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Joe Martin Stage Race - NE

USA, May 14-16, 2004

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Stage 1 - May 14: Road Race, 113/62miles

Pic and Brooks take first stage

Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba) and Ben Brooks (Jelly Belly) both added to their season performances today taking out day one of the Joe Martin Stage Race.

The hilly course caused attrition mid way through the race for the women, but it was a move with Katrina Grove (Rona-Esker), Tina Pic (Genesis Scuba) and Lynn Gaggioli (T-Mobile) that was to be the decisive move of the day. At the end it was Pic who used her power up the final 6% grade climb to the finish that was able to take the win over last years winner Gaggioli, with Grove taking third.

The men's race also saw attrition throughout the race however a group of 60 riders arrived at the final climb together. It was Brooks who made it up to the finish line to take the win ahead of second place getter Alex Candelario (Jelly Belly) and Gordon McCauley (Monex).


1 Ben Brooks (Jelly Belly)                             4.25.17
2 Alex Candelario (Jelly Belly)                           0.05
3 Gordon Mccauley (Monex)                                 0.10
4 Stephen Tilford (Mcclaren\Wholefoods)                   0.15
5 Bryan Smith (Endeavour Cycling)                             
6 Steven Cate (Los Malos Racing Club)                         
7 Adam Bergman (Jelly Belly)                                  
8 Jake Rosenbarger (Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team)           
9 Davide Frattini (Monex)                                     
10 Carlos Vargas (Endeavour Cycling)                          
11 James Mattis (Webcor Cycling Team)                         
12 Jason Mccartney (Health Net)                               
13 John Lieswyn (Health Net)                                  
14 Peter Knoop (Team Memphis Motorworks)                      
15 Jesse Lawler (Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team)              
16 Peter Hanna (Bianchi\Grand Performance Racing Team)        
17 Mathew Ankney (Mercy Cycling Team)                         
18 Wes Hartman (Team Mack Racing)                             
19 Eric Murphy (Aerospace Engineering)                        
20 Aron Huerta (Mercy Cycling Team)                           
21 Peter Fairbanks (Bianchi\Grand Performance Racing Team)    
22 Ben Stafford (Webcor Cycling Team)                         
23 Ben Raby (Abd Cycling Team)                                
24 Caleb Manion (Jelly Belly)                                 
25 Benjamin Halderman (Webcor Cycling Team)                   
26 Dallas Burnum (Team X)                                     
27 Michael Lange (Sharper Image\Mathis Brothers)              
28 Chris Pic (Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team)                 
29 Chad Cagle (Mercy Cycling Team)                            
30 Ryan Nenninger (Abd Cycling Team)                          
31 Lawrence Perera (Sharper Image\Mathis Brothers)            
32 Brice Jones (Health Net)                                   
33 David Wenger (Sharper Image\Mathis Brothers)               
34 Bill (William) Stolte (Heartland Road Racing Club)         
35 Kirk Albers (Jelly Belly)                                  
36 Michael Olheiser (Sano Cycle Works)                        
37 Todd Cornelius (Subway-Express Racing)                     
38 Christopher Deluise (Aerospace Engineering)                
39 Jonny Sundt (Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team)               
40 Kevin Hankens (Bianchi\Grand Performance Racing Team)      
41 Jeremy Sartain (Bianchi\Grand Performance Racing Team)     
42 Brain Dziewa (Long John Silver's Cycling Team)             
43 Alex Welch (Team Power Train)                              
44 Kyle Gritter (Monex)                                       
45 Ernie Lechuga (Jelly Belly)                                
46 Nick Reistad (Endeavour Cycling)                           
47 Brian Jensen (Heartland Road Racing Club)                  
48 Franklin Dierking (Abd Cycling Team)                       
49 Christian Foster (Subway-Express Racing)                   
50 Emile Abraham (Aerospace Engineering)                      
51 Hugh Moran (Aerospace Engineering)                         
52 Michael Kehrberg (Subway-Express Racing)                   
53 Remi Mcmanus (Subway-Express Racing)                       
54 Shadd Smith (Heartland Road Racing Club)                   
55 Zachary Martin (Mercy Cycling Team)                    0.41
56 Adam Mills (Heartland Road Racing Club)                1.11
57 Paul Ellis (Jelly Belly)                               2.03
58 Joseph Spragins (Mercy Cycling Team)                  10.34
59 Frank Pipp (Endeavour Cycling)                             
60 Bryce Mead (Bianchi\Grand Performance Racing Team)    10.58
61 Andrew Wills (Team Hotel San Jose)                         
62 Brad (Charles) Huff (Mercy Cycling Team)              11.32
63 Lance Sulzen (Team X Cycling)                         13.02
64 Luca Fagundes (Long John Silver's Cycling Team)            
65 Chris Strout (Team Mack Racing)                            
66 Trevor Lister (Long John Silver's Cycling Team)            
67 Martin Adamczyk (Long John Silvers\Grove Dental)           
68 Todd Sanders (Cycle Science Racing Team)                   
69 Andrew Chocha (Team X Cycling)                             
70 Jason Waddell (Sharper Image\Mathis Brothers)              
71 Eric Melton (Crrc)                                         
72 Chad Hartley (Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team)              
73 Rodney Hill (Colavita-Bolla)                               
74 Joshua Carter (Long John Silver's Cycling Team)            
75 Clark Butcher (Mercy Cycling Team)                         
76 Travis Jones (Tprt)                                        
77 Andrew Malcom (River City Racing Club)                     
78 Aaron Smathers (Sharper Image\Mathis Brothers)             
79 Lee Venteicher (Cyclingfarm.Com)                           
80 Joshua Tack (Cycling.Com)                                  
81 Creed Sewell (Kalahari)                                    
82 Matthew Svatek (Sharper Image\Mathis Brothers)             
83 Christopher Frederick (Aerospace Engineering)              
84 Peter Beland (Schwab Cycles\Torrelli)                      
85 Nick Kiernan (Sharper Image\Mathis Brothers)               
86 Gus Carillo (Aerospace Engineering)                        
87 Adam Myerson (Sharper Image\Mathis Brothers)               
88 Bill Jones (Endeavour Cycling)                        14.58
89 John Seehafer (Pro Peloton Racing)                         
90 Robbie Yost (Subway-Express Racing)                        
91 Michael Coffman (Lactic Acid Cycling)                      
92 Logan Garey (-)                                            
93 Frank Breure (Southern Fire Protection\Cajun Cyclists)     
94 Jeremiah Strothman (Kriegers Sports Grill Cycling)         
95 Edward Micek (Dent Wizard\Maplewood Bicycle)               
96 Andrew Lister (Peoria Bicycle Club\Proctor)                
97 Christopher Johnson (Hrrc)                                 
98 Jay Blankenship (River City Racing Club)                   
99 Christopher Brewer (Dent Wizard\Maplewood Bicycle)         
100 Doug Greek (Mercy Cycling Team)                           
101 Edrendel Fingerson (Endeavour Cycling)               21.47
102 Barry Lee (Team Hotel San Jose)                           
103 Michael Ebert (Abd Cycling Team)                          
104 Tommy Kolodziejski (Gusto Cycles)                         
105 Ara Oggoian (Endeavour Cycling)                           
106 Zach Reed (Long John Silver's Cycling Team)          22.20
107 Carmeron Hughes (Subway-Express Racing)              26.55
108 Michael House (Sharper Image\Mathis Brothers)        28.00
109 John Hackman (Velo Lagrange)                              
110 John Semmelhack (Abd Cycling Team)                   28.04
111 Roberto Gaggioli (Monex)                                  
112 Michael Cragun (Team X Cycling)                      31.49
113 Ian Robertson (Team Kaos)                            32.06
114 Bill Marshall (Team X Cycling)                       33.02
115 Justin Green (-)                                     43.46
116 Nathan Rogut (Heartland Road Racing Club)                 
117 Maciej Pike-Biegunski (The Bike Shop)                     
118 Stephen Rouff (Team X Cycling)                            
119 Robert Jungles (Abd Cycling Team)                         
120 Mat Stephens (Mercy Cycling Team)                         
1 Tina Mayolo-Pic (Genesis Scuba\Ffcc)                 2.44.43
2 Lynn Gaggioli (T-Mobile)                                0.05
3 Katrina Grove (Rona)                                    0.10
4 Kathryn Curi (Rona)                                     2.06
5 Sue Palmer-Komar (Genesis Scuba\Ffcc)                       
6 Kristin Johnson (Team Basis)                                
7 Laura Van Gilder (Genesis Scuba\Ffcc)                   7.32
8 Megan Long (Orbru)                                          
9 Christina Ruiter (Team Basis)                           7.37
10 Alisha Little (Abd Cycling Team)                           
11 Kori Seehafer (Genesis Scuba\Ffcc)                     7.47
12 Sarah Barber (Mirage)                                      
13 Kathleen Billington (Team Fuji)                        7.56
14 Kristin Linton (Cycle Science)                         8.07
15 Andrea Hannos (Rona)                                       
16 Elizabeth Morse (Orbru)                                    
17 Megan Monroe (-)                                           
18 Sarah Tillotson (Abd Cycling Team)                         
19 Shawn Heidgen (Tds Schwalbe)                               
20 Megan Esmonde (Lake Mary Cycles)                           
21 Helen Kelley (Rona)                                        
22 Candice Blickem (Genesis Scuba\Ffcc)                       
23 Alison Mcnulty (Dent Wizard)                               
24 Grace Fleury (Genesis Scuba\Ffcc)                          
25 Karen Masson (Travel Girl)                                 
26 Deborah Borden (Travel Girl)                               
27 Stacey Bertsch (Mercy Cycling Team)                        
28 Beth Leasure (Team Spirit)                                 
29 Laura Bowles (Team Fuji)                                   
30 Carla Figueroa (-)                                         
31 Aihre Vasse (Sportsbook.Com)                               
32 Jen Green (Travel Girl)                                    
33 Susan Duff (Tri State Velo)                                
34 Marianne Holt (Travel Girl)                            8.21
35 Nicole Freedman (Team Basis)                               
36 Catherine Walberg (Kenda Tires)                        9.03
37 Maatje Benassi (Excel Sports)                         10.10
38 Iona Wynter (Genesis Scuba\Ffcc)                           
39 Emily Gloeckner (Tds Schwalbe)                             
40 Maria Elena Collazo (Null)                            11.17
41 Christina Dekraay (Team Fuji)                              
42 Sherri Stedje (Bbc)                                        
43 Kerry Soraci-Schmatz (Mesa Cycles)                         
44 Kelly Benjamin (Abd Cycling Team)                     12.43
45 Nichole Wangsgard (Team Basis)                        13.47
46 Kerry Cohen (Abd Cycling Team)                             
47 Rebecca Anderson (Americas Dairyland)                      
48 Priscilla (Liz) Cazer (Mercy Cycling Team)                 
49 Kimberly Strom (Bianchi\Grand Performance)                 
50 Trudy Van Der Straaten (Kenda Tires)                       
51 Mindi Martin (Kenda Tires)                            14.05
52 Rachel Couch (Americas Dairyland)                     14.13
53 Jennifer Tilley (E.C. Sunflower                       14.24
54 Jessica Drees (Kenda Tires)                           14.44
55 Mary Georgetti (Mystic Velo)                          23.44
56 Allison Carter (Travel Girl)                          41.14
57 Shannon Koch (Team Las'port)                          46.34
58 Nicole Bossie (Team Fuji)                             46.40
59 Cheryl Olson (Orbea)                                  46.47
60 Lauren Gaffney (Team Basis)                           47.12