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 UCI codes explained

Rider transfers for 2004-2005

The rider transfer season typically starts halfway through the year, especially during the Tour de France when many contracts are agreed upon for the following year. Although UCI rules prohibit a full contract from being signed until September 1, riders can sign preliminary contracts before that date.

The following list details confirmed transfers for next season, and will be updated on a regular basis. If you have a transfer, or even a rumour, then please contact us. A special thanks to Jonas Truwant for his help.

Transfers for 2004-2005

Last update: January 5, 2005

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Click on rider names for more details, where available.

Rider                          2004 Team                     2005 Team
Fred Rodriguez                 Acqua e Sapone                Davitamon-Lotto
Gerhard Trampusch              Acqua e Sapone                Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Laurent Brochard               AG2R                          Bouygues Telecom
Nicolas Inaudi                 AG2R                          Cofidis
Jaan Kirsipuu                  AG2R                          Credit Agricole
Julien Laidoun                 AG2R                          Mr.Bookmaker-sportstech
Magnus Backstedt               Alessio-Bianchi               Liquigas
Fabio Baldato                  Alessio-Bianchi               Fassa Bortolo
Pietro Caucchioli              Alessio-Bianchi               Credit Agricole
Davide Frattini                Alessio-Bianchi               US Colavita
Angelo Furlan                  Alessio-Bianchi               De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Ruslan Ivanov                  Alessio-Bianchi               De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Marcus Ljungqvist              Alessio-Bianchi               Liquigas
Vladimir Miholjevic            Alessio-Bianchi               Liquigas
Claus Michael Møller           Alessio-Bianchi               Barbot-Pascoal
Andrea Noè                     Alessio-Bianchi               Liquigas
Franco Pellizotti              Alessio-Bianchi               Liquigas
Michael Skelde                 Alessio-Bianchi               Glud & Marstrand Horsens
Scott Sunderland               Alessio-Bianchi               retirement (CSC director)
Andrea Tafi                    Alessio-Bianchi               retirement (April, 2005)
Thierry De Groote              amateur                       Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
Kjell Carlström                Amore e Vita                  Liquigas
Tom Southam                    Amore e Vita                  Barloworld
Ludovic Auger                  Auber 93            
Laurent Paumier                Auber 93                      Mr.Bookmaker-sportstech
Lars Ytting Bak                BankGiroLoterij               CSC
Marco Bos                      BankGiroLoterij               Shimano-Memory Corp
Allan Johansen                 BankGiroLoterij               CSC
Rudi Kemna                     BankGiroLoterij               Shimano-Memory Corp
Matthé Pronk                   Bankgiroloterij               Mr.Bookmaker-sportstech
Juliën Smink                   BankGiroLoterij               Shimano-Memory Corp
Laurens ten Dam                BankGiroLoterij               Shimano-Memory Corp
Remco van der Ven              BankGiroLoterij               Rabobank Continental
Eelke van der Wal              BankGiroLoterij               Shimano-Memory Corp
Alain van Katwijk              BankGiroLoterij               Shimano-Memory Corp
Jonas Holmkvist                Bianchi Nordic                Amore e Vita
Kimmo Kananen                  Bianchi Nordic                Amore e Vita
Petter Renäng                  Bianchi Nordic                Comnet-Senges
Martin Vestby                  Bianchi Nordic      
Ghita Beltman                  Bizkaia                       @Home Cycling Team
Wim De Vocht                   Bodysol-Brustor               Davitamon-Lotto
Bart Dockx                     Bodysol-Brustor               Davitamon-Lotto
Nico Mattan                    Bodysol-Brustor               Davitamon-Lotto
Bert Roesems                   Bodysol-Brustor               Davitamon-Lotto
Sébastien Rosseler             Bodysol-Brustor               Quick.Step
Niels Scheuneman               Bodysol-Brustor               Rabobank
Preben Van Hecke               Bodysol-Brustor               Davitamon-Lotto
Johan Vansummeren              Bodysol-Brustor               Davitamon-Lotto
Rolando Trujillo               Bono del Ciclismo             Colombia-Selle Italia
Walter Bénéteau                Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Giovanni Bernaudeau            Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Olivier Bonnaire               Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Franck Bouyer                  Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Anthony Charteau               Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Sébastien Chavanel             Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Sylvain Chavanel               Brioches La Boulangère        Cofidis
Mathieu Claude                 Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Anthony Geslin                 Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Maryan Hary                    Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Christophe Kern                Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Laurent Lefèvre                Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Frédéric Mainguenaud           Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Rony Martias                   Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Alexandre Naulleau             Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Mickaël Pichon                 Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Jérôme Pineau                  Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Anthony Ravard                 Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Franck Renier                  Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Didier Rous                    Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Mathieu Sprick                 Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Thomas Voeckler                Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Unai Yus                       Brioches La Boulangère        Bouygues Telecom
Fernando Torres                Café Baque                    Spiuk
Felix-Rafael Cardenas          Cafés Bacqué                  Team Barloworld
David Plaza                    Cafés Bacqué                  Barloworld
Ricardo Serrano                Cafés Baqué                   Kaiku
Ezequiel Mosquera              Carvalhelhos                  Kaiku
Adrián Palomares               Carvalhelhos                  Kaiku
Claudio Bartoli                Ceramiche Panaria-Marges      Amore e Vita
Igor Abakoumov                 Chocolade Jacques             Jartazi
Mauricio Ardila                Chocolade Jacques             Davitamon-Lotto
Michael Blanchy                Chocolade Jacques             Jartazi
John Gadret                    Chocolade Jacques             Jartazi
Bert Hiemstra                  Chocolade Jacques             Team Moser
Jans Koerts                    Chocolade Jacques             Cofidis
Gerben Löwik                   Chocolade Jacques             Rabobank
Chris Peers                    Chocolade Jacques             retirement
Zbigniew Piatek                Chocolade Jacques             Action ATI
Francesco Planckaert           Chocolade Jacques   
Jurgen Van de Walle            Chocolade Jacques             Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
Jan van Velzen                 Chocolade Jacques             Team Moser
Geert Verheyen                 Chocolade Jacques             Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
Bart Voskamp                   Chocolade Jacques             Team Moser
Cezary Zamana                  Chocolade Jacques             Action ATI
Inigo Cuesta                   Cofidis                       Saunier Duval
Hayden Roulston                Cofidis                       Discovery Channel
Ivan Dominguez                 Colavita Olive Oil            Health Net
Thad Dulin                     Colavita Olive Oil            Jittery Joe's-Kalahari
Nathan O'Neill                 Colavita Olive Oil            Navigators
Stefan Cohnen                  ComNet-Senges                 Lamonta
Tjarco Cuppens                 ComNet-Senges                 Amateur
Luke Roberts                   ComNet-Senges                 CSC
David Herrero                  Costa de Almeria-Paternina    Euskaltel
Stéphane Augé                  Credit Agricole               Cofidis
Hervé Duclos-Lasalle           Credit Agricole               Cofidis
Pierrick Fedrigo               Credit Agricole               Bouygues Telecom
Saul Raisin                    Credit Agricole TTIII         Credit Agricole
Michele Bartoli                CSC                           retirement
Frank Hoj                      CSC                           Gerolsteiner
Jorg Jaksche                   CSC                           Liberty Seguros
Hilton Clarke                       Navigators
Ruggero Borghi                 De Nardi                      De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Simone Cadamuro                De Nardi                      De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Michele Gobbi                  De Nardi                      De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Sergei Gonchar                 De Nardi                      De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Enrico Grigoli                 De Nardi                      De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Matej Jurco                    De Nardi                      De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Mirko Lorenzetto               De Nardi                      De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Devis Miorin                   De Nardi                      Liquigas
Rafael Nuritdinov              De Nardi                      De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Alessandro Vanotti             De Nardi                      De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Charly Wegelius                De Nardi                      Liquigas
Valerio Agnoli                 Domina Vacanze                Naturino-Sapore di Mare
Andrus Aug                     Domina Vacanze                Fassa Bortolo
Alexandr Bazhenov              Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Mario Cipollini                Domina Vacanze                Liguigas
Gabriele Colombo               Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Martin Derganc                 Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Gian Matteo Fagnini            Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Francesco Failli               Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Alessio Galletti               Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Massimiliano Gentili           Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Massimo Iannetti               Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Tim Jones                      Domina Vacanze                Tenax
Alexandre Kolobnev             Domina Vacanze                Rabobank
Giovanni Lombardi              Domina Vacanze                CSC
Sergio Marinangeli             Domina Vacanze                Naturino-Sapore di Mare
Massimiliano Mori              Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Antonio Murilo Fischer         Domina Vacanze                Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Michele Scarponi               Domina Vacanze                Liberty Seguros
Filippo Simeoni                Domina Vacanze                Naturino-Sapore di Mare
Paolo Valoti                   Domina Vacanze                De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Lubor Tesar                    eD'System-ZVVZ                Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
David Etxebarria               Euskaltel                     Liberty Seguros
Gorka Arrizabalaga             Euskaltel-Euskadi             Orbea
Dioni Galparsoro               Euskaltel-Euskadi             Kaiku
Matt Decanio                   ex-pro                        Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Ignacio Gutierrez Cataluna     ex-pro                        Phonak
Mirjam Melchers                Farm Frites-Hartol            Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Sandra Rombouts                Farm Frites-Hartol            Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Elsbeth Vink                   Farm Frites-Hartol            Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Fabian Cancellara              Fassa Bortolo                 Phonak/Fassa Bortolo (TBC)
David Dario Cioni              Fassa Bortolo                 Liquigas
Tom Danielson                  Fassa Bortolo                 Discovery Channel
Dario David Cioni              Fassa Bortolo                 Liquigas
Luca De Angeli                 Fassa Bortolo                 Colombia-Selle Italia
Aitor Gonzalez                 Fassa Bortolo                 Euskaltel
Filippo Pozzato                Fassa Bortolo                 Quick.Step
Guido Trenti                   Fassa Bortolo                 Quick.Step
Frank Vandenbroucke            Fassa Bortolo                 Mr.Bookmaker-sportstech
David Derepas                            Jartazi
Nicolas Fritsch                          Saunier Duval
Jean-Cyril Robin                         Director at
Nicolas Vogondy                          Credit Agricole
Eddy Ratti                     Flanders                      Team Nippo
Giuseppe Di Grande             Formaggi Pinzolo              Volksbank
Ivan Quaranta                  Formaggi-Pinzolo Fiave        De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Gianni Faresin                 Gerolsteiner                  retirement
Olaf Pollack                   Gerolsteiner                  T-Mobile
Hayden Godfrey                 Health Net                    Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Brice Jones                    Health Net                    Jelly Belly-PoolGel
Jason McCartney                Health Net                    Discovery Channel
Danny Pate                     Health Net                    Jelly Belly-PoolGel
Dan Schmatz                    Health Net                    Team Seasilver
Maarten Nijland                Heijdens-Ten Tusccher
Daphny van den Brand           Heijdens-Ten Tusccher         Team Ton van Bemmelen-AA Drink
Lukasz Bodnar                  Hoop-CCC-Polsat               Action ATI
Piotr Przydzial                Hoop-CCC-Polsat               DHL
Radoslaw Romanik               Hoop-CCC-Polsat               DHL
Jaroslaw Zarebski              Hoop-CCC-Polsat               Action ATI
Ian Mcleod                     HSBC                
Stefano Boggia                 Icet                          Ceramic Flaminia
Dmitri Gaynitdinov             Icet                          Ceramic Flaminia
Kirill Goloubev                Icet                          Ceramic Flaminia
Krzysztof Szczawinski          Icet                          Ceramic Flaminia
Denis Mentsjov                 Illes Balears                 Rabobank
Steffen Radochla               Illes Balears                 Wiesenhof
Jonas Carney                   Jelly Belly                   retirement
Doug Ollerenshaw               Jelly Belly                   Health Net
Cesar Grajales                 Jittery Joe's                 Navigators
Stefan Wijnands                Jong Vlaanderen 2016          Jartazi
Alejandro Valverde             Kelme                         Illes Balears
Tomasz Nose                    KRKA                          Phonak
Sergio Paulinho                La Pecol                      Liberty Seguros
Nuno Ribeiro                   La Pecol                      Liberty Seguros
David Kopp                     Lamonta                       Wiesenhof
Stefan Schumacher              Lamonta                       Shimano-Memory Corp
Igor Astarloa                  Lampre                        Barloworld
Alessandro Ballan              Lampre                        Lampre-Caffita
Vladimir Belli                 Lampre                        De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Paolo Bossoni                  Lampre                        Fassa Bortolo
Alessandro Cortinovis          Lampre                        De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Michele Scotto D'Abusco        Lampre                        Lampre-Caffita
Juan Manuel Garate             Lampre                        Saunier Duval (TBC)
Andrej Hauptman                Lampre                        Fassa Bortolo
Luciano Pagliarini             Lampre                        Liquigas
Marco Pinotti                  Lampre                        Saunier Duval
Manuel Quinziato               Lampre                        Saunier Duval
Daniele Righi                  Lampre                        Lampre-Caffita
Jan Svorada                    Lampre                        eD'system ZVVZ
Romans Vainsteins              Lampre                        ?
Francisco-Javier Vila          Lampre                        Lampre-Caffita
Gianluca Bortolami             Lampre                        Lampre-Caffita
Oleksandr Kvachuk              Lampre                        Lampre-Caffita
Samuele Marzoli                Lampre                        Lampre-Caffita
Michele Scotto D'abusco        Lampre                        Lampre-Caffita
Lorenzo Bernucci               Landbouwkrediet - Colnago     Fassa Bortolo
Vlodimir Bileka                Landbouwkrediet-Colnago       Discovery Channel
Vladimir Duma                  Landbouwkrediet-Colnago       Volksbank
Jacky Durand                   Landbouwkrediet-Colnago       retirement
Yaroslav Popovych              Landbouwkrediet-Colnago       Discovery Channel
Tom Steels                     Landbouwkrediet-Colnago       Davitamon-Lotto
Jon Bru                        LA-Pecol                      Kaiku
Christian Vandevelde           Liberty Seguros               CSC
Serge Baguet                   Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Christophe Brandt              Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Hans de Clercq                 Lotto-Domo                    retirement
Christophe Detilloux           Lotto-Domo          
Glenn D'Hollander              Lotto-Domo                    Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
Niko Eeckhout                  Lotto-Domo                    Chocolade Jacques-T Interim
Gorik Gardeyn                  Lotto-Domo                    Mr.Bookmaker-sportstech
Nick Gates                     Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Leif Hoste                     Lotto-Domo                    Discovery Channel
Thierry Marichal               Lotto-Domo                    Cofidis
Robbie McEwen                  Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Axel Merckx                    Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Koos Moerenhout                Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Gert Steegmans                 Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Leon Van Bon                   Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Stefan Van Dijk                Lotto-Domo                    Mr.Bookmaker-sportstech
Kevin Van Impe                 Lotto-Domo                    Cofidis (TBC)
Peter Van Petegem              Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Wim Van Sevenant               Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Rik Verbrugghe                 Lotto-Domo                    Quick.Step
Aart Vierhouten                Lotto-Domo                    Davitamon-Lotto
Piotr Wadecki                  Lotto-Domo                    Action ATI
Cory Lange                     Marco Polo                    Symmetrics
Benjamin Levecot               MBK-Oktos                     R.A.G.T.-Semences
Dave McCook                    McGuire                       Jelly Belly-PoolGel
Massimiliano Martella          Miche                         Ceramic Flaminia
Maurizio Varini                Miche                         Ceramic Flaminia
Angel Edo                      Milaneza Maia                 Saunier Duval
Rui Sousa                      Milaneza Maia                 LA-Liberty
Kyle Gritters                  Monex                         Team Seasilver
Ryan Yee                       Monex                         Team Seasilver
Hendrik Werner                          Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Mario De Clercq                Mr.Bookmaker                  retirement
Roger Hammond                  Mr.Bookmaker                  Discovery Channel
Bjorn Leukemans                Mr.Bookmaker                  Davitamon-Lotto
Jo Planckaert                  Mr.Bookmaker                  retirement
Michel Vanhaecke               Mr.Bookmaker                  retirement
Victor Rapinski                Navigators                    Phonak
Henk Vogels                    Navigators                    Davitamon-Lotto
Burke Swindlehurst             Navigators                    Team Seasilver
Matti Breschel                 neo pro                       CSC
Pierre Drancourt               neo pro                       Bouygues Télécom
Yohann Gène                    neo pro                       Bouygues Télécom
Vincenzo Nibali                neo pro                       Fassa Bortolo
Bram Aalders                   neo-pro                       AXA
Francisco Javier Aguilar Pozo  neo-pro                       Spiuk
Beñat Albizuri                 neo-pro                       Orbea
Jose Mario Almagro             neo-pro                       Relax-Bodysol
Gorka Amuriza                  neo-pro                       Orbea
Igor Antón                     neo-pro                       Euskaltel
Luca Ascani                    neo-pro                       Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Takeaki Ayabe                  neo-pro                       Miyata-Subaru
Emilien Benoit Bergès          neo-pro                       R.A.G.T.-Semences
Fabio Boccialoni               neo-pro                       Ceramic Flaminia
Camille Bouquet                neo-pro                       Mr.Bookmaker-Sportstech
Janez Brajkovic                neo-pro                       Discovery Channel
Erin Carter                    neo-pro                       Victory Brewing
Giancarlo Cecchi               neo-pro                       Monex
Vidal Celis                    neo-pro                       Orbea
Mads Christensen               neo-pro                       Quick.Step
Daniele Colli                  neo-pro                       Liquigas
Adam Craig                     neo-pro                       Health Net
Mathieu Criquiélion            neo-pro                       Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
Sergio Cuesta Iglesias         neo-pro                       Team Nippo
Arjen De Baat                  neo-pro                       Minolta-Konica
Dimitri De Fauw                neo-pro                       Quick.Step
Gideon de Jong                 neo-pro             
Mario De Sarraga               neo-pro                       Elitron-Portalupi Salumi
Philipp Deignan                neo-pro                       AG2R
Jesús Del Nero                 neo-pro                       Orbea
Dalios Díaz                    neo-pro                       Orbea
Andreas Dietziker              neo-pro                       ZVVZ-Ed'System
Ian Dille                      neo-pro                       Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Hubert Dupont                  neo-pro                       R.A.G.T.-Semences
Wojtiech Dybel                 neo-pro                       Team Nippo
Justin England                 neo-pro                       Health Net
Imanol Erbiti                  neo-pro                       Illes Balears
Giairo Ermeti                  neo-pro                       Team Miche
Sergi Escobar                  neo-pro                       Illes Balears
Glenn Fant                     neo-pro                       Monex
Li Fuyu                        neo-pro                       Marco Polo Cycling Team
Alex Galvin                    neo-pro                       Exel
Enrico Gasparotto              neo-pro                       Liquigas
Kim Geist                      neo-pro                       Victory Brewing
Simon Gerrans                  neo-pro                       AG2R
Sergio Ghisalberti             neo-pro                       De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Mariano Giallorenzo            neo-pro                       Colombia-Selle Italia
Andre Greipel                  neo-pro                       Wiesenhof
Paride Grillo                  neo-pro                       Panaria-Margres
Andrij Grivko                  neo-pro                       De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Curtis Gunn                    neo-pro                       Team Seasilver
Gregory Habeaux                neo-pro                       Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
Etienne Hairbottle             neo-pro                       Exel
Jimmy Hansen                   neo-pro                       Team GLS
Takeshi Hashimoto              neo-pro                       Team Nippo
Heinrich Haussler              neo-pro                       Gerolsteiner
Judith Helmink                 neo-pro                       @Home Cycling Team
Xavier Herinne                 neo-pro                       R.A.G.T.-Semences
Marc Hester                    neo-pro                       Team GLS
James Hibbard                  neo-pro                       Health Net
Nolan Hoffman                  neo-pro                       Exel
Eddy Hollands                  neo-pro                       Marco Polo Cycling Team
Maxim Iglinskiy                neo-pro                       De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Tetsuya Ishida                 neo-pro                       Team Nippo
Kevin Ista                     neo-pro                       R.A.G.T.-Semences
Janar Jermakov                 neo-pro                       Kalev Chocolate Merida
Hanco Kachelhoffer             neo-pro                       Exel
Olivier Kaisen                 neo-pro                       R.A.G.T.-Semences
Akira Kakinuma                 neo-pro                       Miyata-Subaru
Dmitri Kozontchouk             neo-pro                       Rabobank Continental
Bruno Langlois                 neo-pro                       Jittery Joe's-Kalahari
Christian Leben                neo-pro                       Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Tom Leezer                     neo-pro                       Rabobank Continental
Kayle LeoGrande                neo-pro                       Jelly Belly-PoolGel
Guillaume Lernould             neo-pro                       R.A.G.T.-Semences
Rob MacLachlan                 neo-pro                       MG XPower presented by BigPond
Kazuyuki Manabe                neo-pro                       Team Nippo
Laurent Mangel                 neo-pro                       AG2R
Tony Mann                      neo-pro                       MG XPower presented by BigPond
Martin Mares                   neo-pro                       eD'system - ZVVZ
Marco Marzano                  neo-pro                       Lampre-Caffita
Iker Mezo                      neo-pro                       Orbea
Masahiko Mifune                neo-pro                       Miyata-Subaru
Nathan Miller                  neo-pro                       Monex
Shawn Milne                    neo-pro                       Navigators
Sébastien Minard               neo-pro                       R.A.G.T.-Semences
Kazutaka Mizuo                 neo-pro                       Miyata-Subaru
Taichi Moriyawa                neo-pro                       Miyata-Subaru
Michael Mørkøv                 neo-pro                       Team GLS
Matej Mugerli                  neo-pro                       Liquigas
Birgit Mulder                  neo-pro                       @Home Cycling Team
Christian Müller               neo-pro                       CSC
Daniel Musiol                  neo-pro                       Wiesenhof
Kojiro Nakagawa                neo-pro                       Miyata-Subaru
Jacob Nielsen                  neo-pro                       Glud & Marstrand Horsens
Kim Nielsen                    neo-pro                       Glud & Marstrand Horsens
Takuya Nishimura               neo-pro                       Miyata-Subaru
Nilton Ortiz                   neo-pro                       Colombia-Selle Italia
Xabat Otxotorena               neo-pro                       Orbea
Rubén Pérez                    neo-pro                       Orbea
Alan Pérez                     neo-pro                       Orbea
Rhys Pollock                   neo-pro                       Marco Polo Cycling Team
Domenico Pozzovivo             neo-pro                       Panaria-Margres
Domenico Quagliarello          neo-pro                       Ceramic Flaminia
Thomas Rabou                   neo-pro                       Minolta-Konica
Jesus Javier Ramirez           neo-pro                       Spiuk
Sven Renders                   neo-pro                       Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
Rupert Rheeder                 neo-pro                       Exel
Marco Righetto                 neo-pro                       Liquigas
Elia Rigotto                   neo-pro                       De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Andrea Rinadini                neo-pro                       Team Nippo
Nicolas Roche                  neo-pro                       Cofidis
Mario Rovaletti                neo-pro                       Ceramic Flaminia
Matthias Russ                  neo-pro                       Gerolsteiner
Andy Schleck                   neo-pro                       CSC
Mario Serpellini               neo-pro                       Monex
Kate Sherwin                   neo-pro                       Victory Brewing
Davide Silvestri               neo-pro                       Team Nippo
Jean-Paul Simon                neo-pro                       Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
Konstantin Sioetsoe            neo-pro                       Fassa Bortolo
Kanstantsin Siutsou            neo-pro                       Fassa Bortolo
Manuele Spadi                  neo-pro                       Ceramica Flaminia 
Florian Stadler                neo-pro                       ZVVZ-Ed'System
Tom Stubbe                     neo-pro                       Chocolade Jacques-T Interim
Reece Swarts                   neo-pro                       Exel
Atsushi Takano                 neo-pro                       Miyata-Subaru
Egan Tarr                      neo-pro                       Exel
Garth Thomas                   neo-pro                       Exel
Lars H. Thomsen                neo-pro                       Team GLS
Steven Thys                    neo-pro                       Jartazi
Kohei Tsusue                   neo-pro                       Miyata-Subaru
Sascha Urweider                neo-pro                       Phonak
Angel Vallejo Domínguez        neo-pro                       Relax-Bodysol
Tim van der Zanden             neo-pro             
Frank van Dulmen               neo-pro                       Rabobank Continental
Thom van Dulmen                neo-pro                       Rabobank Continental
Dennis van Niekerk             neo-pro                       Exel
Rene Van Oord                  neo-pro                       Marco Polo Cycling Team
Carlos Vargas                  neo-pro                       Monex
Tom Veelers                    neo-pro                       Rabobank Continental
Peter Velits                   neo-pro                       Minolta-Konica
Martin Velits                  neo-pro                       Minolta-Konica
Aarón Villegas                 neo-pro                       Orbea
Giovanni Visconti              neo-pro                       De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
William Walker                 neo-pro                       Rabobank Continental
Wouter Weylandt                neo-pro                       Quick.Step
Craig Wilcox                   neo-pro                       Jittery Joe's-Kalahari
Jeremiah Wiscovitch            neo-pro                       Team Seasilver
Gang Xu                        neo-pro                       Marco Polo Cycling Team
Wong Yihn Yahn                 neo-pro                       Jartazi
Tong Yu                        neo-pro                       Marco Polo Cycling Team
Chengguang Yu                  neo-pro                       Marco Polo Cycling Team
Der Zsolt                      neo-pro                       Team Nippo
Julen Zubreo                   neo-pro                       Orbea
Joseba Zumeta                  neo-pro                       Orbea
Tanja Hennes                   Next 125                      Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Aitor Galdos                   Nippo                         Panaria
Stefano Guerrini               Nippo                         Ceramic Flaminia
Petra Rossner                  Nurnberger                    retirement (Nurnberger director
Jason Bausch                   Ofoto                         Team Seasilver
Tim Larkin                     Ofoto                         Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Peter Lopinto                  Ofoto                         Team Seasilver
Dominique Perras               Ofoto                         Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Jackson Stewart                Ofoto                         Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Scott Zwizanski                Ofoto                         Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Stéphane Barthe                Oktos                         Mr.Bookmaker-Sportstech
David Boucher                  Oktos                         Mr.Bookmaker-Sportstech
Yony Leal                      Orbitel 05                    Colombia-Selle Italia
Paolo Lanfranchi               Panaria                       retirement
Jose Angel Gomez               Paternina-Costa De Almeria    Saunier Duval
Jonathan González              Paternina-Costa de Almeria    Illes Balears
Francisco José Lara            Paternina-Costa de Almeria    T-Mobile
Michael Albasini               Phonak                        Liquigas
Marco Fertonani                Phonak                        De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Oscar Sevilla                  Phonak                        T-Mobile
Alexandre Usov                 Phonak                        AG2R
Alex Zulle                     Phonak                        retirement
Daniele Bennati                Phonak                        Lampre-Caffita
Amy Moore                      Quark                         Victory Brewing
Frederic Amorison              Quick.Step-Davitamon          Davitamon-Lotto
Laszlo Bodrogi                 Quick.Step-Davitamon          Credit Agricole
Laurent Dufaux                 Quick.Step-Davitamon          retirement
Pedro Horillo                  Quick.Step-Davitamon          Rabobank
Richard Virenque               Quick.Step-Davitamon          retirement
Aurélien Clerc                 Quick.Step-Davitamon          Phonak
Sven Vanthourenhout            Quick.Step-Davitamon          Rabobank Continental
Jérôme Bernard                 R.A.G.T Semences-MG Rover     
Gilles Bouvard                 R.A.G.T Semences-MG Rover     
Michael Buffaz                 R.A.G.T Semences-MG Rover     
Frédéric Finot                 R.A.G.T Semences-MG Rover     
Christophe Laurent             R.A.G.T Semences-MG Rover     
Bruno Thibout                  R.A.G.T Semences-MG Rover     
Kevin De Weert                 Rabobank                      Quick.Step
Hans Dekkers                   Rabobank                      Rabobank Continental
Levi Leipheimer                Rabobank                      Gerolsteiner
Marc Lotz                      Rabobank                      Quick.Step (TBC)
Bobbie Traksel                 Rabobank                      Mr.Bookmaker-sportstech
Robert Hunter                  Rabobank                      Phonak
Koen De Kort                   Rabobank TT III               Liberty Seguros
Thomas Dekker                  Rabobank TT III               Rabobank
Theo Eltink                    Rabobank TT III               Rabobank
Bas Gilling                    Rabobank TT III               T-Mobile
Bernhard Kohl                  Rabobank TT III               T-Mobile
Ronald Mutsaars                Rabobank TT III               Rabobank
Joost Posthuma                 Rabobank TT III               Rabobank
Rory Sutherland                Rabobank TT III               Rabobank
Jukka Vastaranta               Rabobank TT III               Rabobank
Gustavo Domínguez              Relax                         Orbea
Jose Alberto Martinez Trinidad Relax-Bodysol                 Agritubel
James Vanlandschoot            Relax-Bodysol                 Landbouwkrediet-Colnago
Leonardo Bertagnolli           Saeco                         Cofidis
Mirko Celestino                Saeco                         De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Danilo Di Luca                 Saeco                         Liquigas
Enrico Franzoi                 Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Gerrit Glomser                 Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Jörg Ludewig                   Saeco                         Domina Vacanze
Dario Pieri                    Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Marius Sabaliauskas            Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Gilberto Simoni                Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Alessandro Spezialetti         Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Gorazd Stangelj                Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Sylvester Szmyd                Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Andrea  Tonti                  Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Giosuè Bonomi                  Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Salvatore Commesso             Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Damiano Cunego                 Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Paolo Fornaciari               Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Juan Manuel Fuentes Angullo    Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
David Loosli                   Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Andreas Matzbacher             Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Eddy Mazzoleni                 Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Evgeni Petrov                  Saeco                         Lampre-Caffita
Joseba Beloki                  Saunier Duval                 Liberty Seguros
Tim Johnson                    Saunier Duval                 Jittery Joe's-Kalahari
Miguel A. M. Perdiguero        Saunier Duval                 Phonak
Miguel Angel Martin Perdiguero Saunier Duval-Prodir          Phonak
Freddy Gonzalez                Selle Italia                  Lampre
Russell Hamby                  Sierra Nevada                 Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
John Hygelund                  Sierra Nevada                 Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Ben Jacques-Maynes             Sierra Nevada                 Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Glen Mitchell                  Sierra Nevada                 Ofoto/Sierra Nevada
Eric Wohlberg                  Sierra Nevada                 Symmetrics Cycling
Christian Foster               Subway                        Jittery Joe's-Kalahari
Andrea Moletta                 Team Barloworld               Gerolsteiner
Ivan Ravaioli                  Team Barloworld               Saunier Duval
Luca Solari                    Team Barloworld               De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Moreno Di Biase                Team Icet                     Colombia-Selle Italia
Rochelle Gilmore               Team S.A.T.S.                 Safi-Pasta Zara-Manhattan
Susanne Ljungskog              Team S.A.T.S.                 Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Jakob Erker                    Team Seasilver                Symmetrics
Marcus Burghardt               Team Wiesenhof                T-Mobile
Nicola Loda                    Tenax                         Liquigas
Mario Aerts                    T-Mobile                      Davitamon-Lotto
Santiago Botero                T-Mobile                      Phonak
Cädel Evans                    T-Mobile                      Davitamon-Lotto
Amber Neben                    T-Mobile                      Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Stacey Peters                  T-Mobile                      Victory Brewing
Paolo Savoldelli               T-Mobile                      Discovery Channel
Jaccolien Wallaard             Ton van Bemmelen Sports       @Home Cycling Team
Floyd Landis                   US Postal                     Phonak
Victor Hugo Pena Grisales      US Postal                     Phonak
Lance Armstrong                US Postal Service             Discovery Channel
Michael Barry                  US Postal Service             Discovery Channel
Manuel Beltran                 US Postal Service             Discovery Channel
Kenneth Labbé                  US Postal Service             retirement
Robbie Ventura                 US Postal Service             retirement
David Zabriskie                US Postal Service             CSC
Jussi Veikkanen                VC Roubaix          
Dario Andriotto                Vini Caldirola                Liquigas
Patrick Calcagni               Vini Caldirola                Liquigas
Francesco Casagrande           Vini Caldirola                Naturino-Sapore di Mare
Stefano Garzelli               Vini Caldirola                Liquigas
Mauro Gerosa                   Vini Caldirola                Liquigas
Oscar Mason                    Vini Caldirola                Liquigas
Marco Milesi                   Vini Caldirola                Liquigas
Gian Luca Sironi               Vini Caldirola                Liquigas
Steve Zampieri                 Vini Caldirola                Phonak
Marco Zanotti                  Vini Caldirola                Liquigas
Jan Kuyckx                     Vlaanderen-T-Interim          Davitamon-Lotto
Wim Vanhuffel                  Vlaanderen-T-Interim          Davitamon-Lotto
Vera Koedooder                 Vrienden Van Het Platteland   Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Chris Horner                   Webcor                        Saunier Duval
Artur Gajek                    Winfix-Arnolds Sicherheit     Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Linus Gerdemann                Winfix-Arnolds Sicherheit     Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Thomas Liese                   Winfix-Arnolds Sicherheit     Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Felix Odebrecht                Winfix-Arnolds Sicherheit     Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Daniel Olszewski               Winfix-Arnolds Sicherheit     Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Timo Scholz                    Winfix-Arnolds Sicherheit     Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Gregor Willwohl                Winfix-Arnolds Sicherheit     Team AKUD-Arnolds Sicherheit
Travis Allen                                                 DFL
Dominique Arnould                                            retirement
Nicklas Axelsson                                             Formaggi Pinzolo Fiavé
Jorge Azanza                                                 Kaiku
Yanto Barker                                                 DFL
Fumiyuki Beppu                                               Discovery Channel
Antonio Berasategui                                          Kaiku
Luke Bettany                                                 DFL
Lasse Bøchmann                                               Glud & Marstrand Horsens
Cristian Bonfanti                                            De Nardi-Domina Vacanze
Trisha Borst                                                 Vitron-Wilstra
Angela Brodtka                                               Team Ton van Bemmelen-AA Drink
Sara Carrigan                                                Team Ton van Bemmelen-AA Drink
Mark Cassidy                                                 DFL
Francesco Cipoletta                                          Ceramic Flaminia
Ryan Connor                                                  DFL
Leda Cox                                                     Vitron-Wilstra
Jai Crawford                                                 DFL
Emma Davies                                                  Vlaanderen-T Interim-Focus
Phil Dixon                                                   DFL
Priska Doppmann                                              Univega
Russell Downing                                     X-Power
Dean Downing                                        X-Power
Tim Dunford                                                  DFL
Tamara Eenkhoorn                                             Vitron-Wilstra
James Flanagan                                               DFL
Wlodzimierz Gilicki                                          Team Knauf
Marjolijn Gödde                                              Vitron-Wilstra
Sarah Grab                                                   Univega
Ben Greenwood                                       X-Power
Oleg Grichkine                                               Navigators
Ben Hallam                                                   DFL
Tone Hatteland                                               Vitron-Wilstra
Robert Hayles                                       X-Power
Leonie Hollander                                             Vitron-Wilstra
Aletta Huisjes                                               Vitron-Wilstra
Chris Jenner                                                 retirement
Krzysztof Jezowski                                           Team Knauf
Fredrik Johansson                                            Minolta-Konica
Geoff Kabush                                                 Jittery Joe's-Kalahari
Tomasz Kiendys                                               Team Knauf
Tomasz Kloczko                                               Team Knauf
Lada Kozlikova                                               Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Famke Kweekel                                                Vitron-Wilstra
Camilla Larsson                                              Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Tomasz Lisowicz                                              Team Knauf
Paul Manning                                        X-Power
Chris Newton                                        X-Power
Daniel Okrucinski                                            Team Knauf
David O'Loughlin                                             Navigators
Jonathan Page                                                Colavita Olive Oil
Susan Palmer-Komar                                           Colavita Professional Women's Cycling Team
Wojciech Pawlak                                              Team Knauf
Anne-Marie Persyn                                            Vitron-Wilstra
Edwige Pitel                                                 Univega
Diana Rast                                                   Univega
Jaroslaw Rebiewski                                           Team Knauf
Florian Rousseau                                             retirement
Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga                                     Kaiku
Marcin Sapa                                                  Team Knauf
Katrijn Scheffer                                             Vitron-Wilstra
Michael Scherer                                              DFL
Robin Sharman                                       X-Power
Eva Sijm                                                     Vitron-Wilstra
David Smith                                                  DFL
Shaun Snodden                                       X-Power
Christiane Soeder                                            Univega
Marlous Spaargaren                                           Vitron-Wilstra
Linda ter Beek                                               Vitron-Wilstra
Karin Thürig                                                 Univega
Sereina Trachsel                                             Univega
Pablo Urtasun                                                Kaiku
Ilona Valkenburg                                             Vitron-Wilstra
Cindy van Loon                                               Vitron-Wilstra
Linda Villumesen Serup                                       Buitenpoort/Flexpoint
Michele Ward                                                 Vitron-Wilstra
Juliëtte Wigbold                                             Vitron-Wilstra
Derek Wilkerson                                              Colavita Olive Oil
Piotr Zaradny                                                Team Knauf