                      10.33
25 Ronald Livingston (Main Line Cycling)                            10.50
26 Roman Vasserman (CRCA)                                           10.53
27 Claudio Torres                                                   12.33
28 John Tomlinson (Deno's Wonder Wheel)                             16.50
29 Walter Risse (Cranford Bike/CTS)                                 17.06
30 Chris Wilkes (CRCA/Blue Ribbon)                                       
31 Stephen Connell (Van Dessel Factory team)                             
32 Paul Oram (Century Road Club of America)                              
33 William Tonkin (CRCA/Foundation)                                 17.30
34 Michael Tacci (Mainline Cycling /Team BiKyle)                         
35 Damian Dicostanzo (Arc en Ciel)                                       
36 Ken Plundeke (Global Locate)                                          
37 Frank Hannibal                                                   18.07
38 John Hummler                                                     19.44
39 David Stokes (Kissena Cycling Club)                              21.23
40 Henry Williams (Kissena)                                         21.57
41 Cliff Saper (Century Road Club)                                  26.09
42 Robert Stern (CRCA/Western Union)                                28.31
43 John Nobile                                                      28.51
44 Russell Hanlon                                                   38.48
45 Daniel Klein (Skyline Cycling/CRCA)                              40.51
dnf Curtis Cess (Pawling Cycle & Sport)                                  
dnf Ken Coleman (Housatonic Wheel Club)                                  
dnf Jose Collado (Global Locate)                                         
dnf Steven Fairchild (Westwood Velo)                                     
dnf Esteban Fernandez (Northeast Bicycles Road Club)                     
dnf Richard Gonzalez (Team Bikery/Shebell)                               
dnf Steven Henderson (Mystic Velo Club)                                  
dnf Jose Hernandez (Colavita Racing Team)                                
dnf Bernard McGarry (CTS/Cranford)                                       
dnf Frank Poe (Carpe Diem)                                               
dnf John Profaci (Colavita-Bolla Racing)                                 
dnf Victor Rallo (3D Racing Team)                                        
dnf Desmond Slattery (QCW/Bike Addicts)                                  
dnf Terry Stone (Liberty Cycle)                                          
dnf Joe Straub                                                           
dnf Larry Towner (Liberty Cycle)                                         
dnf William Viqueira (Colavita Racing)                                   
dnf Mark Albert (Westwood Velo)                                          
dnf Jerry Bouton (3D Racing Team)                                        
dnf William Jones (Tru Brew)                                             
dnf Colman O'connor (Bicycle Link/MBRC)                                  
dnf Mike Servais (Liberty Cycle)                                         
dnf Eric Berend (CRCA/Foundation )                                       
Men Master 50+
1 Jan Faltyn (Watchung Wheelmen)                                  2.33.52
2 Thomas Coleman (Cafeteros)                                         0.37
3 Anthony Labozzetta (Asphalt Green)                                 1.32
4 Will Cantler (Deno's Wonder Wheel)                                 6.14
5 Scott Phillips (CRCA/Foundation)                                   9.48
6 Herman Storms (Somerset Wheelmen)                                 13.08
7 Jorge Ramirez (Team Bicycle Alley)                                16.04
8 David Kliger (Competitive Edge/Cafeteros)                         16.06
9 Douglas Muller (Tri-State Velo-Amoroso's/Victory)                 16.29
10 Bruce Apfelbaum (MLC/Bikyle)                                     16.40
11 James Bonacorda (Cranford Bike Team/CTS)                         17.19
12 Earl Osborne (CRCA/Foundation)                                   17.56
13 John Mutter (Westwood Velo)                                      22.44
14 Kenneth Hochman (Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling)                    25.07
15 Michael Karr (Liberty Cycle)                                     35.06
16 Philip Soroka (CRCA)                                             57.08
dnf Jorge Ramirez (Team Bicycle Alley)                                   
dnf Tom Officer (Richard Sachs/CYBC)                                     
dnf Scott Haverstick (ERA Cycling)                                       
dnf Jonathan Clymer (Westwood Velo)                                      
dnf Bruce Bronsdon (Premier Bank/Cycle Sports)                           
dnf Horacio Ahumada (Tarrytown Cycles Team )                             
Men Master 60+
1 Robert Clifford (Global Locate)                                 2.10.49
2 Arthur Berger (Westwood Velo)                                      0.27
3 Michael Lyach                                                          
Men 3
1 Daniel Zmolik (Cuevas)                                          3.05.02
2 Ryan Morris (Independent)                                          4.18
3 Will Sladek                                                            
4 Ken Harris (CRCA Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear)                    
5 Chad Totaro (BESC/Breakaway Bikes)                                     
6 Patrick Todd                                                           
7 Glenn Snyder (Meredith Group/GPOA)                                     
8 Matt Shechtman                                                         
9 Edmund Geschickter (Velo Europa Cycle Sport)                           
10 Francisco Liuzzi (Skyline Cycling-CRCA)                               
11 Kenneth Lundgren (Westwood Velo)                                      
12 Alex Quintero (ACT-Cuevas)                                            
13 Eric Schildge (3D Racing Team)                                        
14 Jonah Tower (Quad Cycles / Arlington Bicycle Club)                    
15 Jon Orcutt (CRCA Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear)                   
16 M Justin Lubeley (CRCA/Blue Ribbon/                  
17 stephen cummings (Kraynicks/Mezzatesta)                               
18 Daniel Estevez (Hot Tubes Cycling Team)                               
19 Matthew Purdy (North Atlantic Velo/Mercury Web Solutions )            
20 Scot Willingham (SanchezMetro/CRCA)                               8.07
21 David Freifelder (Skylands Cycling)                               8.31
22 Stephane Slotten (Northeastern Hardware/CJCT)                         
23 Joaquin de Baca                                                  10.38
24 Pablo Arias (3D Racing Team/Toms Atlantic Cyclery)               19.42
25 Michael Hensle (North Atlantic Velo/Mercury Web Solutions Cycling)    
26 Robert Woudenberg (Westwood Velo)                                     
27 Gregory Vadas (Rockville Harley-Davidson/Bicycle Pro Shop)            
28 Alvaro Betancur (Cafeteros Cycling Club)                              
29 Reb Cole (CTS/Cranford)                                          20.51
30 Michael Prokopec (CRCA/                            21.39
31 Titus Leung (Arc en Ciel)                                        24.47
32 Jeremy Burcham                                                   30.59
33 Hunter Pronovost (Trailblazer-CCCC)                              32.15
34 Andrew Riss (CRCA)                                               53.00
35 Chris Facas (Westwood Velo Masters)                                   
dnf Salvatore Abbruzzese                                                 
dnf Thomas Bencivengo (Champion System Racing)                           
dnf Didier Blanc (Van Dessel Factory Team)                               
dnf Chad Byers                                                           
dnf Anthony Canger (CRCA/NEXT)                                           
dnf Dan Ciano (Colavita Racing)                                          
dnf Jeff Cline (Kreb/Eastend)                                            
dnf Alan Connell (Van Dessel Factory Team)                               
dnf Armand Della Monica (CRCA/Blue              
dnf Doug Dicks (CRCA/Bennetts Bicycles)                                  
dnf Jesus Espitia (CRCA Blueribbon)                                      
dnf Mark Fontanilla (Liberty Cycle)                                      
dnf Michael Gisler (Westwood Velo)                                       
dnf Peter Hines (CRCA/Skyline Cycling)                                   
dnf Mark Izhak (Amino Vital)                                             
dnf Mark Jamieson (                
dnf Matthew Jamieson (            
dnf Herb Jimenez (Aspen East Cycling Team)                               
dnf Jeff Knisely (CTS/CBT)                                               
dnf Blake Longacre (Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear)                   
dnf Chris Mayhew (Meredith Group/GPOA)                                   
dnf Gordon Parola (Cuevas Development)                                   
dnf Patrick Peterson (ACT)                                               
dnf David Rosen (Team Oregon)                                            
dnf Timothy Spence (Global Locate)                                       
dnf Scott Sullivan (team casterama)                                      
dnf Alan Tooraen (Tokeneke)                                              
dnf Ben Tufford (Skylands Cycling)                                       
dnf Doug Williamson (Meredith Group-GPOA Cycling Team)                   
dnf Hammean Walker (USI )                                                
Men 4
1 Eutimio Quintero (CRCA/ MetroSanchez)                           2.36.52
2 Jim Swigart (Cycle Center of Stamford)                                 
3 Euri Madera (CRCA/                                       
4 Ted Michaels (Evolution Cycling/Team DLS)                              
5 Aaron Wolfe (CRCA / Synergy Bike Fit)                                  
6 Ivry Semel (CRCA/Visit Britain)                                        
7 Steven Goldman                                                         
8 Carlos Quintero (Cafeteros Cycling Club)                               
9 Anthony O'malley (CRCA/Skyline Cycling)                                
10 Scott Snyder (Champion System Racing)                                 
11 Saul Salazar                                                          
12 Andrew Cohen (CRCA/Visit Britain)                                     
13 Matt Serra                                                            
14 Ben Harris (CRCA-Foundation)                                          
15 Nicholas Broskovich (Cycle Center Racing)                             
16 John Paul Kaminski (CRCA/                               
17 Benjamin Hughes (CRCA/Skyline Cycling)                                
18 Brian Berger (Brooklyn Velo Force)                                    
19 Jason Parkin (CRCA/Blue                      
20 Timothy Oakes (Champion System Racing)                                
21 Petr Huppert (Metro/Sanchez)                                          
22 Kevin Keane (Skylands Cycling)                                        
23 Filip Capala                                                          
24 Joseph Cline (East End)                                           1.14
25 Adam Schildge (3D Racing Team)                                    4.42
26 Guy Zerega                                                        6.22
27 Christopher Shaw (Kissena)                                            
28 Anthony Falk (CRCA Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear)                 
29 Victor Chan (Kissena)                                             6.37
30 Thomas Mattioli (CRCA/Western Union)                              7.36
31 Mitch Ferro (Evolution / Team DLS)                                8.22
32 Jaime Garcia (CRCA Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear)            12.50
33 Craig Goodstein (CRCA/ Sanchez Metro)                            12.56
34 Tim Lapine                                                            
35 Louis Debattista (Metro/Sanchez/CRCA)                            16.22
36 Kimani Nielsen                                                   16.24
37 Braiden Kelley                                                   17.07
38 Ian Hughes                                                       17.18
39 Andras Gipp (CRCA)                                               17.30
40 Anthony Accardi                                                  19.01
41 Adam Berninger (Team Setanta-CRCA)                                    
42 William Moss                                                     19.29
43 Dean Brizel (crca/merrill lynch)                                 22.37
44 Ian Landau (Kissena)                                             22.51
45 Andrew Babaian (CRCA)                                                 
46 George Chatyrka (BESC/Breakaway Bikes)                           23.11
47 Mario Sierra (CRCA)                                              25.26
48 Rick Hall (Century Road Club Association)                        26.21
49 Keith Snyder (Kissena)                                           28.13
50 Don Catlin (Tokeneke)                                            30.33
51 Willie Payton (Colavita Racing Inc)                              39.25
52 Matt Purdue (CRCA/Setanta)                                            
53 Todd Jaeger (Aspen East)                                         47.13
dnf William Andrew (CRCA/ Foundation)                                    
dnf Eloy Anzola (Kissena)                                                
dnf David Burns (CRCA/Foundation)                                        
dnf Joseph Carew (East End)                                              
dnf Timothy Collins (Skyline Cycling/Century Road Club Association)      
dnf David Costa (Cranford Bike Team/CTS)                                 
dnf Adam Duncan (Merrill Lynch/Hincapie Sports)                          
dnf Barry Goldschmidt                                                    
dnf Jon Hicks (CRCA/Sanchez Metro)                                       
dnf Dean Johnson,                                                        
dnf David Junius (Westwood Velo)                                         
dnf Lennard Katz (Kissena)                                               
dnf Kenneth King (CRCA)                                                  
dnf Brandon Lee (Kissena Cycling Club)                                   
dnf Steven Levine (Cranford Bike Shop/ CTS)                              
dnf Tony Markovina (CRCA/                             
dnf Christopher Mecray (Century Road Club Assn.)                         
dnf Rich Montminy (Team Bikery/Shebell & Shebell)                        
dnf Norbert O'Reilly (CRCA Sanchez\Metro)                                
dnf Jonathan Podwil (Brooklyn Velo Force)                                
dnf David Regen                                                          
dnf Mark Renner (East End/Kreb Cycle)                                    
dnf Nathaniel Rex                                                        
dnf Brian Sweeney (Cycle Center Team)                                    
dnf Kansas Waugh                                                         
dnf Charlie Rey                                                          
Women 4
1 Nancy Ford (Spin Ho's)                                          2.10.26
2 Carol Picot (Team Bikery/Shebell & Shebell)                            
3 Hannah Carrithers (Watchung Wheelmen)                              0.55
4 Nancy Camp (CRCA/Bicycle Workshop)                                 1.59
5 Sue Kuenstner (Cafeteros 2)                                            
6 Jodi Richard (East End/Kreb Cycle)                                 2.58
7 Jennifer La Plante (Century Road Club Association)                 3.54
8 Caitlin Mcvarish (Northeast)                                       4.27
9 Kelleigh Dulany (CRCA/Comedy Central/New Canaan Cyclery)           5.33
10 Maureen McOwen (Columbia University)                              5.37
11 Kimille Taylor (CRCA-Radical Media)                               7.42
12 Meredith Johnsen (3D Racing Team)                                13.21
13 Camie Kornely                                                    15.40
14 Elena Leznik (CRCA)                                              19.43
15 Laura Tappan (Cyclesport)                                             
16 Lise Dupuis (Champion System Racing)                             21.21
17 Lisa Maxted (3D Racing Team)                                     22.38
18 Rowan Mestecky (Champion System Racing)                               
dnf Martha Lees (CRCA)                                                   
dnf Peter Allong (Cuevas Development/ACT)                                
dnf Suzanne Tempsick (3D Racing Team)                                    
dnf Linda Lampila (Quad Cycles/Arlington Bicycle Club)                   
dnf Allerton Johnson (Cuevas Development/ACT)