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28th Joe Martin Stage Race - NE

USA, May 13-15, 2005

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Stage 1 - May 13: Road Race, 110/64 miles

Brooks and Gaggioli take day one in Fayetteville

By Neemah Aaron

A pack of 62 riders rounded the final corner onto Dickson Street and made an uphill sprint to the finish to cap the first day of riding in the 28th annual Joe Martin Stage Race in Fayetteville, Ark. Jelly Belly/Poolgel rider Ben Brooks took the top spot, followed closely by Karl Menzies of Advantage Benefits Endeavor Cycling Team and Greg Henderson of Health Net presented by Maxxis. All three riders, and the top 50 finishers, received a time of 4:21:35:024.

The first 26 miles saw relatively few attacks with no riders able to break off the front. Then at mile 26, Compliance Depot's Zachary Fiocca and Jelly Belly's Brice Jones, who was doing most of the work out front throughout the beginning of the race, made a break. Forty-three miles later they were absorbed by the pack as three more riders began to mount another break -away.

Brad Huff (Mercy), Caleb Manion (Jelly Belly) and Garrett Peltonen (Advantage Benefits Endeavor) managed to stay out front for 15 miles until the 1500ft climb up Mount Gaylor and a fast approaching peloton absorbed them back into the main pack as they passed the second and final feed zone at the summit of the mountain. But Huff, Manion and Peltonen went right back to work as the terrain levelled off. Seven other riders soon joined them for the final attack of the day.

The pack of ten managed to stay out front until the final 15 miles, but was joined by the rest of the pack for the final exciting sprint to the finish in downtown Fayetteville.

After a month of illness, several Health Net team members are recovering going into this weekend's three day stage race and the team looks to have another strong presence. There are still no clear favorites as the race enters its second day with a 92 mile road race and then a demanding uphill time trial which climbs 680ft over 2.5 miles.

Women's Report by Jim Williams

The first stage of the Joe Martin stage race saw a superhuman effort put in by Monex rider Lyne Gaggioli. Gaggioli broke away from the main pack on Mount Gaylor and quickly bridged up to Quark riders Laura Van Gilder and Grace Fleury, who had been out in front in a break.

Behind Gaggioli's effort, Colavita riders Dotsie Cowden and Sue Plamer-Komar gave chase with Quark's Helen Kelly and Annette Beutler. As Gaggioli caught the leading two, Grace Fleury attempted to stay with the continued pace set by the Monex rider but her efforts were in vain. She eventually dropped back and joined the chase group, which was driven by three Quark riders and two Colavita ladies.

Gaggioli continued to gain time on the climb and both Helen Kelly and Grace Fleury of Quark slipped back to a larger chase group behind. The three riders left continued to work in order to bring back the Monex rider, but her gap grew to 3 minutes. Outnumbered, Quark's Annette Beutler starting sitting on the two Colavita riders and waited for her teammates behind to catch up and help out. With six Quark riders and both Palmer-Komar and Cowden driving the pace with 15 miles to go it would seem that the co-operation behind would signal the end of Gaggioli's escape.

At the finish line it was a lone rider coming across first as Gaggioli scored the win for Monex and was also able conserve 2:42 of her lead. In the sprint for second Quark's Van Gilder took out the bunch gallop, followed by her teammate Beutler.


Men Pro 1 2
1 Ben Brooks (Jelly Belly/Poolgel)                         4.21.35
2 Karl Menzies (Advantage Benefits Endeavor Cycling Team)         
3 Greg Henderson (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)                 
4 Cavaliere Clemente (Aerospace)                                  
5 Jeff Hopkins (Jittery Joes/Kalahari)                            
6 Brad Huff (Mercy)                                               
7 Ben Raby (Bianchi/Grand Performance)                            
8 Ivan Stevic (Aerospace)                                         
9 Eric Murphy (Aerospace)                                         
10 Charles Dionne (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)                  
11 Gord Frazer (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)                   
12 Cesar Grajales (Navigators)                                    
13 Peter Knoop (Motorworks)                                       
14 Caleb Manion (Jelly Belly/Poolgel)                             
15 Chad Cagle (Mercy)                                             
16 Todd Wells (Gt/Hyundai)                                        
17 Zachary Fiocca (Compliance Depot/ Team Hotel San Jose)         
18 Michael Olheiser (Motorworks)                                  
19 Danny Pate (Jelly Belly/Poolgel)                               
20 Kevin Attkisson (Texas Roadhouse)                              
21 David Sojo (Tyson Racing)                                      
22 Ted Huang (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)                       
23 Jed Schneider (Ag Edwards)                                     
24 James Mattis (Webcor Builders Cycling Team)                    
25 Vince Laza (Aerospace)                                         
26 Scott Moninger (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)                
27 Dustin Macburnie (Broadmark Capital)                           
28 Michael Macedon (Team Mack Paper Co.)                          
29 Aaron Tuckerman (Team Rubicon)                                 
30 Ian Stafford (Flat City Cycling Club)                          
31 Winfield Gibson (New Moon Media/Spin Cycle)                    
32 Zach Reed (Mesa Cycles)                                        
33 Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly/Poolgel)                              
34 Marc Anderson (Locos)                                          
35 Hugh Moran (Aerospace)                                         
36 Alex Welch (Mercy)                                             
37 Janne Hamalainen (Tulsa Wheelmen)                              
38 John Lieswyn (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)                  
39 Brian Dziewa (Mercy)                                           
40 Frank Pipp (Advantage Benefits Endeavor Cycling Team)          
41 Jesse Lawler (Jittery Joes/Kalahari)                           
42 Emile Abraham (Monex)                                          
43 Andy Applegate (Honey Stinger/Spinergy)                        
44 Clark Butcher (Motorworks)                                     
45 Christopher Allison (Camp Highland/Nouveau Velo)               
46 Garrett Peltonen (Advantage Benefits Endeavor Cycling Team)    
47 Carl Decker (Broadmark Capital)                                
48 Ryan Fiddler (Tulsawheelmen)                                   
49 Josh Goodwin (Monex)                                           
50 Solomon Woras (Broadmark Capital)                              
51 Lynn Neir (Kcbc Racing Team)                               0.29
52 Matt Seagrave (Compliance Depot/Fcs Cycling Team)          0.34
53 Glenn Faut (Monex)                                             
54 Richard England (Advantage Benefits Endeavor Cycling Team)     
55 Justin England (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)            0.38
56 Thomas Hallock (Fcs Cycling Club/Compliance Depot)         0.42
57 Ivan Dominquez (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)                
58 Michael Sayers (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)                
59 Eddy Hilger (Advantage Benefits Endeavor Cycling Team)     1.02
60 Doug Ollerenshaw (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)          1.32
61 Chris Wherry (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)                  
62 Jarred Berger (Team Kaos/Unmc)                             2.42
63 Chris Strout (Team Mack Paper Co.)                        11.11
64 Eddy Kwon (Mercy Cycling Team)                            11.15
65 Chris Spence (Team Kaos)                                       
66 Dale Sedgwick (Bianchi/Grand Performance)                 11.31
67 Mat Stephens (Mercy)                                      12.33
68 Micah Moran (Dogfish Racing Team)                         12.38
69 Tom Luke (Kcbc Racing)                                    12.51
70 Sterling Magnell (Monex)                                  12.58
71 Justin Jackson (Matrix/Rbm)                                    
72 Scott Allen (Team Rubicon)                                     
73 Radisa Cubric (Aerospace)                                      
74 Aaron Smathers (Plano Cycling/Cannondale/Gs Tenzing)           
75 Blake Mcmahon (Team Power Train)                               
76 Johnny Merli (Dogfish Racing)                                  
77 Jason Allen (Team Rubicon)                                     
78 Mariano Fredrick (Jelly Belly/Poolgel)                         
79 Pleasure Jackson (Broadmark Capital)                           
80 Alex Candelario (Jelly Belly/Poolgel)                          
81 Mike Jones (Health Net Presented By Maxxis)                    
82 Matty Rice (Jelly Belly/Poolgel)                               
83 Owen Gue (Broadmark Capital)                              16.51
84 Marco Vasquez (Team Kaos)                                      
85 Michael Lanion (Mesa Cycles)                                   
86 Christian Reidys (Colavita Bolla Taos)                         
87 James Roseberry (Gateway Cycling Club)                         
88 Shawn Mullen (Mesa Cycling Racing Team)                        
89 Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi/Grand Performance)                     
90 Steve Cate (Mercy)                                             
91 Chad Vande Lune (All 9 Yards.Com/Ralph Henderson Racing)       
92 Mat Ankney (Mercy)                                             
93 Brice Jones (Jelly Belly/Poolgel)                              
94 Roberto Gaggioli (Monex)                                       
95 Jay Blankenship (Rcrc)                                    17.38
96 Thomas Burke (West Michigan Coast Riders)                 19.58
97 JJ Bailey (All9Yards.Com/Ralph Henderson)                      
98 Andrew Weir (Sunrise Sports)                                   
99 Eddie Swedlund (Plano Athletic Cycling Club)              20.07
100 Lane Anderson (All9Yards.Com/Ralph Henderson)                 
101 Duane Dickey (Bianchi/Grand Performance)                      
102 Jered Gruber (Locos)                                          
103 Doug Greek (Mercy)                                            
104 Creed Sewell (Georgia Spinal/App)                             
105 Marc Walter (Lincoln Plating/ Lemond)                    20.21
106 Curtis Tolson (Texas Roadhouse)                               
107 Joshua Carter (Subway Pro Cycling Team)                       
108 Peter Fal (Subway Pro Cycling Team)                           
109 Martin Adamczyk (Servisco/Dhl)                                
110 Dave Sachs (Advantage Benefits Endeavor Cycling Team)    20.38
111 Jeremy Powers (Jelly Belly/Poolgel)                           
112 Neil Arnett (Aerospace)                                       
113 Chris Deluise (Aerospace)                                     
114 J-Carl Williams (Mapei-Team Diabetic)                    32.50
115 Robert Kron (Team Mack Paper Co.)                             
116 John Tomlinson (Team Mack Paper Co.)                          
117 Joe Fernandez (Aerospace)                                     
118 Nathan Rogut (Compliance Depot)                               
119 Russell Tolle (Rcrc)                                          
120 Leo Frayre (Rbm/Matrix Team)                             37.11
121 Curt Kippenberger (Dogfish Racing Team)                       
122 Brian Sheedy (Advantage Benefits Endeavor Cycling Team)       
123 Andy Malcom (Rcrc)                                            
124 Robbie Yost (Subway Pro Cycling Team)                         
125 Travis Jones (Unattached)                                     
126 Peter Fairbanks (Bianchi/Grand Performance)                   
127 Nathaniel Cornelius (Subway Pro Cycling Team)                 
128 Ryan Heydenrych (Mesa Cycles)                            51.38
Women Pro 1 2
1 Lynn Gaggioli (Monex)                                       2.35.33
2 Laura Van Gilder (Quark Cycling Team)                          2.31
3 Annette Beutler (Quark Cycling Team)                               
4 Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita/Cooking Light)                          
5 Kelly Benjamin (the bicycle store)                                 
6 Katharine Carroll (BMW-Bianchi)                                    
7 Alisha Lion (Ford-Basis)                                           
8 Dotsie Cowden (Colavita/Cooking Light)                             
9 Kristen Robbins (Victory Brewing Cycling Team)                     
10 Catherine Walberg (Team kenda)                                    
11 Chrissy Ruiter (Ford-Basis)                                       
12 Barbara Howe (Velo Bella)                                         
13 Sheila Orem (Team Kenda Tire)                                     
14 Kate Sherwin (Victory Brewing Cycling Team)                       
15 Helen Kelly (Quark Cycling Team)                                  
16 Tracy Huber (Revolution Fitness)                                  
17 Teresa Holmgren (Saturn of Toledo)                                
18 Audrey Lemieux (Quark Cycling Team)                               
19 Nichole Wangsgard (Subway)                                        
20 Jennifer Chapman (Velo Bella)                                     
21 Allyson Brandt (Hotel San Jose)                                   
22 Jill McLaughlin (Velo Bella)                                      
23 Lisa Vetterlein (Team Kenda Tire)                                 
24 Candice Blickem (Quark Cycling Team)                              
25 Grace Fleury (Quark Cycling Team)                                 
26 Michelle Beltran (Colavita/Cooking Light)                    11.38
27 Mindi Martin (Mercy Cycling Team)                                 
28 Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing Cycling Team)                     
29 Nicole Freedman (Ford-Basis)                                      
30 Kari Bradley                                                 14.48
31 Shannon Koch (Team LaSport)                                       
32 Paula Burks (Defeet)                                         15.34
33 Kimbery Sawyer                                                   
34 Megan Esmonde (Colavita/Cooking Light)                            
35 Kim Geist (Victory Brewing Cycling Team)                          
36 Gina Voci (DeFeet)                                           18.16
37 Jennifer Reither (Bicycle Johns Serious Cyclery)             18.33
38 Mary Downing (Team Kenda Tire)                               18.47
39 Trudy van der Straaten (Team Kenda Tire)                     18.50
40 Liza Rachetto (Lipton Tea)                                   18.56
41 Pam Hinton (BigShark)                                        20.55
42 Robin Farina (DeFeeet Womens Cycling)                             
43 Juli Fiocca (Hotel San Jose)                                      
44 Priscilla Cazer (Mercy Cycling Team)                              
45 Karen Borgstedt (unattached)                                      
46 Lauren Gaffney (Ford-Basis)                                       
47 Kele Hulser (Ford-Basis)                                          
48 allison carter (Team Kenda Tire)                                  
49 Caroline Soong (Team Kenda Tire)                             21.12
50 Kylie Case (Team Mannatobe)                                  21.21
51 Debbie Dust (Team Kenda Tire)                                21.31
52 Chamblee Moreadith (Forum Cycling)                                
53 Deborah Elliott (DeFeet Elite Womens Cycling Team)           37.47
54 Stacey Bertsch (Mercy Cycling presented by Zero Mountain)    32.00
55 Heather Brice (Mercy Cycling presented by Zero Mountain)          
56 Kim Foland (travelgirl)                                      37.30
57 Elizabeth Begosh (Velo Bella)